Sharing Tina


We're out shopping to get me some shoes. Knowing he, Michael, wants me, Tina, to always be ready to flash someone, I am commando in the nether regions and feeling as usual, lustful and nasty. 

Entering the local mall's Nordstrom, I meander the shoe section looking for something to make me look hot, always looking for a stiff dick since Michael seems to be more aroused these days by his own hand manipulated satisfaction. He's always telling me I need to find a surrogate. I know he likes it when I fuck someone else.

A nice looking young man appears and asks if I need some help. I showed him a few styles and asked for all of them in 5.5, 6, and 6.5. He sounded very assuring and said he would return for the marathon. He chuckled as he strolled off, knowing he was just joking with me. 

Michael was nowhere to be found out wandering, probably in the men's dressing room whacking off. 

He returned with a pile high enough to mask his sense and ability to see where he was going and placed the shoes on the floor. He jumped up, said his name was Steven and that I could get started, he had only brought half the pile. 

I wasn't really in a hurry to get started as my intentions were not so much to try on the shoes as it was to toy with him and shoot him a few shots; hopefully he would enjoy and play along.   

I piled a couple boxes next to me and bent to remove my shoes and prep the scene for his arrival. Pulling the shoes from the box, I noticed Steven, piled high once more, heading in my direction. I placed the first shoe on my foot and splayed my legs just enough to show a little inner thigh if one was in the right position; he was, he had just sat down before me to assist. 

Just seeing him there and knowing I was nude beneath, I was feeling my erect nipples and that sweet twinge in my pocket. 

He stared but tried not to look obvious peering at the shear material that covered my nipples. He grabbed quick glances and then would look up at me to see if my eyes were on his. He then returned his gaze to my feet and attempted to be concerned about the shoes, the fit, and my feet. 

I pulled back my leg and foot as he grabbed the shoe. I told him my feet were so sore and bent to rub them. As I pulled back and leaned into him, I knew my skirt was riding up my leg and revealing a good portion of my inner thigh and beyond. He was quite smart; he lifted my foot and rubbed my arch and toes, but what he was really doing was raising my foot to align his vision to look past my feet and into my shimmering box. 

I could tell that he had a fine view and I made no attempt to stop him, but only cooed at his stroking and caressing of my foot. He twisted my foot which in turn made my knee go outward, now he had a view and was likely at an angle where my lips were beginning to open. 

His eyes now were chewing a hole in me. He made no attempt to hide his perusal of my damp target. He looked up into my eyes and moving my foot back and forth, caused a swaying motion which tunneled up into my nest and I could feel the shaking rhythm opening and closing my outer lips. 

I never looked up to see just who may be taking this all in, but at this point, I was just trying on shoes, who gives a fuck? 

Steven, carefully placed my foot back onto the angled support of the seat which he sat on. His deft placement not only rested my foot, but it was placed high enough on the seat that my toes were at his ball sack just protected by the thin layer of slacks he had on. 

I could see the rise in his pants and knew he had placed my foot there with guilty intent. I played along and wiggled my toes. He slid forward and made ample room for toying by slightly adjusting himself to open his legs further. 

He lifted my other ped with similar intent and now made no effort to mask his desire. Matter of fact, he looked me in the eyes now and dared me to look at him. I felt his stares and rolled my eyes slowly upward as I raised my foot enough to feel his swollen manhood. It was very erect and he looked right through me with a daring stare.

My husband returned from some untold misguided direction and plopped down right next to me. 

"Hi, Hun", I addressed him trying to harness my arousal, "this is Steven, he is helping me with my shoes". 

I looked at Steven, "Steven, it's okay, he won't care, he's always trying to get me to do this stuff, let's just keep going". Steven looked up at Michael. Michael shot him a nice smile and then chimed in, "well, young man, isn't it lovely, I'll bet you'd like to taste that now wouldn't you?" Steven was unsure, he stared at me for support, I nodded it's okay. "Well sir, to tell you the truth,  I would love to and then I'd like to have her." " Have her, you mean fuck her, you mean you want to fuck my wife?" "Yes sir, I believe I would and she has my cock so hard right now, I'm about to bust." 

"Say when Steven, she looks very content, I know the look, she wants you too." 

"Tina, I'm going to go home, I've got some things to do, call me later or have Steven give you a lift.

I was now on my own and had Steven to take care of me. His eyes were exploring me still and his arousal never dimmed. Once again I lifted my foot into his crotch," well, young man, when does the shift end or do we only have time to find a dressing room?" 

