Love wins against all odds

It's early morning, the birds are chirping outside my window and the sun is shining through the burnt orange drapes. It creates a golden glow with streams of peach and yellow. My entire bedroom is bathed in this morning glow and it's comforting. I lift my hand to rub the sleep from my eyes and suddenly my attention is drawn to a bright sparkle from a ring on my left hand finger. I stare at the simple gold band which houses an elegant diamond piece in its center. The cut is simple yet beautiful. The diamond is a 1 carat diamond and is almost flawless in its finished encasing on the 18 carat gold band. I sigh with complete bliss as events from the night before come flooding back. I turn to look at the naked frame sprawled between the sheets next to me, and I smile. 

Shane's body never ceases to amaze me. His tall frame is lean and well built, with a flat stomach and the beginnings of a six pack due to his regular gym sessions. His ass is perfectly rounded and taut, giving way to shapely thighs and calves. His chest is hairless and broad enough to look sexy but not stocky. His arms are also muscular but not big. He has light skin and light brown eyes with dark brown hair which is kept short but still brushes the nape of his neck and he never really brushes it. He usually runs a hand through it which leaves it messy and sticking up on the sides. He looks gorgeous this way and I sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming him up. 

And this magnificent specimen of a man was officially my fiancé. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps all over! Yesterday had been Valentines Day and we'd had a romantic dinner at a secluded little Indian restaurant not too far from my apartment. We always loved going there because the food was good, the service was great and it was small and cosy. That's where Shane had proposed, and I'd said yes! We've been dating for the last 3 years.

Everything would've been perfect, except for one small detail. We would have to break the news to both our families, who have no idea that either of us were even dating. We'd somehow managed to keep our relationship a secret all this time. Why would we do this? Well Shane and I come from different religious backgrounds. I'm Muslim and he's Hindu. 

Our families would never allow us to even date outside our religion. Shane and I weren't that religious and never found it a problem when it came to us being from different religions. Our parents on the other hand would be extremely difficult and I shuddered at the thought of telling them, but Shane and I loved each other and were extremely happy together. Nothing in this world could keep me away from this magnificent man who's shown me love, passion and excitement beyond my wildest dreams. 

I close my eyes and allow my thoughts to drift back to the day I met Shane for the first time. It had been so unexpected, but it had changed my life forever. 

This is my story...

I'm the eldest of three children in my family. My mother is White and my dad is Indian, which makes me sort of Colored or mixed. I have a younger brother and sister. My brother, Shakeel, is 5 years younger than me but we're extremely close despite the age difference and the two of us are always together. Naturally, his friends became my friends and I always found myself more comfortable around boys than girls. I don't have many girl friends and most of my time is spent hanging out with my brother and his friends. We'd go clubbing together, or hang out at my parents place, where most of our time is spent in my dad's garage, because my brother loved sound. From an early age, he'd spend hours building boxes, fitting speakers, sub-woofers and experimenting with different ways of improving the sound for cars and so forth. We'd all hang out around the garage while we watched him at work, and occasionally if help was needed, we wouldn't hesitate to pitch in.

The story I want to share happened a few years ago. I was 22 years old at the time and had just completed my honors degree in Sociology at university. It was the December holidays and I was home from campus, enjoying the free time and also the fact that my future looked bright! My dad had made me sign up a couple of months earlier for a Learner-Ship Program at the mobile company he worked for. The position was in the Learning and Development department, and I was to begin the following year February. Life was perfect!

I had a boyfriend, Sulayman, who I'd been dating since I was 19 years old. But lately, the two of us seemed to be spending more and more time apart and when we were together, we'd always end up fighting. I think we were starting to grow apart, and I don't think I was in love with him anymore. I think I'd known this for some time now, but the only thing that kept me with him was 'familiarity' and the fact that he was the first and only boy I'd ever slept with. 

My parents are not exactly conservative, but they are a bit 'Old School' if you know what I mean. Things like sex is never talked about openly in my household and I guess my parents were banking on the fact that we'd follow in their footsteps and not have sex until marriage. I'd lost my virginity to my boyfriend when I was 19, which is old considering that some of the girls I studied with, had lost theirs when they were 16 or even younger. Sex with my boyfriend was always the same. We'd always start off by kissing, and after a few minutes of groping and touching, he'd lay me down, and do the missionary position. This happened every single time and he never tried anything different. I tried to go down on him once, and he immediately stopped me, saying that he didn't see me in that way because he loved me and wanted to marry me someday. He wouldn't make me stoop that low. I was surprised, because I thought that the person you loved and trusted would be the kind of person you could try anything and everything with. If he didn't want me going down on him, then what kind of girl would be appropriate in his eyes? He'd also never gone down on me and I guess it was OK because, I'd never thought about it much and didn't know much about oral sex, except the basics. If you haven't experienced something before, you don't miss it or crave it. So it's not something you think about. Right?? 

