Abduction II

Abduction II


It has been about six months since her arranged simulated abduction. As it turned out she had quite enjoyed it, despite the fact she had actually changed her mind. Too late as it turns out!

She had been in contact again and asked for a second experience. Not sure what she expected, she has left it to them to surprise her. Convinced that this was the right thing to do, she had been waiting for a few days. The trouble is they never give much of a clue as to when it could be. They must be watching her somehow, but she is not really sure. Everyday she comes home expecting something to happen. All in all it is quite exciting really.

Today just seemed like any other. Returning home from work, she opens the front door, enters, places her bag down on the little table and heads for the kitchen to put the kettle on. With the steam rising up the cupboard fronts, she can see a shadow in the kettles chrome plated outer.

In a single swift motion, a bag is placed over her head and he speaks to her in a very stern, gruff voice.

“Do exactly as I say and you will not be harmed!” he says.

Eyes wide, trembling with fear and excitement, she stands to attention and waits. With her loss of sight, her hearing seems to be very acute. She can hear his expectant breath; feel the warmth on her neck and smell an aroma of power, oozing its way towards her.

Grabbing her hands, he starts to place a pair of handcuffs around her delicate wrists. Clicking them nice and tight, he then asks if she has a cardigan.

Taken aback, she replies she has one on the hook in the downstairs cupboard. Feeling really confused at this question but not wanting to ask, she just waits patiently.

Her heart is beating as she hears him leave the kitchen to get it. Feeling hot and flustered she starts to wonder if she has made a mistake again. There is something very odd about this. He seems to be in no rush to get on with it!

He returns with the cardigan and places it on her shoulders. Making sure that you can’t tell her hands are tied, he reaches for the bag on her head.

“Open wide!” he says.

He places a large lolly looking thing in her mouth and a pair of glasses on her eyes.


“As you can now work out, that is a gag and the glasses have been completely blacked out!”

“You can now, not say anything or see anything, your arms are also covered, so are you ready?” he says.

Not quite sure what to say, she nods her head. Communication is quite difficult at the moment! Picking up her handbag he starts to walk to the door. Pulling her along behind him, she suddenly realises it aint gonna happen here!

With a moment of panic she pulls back from him. He reassures her that no one will know it just looks like they are going out for a walk together. She will just have to take his word for it.

Not wanting to make the experience too traumatic, he had taken the precaution of parking his car just a few meters away. Reaching it, he opens the door and helps her to step in the back seat of the car. Placing her seat belt around her, he shuts the door and makes his way to the drivers seat. Starting the engine, he glances back at her. She is very quiet and very still. At this moment in time he is not sure if this is a good thing but this is the plan, so he turns back around and starts to drive off.

Unbeknown to her, he only drives around the block a few times to disorientate her. Pulling up outside her house again, he makes his way around to her door. With a few muffled groans, she steps out of the car and stands next to him waiting for further instruction. Holding her arm, he walks her up the path towards her door. Placing in the key, turning and opening, he hopes she doesn’t recognise any of the sounds.

Entering the house, he makes her stand in the middle of the room. He doesn’t want to risk going any further in to her house in case he gives the game away.

Leaving her alone for a few minutes he goes to the kitchen to get his tools. On his return, he can see her shuffling uncomfortably in her heels. Appreciating what he sees, he places his bag down on the settee and brings out a large rabbit style vibrator. Lifting up her skirt, he slides it in to her knickers, so it just brushes the outside of her pussy. Turning it on to a slow speed, he stands back and watches her. She is very slightly, gyrating, to the sexual vibrations coursing through her groin.

How long can he leave her like this! She seems to like it. A short time later and with soft whimpers, he can tell this is not enough for her so he proceeds with the next step. Manoeuvring on to the floor between her legs, he starts to run his fingers around her pussy through her knickers. Feeling the wetness on the tips of his fingers, he teases her more intensely. She tries to stand still but can’t quite manage it. With her heels pressed heavily in to the floor and with her balance impaired by her bonds, she is struggling to keep it together.

Before she can finish these thoughts in her head, he has pulled her knickers to one side, releasing her wet pussy and removed the vibrator. In a split second she can feel the warm intrusion of his tongue on her sexy lips. Licking away, kissing and sucking on her clit, he can smell her juices as they run southwards towards his face. Enjoying every moment, he realises, it is jobs like these why he agrees to do it in the first place.

With a stumbling groan, she comes for him and he holds his arms up to steady her legs. Deciding that one orgasm is not enough for her, he places the vibrator inside and starts to fuck her with it. With full vibrations on, thrusting in and out, she comes at least a couple of times more for him. With one final gasp of ecstasy, she finally loses her balance, but lucky for her, he is ready. Catching her as she falls, he lays her on the floor.

Getting to his feet, he places a pillow under her head, before reaching again for the bag. Giving her a moment to get her breath back, he removes the gag and glasses, before placing the bag over her head. Releasing her wrists from the cuffs, her arms hit the floor with a lifeless exhausted thud. Obviously this has taken it out of her, so he packs up his things before telling her not to remove the bag until the door shuts behind him.

Still feeling quite scared, as she doesn’t know where she is, she hurriedly takes it off as soon as the door shuts. Looking around, squinting her eyes at the light, she realises she is in her own living room. Feeling a bit silly, she wants to laugh, but she doesn’t really have the energy. Lying on the ground, it is probably a good twenty minutes before she is able to stand up. Making her way to the kitchen she chucks off her cardigan, kicks off her shoes and switches the kettle on. A good strong cup of tea is needed. Taking a seat on one of her chairs, she slumps down on the counter while she waits for the kettle to boil.

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