Up & Adam III: My Hot Encounter in the Parking Garage

Info Tristan LeMay
24 Dec. '15

   As I walked out of the restroom, after giving Gabriel a head start so we didn’t look too suspicious, I felt like everybody in the office was turning to look at me as I went by, as though my body was screaming “I just had mad, passionate sex in the restroom! Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you smell it? Can you hear it? Can you taste it?” It was ridiculous. People were looking at me because they were just casually saying hi, as usual. But the walk to my office felt like it lasted forever.

   I did close the door behind me and plopped myself into my chair to take a beat before I started work on the Anderson account. I had to let this adrenaline rush pass before I could get anything done.

   When I turned on my computer, I realized it was already 10 am. Wow! Time flies when you’re having… sex. I opened my email and found a message from Chandler, the director of most of our video commercials. He had sent me the latest cut of the advert we’d done for Anderson’s new unisex fragrance, Oasis, which starred the amazingly sexy Didier, a French model I had personally had a hand in picking for the campaign. Man was he steaming hot in those shoots!

   As I was transfixed by Didier’s beautiful masculinity on the wide screen of my computer, I absentmindedly grabbed for the bottle of Oasis on my desk, and spritzed some into the air in front of me. The delicious musky yet sweet smell wasn’t too overwhelming. It just made the office smell nice and the microscopic droplets landed on the forearms of my dress shirt. I waited a few seconds before I drew my arms up to smell the perfume. Heaven. Looking up at Didier again on the screen, I had a feeling he was releasing pheromones that were coming through the screen and arousing me once again.

   “Are you serious?” I asked to myself. “Haven’t you had enough for one day? For one morning for that matter? What is wrong with you?”

   I did manage to concentrate on work for a little while, so I could write notes about what I thought about the latest cut of the ad and let my erection slowly deflate without doing anything about it.

   When noon rolled around, I realized I hadn’t brought a lunch that day so I thought I’d hit up that sushi place I really love in the underground food court on the ground floor of the building next door. Most times, when I go to that place, I take the elevator down to P3, the third level parking garage because there is a short cut through there to the next building which has connecting parking.

   I asked my friend Glen if he wanted to join me but he coyly confessed that he had a date with Kirstin in accounting and they were going to hook up over Chinese food in the hotel across the street. “Wow”, I thought. “There must be something in the water today.”

   So I was on my own. I took the elevator down to the third level parking garage and walked through the familiar smell of latent gas fumes toward the adjacent building. As I walked, in the most remote section of the parking garage, I noticed a parked Mercedes with its motor running. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact that the car seemed to be just sitting there. Letting your motor run in an indoor parking garage is a really bad idea so I moved a bit closer, curious to see if somebody had just left their key in the ignition and walked away or if someone was really in the car. From the back, I saw that somebody was sitting in the driver’s seat. Very slowly, I approached, getting ready to tell the guy that he should turn his motor off if he wasn’t on his way out.

   When I looked into the driver’s side window, I saw an angel-faced Asian guy with his head thrown back as if he had fallen asleep. I gave the window a few taps.

– Hey, man, you should turn off your engine.

   The guy didn’t move or answer. I brought my face closer to the window and used my hand as a visor over my eyes so I could see into the car better. The guy was either crying or had been crying as I could tell from the fresh, wet streaks on his cheeks. The carbon monoxide from the exhaust was starting to make me a bit dizzy, even a tad nauseated. I began to get nervous.

   – Hey! What are you doing in there?

   Stupid question. But I hadn’t really had time to think it through. I raised my voice a bit.

   – Are you okay?

   Suddenly, the guy’s eyes sluggishly fluttered open and he muttered something I couldn’t hear. His eyes transmitted a chilling sense of sadness to me and I felt my heart sink. Freaking out, I started frantically pounding on the window, screaming:

   – No, no, no, no! Get out of there!

   His eyes closed again and his head turned toward the passenger side.

   – Oh jeez, no, no, no, no! This is not happening.

   I grabbed the door handle and pulled at it, thinking for sure it was locked. To my surprise, it opened instantly, and the door almost hit me in the face. “Am I reading this right?” I thought. “Is this guy trying to kill himself?”

