Gunn Chronicles - Kate

"Is there anything I can help you with, ma'am?" I said. She was good looking, certainly over 45 years old -- how much over that would be hard to say, but certainly younger than I was. A pert nose, red lipstick, red curly hair that L'Oreal would term 'bright auburn,' slate eyes lit up within so much that they could be called silver. Below the generic tee-shirt were smallish bumps, definitely not more than a B cup, perhaps even smaller. Jeans, medium heels that brought her up to, perhaps, five feet six or seven. I noticed the lack of a wedding ring or other big jewel. Not bad, I thought, not bad at all for a sleepy Wednesday afternoon in January.

She looked me over as I stood in my Blue shirt in the computer department, toe to hair, as thoroughly as I'd inspected her. She stared straight into my eyes. "Oh, there are things, yes, definitely." I kept my eyes locked with hers, she gave up first. "I'm looking for a laptop for my friend."

"I've got plenty of them," gesturing to the two serpentines and one long shelf loaded with devices. "What does she want to do with her computer?" 

"He's a guy."

"Oh, sorry about that. So, what does he want to do?" We chatted about that, then she moved me on to other subjects. I certainly didn't mind, chatting with her was better than dusting shelves. We got into whether or not she needed a new printer. She laughed gaily whenever I gave her a little joke, and then she put her hand on mine, perhaps accidentally, perhaps not, when I showed her where the SD card went into the slot. "Do you print out a lot of pictures?" I asked.

"More than I should, probably."

"What are they of?"

"My friends, my dog, the travels I take."

"Where do you like to go?"

"Florida, the Caribbean, any place that's warm."

"Don't like this weather?" For the last few days, somebody had been shaking the snow globe, and there was a good seven inches on the grassy areas, the mounds in the parking lot were nearly six feet high.

"Absolutely not," she agreed, "although nights like we're having can be nice if you want to stay by the fireplace."

There wasn't anyone around, particularly managers, and I didn't think she'd mind, so I quizzed, "What do you do by the fireplace?"

"Oh," she smiled, "sometimes I read, sometimes I watch TV, sometimes I romp around. Depends on the company I'm with. What do you like to do by a fireplace?"

"Drinking a hot toddy is always nice. Playing games."

"What kind of games?"

"Board games, or even better, the ones you make up as you go along."

"Yeah, I like those, too," she agreed, with an impish smirk. There was no doubt we were discussing the same kind of games, ones that get better the fewer clothes you have on.


The sales manager roamed in the next aisle, we went back to the professed objective of the meeting, I gave her the specs of a couple of the computers she'd been looking at, filled her in on the details of the setup service and protection plans. "If there's anything else I can help you with, just let me know. I'm Adam."

"I'm Kate. I'll be back. I promise." With a delicate finger, she poked me in the chest. 

As she walked from me, I touched her on the arm. "I'll be disappointed if you don't come back."

"Oh, count on it."

These things happen at an electronics retailer. It wasn't the first time in my four years at the store I'd flirted, or been flirted with. The other times nothing happened, for I was loath to pursue the prey too far. I was still a few years from retirement, and I was working full time not for the money -- I'd socked it away fairly well when I was working for a living -- but for the health care. Paying for it before Medicare kicked in four years from now would drain my 401K pretty severely, and if I got fired for making advances toward customers, it would hurt my finances.

I daydreamt about Kate for a couple of nights, her smile and eyes coming to me in my fantasies. Other than her name, though, I didn't have the slightest idea of how to reach her. Three days later, somebody else flirted with me, and I forgot about Kate.

Then came a Saturday afternoon shift ten days later. It was mildly busy, time was going fast, and while I was taking care of one couple, another guy caught my eye. "I'll be with you as soon as I'm done," I promised. I finished up with them rather quickly, then looked for the short, mildly pudgy, bald-headed fellow. I found him standing by the laptops, looking at (surprise) the lowest cost computer. "Do you think this will do the job?"

"Depends on what the job is." Just then I felt a prod in my back. Turning around, there was Kate. "Oh, hello!"

