Sexy Summer Visitors (part four)

Info LorenzoAbajos
04 Feb. '17

Well, it was approaching the end of my summer break. It was time to get ready to get back to college. I would be entering my senior year and I would be living with two house mates. We had lived together in a four person suite in the dormitories our first two years. Then we had rented a three bedroom house and just two of my past room mates had joined me there for our junior year. The other moved in with his girlfriend. Everything was working out great. Having a bedroom for each of us allowed us to have our girlfriends over for the night and not disturb anyone else.

I had traveled to my hometown at the beginning of the summer by bus. That was because I didn't have a car yet. One of my room mates did. He was nice enough to offer to use it to take us all to school every day and to help run errands around campus and the city while we were in school. He was also going to pick up my other house mate and then come by and get me so we could all travel back to school together.

It was planned that they would arrive on the Friday before school was to start so they could visit me in my hometown and get to know friends. It would give them a chance to get away from their own families and spend some time just hanging out with me in my home turf. I was staying with a friend of the family. Her name was Margaret O'Kelly. Marge for short. I had the guest room and we were going to place a cot in there with the regular bed. They could flip for who would get the cot. I thought it would be fun. In fact, I was planning something that would make it very, very fun. I had a great surprise for Eddie and Charlie.

Ever since I had been staying here with Marge I had been wishing I could make it with her. While here I had been having the best summer any twenty-one year old man could have. I had been lovers with Marge's sisters, Jen and Polly, and with Jen's daughter Livy. I thought it only fair to include Marge.

Two weeks before my buddies were showing up I made my move. It was actually accidental. I had been spending the summer naked around the house most of the time. That is, when no one else was around. I was one horny ass fucker. But I wasn't prepared for Marge to come home early from work one day.

I was lounging in the front room with my computer. Of course, I was naked and standing up as I jacked off to some hardcore porn. I was almost ready to climax when I heard the key in the door and there was Marge, with a bag of fast-food takeout and a look of astonishment on her face, as I was turning. I couldn't stop it, I could just squeeze my cock and hold the come from spurting.

The look on her face changed. She set down the things she was carrying and approached me. I saw her staring intently at my cock.

"Can I touch it, Billy?"

What a question. I took her hand and wrapped it around my cock. He was starting to shrink and I no longer had to come. But as soon as she touched my prick it sprang to life again. She slowly knelt down on her knees and her tongue flicked out to taste my dick. I had found that the women in her family all seemed to adore cock sucking. Marge was no exception it would seem. I was more than happy to feed her some of my milk. Her lips wrapped around the head and her suction began as she stroked my shaft with her hand.

"Take it all Marge!"

She eagerly gobbled my cock into her mouth. I was so close to coming from before that I didn't last as long as I would have liked. I helped by jacking it some, myself, as she licked it. I came in about three minutes and she swallowed everything with a pained look on her face. The one women get when they are feeling lust and passion and perhaps coming at the same time. That was the beginning. We had proceeded from there. 

Two weeks later, on a Friday afternoon, Charlie came driving up with Eddie sitting beside him in the front seat. I was home alone. Marge was still at work but would be home in an hour or so and then we would all have dinner together. Marge had told me that she would pick up some food on her way home, enough to give us all a good feed. And there was plenty of beer in the fridge. Marge let me drink in her home as long as she could monitor it. So this was going to be a pleasant evening.

Charlie and Eddie brought in a couple of bags, enough for the weekend, leaving all their other stuff in the trunk, and leaving room for my stuff when we left on Sunday. I showed them to our room first and then just let them roam around checking out the digs. Then we sat in the living room and I told them what was going to happen this weekend.

Charlie and Eddie were my best buddies. Eddie had let me fuck his girlfriend once, when I was without anyone, and she was more than happy to get fucked by another guy. Charlie had watched and jacked off and so had Eddie. We were the best of friends. And now I was going to let them in on my secrets. I told them about how I had fucked Marge's sister Jen, and then I fucked her sister Polly, and how I had found Jen's daughter Livy making love to her dance teacher. I had made love to both of them. And I could see they were extremely excited, because their pricks were hard in their pants. Then I told them about fucking Marge.

"You lucky ass son of a bitch," said Eddie.

Charlie was grinning and thinking the same fucking thing. I knew how lucky I was. Now I wanted to make my pals lucky too. Marge was in for a great weekend.

"Here's the plan, dudes. After we all go to bed tonight I'll sneak down to make love to Marge. She'll be horny as hell with three young studs in the house. I'll let you know when I go down, and you'll follow me down but wait outside her bedroom while I get her hot and ready. Then you can come in and we'll see what happens."