He reached up into the inside of my thigh and stroked up into the darkness. He stated his shift was far from over but had a break in about half an hour. Knowing it would be brief, still feeling the arousal from his touch, I knew the wrestling match would be short. Go for it, I told myself, go fuck this young dick and release his blue balls for mercy sake. 

I stood from the chair and leaned into him. I kissed his cheek, " I want to taste your cock, I'll be back in twenty minutes, meet me over by the men's dressing rooms, I'll wait till I see you and I'll walk in, slowly enough that you see which stall I'm in. 

Aroused by the scene, I walked away, feeling the moistness with each step. God, I was hot, I wanted him inside of me and I hadn't had sex for months. I would cum in two minutes, but that's okay, he's young, he will too.

I looked interested as I sifted the men's clothing appearing to be in the need of something for my man. Actually, just the diversionary pair of slacks to throw over my arm as I walked toward the men's dressing area. A short distance off, Steven glided toward me with a serious smile of oh, yeah, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you prick teaser. 

As I thought there may be a salesperson within ear shot or even taking notice, I turned and sashayed into the dressing room, "here, honey, I found some more slacks to try on", of course to no one, but to distract from my entry into the men's area.

Steven followed and I went all the way to the last stall on the right. I pulled the door open and waited. Only seconds later the door swung open, Steven poured in and gazed into me. He looked so serious. I sat back on the bench. He lowered in front of me and kissed me on the mouth, allowing our mouths to open I felt him dive in completely. He sucked at my tongue and drank in the saliva he pulled from me. He released and sat back. He lifted his hands and with one breast in each hand, he began to molest them. I felt him pinching my nipples and he lifted my top and in one quick motion he jerked the thin covering up and had his hands once again working me. He wasn't being soft or careful, but I guess he knew time was short and he wanted to get me into it. 

I reached for him and grabbed two handfuls of hair and pulled him to my lips. I bit his lip and forced his mouth open. I buried my tongue into him and reached for his shirt. I pulled at it and he  drew back his hands and assisted. 

In turn, he removed mine as well. He dove into my tits and buried his face into my ample and pert cleavage. My husband's  recent purchase of these 38 DD's was a face full for Steven. He reached for my skirt and unzipped the side. I wiggled enough to be able to rescue myself from its confines. It dropped into a puddle and I was now completely naked and horny and lustful as hell. 

Steven pulled back and took in the view of my nakedness. I can't remember the last time Michael looked at me like that. He lifted my legs by the ankles and leaned me back against the corner of the stall. He bent forward and as he had stated earlier to Michael, did as he requested he wanted to do. He buried his face right into my little wet nest. His breath on my taco felt so good. I felt his tongue lapping at the sides of my vulva. It felt wonderful, I wanted his dick. I didn't want to stop him though. He was working me good and I was in shock, I couldn't speak, only low guttural ughs came from me.

I'm sure if someone was in the dressing room, they would have heard me, I was in a state of, "I don't give a fuck."  

I assisted and leaned back even more and grabbed my legs and pulled them higher. My twat and ass were in full view for Michael. 

He backed away to take me in. One quick glance into my eyes and he again lowered, only this time he started at my asshole and licked up into my hood. I felt my asshole tighten as he crossed the margins of my back door. 

He now assisted with a finger. He raised up and spit into my sphincter cavity and using his finger, he rotated slowly as my Kegel muscles served to restrict entrance. He stopped and kept pressure against me. I eased up and allowed the stiffness to wain. Very softly he encircled my anus and as he did, I relaxed more.

Still, his tongue darted into me and begged for more depth, at least I begged for more depth. 

Now, loosening my Kegels, he slipped the tip into my dark hole and he had me. No dick yet and I had two holes filled with Steven. Hell, this is no kid, he knew just what he was doing. Guess I hit the jackpot.

He licked and buried his finger to his palm and packed me tight back into my colon. It felt so good to have him inside of me in both my happy spots, now I wanted a turn.

I pulled his face from me and leaned him back enough to set on my ass in a seated position. 

"Alright Steven, let me see that teaser you have in there, I know it's been straining to get out." He loosened his belt and I assisted at the clasp and zipper. They dropped and the only thing between his cock and my view of it was his cute little sexy briefs, which were bikini type nylon and his cock had them stretched to the fullest extent. I grabbed at them and the release of his cock slapped up against his stomach as I jerked them from him. 

It was beautiful, wet at the tip, veins straining to get more blood in them and as I laid my hand on it, I could feel his quickened pulse hammering at the engorged member.

