The Virgin Eyes

Info Michaeljones
01 Feb. '17


    The Virgin Eyes

         I have been trying for years to get my wife to let me play with her ass. I don't mean kiss it, rub it, slap it, or massage it. Just this morning when she got out of the shower all clean and smelling good, I looked at her and the thought came to me, so I just said it, "honey, I want to do something to you. Yes, she said with an inquisitive smile. Honey, I want to place you on the bed on all fours, I'm going to get behind you, and without touching you anywhere else, I'm going to bend down and very lightly lick the opening to your asshole. I want to watch your little asshole pucker and relax with my stimulation, then I will start to really lick it and see if we can get you off.  Yeah, she says, sure.

        As has been discussed before, by me of course, my wanting to make her get off every way possible. We have never really gotten to this point but as I always tell her, that's okay, one day you will have just the right amount of wine. 

        Well, as I had always planned, it just needed to be the right place, right time, and the right amount of wine. We were at a golf outing with a company I do business with. We go to Tahoe and the guys are out golfing and the ladies are back at the hotel, at the pool, and drinking and having a good time. When we finish golfing, we all return to a cabin and the ladies show up for a nice evening together. 

        So, as expected, we complete the golf, go back and shower up and meet the ladies at the cabin. My wife, is glowing. I mean smiling, flirting, teasing, and has definitely had just the right amount of wine. 

        Another thought occurred to me; not only have I always wanted to lick her ass and tongue fuck her asshole, I have always wanted to watch someone fuck her as well. I had only toyed with that idea. We never really had a full blown conversation about that. Women have the feeling that if you're willing to let someone else fuck them that you must not really love them. Well, I love the fuck out of this woman, but I also want to please her and let her enjoy sex to the fullest extent. 

        Well, I'm thinking to myself, if she's teasing and playing around, maybe I can work this out. There are a couple guys that are married in attendance but the wives haven't made the trip with them this year.  And as expected, they enjoy the freedom, they are attracted to her playful attention, and I am getting a hard dick just thinking about them fucking her. 

        As the night progresses, there is one particular guy she continues to find reason to flirt with. He is nice looking, respectful, about 50ish, and she seems quite interested in him. I have no doubt this woman loves me, she is just lit, and having a playful time. On the other hand, she has no idea, I am completely fine with it, and want to help guide his dick right up her twat.

        As the night continues, I find an opportunity to pull him to the side and explain a few things to him. I told him I'm interested in letting him enjoy my wife later tonight if he is interested. He almost came in his pants I think. He says to me; your wife is a very attractive and respectable lady, your going to let me fuck her tonight?

        Well, I said, it's not quite that easy. We've never done this before, but I have hinted to her that the right time and the right amount of wine and the right guy, who knows what may happen. Let's just play with this for awhile and see how she feels about it. Just follow my lead.

        We return and the conversation continues, well honey, I don't want to break up your fun, but don't you think we ought to be calling it a night? She looks at him, I'll call him David, and pouts and shows a sign of discontent. He looks at her and leans to her ear. He whispers, maybe you should ask your husband if I can take you home. Loud enough for me to hear of course and she knows it. She looks at me and jokingly says, wow daddy, can I go with David tonight? Playing along I state back to her, well maybe it would be better if David just came home with you tonight so I can keep an eye on you both. He laughs.... My wife, Chris, short for Christina, looks at me, she pauses, she looks at David. 

        Chris grabs my arm and heads off toward the hotel across the road. I'm confused that she left it at that point. I'm a little disappointed actually, I was hoping for a little excitement. 

        Suddenly Chris turns and in a non threatening, non exciting voice, calls to David, aren't you coming? We're going to have a nightcap in the room. Those around had no idea of the preceding conversation and what was going on. She was handling this just as a respectful lady would and no one knew the better.

        As we reached the room, Chris headed to the room. I heard the shower and David and I talked about golf briefly, mixed a couple drinks and discussed what was really on our minds. And that was my wife's ass.  

        Ok David said, I'm freaking actually, I'm not sure what's going down here, even though I'm horny as hell for your wife's ass. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but dude, your wife is gorgeous. I can't imagine you letting me consider having her tonight. Well, believe me, it's got to be on her terms or it ain't happening. 

        Chris returns, she is showered, loosely wrapped in a towel, and walks right up to David. She reaches down and grabs his swollen package which is obvious. David, I've never done this before in my life, and I love my husband but for some stupid fucking reason he wants to see me get fucked by another man. Well, you win the prize. But first, watch.