"Hi. See you found Rich."

"I guess I did. You're Rich?"

He blandly admitted the coincidence. As the three of us chatted about his computer needs, I came to the discernment that Kate and Rich were a couple. An old Joe Jackson song came to mind. 'Is she really going out with him? / Is she really gonna take him home tonight?'

Rich answered my questions and responded to my suggestions in a tedious monotone, Kate was boisterous and all over the place, interrupting my smooth sales pitch continually. "What about the little things over there? They're cute!"

"Those are cloudbooks. Excellent machines, if all you want to do is get on the internet and check email. Not much good for anything more."

"Maybe I should get one. I could put it in my purse."

"Maybe. But you can always use your smartphone.” I showed her my iPhone. 

"I've got one of those," she admitted. "Maybe you could explain a few things for me."

"Sure." Rich just stood there with a vacuous expression, apparently he was used to his girl friend jumping in on his personal space. 

After three or four minutes, we moved over to the speaker docks, and I put her iPhone on one. Surprisingly, there was a total of only twelve songs on it. "You're into repetition, I take?"

"Not really, I like a lot of variety." The sparkle in her eye alerted me she might not be talking of music. "But I just got it for Christmas, and don't know how to get all those songs on."

"It's easy."

"Yeah, but it's always fun to have someone help you with the ropes, isn't it?' A little wink. "Maybe you could help me sometime." At this, Rich just gave her a look that could be interpreted, 'oh, that old line again.'

Eventually, we went back to computers, and Rich picked out a computer that fit his needs. For whatever reason, he wanted to think about it some more, so I gave him the information and wished them well. As she left, Kate said, "See you soon," and poked me in the arm.

"I can only hope."


Less than a week later, I was sitting in the Panera Bread before work, typing on my laptop. "Hey, it's you!" Kate said.

"So it is. Sit down. How are you?"

"Fine. What are you doing?"


"Writing what?"

It was quiet in my corner, no one could eavesdrop easily. "Erotic stories," I admitted. 

"Nah," she denied.

"Really. Want to read it?"

"Sure." I turned the laptop to her.

Tracey didn't complain. In fact, she bent her head back to a position where Paul could kiss her if he bent over slightly, and this he did. Tenderly, their lips met and the tongues touched, exploring then drawing back for another flick. Paul's hand continued the expedition, and he unloosed one button so he could put his entire palm inside the blouse. As they continued to kiss, a finger made contact with the bottom of her bra and he traced the edge from one rib to the other. Since she failed to protest the intrusion, he became emboldened and the finger traveled up the valley between her breasts and traced the top of the bra. As his curled digits continued the investigation of the bare skin above her underwear, his wrist

"Well, that's not bad. Can I read the rest?"

"After I'm finished with it."

"When will that be?"

"Who knows? It's more of a hobby with me than a profession. Although I've been published."


"Yeah. Ezines mostly. Twice I've had stories in anthologies."

"Hmmm. I don't think I've ever met a real writer before."

"You still haven't. I sell computers, remember?"

"Oh, yeah." We continued to chat about my other 'career', I told her she could find me on NovelTrove if she wanted to. We switched to talking about her, I found out that she lived nearby in an apartment complex. 

"With Rich?" I asked.

"Oh, you've got that all wrong. He's just a friend with limited benefits."

"limited benefits?"

"Yeah. We've known each other for twenty years. His wife threw him out a couple of years ago, and I sort of took him under my wing. I help him do things around the house, invite him over to dinner once in awhile. He chases me, sometimes I let him catch me. It's all very innocent."

"I see."

"So did you mean what you said the other day?"

"Of course I did," I exclaimed, as if my feelings were hurt. "And, by the way, what did I say?"

"How you promised to help me with my iPhone."

"Oh, that, sure. What do you need?"

"Come over to my place, show me how to put songs in it."

"I'd be happy to show you how I put it in."

A wicked smile came to her face. One of her fingers came gently to my nose, gently pushed on it. "I'll be looking forward to it." 

