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27 Dec. '15

A story of a new couple exploring themselves sexually, as Delia wishes her lover, Luke, to venture into the more wild and kinkier side of sex: BDSM. After a trip to an Adult toy store, young Delia finds herself surprised by how much her dear Luke truly knows about the kinkier side of sex.


“The soft cotton rope should work,” Delia said to her companion, Luke.

Luke seemed uneasy, holding the rope gingerly in his fingers. “Are you sure?” he asked, biting his bottom lip.

Delia smiled at Luke. Their relationship was still new, and he had much to learn. The couple stood in the aisle at an adult toy store that held all things related to restraints: handcuffs, rope, chains and the like. She eyed a ball gag in a plastic packing on the shelf next to her, but she decided to go against it for the moment.

She placed her hand on his forearm and gave him a comforting squeeze. “Yes, it’s perfect.”

Luke led the way to the checkout, and Delia took a moment to appreciate what she had. Tall, blonde, well-muscled with hazel brown eyes that made her melt whenever he looked at her; Luke possessed every physical attribute she could ever want in a man. He was attentive as well as caring, and she couldn’t think of anyone with whom she’d rather be.

There was only one snag in their relationship, which happened to affect the atmosphere in the bedroom: she was into BDSM, and he had never even tried to tie a girl down. Not for a lack of trying, but it was a slow process to convince him to try out the kinkier side of things, but with enough blow jobs and asking; Luke eventually gave in and said he’d try it for one night.

On the way to the checkout, Delia grabbed a soft blindfold and some body-chocolate. She smiled to herself coyly; it was going to be a fun night. With the supplies paid for, the couple made their way home. Delia errantly checked her makeup in the passenger vanity mirror on the drive home. She fixed her lipstick, winked at herself with her grey eyes and gave a quick pout of her full lips. She was ready for this and hoped that Luke was too.

They pulled into the driveway, got out the car, and entered the house through the front door. Delia looked at Luke and said, “You put away the keys and get all the stuff we bought. I’ll get ready.” She smiled encouragingly at a nervous looking Luke.

Delia walked up the stairs to the bedroom. She released her red hair from its captive hair tie and undressed. She picked up the blue satin lingerie trimmed with delicate black lace and put on each item slowly, savouring the feel of the soft satin and textured lace sliding up her calves and thighs. She closed the clasp of the matching bra, looked in the mirror and decided that she was ready.

Delia heard footsteps coming up the stairs and knew Luke was coming. She nibbled her bottom lip and gave a sigh of content – and lust. It was going to be a great night.

Luke came into the room, and Delia’s breath quickened. He had this look in his eye that she had never seen before: It was a glint of possession. “Luke, is everything okay?”

Luke just walked towards her with no answer. He reached to about a foot in front of her. “I’ve been researching,” he simply said. “I’m in control tonight.”

Delia’s heart raced. She was excited about what was to come, yet she was also surprised at how Luke suddenly knew what to do. But she trusted him. “Alright,” she answered.

Luke lifted a hand and reached to caress Delia’s cheek. He moved his touched from the side of her face to under her chin and lifted it towards him. He leaned to kiss her softly; his touch gentle and loving – but his touch went from gentle to hungry and passionate. He pulled her bottom lip with his teeth and Delia sighed in lust. His free hand moved to grasp her wrist while his kisses moved from her lips and down her neck. He gently bit the skin between her neck and shoulder, which made Delia shiver.

He distracted her enough with his kisses that she couldn’t see his next move coming. He quickly moved the hand that he was grasping from her side to her front, and grabbed her other hand and brought it to the front as well. Holding two of her small hands in one of his big hands, he turned back to a table behind him to pick up the rope that they had bought at the store.

Delia couldn’t help but smile. “How did you know to do this?” she said softly.

Luke looked at her and smiled coyly. “I googled it, asked a few friends. Now, don’t talk. Let me please you.”

Delia could feel the warmth between her thighs and her blue satin panties became slightly wet. She bit her tongue, and she didn’t want to make noise and ruin the moment as Luke wound the rope around her wrists, between her hands and back through her wrists to make a secure, but comfortable knot. Luke pulled on the ends of the rope a few times gently, just to see if the final knot itself was secure. It was, and he lead Delia to their queen sized bed with an intricate and ornate floral designed headboard.

Delia sat down on the duvet covering the bed. Luke pushed her by her shoulder gently, and she understood that he wanted her to lie down. She moved her head perpendicular to the headboard, and Luke took her bound wrists and used the remaining hanging pieces of rope from the knot to secure her wrists to the headboard.

Luke turned to the bedside table that was on his side of the bed and brought out a brand new blindfold: black lined with red. Delia looked at him in confusion, “Where did you get that? When did you get that?”

Luke smiled. “I may have gone and bought some stuff without you,” he replied. Delia couldn’t reply, for lack of knowing what to say. She simply nodded, and Luke proceeded to fasten the red straps of the blindfold around Delia’s head, covering her eyes.

Delia then couldn’t see anything, and the thought aroused her even further. She heard Luke’s steps echo across the room. She heard a click of a latch opening, which sounded like the latch of the big antique style trunk at the end of their bed. She heard his steps come back to beside her and gasped when she felt something soft tickle the centre of her stomach. She guessed it was a feather.