        Chris walks over to the couch, as we have discussed many times in the past, she leans forward on all fours. Her ass directed right at us. Well, honey, here it is, rim my ass, I'm ready to feel it. I starred at her naked body, as beautiful as it was and looked at David as he too was taking her full nakedness in.

        I motioned to David to remove his clothes as I did the same. I moved to her on the couch from behind and lowered to my knees. I was face to asshole with Chris and starring at what I wanted to taste for years. I moved in and softly blew into her crack. I stuck out my tongue and very lightly touched her asshole.  She contracted and a moment later released again. I did it again. Each time I did it, Chris would contract a little less and finally she let the feeling of my touch stay with her without contracting, she just cooed. I continued to circle her hole and made soft attempts to enter her hole. I grabbed her ass cheeks and softly without force, pulled them apart as I entered her dark hole. Soft, But forceful plunges had her gasping and making sounds of joy. I reached under her and added a soft touch across her clit and opening and felt her moisture. She was turned on and was in another place. 

        With her moaning and pleasureful sounds, David could take no more, he moved to her head at the other end of the couch and knelt down in front of her. He pulled her hair back from her face and kissed her on the lips.   Chris responded to him and kissed him back. She opened her mouth and swallowed his tongue. This being new to me had me aroused beyond belief. She kissed him very hard and long and moaned at my ass work. 

        Chris allowed her hand to reach down along the side of the couch and grab a handful of David's very erect cock. Again, something new, I hadn't seen my wife with another cock in her hands. David shifted himself to allow her to stroke him more easily.  

        Look honey, Chris said to me, his cock is so big and hard. Isn't it beautiful? Yes honey, I explained, it is very nice, would you like to have it tonight? My fantasy was coming to fruition, here she was, getting ass eaten by her husband and she had another handful of cock.

        Chris moaned again and answered my question, yes honey, I want to get fucked by both of you tonight. With that, she pulled up on David's cock and nudged him to rise up to her. He raised himself to the edge of the couch and had his cock face high now. Chris pulled him to her and placed her mouth fully around him. She engulfed it like a hungry animal. She pulled his ass to her so that she could get the full depth of him into her mouth. She continued to suck him while I worked her ass.

        Feeling her arousal being elevated increased my desire and I splayed my tongue out long and wide so I could now lick across her full asshole and get her very wet. When I had her lathered up really well, I raised to my knees behind her and took aim. This was new, I didn't know how she would respond. I only knew that she was very intensely elevated to orgasmic desire as she sucked another mans cock and liked the feeling she was getting from behind. 

        I slapped an additional wad of spit on the head of my dick and moved into her awaiting asshole. I applied a very small amount of force only enough to let her know I was trying to enter her. I didn't push at all, I just left it there and moved around. Chris, while still chewing on David's cock, and feeling ripe, backed into me a little. I felt her loosen her hole a bit with each movement. I held still and let her come into me. She was working her ass back and forth and applying a little continuing pressure. I held her hips and rocked back and forth. 

        Chris released her asshole completely and applied more pressure and I felt it dive full into her. It wasn't deep, it was just spreading her to the full size. She had the whole helmet in and just stopped. I was anxious but still not moving. She hesitated and then began to move back into me once again. Now that she had the full size within her ass, it was just allowing it to enter to the depth to which she wanted. 

        Still with a mouthful of cock, she now changed direction slightly. She was rocking back and forth and allowing further penetration each time. Suddenly, I felt it. I felt her ass cheeks against my hip bones. She had it all. I knew now I could rock and move with her without the concern of hurting her. I pumped her in and out and watched her swallowing David. He was holding his head back and moaning.  

        Chris started fucking me back pretty hard and it was evident she was going to have an orgasm. Wow, from being assfucked, an orgasm, this is a good thing. With her noises to prod me on, I continued to bang her pretty hard and knew I was going to bust too, but I didn't want to really.  I slowed to save my shot. It was enough for Chris though, she was moaning and screaming an orgasm right through her mouthful of David. 

        I had done it, I finally assfucked my wife, and the good part, she loved it. I pulled out and allowed my rising orgasmic feelings to wain. 

        I reached to Chris's face and pulled her from David's dick. I laid her back on the couch and kissed her mouth. Okay baby, are you ready for a new dick? Are you sure you want David to fuck you? Yes, yes, I want David inside me. I leaned forward and pulled her legs apart and motioned for David to climb on her. I told him to lift up to her face and not fuck her yet, that i needed to prepare her first.