I made an appointment to come over to her house the next night after she got home from work. I was working the early shift.


When I knocked on her door, I was holding a single rose. With a ribbon around it's stem, I'd attached a little plastic stick. "What's that?" she asked, accepting the token.

"One-thousand, four-hundred and thirteen songs," I replied.

"Really. On this little thing?"

"You'd be surprised at how big little things can get."

"Oh, show me!" And she led me to her computer.

I put the flash drive on, copied the songs unto the hard drive, imported them into iTunes. It took some time, then when we connected the iPhone, it was slowly transferring the songs. "That's it," I said, "for that, you owe me a drink."

"Wine okay?"

"Just fine." I followed her into the kitchen, she got out glasses and popped the cork. We clinked glasses, then she poked me in the chest. "Thanks."

I poked her back, right in the middle, in the small gulley between her breasts. "You're welcome."

She poked me again, this time three inches to the left of center. "Watch where you're putting that thing."

I followed suit, my finger prodding the softness to the inside of her breast. "I will."

Again she jabbed, this time right on top of my nipple. I cupped the breast -- even encased in a bra, it didn't completely fill my palm. She looked into my eyes, hers were sparkling. "You ready for this?"

I answered, "Absolutely." I picked her up by her waist, sat her on the counter top. My mouth was dry, my pulse hammering. I leaned in, brought my lips to hers. It wasn't any surprise, we both knew why I was there, but still, that first kiss is filled with suspense. She kissed me back, easily, yieldingly. A hand brushed the side of my hair, mine went to her back, then, further down, to her waist, to her rear end. The kiss became zealous, she bit my lip and I wondered if she'd drawn blood. My hand went once again to her breast, she sat on the counter and put her legs around my back, drew me to her. We humped through the clothes, our groins locked. She pulled off her blouse, reached behind her to unclasp the bra. I looked at the tits, they weren't the tiniest I've ever seen -- maybe. But because of their miniature size, the years had done little damage to them. The spots in the middle were also small, and although the center was crinkled, they didn’t rise far from the smooth white skin surrounding them. I bent over to suck on them, she was pulling my shirt over my head, then we quickly began pulling our jeans off each other. It was awkward, of course, it always is, because I was standing she managed to get my pants around my knees and I kicked them off. My sailor was standing at attention and she grasped it in her hand, giving it just a little wank, then assisted me in assigning her britches to the floor. She had one long scar on her abdomen, leftover from a surgery long ago, and she had a landing strip, about three inches wide, of red pubic hair liberally mixed with ashen strands. I put a finger inside, found the tunnel to be soggy with readiness. She leaned back, awkwardly, against the cabinets, let me play with her. 

I leaned down, now here was a surprise! The clit was the exact antonym of her breasts. An inch long at least, extending unprotected by her outer lips, and the pinkness was nearly as thick as her little finger -- it was huge! I put the shaft within my lips, sucked and nibbled, and found that, apparently, it was as sensitive as it was immense. I sucked and licked, and licked and sucked, and sucked and licked, and each time I touched the amazing stud, she whooped with glee. I stuck two fingers into the slipperiness, and there, just where I expected it to be, was the g-spot. I have a hard time believing that some people think the g-spot is a myth, and an even harder time knowing that many men can't figure out where it is. Letting my digits roam through the cavern, I brought Kate to an amazing orgasm. Her eyes rolled up, her skin flushed even more than it already was, her toes clenched until I was worried she might tear a tendon. But I didn't stop. Two, three minutes later she opened her eyes, let out a huge breath. I knew it was time for round two.

I stood, positioned my pole -- it's no more than average size, but if you know what to do, size doesn't matter -- at the lips, but didn't immediately enter. Instead, using my hand to guide it, I used the head to stroke the labia, up into the hair, around the clit, and down into the crevice between her cheeks. She didn't bat an eye, presented her back hole for a little massage, but I didn't press it in; I was simply exploring the territory, I learned that in some subsequent journey the land wouldn't be off limits. 

