A Special Cup of Coffee - Part Two or Pain and Pleasure

`Don`t worry, this is a first for me, too...`

Ah, is that supposed to comfort me? Very promising. I try to pull on the restraints, but he has tied me up tightly. My heart is pounding, and I can`t see a thing because of the blindfold. All I can do is wait helplessly until he figures out his next move, wondering how could I have gotten myself into this mess. A mere hour ago I was sitting at the bar, minding my own business, drinking heavily, as if there was no tomorrow. Right up to the moment when the bartender offered to make me a special cup of coffee. Which I`m still waiting for, by the way. Just saying. Okay, I wasn`t that naïve to think that we would actually be drinking coffee, cuddling on his couch, no. And as I said, I didn`t want that anyway. I wanted hot, steamy, and kinky sex. And although he hasn`t touched me yet, not in that way anyway, this whole situation is kinky alright.

`Just try to relax and clear your mind…`

He is really getting into this. Does he have a guidebook that he is citing from? I must admit that hearing his voice alone makes me shiver all over. It is sexy as hell, and I can already feel the previous dampness of my thong worsening by the minute. I wonder how long is he going to keep me suspended like this? It`s funny how you lose all of your senses when you can`t see. No kidding! Although I can hear his voice, but only when he allows me to, and I still can`t tell where it`s coming from. For all I know he could be standing in the doorway, ready to lock me in, leaving me to suffer for God knows how long. I sure as hell hope he isn`t planning to make that special cup of coffee right now.

But judging by what he just said, I guess I need to do the opposite. In fact, my mind is the only thing that`s working perfectly well right now. And my survival instincts, of course. I begin to regret that I didn`t listen to my friends. I should have waited for this kind of kink until I knew the guy, let alone trusted him. Oh my God, I don`t even know his name!

`You might feel a little bit cold. Try not to wiggle too much, okay?`

Okay, I was wrong. All my nerves are on edge, and I want to scream from the ice-cold sensation that`s burning my left nipple right now. Little bit cold? Whatever he put on me makes me want to swear and scream, except I can`t. All I can give out is a tiny whimper through my gritted teeth. I want to tell him to stop, to let me go, feeling embarrassed and exposed all of a sudden. But as quickly as the thought forms in the back of my mind, it evaporates just as quickly when he takes my erect nipple into his mouth. His hot, wet tongue is a relief from the ice-cold sensation, and yet it feels a tad bit more painful, maybe because I am more sensitive than I ever was. He bites down gently, and I can feel the coldness on my right nipple, while he is stroking my left one with his tongue. I gasp, getting lost in the mixed sensations of hot and cold, pain and pleasure. But it doesn`t last long, and as much as I wanted him to stop at first, now I wish that he would continue the sweet torture. An involuntary moan leaves my lips, and he lets out a small chuckle.

`Don`t worry, I have only just started.`

His words send a jolt of electricity right down to my lady parts, and I`m sure I blush a little, too. I think about my black strapless dress, the black lace push-up bra and the black high heels scattered around the room. I`m not even sure he is wearing anything right now, as after a few passionate kisses, he moved straight onto the subject. He promised it to be fun, erotic and orgasmic. The last part convinced me, and I`m more and more sure that he is a man who keeps his promises. So, I obeyed when he asked me to strip naked for him, except for my panties. Then he lead me to the bed, tying my hands and ankles to the bedpost. I wouldn`t say that it didn`t feel uncomfortable at first, but the look in his eyes made me want to do anything he asked. I felt sexy as hell, and as aroused as I could ever be. I just wish I could see those gorgeous chocolate-brown eyes now, but I guess this is also part of the `fun`.

Suddenly the stinging returns, this time just above the waistline of my panties. Oh, I wondered why he didn`t want me to take those off, too. He traces a line along my sensitive skin, inching closer to my pubic mound. I want him to rush, to go deep down, and have his way with me right now. I have waited exactly three years and three months for this moment. Oh yeah, I forgot the extra hours, considering it`s past midnight. I begin to doubt that this is his first time at anything like this, as his touch seems to be expert. I let out another moan when he pushes my thong aside, revealing my extremely wet pussy. This is the first time I`m glad that I can`t see, because I`m sure I would be embarrassed by the dampness of my panties. His cold-hot breath is tingling my bare skin, making me shiver. I can feel my nipples erect once more, which is interesting, as I never really liked anyone touching them. Oh, well, I guess they just didn`t know how to do it right…