Luke tickled her skin with the feather, moving up from her stomach to just under her breasts. He stopped with the feather, to open the front clasp of her bra, releasing her large breasts. Delia’s nipples hardened from exposure to the air and excitement.

Luke brought the tickling feather back to under Delia’s breasts but moved the tip of the feather to under her nipple. He lead he tip of the feather around her nipple and made quick strokes on top of the sensitive bud. Delia moaned softly and squirmed. The feeling of the feather on her breasts and nipples drove her crazy.

She arched her back and at that second, Luke withdrew the feather. She groaned in frustration and tried to relax her body. Luke walked back to the edge of the bed again and grabbed something else from the antique trunk. He didn’t immediately walk back to the edge of the bed again, though. He walked to the edge of the nightstand where the power outlet was and plugged in something. He lay the bulk of whatever he had plugged in on the bed next to Delia, and she wracked her brain to figure out what it was.

Luke got onto the bed, by Delia’s legs, and gently placed his hands on her ankles. He moved his hands up Delia’s calves and thighs, and she savoured the feeling like she did before with the putting on of her blue satin panties. Her breathing quickened as his thumbs stroked a trail up her inner thighs until they reached the edge of her panties, and the wetness that was growing between her legs.

His fingers explored under the material and hooked the tips of his fingers in it. He slowly slid them down her legs and took them off of her completely. His hands went back up her legs on the same path they did before, and his thumbs touched the skin beside her pussy. He slipped one finger into her and gently moved it back and forth before adding a second finger.

Delia moaned even louder. Her heart beat raced and picked up in proportion to how Luke picked up the speed of his fingering of her. She didn’t notice the shifting of weight on the bed as Luke leaned to pick up the object he had left beside her. He flipped the switch to turn it on, and Delia gasped and her eyes rolled back into her head as she felt the vibrations on her pussy.

Luke removed his fingers from inside her, to separate her lips next to her clit to get the head of the vibrator directly on her clit. Delia sucked in a huge gasp of air as the vibrations became much more intense. Satisfied with her reaction, Luke placed his two fingers back inside her and fingered her in tandem with the vibrations from the vibrator on her clit.

Feeling pressure building inside her core, Delia’s moans turned into guttural screams as she was closer and closer to orgasm. She arched her back and kicked her legs as she came violently, and her thoughts went into subspace.

Luke didn’t stop there. Oh no, he carried on. He pounded his large dick into her wet pussy, and Delia didn’t even have time to catch her breath before she faced an onslaught of pleasure and pressure in her core.

Luke’s vigour was not simply sex or making love; he was fucking her. Hard, and fast, like he had never done before. Delia’s mind could barely process the sudden change in his wanting to play around with BDSM. Not that she was complaining. How could she, when she was experiencing this much pleasure?

Luke stopped for a moment and brought her legs up onto his body, her knees hooking over his shoulders so when he began fucking her again, he reached even deeper than he did before. He kept on pounding and touching her g-spot, and her screaming of his name was reduced to incoherent utterings.

He brought the vibrator back into the mix, switching it to its highest and strongest setting. The sudden feeling of the strong vibrations on her clit again made Delia scream, but she didn’t say stop. She was in the middle of the best time of her life.

The bed was squeaking, rocking even, at the force of the fucking that was occurring. Delia lost her breath as she came again. Body shaking and breaths shallow, she took a few minutes to process what happened to her.

Luke withdrew himself from her, and got up from the bed, leaving her alone. She squirmed as the orgasm subsided from her, but found that her body twitched spasmodically from latent pleasure.

Ten minutes felt like a century as she waited for Luke, to come back. He said nothing as he untied her wrists from the headboard and untying the mass of rope that bound her wrists together. He kept the blindfold on as he helped Delia get up and stand in front of the bed. He held her hand and upper arm gently as he guided her to the bathroom.

She was blasted with a waft of warm steam as she entered the door of the bathroom. The stream of water coming from the showerhead could be heard, and Luke guided her into the shower. He removed the blindfold from her and placed his hands on the sides of her face lovingly, caressing her.

He leaned to kiss her, just a peck and looked at her with care in his eyes.

“How was that?” he asked.

Delia couldn’t help but smile as she looked up at the man she loved, who obviously spent so much time and effort researching and made an effort to attempt the BDSM lifestyle that she wanted so badly.

She closed her eyes, just to enjoy the moment. Luke kissed her again and slipped his tongue between her lips, which she gripped with her teeth gently.

“I loved it,” she finally answered. “And I love you.”

Luke smiled like a small child at Christmas. A hand that had rested on Delia’s face began a journey down her neck and her chest. She closed her eyes in content and enjoyed the feeling of Luke’s hand traveling down her body, and the warm water from the shower pouring down her face.

Luke squeezed her ass with his hand when it reached the bottom of her spine and brought his other hand to squeeze the other cheek. He slapped it playfully, which made Delia giggle.

“I think I’ll be playing the master again, I enjoyed playing out that scene. Think you’ll be up for it again?” Luke asked Delia.

“Yes,” she replied, to which he slapped her ass a little harder than before.

Delia chuckled. She amended her previous reply: “Yes, Sir.”