I've always considered myself to be attractive, and never lacked any admirers. Boys my ages and younger have always shown an interest, and I've had my fair share of dates and boyfriends, but, it never went much further than the usual kissing, holding hands and cuddling. I'm slightly curvy, but in all the right places. I'm shorter than average which makes me look younger than I am. I have dark brown hair which I keep in a short, Chinese Bob, my skin color is not exactly olive, but is slightly lighter than your average colored girl. I have hazel brown eyes and dimples when I smile.

Sulayman, never complimented me much on my looks, in fact he'd always try to make me change my style of dressing, or complain that I looked so much prettier with a bit of make up on, and he hated my weight. He was always trying to get me to go on a diet to lose some kilo's. I began losing confidence in myself, and starting believing after a while that I might not be so attractive after all.

I've never shown an interest in any of my brother's friend's and I suspect they didn't flirt or try anything with me simply out of respect for Shakeel. My brother recently turned 17 and most of his friends were also the same age. I hadn't seen any of them in a while because I'd been away at campus and occasionally only hooked up with them during the holidays to go out. 

This holiday however, there was a new addition to my brother's click. Shane had moved to our town over a year ago and quickly became close with my brother, partly because they both shared a passion for sound and music. I met Shane for the first time since he'd become my brother's friend and I instantly liked him. He was friendly and easy to talk to. I was surprised to find out that he'd gotten accepted at university to study architecture and was starting the following January. He was extremely intelligent and seemed more mature than my brother and the rest of the group. I found myself talking to him all afternoon about pretty much anything. He was sweet, funny and so smart. It also didn't hurt that he was so handsome. He was Indian, tall, had a lean build, and a 'Pretty Boy' face. I love that clean shaven, boyish look with ruffled hair, as if he just rolled out of bed. He had light brown eyes which sort of sparkled when he laughed and deep dimples which became more visible when he smiled. My god, he was so handsome! I found myself drowning in those gorgeous eyes.

The more we talked, the more attracted to him I became. The conversation soon left the rest of the gang and became just between us two. We moved away from the rest of the boys and sat at the entrance to the garage, watching the others as we spoke. He told me he'd broken up with his girlfriend a couple of days of months back and we started talking about relationships. Then, without even realizing it, we were discussing our sex lives with each other. He was so easy to talk to and I felt so comfortable with him, that it didn't seem awkward talking about such a private topic. He wasn't a virgin and asked me if I was. I blushed bright pink and lowered my gaze. I shook my head still looking at the floor and he sighed with relief. I looked up sharply, surprised, and he laughed. He told me it's a relief because now he could talk more openly about his experiences without feeling that I might not understand. He then asked me about mine and my boyfriend's experiences and discovered that I'd never gone down on a boy before and vice versa. He shook his head and said in a teasing voice that I didn't know what I was missing. Our eyes locked, and for a brief moment, I felt the electricity in the air between us. God, he was so handsome! I was getting a delicious hot tingle between my legs!

He was my brother's best friend! I kept this mantra going on in my head every time I looked at him and found my eyes travelling down to look at his mouth, imagining what his lips would feel like, or how his face would look in a moment of passion. He also was from a different religion which is an unspoken taboo amongst us Indians. He's Hindu and I'm Muslim. My parents would disown me if I ever dated a boy outside of my religion. 

But Shane was mesmerizing and so goddamn sexy! I shook my head, trying to ignore these thoughts, but was unsuccessful at keeping them at bay. They kept creeping back into my head, and I soon realized Shane's eyes had sort of darkened with desire, and he looked at me the same way. I could tell he wanted me, the sexual tension between us increasing by the minute. We started flirting openly with each other, him telling me how gorgeous I am, how stupid my boyfriend is because he doesn't appreciate me. I smiled shyly. Wow, I hadn't been complimented like this by another boy in so long and it felt good. Shane made me feel like the prettiest girl in the world. We were so into each other that I didn't even notice my brother until he spoke. we both jerked up guiltily, and my brother told me that I was needed by my mother. I quickly jumped up and practically raced indoors.

My parents decided to go out to dinner that same evening, my sister was over at a friend's place and all Shakeels' friends had gone home. Except for Shane, who was in the lounge watching TV with my brother. I decided not to push my luck with Shane, especially in front of my brother, because I knew for a fact Shakeel wouldn't approve. He would kill me if he knew the kinds of thoughts I was having about his best friend! Instead, I decided to have a nice, long, hot shower.

I rest my head against the headboard of my bed and sigh happily as I relive the moments of that night, as I walked out of the shower...

