Butcher's Hook

Hacking bones, I glance askance
At Graham in his bloody apron
Sawing through a clump of muscle
Trimming fat and severing tendons

Oh, those hands! now gloved and crimson
Skillful as a slaughtering surgeon
Operations never ending 
Always reaping, never sewing

Grisly gristle, loathsome lites are
Minced for barbecue delights; I
Stuff obscenely swollen skins
Hope Graham sees me tease the meat

Yes, meat is murder, this I know
Yet swallow all my bile for him
Each Saturday for Judas' pay
To see his ruddy butcher's face

He chops then slams the cleaver down
Into the block with bloody stains
'Give us a hand wi' this one, Sally'
Nods towards the freezer door

Breath clouded by the deathly chill
My quickened heart eviscerated
Tripe, in stripy red and white,
His carcass wardrobe, I surrender

Handprints, carmine DNA from
Countless nameless murdered beasts
Is evidenced across my virgin
Smock, my curves delineated

Vibrant flesh, the steak I crave
Is in my grasp; I tease the meat 
Obscene, the sausage swells till, oh!
His joint roasts in my oven mouth

How dripping drips despite the Arctic
Cold; we cling, we kiss, he lifts and
Hangs my living corpse amongst 
The racks of ribbed asymmetry

My collar hooked, he strips this fishy
Mammal, till I'm shaking, naked
Graham cleaves me raw and gaping
Stabs me with his beefy skewer

Juicy breast and brisket cleave 
Together, weaving shanks around his 
Tender rump as lips and tongues
Entwine and baste the tasty flesh 
Loins lock while the silent herd 
Dismembered flocks around our frozen
Fevered fucking, marking urgent 
Rutting stark against their corpses

Pumping life into this place of 
Death unrecognisable we
Consummate our co-existence
Glory in our life extended

From the silent frosted tomb two
Red-faced Lazari emerge to
Throngs proclaiming disbelief as
New life swirls within my womb


Along with an unholy host of others, this illustrated poem is published on Amazon as 'Once concealed: now revealed - a nifty nip of naughty poetry'.

Copyright: Alexandra Amalova 2017. This work may not be used, either in part or in full, without the author's express permission.