He isn`t as desperate as I am, or so it seems. He takes his time lingering over my clit, blowing on it slightly a few times, caressing my inner thighs with his hands. They are cold and wet, too, and I bet it isn`t from my juices. Especially because he is yet to touch me there. If he doesn`t hurry up, I might start begging for it. Or is that what he wants? As if on cue, he asks in a husky whisper, his breath still tingling my clit:

`Do you want me to continue?`

No, I still have some dignity left. If he doesn`t know by now what I want, I`m not going to help. Sensing my stubbornness, he places a soft kiss on my pubic mound, just above my now painfully throbbing clit, and I can tell even blindfolded that he gets up off the bed. I am shocked and annoyed, which of course makes me say something stupid:

`Where are you going?`

He lets out another chuckle, and I silently curse.

`Okay, I guess I can take that as a yes.`

Defeated, but too afraid that he will really stop, I nod, hoping that I don`t have to say anything else and he will just fuck me already. But, just like before, I`m wrong.

`Except, you didn`t say please.`

Seriously? No way I`m saying that. What, is he doing me a favour? Okay, he might be, but he doesn`t have to know that. Or was I looking this desperate at the bar? Yeah, I already know the answer to that. Otherwise I wouldn`t be here right now, literally begging a stranger to fuck me senseless. He is hotter than anyone I ever met, but still, he is just a stranger.

`So, what is it going to be?`

As I still don’t say a word, he sighs heavily, most probably for a theatrical effect.

`Okay, I think I will I go put the kettle on then.`

Is he kidding? Coffee? Now? Fine. Fine. I take a deep breath, and before I could change my mind, I whisper angrily:

`No. I want you to stay. Please…`

He doesn`t say anything at first, and I start to panic. Has he left already? But then I can feel his breath on my stomach, reassuring me that he is still in the room with me. Thank God. I should have learned by now that my stubbornness only brings me misery. Why can`t I just do as he asks and forget my ego? He inches lower, and this time his tongue presses against my sensitive clit, making me cry out in pure pleasure.

This makes him stop, and I`m confused. I thought I said the magic words? But my confusion disappears, when I realize what he is planning to do. His lips return to my pussy, and his breath has turned ice-cold. Okay, I think I can assume that it was ice that he was putting on my nipples. Hmm, I need to remember that for the future. In case I meet another hot guy, who is willing to do these things to me. Yeah, right, as if that would ever happen. My hot bartender will definitely be difficult to match.

Although I knew that as soon as his tongue finds my clit again, I will feel pain, but only for a second. And, strangely enough, I can`t wait for the sensation to come. He doesn`t make me wait long, and I let out a ragged breath as his lips come into contact with my sensitive flesh once more. He might be licking my pussy alone, but my whole body is on fire right now. I want to move my legs, so that I can ride out my impending orgasm, reduce its intensity, but the restraints are holding me tight. As soon as the burning sensation subsides, all I can feel is intensified pleasure cursing through me. My whole body starts to shiver, and I know that I`m near. He must know it, too, because he pulls away suddenly. I want to object, and the sounds I give out probably do speak for me, as he whispers softly:

`I want you to cum while I`m inside you.`

Oh, my, this sounded like an order. I clear my throat, surprising both of us when I say:

`Then hurry up and fuck me, for God`s sake!`

There is a moment`s silence, and I hold my breath. What the hell got into me? What if I managed to turn him off completely? Didn`t he want a submissive woman, who would beg for him to fuck her? And here I am, giving him a direct order. But again, it`s not like I know the rules, if there are any. Besides, it`s his fault for making me this turned on. His voice is ragged, and so is his breathing, which comes as a relief. He still wants me then…

`As you wish…`

And with that, he slams into me, taking me by surprise, and sending me over the edge in the same instant. At least I`m glad that I managed to obey one of his commands. He starts moving, and my orgasm keeps shaking my body for what seems like hours. When I feel a little relief, it starts all over again, making me grab onto my restraints with such a force that my knuckles turn white. All of a sudden I can feel a pinch on both my nipples, and I cry out once more. The return of this sweet pain is so welcome, I surprise even myself. He slows the pace, and I shudder at every stroke of his cock. It`s as if he wanted my orgasm to last as long as possible, he places one of his thumbs onto my clit, rubbing it gently, while pumping in and out of my slit ever so slowly. His touch is gentle now, which is also a welcomed relief after the pain. I wouldn`t be able to tell how many mixed feelings rush through me right now. Pleasure, ecstasy, joy, relief, love. Oh, God, I think I`m falling for this guy, and we haven`t even had that coffee yet. Not to mention that I have no idea about his name, either.

