January 2017

I take a deep breath, pulling the key out of the ignition. My car is parked in his front yard.

Fuck... Am I making a mistake? 

He opens the front door, his chest bare, glasses held up against his nose. I tilt my head to the side, sending a smile his way. I place my cold hand on his chest, in silence. I begin to take off my shoes, but I barely finish before he hooks his finger through one of my belt loops and begins to drag me towards his room.

I laugh softly, trying to pry him off, but I can't win against him. I never have. He shushes me as we pass his roommates' doors. I focus on my footing as he yanks me along. He shuts the door, and I see his bed in the darkness. A simple mattress on the floor, sheets slipping from the corners. I smile to myself as he turns on the flashlight from his iPhone.

We exchange hellos.

I boast about my pretty lingerie. A black lace bra that shows my nipples and a lace thong. He glances up and down my body, hunger in his eyes. He’s already in bed.

"Let me see."

I slip my jeans off, throwing my shirt across his messy floor. 

"I can't see you, I took my glasses off. Come closer."

I land on my knees, crawling towards his warmth. He grabs my hips, pulling me towards him until our lips meet. My stomach flips as his taste jogs my memory. Oh my god. I place my hand against his sweatpants. His cock is hard. I love his cock. 

He lays me down and places his mouth over my nipples. I fidget slightly and I can feel his sneer. He moves downwards and runs his tongue over my entire pussy. I whimper and he shushes me.

"Good girl."

He slips his index finger inside of me. It feels unbelievable, so unbelievable that it almost frightens me. He begins to move his finger before doing the thing he knows I love most. He curls soft fingers around my neck, avoiding pressure, teasing me. He knows what he can do to me. I know what he can do to me. He slips in another finger and I quickly reach up to press my hand over my mouth. Waking up his roommates is forbidden. I thrust towards his touch. I want more. He chuckles and removes his fingers slowly.

"Suck my cock."

Gladly. I lower his pants and slip them off. He scolds me for leaving one ankle trapped by the clothing. I lie over him and place his warm, throbbing cock in my mouth. I place my hand beneath my mouth in order to cover his entire length. I begin to work up and down. He attempts to thrust towards my mouth and I back away. 

"Let me be in charge for once," I whisper.

I press my elbows against his thighs, restricting his movement. He pulls my hair tightly into his fists as I continue to work my lips around his penis, moving my tongue in circles around the head. He whispers.

"Oh my god."

I smile to myself. I sit up and meet his eyes. He knows what I want. He swiftly switches positions with me, straddling me. I grab the condom and unwrap it with shaky hands. I slip it onto his cock. He wraps his fingers around my wrists moments before pushing himself into me. I'm tight. It's been a month. And I won’t admit that he was the last one I was with. He begins to thrust in and out of me. I hold back my sounds. He presses his hand against my neck, his thumb caressing my jaw line as he gently squeezes and releases. Squeezes and releases. I gasp, wriggling. He smirks. My stomach drops. 

"You like that, don't you?"

I nod. He suddenly violently pulls me upwards, pushing me down on my hands and knees. I look up, seeing myself in his full-length mirror. He pulls my hair in his fist again.

"Watch me fuck you. Don't take your eyes off the mirror."

I swallow and nod as he begins to thrust in me from behind. I whimper, watching my breasts move around swiftly. I try to switch positions. He growls softly, pushing me back down. He grips my hips tightly, causing me to cry out. He's much stronger than me. That's something I love about him. He lifts his hand and spanks my ass a few times. I inhale quickly each time, bracing myself for the next. He staggers them, making sure I don't expect them. I can tell he's leaving marks. 

When he's done taking me from behind, he moves me back to missionary, entering me swiftly. He places a hand beneath the back of my neck, gripping the sides so that I can't get away. As he thrusts in and out of me, he eventually moves his hand to cover the front of my windpipe, squeezing harder. My chest moves up and down quickly, a look of panic rushing to my face. But I love it. He does too.

We switch swiftly; I climb on top of him. I ride his cock, my hips moving back and forth rhythmically. He sits up slightly, his chest pressing against mine. My clit rubs against his stomach. I bite down on my lip roughly, trying to mute myself. His presence inside me is almost painful. I hop off and turn myself around, riding him reverse cowgirl. I watch my curvy figure in the mirror, and he can tell I like it. He sees confidence in my eyes.

We shift and wrestle for a short while. I grip his cock in my hand and do my best to beat his own skill. I know he's about to finish. I can see it in his face. My lips curl upwards, and I squint my eyes. 

"Show me how you do it."

He looks at me, a moment's long wave of confusion moving across his face. His eyebrows furrow, but he complies. He grips his hand around the top of his cock, moving his fist in quick, calculated circles. I watch closely, my eyes fixated on his movements. I attempt to memorize. He finishes on my breasts. I can see him disappear in that moment, and I feel satisfied. We lie next to each other. He catches his breath and looks towards me.

"You know, in French, they call an orgasm 'un petit mort' which means a small death."

I shrug. "Makes sense."

I wipe a bit of his cum against the side of his leg, and he backs away quickly. 

"Don't fucking wipe that on my leg, oh my god." 

I laugh. He cleans himself off. We face each other, falling into a simple conversation about fellow students and teachers. But I realize, I'm not satisfied. I reach down and rub my index finger over my clit in circles. He watches me closely, eagerly reaching his hands to circle around my neck. 

"Keep rubbing your clit. Don't you stop.”

He squeezes harder when he feels me slow down, his eyes threatening. He wants me to fight him. He shifts positions, his bicep under my neck, his forearm over my neck. I grasp his forearm with two hands, trying to pull him away, but I'm unsuccessful. He laughs.

"Aw. Well, that's cute."

My head spins as I try to squirm away from his grasp. I love fighting him. And I love losing. I stop eventually, and he lets go. We lay next to each other, chests rising and falling.

He holds me in his arms all night. He kisses my shoulder blades in the morning. I see him every day on campus. I shiver at the thought of his cock inside of me. I shiver at the thought of his hands wrapped around my neck. We exchange a friendly glance, a soft smile.

I wonder if he's thinking what I'm thinking.