I returned to the main attraction, dipped just the head in, letting her feel the intrusion, flexed my muscles down there a couple of times. I withdrew, wiped her fluid in my palm, presented it to her mouth where she wolfishly licked her own moisture. Then I put it in again, buried half of it. Again I tightened the muscles, now I was deep enough to sense her response. I withdrew the second time, then went back one more time, slowly pushing inside her, smoothly, in no seeming hurry at all. I withdrew, almost until I was outside her, then suddenly, without warning, slammed it in until I was buried as fully as I was going to go, my head against her cervix. I was watching her face as I performed the maneuver, her eyelids flew open wide, I swear I could see sparks of red fill her pupils. I continued to pull out, almost to the point of disengagement, then ramming back in as hard as possible. Six, seven, eight times I repeated the motion, Kate was moaning in elation, suddenly I found myself welling up in orgasm. I stopped my movements, willed myself not to come. I shuddered, spilled perhaps ten or twelve drops into her tunnel, Kate kept with me, and quickly the crisis was over.

I don't do that often, usually I'm in a situation where I can control myself better. But when I do stop -- have a mini orgasm, I guess you could call it -- for the next hour, I'm superman. I can screw as much as I want, remain as hard as a tree trunk, particularly with the help of the big blue pill, and never worry about shrinking. So I kept on going.

In the position we were in, she sitting on the counter top, me between her legs, I had access to her entire body, with the exception of her ass. So I started a long, protracted screw, combining the motions of my dick within her, with various external excitations. I would stroke skin, run a hand through her hair, cup a breast, tweak a nipple, suck on a finger or knead a toe, and, of course, flick the clitoris. She was in almost constant orgasm for a good eight minutes. Finally, as the counter was three inches two high for me and I was standing on tip toe for much of the incursion, my legs finally gave out, and I withdrew.

"Are you done yet?" I asked.

"No, you haven't worn me out quite yet."

I pulled her off the counter, escorted her to the living room couch. I knelt on the floor facing the furniture, positioned her so that she was facing the pillows and away from me, pulled her onto me. This was a posture we could both control. If I sat on my haunches she could move to give herself pleasure, or I could rise up onto my knees to obtain maximum penetration. We stayed in this position for a long time, I rubbed her back, reached around to play with her tits, she was fond of reaching between her legs and playing with my testicles. Once in awhile, I'd put a finger in the nether crevice, feel the round ring. She encouraged this, wiggled her ass against the intruder, I thrust first a finger to the second knuckle, then the entire thumb inside. When she approached orgasm, she'd move her fingers to her clit and assist the oncoming blast.

After quite a long time of this I noticed the period between her orgasms was growing longer, the explosions contained less dynamite. It was time for me to pleasure myself, and I pulled her down onto the carpet on her back, knelt between her legs, buried myself within her. I thought of nothing but my own gratification, moving to provide friction on the most sensitive areas of my shaft, and there it was, welling up, overcoming every conscious thought I had. I pelted my sperm into her, long streams of fluid. Kate helped me use her, pulling my ass toward her, clasping her thighs around my waist, opening every inch of herself to me. She may have come for a last time with me, I couldn't really say, I was too immersed in the sensations running through my body, centering, of course, on my balls and the tip of my dick. 

At last I was completely empty, I rolled off her onto my back, gasping for air, sensing the aftershocks of the huge jetting. She spoke first. "Oh, you're good. You're so good. How did you get so good?"

"The same way I got to Carnegie Hall." Either she didn't know the punch line, or perhaps she was simply allowing me to have my fun. "Practice, practice, practice."

"Well, then, I think we'll have to practice some more, don't you?"

Kate and I caught our collective breath, calming ourselves after the great screw we'd just completed. I looked at her, admired the small and winsome breasts, noticed the seep of cum between her legs, the rosiness of her torso. Of course, my penis was a mess, for that was the source of the muck, and I imagine my skin was just as red with the passionate friction. 

Outside, the temperature was in the teens, and the drafts in the apartment were cooling us quicker than either one of us desired. I stirred, then stood, then gave her a hand to rise. I started gathering my clothes, she asked, "You don't have to leave yet, do you?"