My inner muscles tighten around his shaft once more, and that sends him over the edge, too. His growl is so erotic while he cums inside my pussy, that I feel hot and bothered all over again. Except I don`t think I would survive another round. Slowly he pulls out of me, and we are both panting. I can feel the ties loosen, and my arms fall limp onto the bed. He asks if I`m okay, his voice full of concern. I nod, trying to reassure him, and he moves onto my ankles, freeing them, too, rubbing them gently to ease the pain. I gather enough energy to pull the blindfold off, and look at him, not sure what to expect. His grin makes all my worries go away. I smile back at him, and he helps me sit up, holding me tight.

`Are you sure you are okay? I hope it didn`t hurt too much.`

His words bring back the memory of the ice-cold sensation, and I can feel goose-bumps raise all over my skin. I blush a little, not sure how to ask him what it was that made me feel so exquisite. I try to search for the item instead, scanning the room with my eyes. I don`t see anything suspicious, apart from a half-empty cup on the bedside table. I raise an eyebrow, asking him in a husky voice:

`What was in that cup?`

I don`t know why I asked such a silly question. Maybe because I want to grasp onto anything that comes to my mind, just so I can talk to him. But deep down I suspect that there is a very good reason for that cup to be there. I guess I just don`t know what that is, my mind being completely numb and all. Which of course could be a result of the mind-blowing sex I just had.

`Well, what else, if not that special coffee I promised you?`

His words make me even more confused, so he puts an arm around me, and his eyes wander back to the cup as he begins to explain:

`You must remember that strange sensation on your most sensitive parts.`

I nod silently, still unsure where this is going. His hand moves up and down my arm, caressing it gently.

`Now, that was coffee. Iced coffee, to be exact. I have wanted to do this for a very long time.`

His words trail off, while his fingers trace circles around my shoulder blade, making me shiver. His words alone make me want to pull him into a passionate kiss, but I resist the urge. I can feel that there are more revelations to come, so I keep quiet, silently enjoying his gentle touch. He lets out a frustrated sigh, and looks deep into my eyes, lifting my chin up with his other hand.

`You know, tonight wasn`t the only time I saw you at my bar. In fact, I first noticed you a few weeks ago. You seemed so lonely, yet I could tell that you had high standards. The way you set guys straight just with your stare, oh my. I didn`t dare approach you, no way. I assumed that you weren`t the type to give in so easily anyway.`

He hesitates for a moment, and I can`t help but chime in:

`So, what made you so sure I would come with you tonight?`

His grin widens, and he places a hasty kiss on my lips.

`I wasn`t. But I couldn`t risk seeing you leave with another guy, so I took my chance. And, luckily for me, it worked. So, would you care for another special cup of coffee?`

He leans close, his tone as suggestive as ever, making me laugh. I place a tentative hand on his bare chest, suddenly realizing just how naked we both are. I didn`t believe I would say this, but I don`t miss his silky black shirt. Not at all. Especially because I`m beginning to have naughty thoughts again. I tilt my head aside, appreciating the view, and now it`s his time to blush.

`Sure, coffee it is. But only on one condition.`

He raises an eyebrow, as my hand travels down south, my nails scratching his stomach slightly on their way.

`Oh yeah? And what could that be?`

My fingers reach their destination, and he groans as I start bringing his impressive member back to life.

`I get to drink it this time.`

His breathing hitches, and I can tell that I hit a nerve. Both with my words and my fingers.

`It`s a deal.`

His words are my cue, and I reach for the cup, taking a sip. I savour the still ice-cold liquid, while I take a mental note to ask his name when we finish exploring my newly-found interest. And to have a real cup of coffee. Later. For now, all I want to feel is his cock in my mouth. Let`s see how he enjoys the same torture he has just put me through.

Oh, I`m going to enjoy this so much…