I wanted it in me and I wanted to feel it, but for now, I just stared at it and watched the pulse bounce it upward with each beat of his heart.     

I leaned forward and very softly ran my fingers across his sack and it pulled up into him and a more elevated jump upward of his cock with each soft touch. 

I placed a finger on either side of his cock and slowly pulled out. He cooed like a baby. As I slowly stroked, I placed my other hand onto my clit and felt it rising at my touch. I flipped it left and right and squealed at my own touch.

I brought my hand back up and moved from the bench and knelt in front of Steven. I held my breasts out and grabbed his stiff cock between them and pulled at it. I enveloped it and pulled and pushed at his member. He reached down and twisted my nipples as I stroked him. He moved his hands to my hair and guided my body away and back into him. 

After a few strokes, Steven pulled back enough to release his cock from my titillating grasp. He pushed me down and directed his young erection into my mouth. I love cock. I love to suck it, taste it, deep throat it, and drink the juice that spews forth. 

Knowing guys love deep throating, I took him fully down my throat. He easily penetrated into my throat with his length. What I didn't like was having a man cum into my throat. I loved the taste of semen and deep throating sends it directly to the processing area, bypassing my taste buds. No good, I wanted to taste Steven.   

As I took him in, he forced himself into me and his urges were met with my desire as well. I wanted the tickle in my throat. I told Steven to fuck my face but I wanted him in my wet cunt before he came, even if he wanted to replace it into my mouth afterward to cum in my mouth. 

With that, he backed away and lifted me once again to the bench. I was so ready. I wanted to feel him and I was so anxious, I felt like I would bust as soon as he buried himself into me. 

I felt the helmet as he just placed it at the entrance to my quim and he stroked back and forth, rubbing the hood of my clit. I couldn't stand it, I was whimpering, "Oh Steven, fuck me, look at me like you did when you were looking up my skirt, let me see your eyes like you looked when you lusted to put your hands under my skirt and bury your fingers into my cunt. 

He grabbed my face on either side and tilted my head up to meet his look. He looked at me, almost fucking me with his eyes and I felt him move into me.  He kissed me deeply and pushed himself into my steaming cunt. I was so wet, he could have placed a wine bottle directly into my moistness. 

He hit bottom and withdrew to start his continual plunging into my vulva. Oh god he felt good. I pulled at his ass to force cock deep into me. 

He released his manipulation of my face and placed his fingers at my erect nipples. He twisted them and asked if he could do it hard. Before answering, he just began pinching and pulling on them. Oh my god, the feeling; it hurt and it felt good. I thought he was going to make them bleed but with cock buried into me as deeply as he could, I felt only pleasure and every other feeling was only an addition to the arousal. 

I squeezed as hard as I could to assist in the tightness of my cunt. I wanted to pinch the juice from his cock. I began to talk at him, "come on Steven, fuck my pussy with that fat cock, I want you to cum for me, force fuck that tight vagina, can you feel me squeeze that cock? Come on baby, momma wants your load of heat. Pound my cunt." I could tell my words were working him because Steven was building to the crescendo. His cock was so hard inside me and it felt like it was growing. 

I leaned forward, pulling him to me and strained at the pleasure, I was cumming and I was thrusting at him and pulling him back into me as forceful and quick as I could. "Oh, fuck Steven, fuck me, fuck my pussy, oh fuck I'm cumming, I'm cumming all over your hard cock."

As I slowed and he still grew to his anticipated blow, he withdrew himself and backed away, "come on Tina, I'm ready to bust, I want you to drink me , suck my cock, oh shit, oh....." I pulled him into me and felt him swell and tense. I pulled back enough to feel all of him in my mouth but not down my throat. Like I said, I wanted to taste his load. He grunted and thrust hard and I felt the splash of his seed across the roof of my mouth. As I was savoring his taste, bam, shot #2, rang hard against my tonsils and I closed my throat to make sure and keep it near to my taste buds. I kept my pace on his thrusting cock and as I'd had my mouthful, I released him and hand jacked him as final shots targeted my closed lips and down onto my chest, dripping down across my sweating, glistening tits. 

Spent as we were, we lay piled onto one another in the corner of the stall. I opened my mouth and showed my prize to Steven. I pulled him to me and kissed him, sharing the salty spunk. He kissed me right through it, released me and softly patted my soaked cunt. "Very nice Tina, very nice. 

I don't care if Michael ever fucks me again. I love strange dick.