        David moved to her and as before placed his cock into her mouth.  I lowered to her box and began to lap at her pussy and suck on it. It was very wet and very horny. Chris grabbed David by the ass and pulled him to her. I plunged my tongue into her pussy and licked and stroked her. She was ready, she was ripe, she was being given as a gift to this fuckhead just because I was crazy enough to let him have her. 

        I moved away and David slid down to her. He looked her in the eyes as he laid his cock onto her hairless pussy. She fell open and took him slowly into her. As she guided it for the first inch or so, she moved her hand and allowed David to work his meaty cock deeply into her. Chris cooed at the size of him and I, on the other hand felt a little violated that I would allow a new cock, especially one so big to enter what was mine. She pulled him to her and bucked at his movements. She was loving this cock and looked at me with the look of ecstasy. He moved steadily but not forcefully, and she laid there and soaked it up. David leaned back and took her by the ankles and pulled them up over their heads. The new angle allowed him to plunge deeper into Chris and she quivered at the feeling. After a few good thrusts, he allowed one leg to drop and he moved his leg over it. He was now over her kinda in a scissor position. He started fucking her harder from here and she was reacting with positive grunts and moans. 

        I stood and watched as this large cock pounded my wife and I grabbed my own cock and started to give it some attention. Chris was in full orgasm mode and was responding with pleasure to each thrust from David. After Chris settled down from the moaning, David continued to pound her pussy and was holding one leg up in front of him still. Wait says Chris, I want to do something. 

        She tells David to move from her. She motions for me to get on her and fuck her. Once I'm in position, she motions to David, I have always told my husband he has another fantasy to get fucked in the ass. I want you to fuck him while he fucks me. I had no choice, I had given her to him and now she was giving me to him too. I couldn't resist. I wasn't sure how it would feel, I only knew I had the fantasy as well. 

        David already had a very hard and very wet dick. He got behind me and moved to me as I laid on Chris. The angle wasn't quite right so I lifted from her to be up on all fours. I felt him at my entrance. It felt nice but it was going to be very tight as I saw the size of him earlier. I relaxed as much as possible and allowed his light pressure. As she had done, I moved back into him slowly. It was tight but I wanted to feel him inside me. I wanted to feel what it felt like for Chris when I had my cock up her ass. Once there was no pressure, I felt him slip into me and felt the sudden dismissing of the pressure. It felt like I could completely relax. As I did, I felt him pushing into me further. Then I felt his hips. I had his whole cock inside me. It felt great but there was no way I was going to lean forward to enter Chris with this up my ass. 

        I felt Chris move from under me. She spun around and placed her pussy right under my face and had her face under me. She could look up and see David's cock working my ass from below. She reached up and took my cock into her mouth and began to do double duty on me. Oh god, it was unbearable. I bent forward and buried my face into her pussy and lapped at her opening as I felt the pleasure of a new cock up my ass along with her mouth. It was different but the size of him continually pressing against my prostate felt great. Bending down as I was, was adding more intensity to the feeling. As I worked Chris, I could feel my rising feeling and I was going to blow from David's strokes. He too was enjoying it, because I could hear his breathing increasing as his striking did likewise. 

        David swelled and I felt the warm gushing of cum flowing inside my ass and I too was reaching the crest. With one last stroke and a gasp for a full breath, I began an orgasm to rival my best ever. It was relentless. I could feel it from my toes. I moaned and buried my face into Chris and she too added her volume to the finale. 

        Finished and slumped, David pulled from me and dropped, I laid flat onto Chris and she rolled to the side to take the weight from her. We laid like this for nearly half an hour. We were kinda into and out of sleep off and on.

        David got up first and headed to the restroom to clean up. He returned with a clean cock and laid down next to Chris. I was still out of it from the awesome orgasm and heard him talking to Chris but I couldn't tell what the conversation was or even care at this point. 

        David rolled Chris onto her back and started kissing her again and as they had no reason to hurry, his passion had no rush or madness. He was just kissing her and stroking her breasts, like I might do to my wife as a loving gesture. She kissed him back and rubbed her hand across his now clean cock. She didn't grab it, she just showed it affection as I might get from her after a good hard fuck.

        After a short period of this tender caressing, you could tell the passion was a little more intense and the kissing a little deeper. I was coming out of my stupor and didn't want to feel left out so as they kissed, I lifted Chris slightly and slid my body under hers. I was now beneath her facing up and she was face up on top of me and kissing David. I reached for her pussy and could feel the dampness that really had never disappeared. Looking up at David, I could see that his cock was once again at attention and ready for action. I reached around Chris and kneaded her nipples as he continued kissing her. His hands moved down to her moist slit and began to massage her slowly. 

