The Business Woman

Info ly_dallas
02 Feb. '17

When I met Evan, I had no reason to believe that he would change me from the high-powered, businesslike personality that comes with being an executive for a Texas oil corporation. In fact, I saw nothing wrong with my professional life. I was both demanding in the boardroom … and in the bedroom. But then along came Evan.

From the moment I met him, he displayed an air of sexuality that attracted me to him. His white-toothed smile, confident swagger and hearty drawl reeked of pure, raw sex. He was charming in a good-ol'-boy sense, and his personality was a welcomed departure from the pretentious phonies I tend to meet in corporate circles. Very quickly I realized that he wasn't like most of the men I knew: hard on the outside and all mush on the inside.

Habits die hard, and on my first date with Evan I slipped into my old ways of directing the conversation and controlling the pace. At an elegant Dallas restaurant I ordered the drinks and our dinner entrees. Then abruptly, he gave me two choices. Either he would take control and I followed his rules, or it was all over. He looked deep into my eyes and at that moment I knew I had found what I always wanted, deep down. I nodded weakly, subjecting myself.

Without a word, he grabbed my arm and ushered me out onto the street, his grip squeezing my arm. Fury flashed in his eyes, and for the first time in my life I was scared to death. What would he do to me? Where was he taking me? Strangely enough, it was at that moment of panic that I noticed how handsome Evan was, his anger intensifying the beauty of his eyes and the sexiness of his mouth.

After we arrived at his apartment, he went directly to the bar and mixed himself a drink, almost ignoring me. When he did turn to me, it was with a curt order to strip. I was stunned, frozen.

"Do as you' re told!" Evan commanded, his voice snapping like the firm crack of a leather whip.

Shaking with fear and excitement, I stepped out of my dress to stand before him in just my bra and panties. Slowly, as I watched in both horror and wild anticipation, he removed his belt. Then, in one fluid motion, he grabbed me by the hair and threw me over his lap so that my bottom was thrust in the air.

He yanked down my panties and exposed my ass. I heard the whoosh and then felt his belt hitting my naked butt. Instantly I cried out in pain, but there was no stopping him now. Only when I started to sob like a baby did he throw away the belt and take me in his arms, comforting me.

Evan soothed me with raspy words and subtle warnings. My days, he told me, of being a cold, domineering bitch were over. If I was to be treated like a lady, I was expected to behave as one, and he' d see that I did.

As he gently scolded me, desire swelled within me. When he turned my face to his and held my cheeks between his powerful hands, I kissed him timidly. He slowly undid my bra and slipped it off, then nibbled on my breasts until I thought I'd scream. He started working his way down to my pussy, but just as I arched to meet his mouth, he flipped me over and started licking my red bottom. I exploded, shuddering with orgasm after orgasm, and before the last one was over, he plunged into my cunt, bringing me over the top one final time.

Evan made me feel like a new woman, and upon his instructions I moved in to his place. Everytime I act bitchy, he quickly turns me over his knee and spanks some sense into me. Every day when I get home, I change from my demure business suit into a corset, stocking, garter belt and high heels. I'm always there to greet Evan at the door with a drink when he arrives, and if he's had a bad day, I know I'm in for a long, hard night.

The last time that I got in really serious trouble, though, was when I stayed out past my curfew. I snuck back into the apartment only to find Evan sitting calmly on the couch, holding a cane whip in his hand. Sitting beside him was his best friend, Dale. I was terrified as well as embarrassed. Then, making matters worse, Evan ordered me to the bedroom and told me to strip and lie facedown on the bed.

Seconds later, Dale was tying my hands to the bedposts while Evan casually tickled my naked backside with the tip of the cane and listened impassively to my whimpering promises never again to come home late. Suddenly, the cane whizzed through the air and struck me directly on my ass, filling me with pain. The second blow made me cry out. I twisted and pulled on the ropes, but I was tied securely and couldn't get free. Then Evan handed Dale the cane and told him to continue punishing me.

Through my tears and humiliation I saw Evan slowly strip, climb up onto the bed and position his cock against my face. Through all the pain I was determined to perform just as Evan had taught me, and I concentrated on that task throughout the terrible thrashing his friend administered to me.

Later, after Dale had left, Evan kept me tied up to the bed. Throughout the night he fucked me and whipped me. And, for the first time, he fucked my ass. Then, at daybreak, he freed me and al-lowed me to cuddle in his strong, protective arms.

I'm so lucky to have a strong man who loves me enough to keep me in line. I don't know how I managed without him.