   – Hey, man, are you okay?

   No answer. I started tapping him gently in the face in hopes of waking him up. I turned the key in the ignition, cutting the motor.

   – What are you doing, man?

   The slaps were not working, even when I got a little more heavy-handed. Quickly, I went into first responder mode, relieved that I had volunteered for the first aid seminar the office had sprung for.

   When I pressed my ear to the guy’s chest, I could hear his heart beating. Okay, so he wasn’t dead yet. He was falling into a deep sleep that I had to bring him out of. I opened his mouth, pinched his nose and started breathing air into his lungs, following the protocol I had learned in CPR class.

   – Come on, man, breathe!

   While I was giving him CPR, I didn’t realize I was doing it, but I was reassuringly stroking his soft ebony hair when I wasn’t blowing air in the mouth-to-mouth act.

   – Can you tell me your name?

   He wasn’t answering. He was so beautiful. Why would such a gorgeous guy want to die? I know, stupid and shallow thought.

   – Come on, man. Come back to us.

   I couldn’t believe I was noticing this in such a tense and stressful moment, but his lips felt so full and fleshy against mine. Even unconscious this guy felt good. I started feeling weird, like I was some sort of whack-job who was into necrophilia, but I reasoned with myself saying, “he’s not dead, idiot! You are saving his life! Concentrate!” I blew air into his lungs again and could taste the carbon monoxide poisoning coming out of his chest and into my mouth. I pulled away while I took a breath blowing that bad air out of myself and positioned my lips back on his, blowing fresher air into him again. That’s when I felt his tongue slowly slip into my mouth. I was so surprised, my head popped off his mouth and slammed against the ceiling of the car.

   – You’re not Brandon.

   – What?

   – Brandon left me. You’re not Brandon.

I snapped back to reality.

   – Are you okay?

   There was this strange silence and his eyes welled up with tears again.

   – Brandon is gone. He doesn’t love me anymore.

   He was like a child who had been abandoned by his parents.

   – You can’t want to die because a guy did you wrong, man.

   I suddenly flashed back to Nathan and to the pain I had felt when he had left me and I realized I was full of shit. Pain couldn’t be talked away. It was there and it had to be dealt with any which way the person living with it saw fit.

   – You saved my life.

   It wasn’t just a random affirmation. It was heavy in meaning. He was making me out to be something I didn’t feel I was.

   There was another strange silence. We were staring into each other’s eyes and I finally got confirmation that this guy was absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t know who this Brandon guy was but he certainly was an idiot for leaving somebody who loved him so much and was so irresistible.

   – What’s your name?

   He smiled through the tears.

   – What do you care, really?

   I felt it was a test. If I said I cared, I was saying that I was ready to make him forget Brandon. If I said I didn’t care, I… If I said I didn’t care, I… I was lying, but how much did I really care? Enough to make something more of this than what it really was or enough to say something more than it actually was and creating a very confusing situation?

   – I’m Adam.

   By introducing myself, I was telling him I cared. I was even maybe telling him that I was hoping this chance meeting would… lead to something.

   – I’m Enlai.

   I smiled at him. He smiled back and pulled me into a kiss. I immediately realized that this was insane, that it shouldn’t be happening, that I shouldn’t be making out with a guy that – three minutes earlier – I was bringing back to life after a suicide attempt. But his lips were so soft, so inviting, I was forgetting I was standing in a very uncomfortable position, leaning into a car, my back and neck muscles straining.

   I pulled away.

   – I need to go have lunch.

   He looked surprised I had pulled away.

   – I’m sorry. I only get an hour. Especially now… with this big account. I…

   He pulled me back into a kiss and I thought to myself: “No. We are not going to do this in this uncomfortable position”. Without interrupting the kiss, I threw caution to the wind and put my arms around him, pulling him out of the car as if I had been a medic or a fireman.

   I slammed him against the back door of the car, kissing him passionately. That’s when I realized he was much shorter than I am. He hoisted himself up on his toes, using the side of the car as support. I didn’t have to bend down too much to keep the kiss going.

   Our bodies were pressing against each other and I could feel his hard cock through his clothes. I wanted him so badly, but I didn’t know why. Sure he was attractive and was a great kisser but wasn’t this really strange, considering…? And wasn’t this all wrong, considering…?