As I walk out of the bathroom in only a white towel, I pause at the entrance to my bedroom door and as if on queue, Shane walks into the passage, looks up, sees me, and freezes! 

"I thought you had already left!" I say almost in a whisper.

He shakes his head and walks towards me. I lean against the wall of the passage, watching him, my heart racing and my wet hair dripping slightly onto the nape of my neck. The coolness of it makes my whole body shiver. I'm vaguely aware that I'm clutching the side of my towel, holding it tightly! Shit, I'm in front of this boy in nothing but a white towel!

Shane pins me against the wall with his body, slides his hand into my hair at the base of my neck, looks deep into my eyes for a moment, and then lowers his lips to mine. I close my eyes and a moan escapes against his mouth. He's so warm, so soft and he feels so good. I breathe in his cologne, it's sort of musky and I love it. His smell is intoxicating and I'm feeling as if I'm slightly drunk because my head is buzzing. His tongue slides into my mouth and he teases, tastes and plays with my tongue. The kiss is sensual, deep, exquisite...I instinctively wrap my hands around his waist, and, holding him in place, I begin to grind my body against him, that familiar hot sensation between my legs, beginning to increase. His mouth moves down my neck, licking, nipping, making me moan even louder, and I'm grinding even harder up against him. Oh God! I can't believe the effect he's having on me and my body suddenly feels alive, and becomes sensitive to his every touch. Every breath of his tickles my neck, every beat of his heart, pounding against my chest! I have never been so turned on in my entire life! I love this feeling and I never want it to end. I give in completely to the moment, the sensations, wanting to know more, wanting to feel everything! 

I'm so horny right now, I want him like I've never wanted anyone else! I want him to take me right here, right now, in this passage! He unhooks my towel, taking a step back and watches as it unravels around me, first exposing my breasts, my nipples already so hard and ready, then past my stomach to the the hairless triangle below my navel, leading down to my already wet pussy...I can feel my swollen clit throbbing, begging for release and I hold in the surge to take my fingers and rub it!

"Fuck! You are so beautiful!" He murmurs, and continues to stare at me for a few moments, his breathing becoming labored! Finally, he looks back up at me and says between gritted teeth; "You are absolutely perfect, and I am so hard right now, I just want to be inside you! I don't think I could control myself and I want to give you the time and attention that you and this amazing body of yours deserve!"

His voice barely a whisper now, he says to me, "I want you so badly right now Alisha, that I can't even think straight! But! I want to do this right! I want to show you pleasure you never knew existed!"

With that, he circles my waist, pulling me forward towards him and kisses me again, long, deep, hungrily. His hands are slowly caressing my sides, sending shivers up my spine and making me shudder with delight. He keeps brushing the tips of his fingers on either side of my breasts, not actually touching them. The teasing is driving me crazy and I instinctively arch my body upwards, begging him to touch me. Finally, he ends my torture by cupping both my breasts, and taking his index and forefinger, slowly rubs my already hard nipples, and I moan with pleasure, loving his hands on me! His mouth moves to my neck, and he kisses me softly, then taking his tongue, he licks those places he's just kissed.

My fuck!
The pleasure is absolutely divine and I'm writhing against him, tingles coursing through my body! His mouth finally reaches the top of one of my breasts and he dips his head, claiming a nipple between his lips and slowly begins to suck and lick it, making me go insane with pleasure!
My god!
It feels as if my nipples are directly connected to my pussy because I'm beginning to feel a sort of hot, tingly pressure building deep within.
Oh my god!
If he doesn't stop, I think I'm going to cum!
And he hasn't even touched me down there yet!! I hold his head against my tits and run my hands through his silky soft hair, moaning softly, telling him how good it feels, begging him to continue...
I realize I'm sounding like a wanton slut, unashamedly begging this boy to take me, to do with me as he wills, but I don't care! Because right now, all I care about is this delicious pleasure, the drunken euphoria that has consumed me and the ecstasy that engulfs every part of me! As his mouth continues to kiss and suck one nipple, his hand is playing with the other, sending wave after wave of tingles directly to my already wet, hot, moist pussy!! 

Suddenly, without warning, he is down on his knees and his two fingers are slowly sliding up and down my already soaking wet clit. I lean back against the wall, close my eyes, and lose myself, whimpering, my voice constantly being drowned out by my ragged breathing and the pounding in my ears from my pounding heart!

"OHHH!! My God!"
"It...Feels...So....So...Fucking...Good!" I'm crying out with complete abandon now, not caring who hears me!

