Drilled by a dental aid

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31 Jan. '17

"Do you really enjoy hurting people? Making them wince as you poke away at them?" I wasn't used to this type of question from a dental assistant.

Noelle stood there, her arms crossed. She was beside my desk as we waited for the next patient. I should have known when I hired Noelle that she'd be more than simply an assistant. She'd be the sexual animal who'd save my tormented mind and free my penis to the true pleasure I crave.

"I' ve worked with many dentists," she said with a wry smile. "Many of them are like yourself needing to be the one to feel pain instead of administering it." She brushed my cheek with a feathery kiss and said she would help me.

Dentistry was never really my choice. I was herded into this line of work because of parental pressure. And because of it, the woman I married still mocks me, claiming I didn't have the right stuff to become a doctor. Imagine that, that loathesome creature drains the blood of my veins and the money from my bank account.

At times, I truly felt at the end of my rope. I wanted to close the door of my office, leave my wife and practice behind and take off. But I don't have to do that now, not with Noelle around. She's a beautiful, lascivious creature who can make my fantasies become realities.

I still remember the first time I submitted to her stern discipline. We waited for my final patient of the day to leave. Then Noelle stormed into my office. "How dare you overcharge these poor people. You should be beaten senseless."

Her rage cooled slightly and a wicked smile dominated her face. "You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you? It would enable you to release all the pent-up frustration you feel about your career and your marriage. I don't suppose your fat-assed, nagging wife is much fun in bed."

I was suddenly laughing and agreeing with her apt description. Sex with my wife had become a tedious chore and filling her hole gave me the same unemotional feeling as filling a patient's cavity. Noelle made my penis feel young, strong and virile once more. She told me to call my wife and explain that paperwork would detain me. Instead of another boring evening at home, Noelle took my hand and led me into an uninhibited, sexual paradise.

At her place, she had me sit on the couch, made me a drink, then she excused herself, saying that she was going to, "slip into something more comfortable."

She returned dressed in a leather corset, knee-length riding boots, and holding a whip. Sweat dotted my forehead, but the reaction in my groin was explosive. "You' re really a wimp," she mocked. "Oh, the expensive dentist, the pillar of the community. Did you ever stop and think how boring dentistry really is. No one wants to come to you. They hate it when you're picking away at them.“

She cracked the whip and ordered me to stand and undress. She walked around me, inspecting and poking at my balls and asshole as if I were an animal on display. Then she told me to get on my hands and knees. I did so without hesitation and felt the stinging of her whip on my ass. She lashed me repeatedly, the burning pain sending shivers up and down my spine, giving me a tremendous erection. "You do like it, don't you" she asked. I didn't have to answer. My cock never felt so huge.

Noelle had me lick her filthy black boots, which I enjoyed immensely. When I kissed my way to her fleshy thigh and hairy pussy, she shoved me to the floor on my back. "You'll lick it when I tell you, slave. You' re not worthy enough to taste the sweetness of my pussy. Not yet." She stood over me and then turned. She smothered my nose and mouth with her asshole. "Start there, unworthy one," she said in a firm tone.

I used my tongue on her rectum and coated her with saliva. Noelle enjoyed it, squirming and reaching for my cock. Her firm, yet very feminine hands yanked my prick, and I bellowed in her bowels. But she didn't relent.

Her razor-sharp nails etched red marks on my penis and that jolting pain added electric pleasure to my groin. Up and down my shaft her digging fingers cut into my cock. At one point I felt her sharp fingernail slicing into my pee slit, twisting torment into that sensitive opening. My response was to rim her with greater lust and determination. Noege slid her snatch onto my face, and I was relieved of my ass-licking labor.

Noelle now felt that I was worthy to work on her soft pink. She pushed her pussy into my mouth and pounded my head hard into the floor. So much love juice escaped from her cunt that I started choking and gagging, all the while listening to her laughter. "Now you know what it feels like to have your mouth filled to the brim. But this time it will be different. I want you to swallow."

Nothing could stop me. I sucked the sweet honey of her climaxing cunt and drowned in those warm waves. At the same time Noelle applied her own brand of slapstick comedy to my dick.

She slapped my penis and grazed my balls with her nails, bringing me to the brink. A few steady strokes to my cock sent spunk soaring into the air. Noelle then released her hold and directed me to the curn puddle on the floor.

She grabbed the back of my neck and pushed my face into the curn like she was house-breaking a puppy. I licked my own ejaculate because I knew Noelle wanted me to. And I wanted to please her. When the floor was polished, she commanded me to follow her into the bathroom. There, I stretched out in the pink tile tub, waiting for Noelle to get into postuon over my face. She deposited a warm, wet, golden shower onto my face and chest. I then told her she should open a clinic for other frustrated professionals with the same dilemma.