The great big suck

A few years ago my husband and I lived in an apartment building, and Chuck, one of the men who lived in an apartment upstairs from us, caught my eye. He looked like a real stud, and I often wondered if he was as hung as he appeared to be. My husband, George, and I had swapped with other couples before, but I'd never had a man with a really large cock. In his swim trunks, Chuck looked like he had quite a lump in his crotch.

Even George thought that Chuck was probably hung because of the way his pants fit him. We often talked about how Chuck must really be ramming his wife, Karen. As the summer continued, I thought a lot about what that big cock must look like.

I am a very curious person, and I lust couidn't stop thinking about Chuck's prick. One day I finally had a chance to find out if my suspicions about it were correct.

Chuck was one of those do-it-yourself types and he had set up a workshop in a storage area in the basement of the apartment building. I was in the basement laundry room when he came downstairs. Knowing that he had a roving eye and that he was as interested in me as I was in him, I didn't think I'd have any trouble finding out about his cock. I was right. Pretending to be interested in his hobbies, I went into the storage room. In this confined space, I deliberately brushed against him, and we soon found ourselves in a hot embrace, french-kissing each other. I reached down to his pants and felt his monstrous cock pressing against the crotch of his pants.

Unzipping his fly, I pulled his cock out of his pants. It was a monster of meat, nearly ten inches long, and so thick I couldn't get my fingers all the way around it. I took it in both hands and squeezed it. I stared at it for a while, but when my curiosity gave way to desire I fell to my knees in front of him.

At first I lust kissed and licked the end of it. But the more I licked and looked, the hotter I became. Finally I started to take it into my mouth; my jaws strained to get it all in. Although I could only take a few inches of his shaft in my mouth, I couldn't take my eyes off the rest of it. I couldn't believe I had something that big in my mouth.

lt didn't take long for him to start coming. I wanted to suck up every drop, but his load was so big I couldn't keep all of it in. It was running past my lips and down my chin as he kept coming and coming.

My pants were rubbing against my puss, and I was so hot that this action brought me off, too. It was fantastic. When I finished the laundry and went upstairs, I told George all about sucking off Chuck and that we were right about the size of his cock. This made George so hot that I had to suck him off, too. George's cock felt so small that I thought I could take all of it into my mouth. George has six inches of cock, but it's not even close in size to Chuck's mammoth prick. Still, I couldn't get all of his cock in my mouth either, but my gobbling really set him off. When he came, I drank all of his cum.

I kept his cock in my mouth and turned around on top of him so he could eat me out. As soon as his tongue hit my clit, I started to come. Having two climaxes and taking two loads of jizz in less than an hour was a new experience for me, and I really loved it.

When we finished, George said he would like for me to bring Chuck down to the apartment and suck him off again while he watched. This would certainly add a new wrinkle to our sex life, but even when we swapped, I wouldn't screw another man in front of my husband. But thinking and talking about the day's experiences made me change my mind, and I agreed to do it. The idea of letting George watch while I sucked Chuck's giant cock turned me on.

I found out what time Chuck's wife went to work so I would know when he'd be alone. Then, after putting on a simple dress with nothing on under it, I fixed my face and went up to Chuck's apartment. When he opened the door, I asked him if he could help me with something in my apartment, since he was so handy. I told him George was at work and that I would really appreciate it.

Chuck followed me down to the apartment. When we were inside, I ran my hand across his crotch. He said he was pretty nervous, but I assured him that George wouldn't be home for more than an hour. With that I went into the bedroom and asked him to follow me.

Our bedroom had a large closet with louvered doors and by moving the wood panels slightly, George could look out from the dark closet without being seen. We tried it out before I brought Chuck down to make sure there were no slipups. Chuck came into the bedroom, saying that he was still nervous. I unbuttoned my dress and slid it off. At the sight of my naked body, Chuck started pulling his clothes off as if he couldn't get out of them fast enough.

His cock snapped out of his shorts half erect. His balls were hanging there like a kid's bag of marbles. I was really getting hot and I could feel my pussy creaming up. Chuck sat back on the bed, and I knelt down between his legs. Thinking about this whole thing had made me greedy for that big cock. This time I was determined to get more of it into my mouth. Besides, I knew that George was watching this sluttish display, and so I really wanted to put on a good show for him.

With both hands around Chuck's prick, I rubbed it while I tried to get more and more of it into my mouth. I still couldn't take much more than a few inches, but I was really getting into sucking it, more so since I knew that George could see my mouth straining around it I was really sucking and chewing when Chuck shot his stallion load into my mouth. Again, I couldn't hold it all.

Chuck pulled me off of his cock, up onto the bed. He got down onto the floor between my legs and started to greedily eat my pussy. He spread it with his hands and was licking up and down the whole slit. I knew that George must be jacking off by now, and as Chuck continued his eating and I imagined George shooting his load into his hand, I started coming like crazy. Meanwhile, Chuck kept eating me until he was hard again.

I'd already had another orgasm before Chuck pushed me back on the bed and mounted me, his stiff cock pressing at my pussy. He pushed it in slowly, and I started to moan loudly, knowing that George could hear me. Chuck's huge cock was spreading me apart until I thought I was going to rip wide open. Although he pumped slowly at first, after he had made it all the way in, he started ramming into me.

Chuck pounded into me like this for at least 15 minutes. I was coming so often that all could do was moan and hump back against Chuck's cock with my pussy. It was the most fantastic fuck that I have ever had.

After he finished, Chuck dressed quickly and left. I just lay there exhausted, but George came out of the closet, straddled my chest and put his cock, which was hard again, up to my mouth. Since I had been fucked so much by this time, I was ready to do anything. I started to lick George's cock.

Before he was ready to shoot, I was back in the mood. When he finally did shoot his load, I licked up all of his cum. Afterward, we just lay there in bed and talked about what had happened and agreed that we had really enloyed it.

Our conversation eventually sparked yet another session about an hour later. This was a slow, gentle fuck with George's normal-sized cock.

Chuck and I had more of these fuck sessions, and each time George watched from the closet. It was the best sex I have ever had. I loved to have Chuck fill my mouth with his cock and shoot his massive loads while I tried to suck up every drop. Again, the sensation of his giant prick in my pussy was almost more than I could stand, but after we got going, it was a sure thing that I would have at least one climax before he came inside me.

Putting on the shows for George excited me. The thought of his watching, unknown to Chuck, turned me on. I knew that as soon as Chuck left, I would be having seconds.

Since that time, I have sucked off six different men, all with big cocks. I met them in various places and would always bring them home with me so that George could watch. Each time, I was excited about what I was going to see. As soon as that monster was out of the guy's pants, I would be on my knees, gobbling it up.

Sometimes I could even take a guy's cock all the way back to my throat. I would nearly gag when their huge pricks started spurting cum, but I loved swallowing it all.

One of these men fucked me up the butt, and it was wild. I had never let anyone do this to me before, not even George, but by the time I had sucked him off, and he had eaten me and made me climax, I was ready to do anything. So after we had screwed in the missionary position, he turned me over, put some lube on his dick and started fucking me doggy style. I was just getting hot when he pulled out and pressed the massive head of his cock against my asshole.

I had never felt anything like that before. His cock was dripping with my pussy juice and lube, making it easy for him to enter my ass. Still, the unusual sensation was almost too much. He reached under me and fingered my clit while he pumped into me. Eventually we both climaxed wildly.

Watching this had excited George so much that we did the same thing later. I found his smaller cock in my asshole very enloyable.