   He pulled away from me and looked me straight in the eyes.

   – Don’t.

   – What?

   – Don’t feel weird. It’s not your fault.

   I wasn’t sure what he meant but I didn’t want to waste this incredibly lustful moment. I grabbed his head with both my hands and ran all ten of my fingers through his thick ebony hair. It was as soft as silk and when I saw his eyes go to the back of his head, I understood that he just wanted me to make him feel good.

   My hands went down to his neck and his shoulders, and I squatted in front of him, my palms making their way to his pecs and grazing the erect nipples I felt through the satin of his rich, olive green shirt. Before I got to his cock, I slipped my hands under the shirt because I wanted to feel his skin on my hands. As I suspected, it was as soft as the fabric of his shirt and his abs were toned. I could feel my cock pushing against the cotton of my briefs in my pants as if it was saying that it approved of Enlai’s hot olive skinned body. I could feel his breathing under my hands and fingers and the pleasure I was giving him was making me very excited.

   I pulled my hands from under his shirt and started undoing his belt, unfastening his button and pulling down the fly of his tan trousers. When I freed his cock from his silk salmon-colored boxers, it slapped against his pubis and came back down as though it was getting ready to get engulfed in my mouth. I left his trousers and boxers around his knees and slipped my fingers between his legs, delicately making his sweaty balls dance in my palm, un-gluing them from his inner thighs. I gave his hard-on a few tugs with my other hand, impressed by its girth and the size of his cock head even though his shaft was rather small compared to mine. I stuck out my tongue and lapped at the salty sweat of his hairy balls, making him moan with pleasure as I stroked his cock, feeling it pulse in my hand.

   – Oh, yes, suck my balls.

   He had a very cute Asian accent I hadn’t noticed before. “Probably Chinese”, I thought to myself. He was arching his back to give me better access to his ball sac. I suddenly had a silly thought: “This is therapeutic. I am helping this guy move on, forget his problems, his sadness, his pain.”

   To my surprise, this thought did nothing to diminish my libido or to make my cock deflate. On the contrary, I could feel my own shaft pulsating in my pants.

   – Oh, that feels so good!

   I wanted to taste his cock now. The sweat of his balls on my tongue, though obviously salty, tasted sweet and tangy at the same time. It was my first taste of Asian gonads and I was liking it. When I pulled back Enlai’s foreskin, I saw that his cock head was covered in pre-cum and this made me crave it even more. Then, Enlai’s cock pulsed and a bead of transparent pre-cum pearled out like a drop of glue or lubricant from the tip of a dispenser. When I swabbed it hard with my tongue, Enlai drew breath as though he was going to faint. Then, I immediately pursed my lips and sucked at his piss slit as though it was a straw. Again, Enlai signaled his pleasure by breathing deeply and arching his hips like he had wanted to thrust his cock between my lips. But I pulled back for a second, without taking my eyes off the purplish cock head that released another bead of pre-cum, this one so generous it immediately started to ooze down and I had to catch it with my tongue. That is when I really went down on Enlai’s cock, swallowing it whole.

   – Ooooohhhhhhh!

   His voice echoed on the concrete walls of the parking garage.

   I sucked hard on the tasty piece of meat and my subdued, vulnerable, seemingly helpless Asian friend suddenly turned into a sex machine, grabbing the back of my head with both hands and face-fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

   – Oh yeah, Adam, take my cock! Take all of it.

   Enlai’s dick seemed to be growing, bulging and pulsating against my tongue and the insides of my mouth. I pulled it out and placed my lips around its head, blowing inward as to drive the nerves inside to ecstasy. Enlai approved.

   – Oh, my God! Yes! Do that again, yes!

   I was only too happy to oblige. But this time, I squeezed the base of his cock with my fingers, creating a tight cock ring as I blew the head of his penis and his mind three or four times in a row until I felt his balls tense up against my fingers at the base of his knob. That’s when I pulled at his balls and made him squeal.

   – Oooooo…. Ow! Yes!

   He was clearly liking this mix of delicious pleasure and pain.

   – Ooooo… I am going to cum!

   – No you’re not.

