Info JamieGrey
05 Feb. '17

I got home from work a little early,  not wanting much more than to lay down and take a nap,  or at least close my eyes and let my mind drift.

My S.O. was here,  in the bedroom,  sitting on the bed,  drawing.   I went in and laid down,   with my head beside her,  looking up at her,  drawing. She stared at my face and saw a zit.  Not a big one,  just a little one, but,  you know how it is when you're working on something like a drawing and any little distraction needs to be attended to immediately,  so she had to do something about it.

That over with,  she starts looking at the hairs growing in the corners of my mouth.  Normally I pluck them,  because they grow so close to the lip, but I've been busy for a couple of weeks and haven't attended to that little matter.  So she plucks a few of them;  sadist!  It is, in fact, mildly arousing.  I joke about this.  It is known between us that in fact having my ear hairs plucked is indeed something I find arousing,  so she goes hunting for those.  My dick is getting hard,  so she sits on top of me and plucks a few strays growing on the bridge of my nose.  "Ow!  I don't like that at ALL!"  My dick is getting harder.  "I'm bratting.  he he he". Of course, she knows that.

She takes off her belt and ties my hands with it.  And she takes off her pants,  and sits on top of me once again.  She goes back to the corners of my mouth,  and I just lie back to enjoy the experience.

With the supply of hairs in the corners of my mouth soon depleted,  she must move on to other pastures.  She moves along the lower lip..  Some of them really hurt.  She pulls a few right in the middle,  and I involuntarily lick my lip and make funny mumbling sounds.  And I laugh.

She moves on to the strays growing on my upper face.  When she pulls fast, it always hurts.  But when she pulls slow,  some of them pull out relatively easily,  while other little fuckers hurt like hell.  There seems to be no real rhyme or reason.  "Ow ow ow!" I say, and then laugh,  and we do this repeatedly.  She takes off my pants,  and plucks a few underneath my nose,  and they REALLY hurt.  "Poor baby...", she says.  "I won't pluck any in your nose though,  unless you ask.  That really hurts,  I've done it to myself, I sure wouldn't want anyone else to."  I didn't ask;  there's consensual,  and then there's voluntary.  My face has these little stingy points on it from the hairs being pulled out;  feels good.

She rises to her knees, and takes the tips of the tweezers now and scraaaatches them down my stomach and down one leg.  Just one leg..   Arrrrg!

My penis has gotten a little less than rock-hard.  She lifts it up straight (so I can't really see what she's doing),  and pulls a hair out from the base, right above the balls.  Reeeealy slowly.  "Ow ow ow oh fuck shit damn!"  And she does it AGAIN!  And AGAIN!  And my stupid dick gets hard again!

"That wasn't really three hairs, you know.  That was the same hair.  I just pulled on it three times."  Sadist.

"Hmmmm..." she says, and starts looking around.  So, she's going to pluck hairs on my balls.  She's looking for a distraction.  She's found one;  a string of clothespins.  Oh good,  clothespins on my nipples.   WRONG!!

She starts down on the seam,  and is clamping them to my scrotum,  up one side.   She gets to my penis and keeps going.  About number three or four, one really really hurts.  "Ow ow ow ow oh please!"  I whine, complain, whimper.  She takes that one off.  She's probably really looking at how hard my dick is, and not really paying a damned bit of attention to what I'm saying though.

She reaches for another string of clothespins, and goes up the other side of my scrotum, and keeps on going.  This time I let her go,  and she stops short of the head,  opting to put the remaining few on my stomach.  And she pulls a few more hairs.  Then she starts pulling the clothespins off, relatively randomly;  a few of them really make me hit the roof.  I scream.  Anyway,  when she's done,  I haven't had an orgasm,  but I have that spent sensation,  and now I really want to take a nap and I close my eyes,  and she takes the bath brush and she's stroking my stomach and my balls and my penis and normally it would be uncomfortable,  but it's extremely pleasant right now.

I kind of drift off to sleep (I think).  The next thing I know she's got a different brush with harder bristles,  and she's working on my balls again.  I open my eyes and look at the brush,  and it's the hairbrush with the channel down the back (the one that leaves welts that look sort of like cane marks).   Hmmm...   She pulls more hairs around the base of my penis. It's rather pleasant this time around.... funny thing about pain thresholds.

"Roll over." (oh boy oh boy oh boy)  I comply.  She brushes my ass and thighs with the hair brush,  before giving it a few stingy whaps.  She brushes some more.  She's going easy on me today.  Then a few more whaps… whap whap whap WHAP!  "Aieeeegh!"  Now wait a sec,  that last one wasn't the hair brush.... didn't have as much sting,  and it came down with a LOT of force.  The bath brush.  I should'a known.  Sadist.

She brushes me with the bath brush some more.  Then she lies down and masturbates next to me.  After a while I get up and sit down at my laptop on my somewhat red ass,  and that's where I am right now,  writing this down.

She plucks her eyebrows.  I'm sure she wouldn't mind some help..  And there are a few stray hairs on your labia,  my dear...