Shane continues to slide his two fingers up and down my pussy, all the while never taking his eyes off me. I open my eyes, look down at him and moan with pure delight, spreading my legs even wider. He looks down at my pussy, mesmerized, and I'm vaguely aware of him stroking his hard cock inside his shorts as he plays with me! I'm even more turned on by this and without realizing it, I'm cupping my breasts with both hands, stroking my nipples, feeling how hard they are and loving it!! I've never been bold like this before and my shyness has completely evaporated, making me feel even sexier! His fingers are expertly stroking my clit, and my hips move against them! I'm unashamedly grinding my hips against his fingers, moaning, saying his name, singing him praise! The sight of me playing with my tits and the sounds I'm making, seem to drive him even wilder and then, groaning huskily, he takes his tongue, parts my pussy lips with his fingers and begins to slide it up and down my clit! 

Oh my God!
I lean heavily against the wall because I feel as if my legs are giving way, it's shaking so much!
I close my eyes for a second, and instinctively take my hand to hold his head in place so I can grind my pussy against his fantastic, hot, wet mouth!
Fuck me!
I never knew I could feel pleasure like this! I'm moving my hips up and down, practically shoving my pussy into his mouth!
This feels delicious and I'm losing it! He slowly slides one finger deep into my pussy and begins to finger fuck me as his tongue and mouth continue to slide up and down my clit.

"FUUUCCCK!" I practically cry out, my voice hoarse. 

I'm in absolute heaven, not caring that I'm screaming with pleasure!
I have this fleeting thought of my brother's whereabouts but it disappears just as quickly as it surfaces! This moment is too glorious to care, this boy is doing things with his mouth that I can't even explain!

His steady rhythm as he fingers me, builds a deep, wonderful pressure inside me and his assault on my clit joins in, until I feel like I'm about to burst!
The pleasure has become so intense, it's literally too much for me to handle!
I'm sobbing now, begging him to make me cum! He looks up at me with my pussy still in his mouth, and I go absolutely crazy!!

I suddenly explode, my lips contracting tightly around his finger, keeping it prisoner deep inside me, my legs getting all wobbly and beginning to shake.
I feel like I'm about to collapse!
I'm leaning against the wall for support, my head falling backwards, my vision blurring, pins and needles exploding all over my face, neck and scalp!
I'm vaguely aware of my hoarse voice crying out his name as my entire body vibrates. I gush cum into his mouth and he sucks it up hungrily, making sure that not even a little bit escapes!
I've never cum so hard in my entire life!
It practically consumes my entire body, every part of me shuddering with currents of hot, delicious tingles!

Finally, I float back to earth, my body stops shaking and my orgasm subsides!
I'm limp, almost falling over, the wall is the only reason I haven't collapsed yet!
Shane continues to lick my pussy, till he's sucked up every bit of cum and my pussy is practically dry.
Only then does he slide his finger out of me because my pussy lips have finally relaxed.
His finger is soaked with my juices and he looks up at me, smiles, and slowly puts it in his mouth, sucking it dry!
Oh my god!
he looks so sexy doing that, I feel like I could cum again just by the hot look on his face!

"You taste so fucking good!" He whispers. "I could eat this pussy all day! It tastes sweet, and your scent is intoxicating! I don't think I've ever enjoyed going down on a girl before the way I just enjoyed you Alisha!"

With a sexy smile he continues, "The next time, I'd like to have you alone for a couple of hours, so I can enjoy this body of yours more thoroughly Alisha!"

Suddenly a car door slams, and I grab my towel in alarm, run into my bedroom slamming the door, as Shane curses under his breath, holding his bulge in his shorts with one hand and scurrying back to the lounge. The front door slams and I hear my brother calling out to Shane. I wrap the towel around me once more, lean back against the bedroom door, breathing heavily and then I smile...Wow!! That had been absolutely insane. I couldn't believe how hot, steamy, and kinky that had been! I never even knew such pleasures even existed! I was definitely missing out and knew without a doubt that Sulayman and I were over! I had no idea how far things with Shane would go and I knew I was playing with fire but I didn't care! Shane had opened my eyes and I was hooked. He had said there would be a next time and I couldn't wait! I was delirious with happiness! 

I realize I'm still shaking and my body is glistening with beads of perspiration. My pussy is still tingling and I can feel the hotness of his mouth against it! I figure I need another shower and head back to the bathroom to do just that!!

I snap back to the present as the sleeping form begins to stir, and Shane turns around to face me and smiles sexily up at me. I love this gorgeous man more than anything in this world! He leans forward and kisses my thighs, running his hand up between them and I instinctively moan with pleasure...He sits up next to me and stares deep into my eyes, his love and adoration evident in those amazing eyes of his! He kisses me then with love, passion, wonder, and I know without a doubt that we will be together no matter what. If our family's don't approve, I would give them up for Shane. My mind is already made up as we settle down to make love, our bodies moving together in a rhythm that only we've created. We become one in this moment of pure ecstasy, and I can't tell anymore where I begin and where Shane ends! I feel absolutely complete!!