"No, I've got no place to go."

"Stay for awhile then. We can warm up in bed."

"I've had worse offers," I accepted.

She grabbed the laptop, led me into her bedroom. It was decorated in typical girly fashion, lots of pinks, stuffed animals, Thomas Kinkaide on the walls. The queen size bed was covered with a huge goose down comforter, and we cuddled beneath it, allowing the warmth to seep into our bones. "Your feet are cold," she complained.

"This is warm, though."

"It should be, it's been humped pretty well. So, I take it this isn't the first time you did this?" she joked.

"With you it is!" She looked at me in faux amazement. "Okay, once before, maybe twice."

"Yeah, right."

"And you?"

"Oh, I've been around the block," she admitted, "It's a nice block to go round."

"Yes, it certainly is," I concurred.

"You know what I like almost as much as screwing?"

"Let's see . . . broccoli? . . . the dentist? . . . taxes?"

"Being read to in bed."

"Really! And what do you like to read?"

"In your case," she urged, "erotic fiction."

"Oh, you got around to it?"

"Yeah, I looked you up on NovelTrove. You're good, graphic without being too graphic, if you know what I mean. I read Would You Mind and The Tease. So, what do you say? Read me a bedtime story . . . please?"

I opened the laptop, brought up my stories on the web site, said, "Okay, this one is called Full Caribbean Moon. It's right for tonight because it's about a very warm place. 'The Carpentaria palms danced in the trade winds as the couple strolled barefoot . . .' while I read the six-thousand five-hundred words, Kate cuddled against my right side, fondling me and my now slack tool. When we got to the good part, she put a hand somewhere deep in the covers, and I stopped while she whimpered through another orgasm. It wasn't too long after that when I finished, 'Would you want me to?' 'Tonight is the full moon,' he curiously concluded."

"Oh, that was nice. Was that something you've actually done? Gone to the Caribbean and let your wife take a lover?"

"No, that was just a fantasy of mine. For a long time, I wondered about what it would be like knowing my wife was with another man."

"It's a nice fantasy.” 

By this time, we'd faced each other, and the feel of her skin on mine, and the idea of what we could do to each other was bringing my guy back to a semblance of life. We started kissing again, and before long she was down my torso and had my rod within her mouth. It was warm in there, and the rubbing of her lips and tongue on the shaft and head excited me, and soon the miracle had occurred - I was stiff enough to provide her pleasure.

She climbed up on top, wriggled until she was at the proper attitude, and sunk down on me. Once again we were linked, and she moved to her own peculiar rhythm. Although I enjoyed stroking her, flicking a nipple or pulling on the waist, I knew I had no reason to expect anything other than the pleasure of a lovely female reveling with me; and that was pleasure enough. She was obviously practiced in the passionate art, and knew her own body well. She started slow, shifting her hips in a lazy movement, watching my face. Then, as her nerves pricked up, she closed her eyes, and began a forward and aft motion, altering every so often with an up and down transition. I watched her the skin above her breasts become rosy, her breath became labored, her eyes closed. I grabbed both nipples between thumb and forefinger, pressed forcefully, it sent her over the verge. Once more she came, hard it seemed, I wondered what it must be like to be a female in heat; unfortunately, it’s something I'll never know. But it must be wonderful!

She slowed her pace, collapsed on top of me. I pulled the comforter back up, covering her, warming her. She kissed me, quick pecks meant to assure me she’d had a great time. Without the movement, my wand quickly lost it's firmness, plopped out of it's refuge.

It was time for the toilet, washing up, I retreated to the living room and put my clothes back on. She came to me again, this time she was wrapped in a lush robe, slippers on her feet.

"I really enjoyed it," she confessed, "and thanks for working on . . ." she paused, smiled, ". . . my iPhone."

"Never a problem, is there anything else you'd like me to work on some other time?"

"I can think of a couple of things," she laughed, escorted me to the door, gave me a final kiss. A finger pointed at my chin, landed gently on the cleft. "Call me.”


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