   – But…

   I clamped my fingers around the base of his cock again and released his balls so I could use my hand to turn him around, facing the car.

   – What are you… oooooooo!

   I let go of his cock and brought my hand back so I could spread his beautiful ass cheeks. His butt hole was winking uncontrollably as if it had been jumping up and down waiting its turn. I stabbed it with my tongue a few times and heard Enlai’s forehead slam against the window of the backseat.

   – Holy f… I… oooooo…

   I rimmed his butt hole, poking my tongue inside, French kissing it, lapping at it, licking it, while kneading his gorgeous olive ass cheeks like small mounds of bread dough. His moaning and groaning was indicating very clearly how ecstatic I was making him. Then, I started feeling his balls slapping against my chin and I realized he had started jerking off. Since I didn’t want him to cum just yet and I knew he was probably on the brink again, I dropped his right ass cheek and slipped my hand between his legs to pull down his ball sac again.

   – Oooo… yeah, pull on my balls, baby. Pull on them!

   I kind of felt he was probably talking to Brandon, and for a second, I felt jealous and annoyed… then, I felt ridiculous. So I let go of his balls and slipped my index finger deep into his wet butt hole. The moan’s pitch went from low to high and I felt his sphincter suck my finger in as if it had wanted it up there all along. That’s when Enlai started grinding his ass against my hand, forcing me to push back, to stop him from falling back.

   I made my finger dance inside of him and after a while, I pulled it out almost completely so it could join my middle finger. Together, they went back in and Enlai squealed again.

   – You’re making me so happy…

   That’s when I realized he was actually sobbing as he was fucking himself with my fingers.

   – I love feeling you inside of me, baby. Yes.

   He had started jerking off again. This time, I decided to let him do it. I kept fucking him with my fingers as I stood up and took a condom out of my pocket. Taking my fingers out, I pulled my pants down and sheathed my throbbing cock, lubricating it with my wet fingers.

   – Don’t go, baby. Fuck me please.

   My heart sank. I almost felt like I was taking advantage of his sadness, his vulnerability, his grief over losing Brandon.

   – Are you sure? I whispered in his ear, from behind.

   – Yes, baby. Please. I need to say goodbye.

   I wasn’t Brandon but he was asking me to be for this last love-making session. I kissed him tenderly on the neck and slipped my rigid cock inside of him as though it had always meant to be there.

   – Yes, baby. Show me your love, show me your love.

   I could hear him sobbing again but somehow, I understood the therapeutic cleansing I was giving him by “making love” to him “one last time”. Oddly, because of the context, it all became extremely tender and romantic. I kissed him regularly on the neck. I caressed his tight glutes with loving care, I made my cock dance inside him, giving him the closeness he needed to turn the page on his life with this Brandon I knew nothing about but who had apparently thrown away an awesome guy. I reached around with my right hand and grabbed a hold of Enlai’s cock, jacking it rhythmically as I prepared to cum inside him.

   We blew our loads in unison as if we had been lovers for years and had known each other’s bodies perfectly. I held him tight against me, kissing his neck, shoulders and back until, finally, my cock slipped out of him. I pulled the condom off and he turned around, kissing me passionately on the mouth with his eyes wide open.

   – You smell very good, he said.

   I thought about the bottle of Oasis on my desk and smiled, nodding to thank him for the compliment.

   – Thank you for saving my life. In more ways than you can know. I need to go home and mourn now.

   As Enlai pulled his pants up and gave me one last kiss, I just stood there, looking at him get back in his Mercedes. I snapped out of it when he started the car. Quickly, I squatted to pull up my pants and underwear and, as I was zipping up my trousers, I saw Enlai zip away in his car.

*   *   *   *   *

   Since Enlai’s car was in the parking garage on the side of the building where I work, I always assumed he worked somewhere in my building but I have not seen him at all since our meeting in the parking garage. I feel kind of sad when I think about it because he was such a soulful, sensitive person. I think I might have wanted to see him again but… Enlai was obviously not ready for another relationship so soon after Brandon.

   Who knows? Maybe we will cross paths again someday. But one thing’s for sure: That was definitely my most memorable parking garage encounter. Ever. Actually, it was also my first... and last to this day.