Marge got home at six o'clock and greeted my friends happily. She knew they were good friends. She gave each a peck on the cheek and then went in to get our dinner ready. I could see how my friends looked at her. They didn't know MILFs like this. Both were getting hard again and trying to hide it for the time being.

The dinner went well. We had plenty to eat and after dinner we all went into the living room with a beer in hand. Marge was cool that way. She knew she was here to watch out for us if we got a little tipsy. But we didn't plan to drink more than two beers. All of us were planning for a long night and didn't want any alcohol to mess it up. Our conversation was centered on school and we chatted about it for the whole evening with some alternative rock playing on the radio.

Marge said goodnight at eleven o'clock and glanced at me with her 'fuck me' look. I knew that look. I planned to make her very happy tonight. In ways she had never even dreamed of, or maybe she had but had never articulated before.

We guys finished our beers and went up to our rooms. I took my evening shower as usual. I was the only one in the house who always showered in the evening. All the others, including Charlie and Eddie, preferred to shower in the morning. Then, after getting out of the bathroom, I left all of my clothes off and went to the guest room. I found Eddie and Charlie just sitting on the bed waiting for me. I told them to strip and follow me downstairs. As we quietly went down the stairs all of our cocks were hard as hell.

I softly tapped on Marge's door as my buddies hid behind the sofa. She opened her door, looked around, and then grabbed my hand and dragged me in. She was naked too. We thought alike now that we were lovers. She fell into my arms and began kissing me with abandon. Her tongue was dueling with mine and she was stroking my cock. I got even harder, if you can believe it.

"Your friends are so fucking good looking, they've made me horny. You've spoiled me Billy. I like the young ones now. I love fucking a twenty-one year old. I've got the experience now to really enjoy young dick. Oh, fuck, Billy, I need your cock in my mouth right now. I'm begging you baby, fuck my mouth right now."

"Marge my love, you're going to really enjoy this cock tonight, I know that. Get on your fucking knees and service me bitch. I'm the fucking Master now. Get down and suck some cock you slut."

Marge loved when I talked to her like that. She loved being my bitch. I gave her what she wanted, because I wanted it too. I was thrusting my prick into her mouth when I glanced up and saw my buddies coming softly into the bedroom. Marge didn't see them. She was busy jerking on my balls and sucking me as I fucked her face.

Charlie was tall and had short blonde hair. His cock was in his hand and it was some seven inches long but thin. His girlfriend said he could fuck deeper into her cunt than any other guy she had ever been with. He was in good shape because he was on the swim team.

Eddie was a small guy, about five feet six inches, and his body was stocky with a big chest. His hair was long and black and he had hair all over his body. His prick was only about four inches but it was fat and the girls he dated always told him they loved it because it was so big around that it filled their pussies while he rammed them with all the power of a stout man.

Marge was fingering her pussy with all of her fingers, pinching her clit, and ramming two or three fingers up that juicy cunt of hers. I knew she was coming because she started biting my cock. She always bit my cock when she started coming. Plus my bare foot was rubbing her cunt and I felt the juices running down her thighs.

Marge looked up into my eyes as I fucked her mouth. I pulled out and motioned the guys over to join us. Marge was surprised, of course, but she was my bitch and I knew she wanted this. She fucking loved cock, the more the better. All three of us began jerking off and Marge knelt in the middle, sometimes grabbing a cock and jacking it, and sometimes giving a prick a nice long suck, but we kept beating our meat.

Finally it happened. I had started first with fucking her mouth and I started shooting right into Marge's face and she opened her mouth to catch all that she could. Then Charlie's long prick was hosing her tits and face. He always said he could shoot a ton of come and he didn't lie. He covered Marge's tits until you couldn't even see the nipples, except for the tips sticking out. At last it was Eddie's turn, and he was jerking so hard that his come shot up Marge's nose and into her eyes, but she just begged for more and more. We gave her all we had.

"Holy fuck, you boys've given me the best shower of my life. Damn. Oh fuck, I've licked all I can off of my face and tits. I need to take a shower. Billy, my lover, take me to the shower. You boys have had enough fun for tonight. Go on up to bed. Maybe tomorrow night you'll get a surprise from me." And she laughed.

I waved at the guys as they went happily upstairs to get some rest. I followed Marge into her bathroom, climbed into the shower with her. As it poured down cleaning all the young man come from her body I fucked her again with my fingers and finally got on my knees and sucked her dry. I enjoyed Marge. I loved pussy. She knew that and she rubbed her cunt into my face and fucked me with her sweet pussy.