        I knew this was going to be interesting because from where I was, I was going to be involved. 

        After a period of time caressing Chris and kissing her deeply throughout, I knew she would be begging him to mount her. From beneath, I reached for her legs and pulled them apart to assist in signaling David to climb onto my wife. He raised up and positioned himself to mount her. He grabbed his cock and guided it easily into her moist pussy. She reached for him and pulled him down onto her. She again kissed him deeply and I felt the added weight being thrust onto me. In position and deep inside Chris, he started to pound her and from where I was, it was an interesting feeling. My cock was hard again but I couldn't reach it, nor could she. It just laid there as my wife was being fucked on top of me. I reached her tits and caressed them and sucked hard on her neck as he pumped her. She was writhing in passion and I was feeling his force! Pushing her ass against my cock. 

        With each thrust he made, as he lifted, I felt the weight release and found the ability to move her higher up my body. As I moved her, I gained freedom to move my cock up to where it would be pinned in the action. Now it felt better and I was part of the fucking. He was fucking my wife but I was getting something too. 

        David did something I didn't expect because he saw my struggle. He lifted Chris and he and her fell back onto his back with her on top of him. He redirected his cock back into her pussy and she was now on top leaning forward with her ass in the air. I looked up from my position and could see his big, fat cock going into and out of her love hole. I raised from my inclined position and got behind Chris. I moved into her and as she was being fucked from the bottom by David, I eased my cock, once again into her tight little ass. Now this was it; Chris was getting double dicked. She had no resistance to my cock being fed into her tight little asshole. David raised and thrusted into her pussy and I simply moved in and out and banged her ass. As before, we were all getting close to orgasm. We fed off each other's breathing and met at the crest. Hard pounding, screaming, fuck me, fuck me, oh you mother fucker, fuck my ass. All the words, all the release. We all came in one massive rush of orgasm. 
        I backed away from Chris and she fell to one side of David. I rolled her to her back and parted her legs as she breathed with the depths of her exhaustion. She had no fight left in her.  I bent down to her and could see her juices and David's love milk running from her. I lapped at her pussy and cleaned her up. As I finished and lay back, Chris pulled me up once again, do him honey, do him, might as well do it all. 

        I leaned over to David and eyed his now soaked shrunken, and tired cock. I leaned into him and tasted the tip of his cock; as expected, it was salty. He flexed and made it move slightly. Seeing he had no adverse reaction to my mouth, I took it completely into my mouth. Different than eating pussy for sure but not much different than I expected. It was warm, not real hard and squishy. There was plenty of my wife's love cream all over his harry balls and stomach. I began to lick and clean him up. 

        David rolled slightly to his back and allowed his legs to fall further apart. I looked at Chris and saw she was watching me clean up his package. Once I had most of the mess cleaned up, he began to harden once again. It was a strange feeling to feel his cock grow in my mouth. As it did, I knew I would surprise him. I knew I could deep throat a cock from eating long john ice creams over the years. I would alway see if I could stick it down my throat when it was still about 9" long. 

        Still he grew. I hadn't actually intended to take this much further but my wife was egging me on. Come on honey, show me what you always said you could do, show me you can put that big fucker all the way in. I smiled at her and took a deep breath. I did it slow to emphasize the depth. It was fully erect now and David was into it by now. I kept lowering and finally I had it all. I hit my nose on his stomach and had that whole cock in my mouth. 

        I started humming and giving him the vibration feeling that I always wanted to feel. I knew it had to be good, hell, why wouldn't it? I continued, and each downward thrust was all the way to his ballsack.  As I engulfed his cock, I reached under his ass and started rubbing his anus. I knew what felt good, hell I had all the same parts. I could tell he was getting close. I slowly pushed my finger into his ass and guided it to the under side of his stomach. I knew this was where his prostate was. I had him deep into my throat and I had my finger pressed hard onto his prostate. I flicked at it with my fingertip and I had him. I could feel him starting to convulse. He was bucking up and down. He was yelping like a puppy. I could feel the warm spurts of his juice rushing through his cock. They never touched my mouth. He was pumping seed straight to my stomach. A few more convulsive thrusts and he dropped and fell back into a slumped pile. 

        I released his still clean cock and laid back against Chris. Well, my love, quite a night. I thought this was going to be all new for you, however, it looks like it was new for everyone. I kissed her on the lips and laid my arm across her waist. We were done. David got up and showered. As he came back through the front room, he leaned over to Chris and kissed her on the lips; yes, you are a respectable lady. But boy do you know how to fuck. He looked at me; lucky bastard. I winked.