When she was cleaned up we both went in and we slept together that night. I had my arm around her holding her small tit and she held my cock. It was hard again as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning we all got up whenever we pleased. It was Saturday and nothing special was happening. The coffee maker was automatic and made coffee for anyone who wanted it. When everyone was finally up Marge cooked us some brunch because it was late. Everyone was all smiles while we ate. Charlie and Eddie were constantly grinning at Marge. She kept smiling and winking at them. Tonight was going to be epic.

She went over to visit her parents while I showed my pals around my little town. Not much to see, but we were friends and just enjoyed sharing laughs together, and thinking and talking about what Marge would have for us tonight. It was a good day. We ate some fast-food and then returned home in the evening with a couple of pizzas so that Marge would not have to cook.

Marge had been home only about thirty minutes when we showed up with the pizzas, and she gave us each a kiss on the mouth for being sweet enough to bring home the food so she would not have to work. It was a good start to a Saturday night. We ate our pizzas with some beer and just hung out as equals. Marge was one of us. And she was happy. She wasn't always. She had a lousy job, but she was a great lady. And the best fuck ever.

That was what she was going to prove tonight. This time we did not wait until bedtime. After dinner Marge just told us all to come to her room. We followed her like little puppies. When we got into her bedroom she had us sit on the edge of the base of the bed and she did a strip tease for us. Our pricks all got hard, of course. She was giving us lap dances too. Rubbing that beautiful ass of hers against our hard ons. And instead of telling us we couldn't touch she encouraged all of us to rub her tits and nipples and tickle her clit as she performed for us.

At last she was naked and her pussy was wet and glistening in the light of the one lamp on the stand by her bedside. In there she had condoms that everyone had to use if they were fucking her cunt. That was just common sense. She didn't need a kid.

"Get naked boys. Get your damned clothes off. Show me some cock. Show me hard dick. I need hard prick. Do it now boys. I'm fucking horny as hell. Please, for the love of god, get naked and give me what I need."

We threw off our clothes. Marge was on her hands and knees on her bed with her ass sticking up in the air. I got on the bed behind her and licked her ass so that it was wet. Her cunt was already dripping pussy juice and I spread some on her ass. Then I entered her ass slowly.

"Charlie, get your fucking ass over here. Get a condom out of the nightstand and get under Marge. Stick that cock into her cunt. She needs fucking"

"Yes, oh god, yes, Charlie fuck me. Eddie I need to suck your dick. Please boys give me what I need."

Charlie rolled under our MILF after putting a rubber on, and her cunt descended down onto his long prick. I was pressing my dick into her ass and starting to fuck her as Charlie fucked her cunt. Eddie got up by the headboard of the bed and, on his knees, fed her his cock. Marge sucked it in with difficulty because it was so fat, but she accepted the challenge and took his prick into her mouth. He began fucking her mouth.

I was fucking her tight ass deep and hard. Charlie was humping up into her cunt as she slid down onto his cock. Eddie was moaning as she sucked him hard and chewed on his dick as she was coming from the fucking and sucking she was getting. I got my prick as deep into that beautiful ass as I could. I could feel Charlie's cock as he reamed her cunt. Marge was squealing and groaning from all the pleasure and lust that was overcoming her as she was coming over and over.

"I have to fucking come now. Marge I'm going to fill your asshole!"

"Oh Billy, come in me. Come Billy. Do it for me."

"Damn, I gotta shoot my spunk too. Here it comes in your juicy cunt Marge. Oh fuck, I'm coming!"

We were filling her ass hole and pussy with come. She could feel my come as it leaked out around my prick and she could feel the rubber filling up from Charlie's sperm. Now she was just waiting for Eddie to give her the come she loved to swallow so much.

"Okay, okay, okay, oh fuck take it bitch, take my come, eat it, swallow it, oh fuck."

We had given my dear family friend what she needed badly. Lots of young man sperm to eat and fill her ass. I never liked Marge more than I liked her now.

We all collapsed upon her big bed. She was eagerly licking each prick she came to. That lady loved come. Marge was a great cock sucker because she loved the taste of spunk. She took off Charlie's rubber and licked him clean. She gobbled up all the come dribbling out of Eddie's fat cock. She wiped my dick off with a wet cloth and then sucked me dry. She loved my come more than anyone else's right now.

It was a night we all remembered for the rest of our lives.

Charle and Eddie and I left the next day for our senior year of college. Marge waved goodbye to us, standing in the doorway naked to give us a last little thrill. She was always like that. Loving and caring.