Up & Adam IV: My Hot Encounter in the Park

Info Tristan LeMay
29 Dec. '15

   After my encounter with Enlai in the parking garage, I was totally famished. I headed over to the sushi place through the parking garage of the neighboring building and I totally pigged out. What can I say? I am a sushi whore. I just love it. And don’t you dare use that word against me. Yes, I know I wasn’t just a sushi whore that day. And I myself still can’t believe all that happened in one day.

   But hey, sometimes, things are just crazy, right?

   When I got back to my building, I couldn’t help but look all around in the ground floor lobby and on my way up in the elevator. It was though I thought that Enlai would get on at each floor when the elevator doors opened. Obviously, he hadn’t come back since I had seen him race out of the parking garage. And even if he had, what were the chances that I would come upon him randomly in this huge building?

   Walking into my office, I was startled by a presence in the visitor’s chair.

   – I’m sorry, did you forget we had an appointment?

   Chandler, the cocky yet gorgeous, talented yet pretentious director we had been using for years on our commercials, was sitting there his back to the door. He always started each sentence with “I’m sorry” when everybody knew that he was never sorry about anything. As a matter of fact, even though we had thought for years that it was just because he couldn’t talk without being annoyingly ironic, sarcastic and sometimes downright acerbic, we finally realized that it was just a quirk, a weird mannerism that he didn’t even realize he had.

   – Where the bloody hell were you, mate?

   Oh yeah and he was an Aussie who had lost all his happy-go-lucky Australian surfer charm after living in London for fifteen years.

   – I was having sex in the underground parking garage.

   I pronounced “garage” with a British accent.

   – Brilliant! Bloody hilarious, Mr. Monty Python’s Fucking Circus!

   That was the second time that day I had told somebody the truth about my sexual escapades and had been met with incredulity. I guess honesty really is the best policy… when nobody around you can believe the truth anyway, right?

   – I’m sorry, but did you get a chance to take a look at the latest cut?

   – I did.

   This was my favorite part when I had conversations with Chandler. The part where he asked me a question and I just answered “I did” before I left him hanging for a few seconds. I had even made it to a minute 12 seconds once. Drove him totally nuts.

   – And?

   I could hear the aggravation in his sexy voice. That’s when I did something else I knew really annoyed him. Walking around my desk to my chair, I sat down, started fiddling with my mouse and hitting a few keys on keyboard, turning on the different programs for the afternoon.

   – Well, I was really impressed with the lighting, the set design, the music and… well, Didier is always on the mark, right?

   Complimenting everything and everyone on the project without saying a single word about his directing.

   – So that’s it? You’re happy with it and we don’t need any more tweaks?

   – I think it’s perfect the way it is. Of course, I have to show it to the higher-ups, and the people at Anderson will need to sign off, but… I think that is pretty much it for now.

   Chandler sighed in displeasure.

   – So why the bloody hell did you need to make me come all the way here?

   I looked at him with a coy smirk.

   – I always like to see you, Chandler, and you know how much I like to have you “come”… to my office.

   – Oh, shut up, Adam!

   I saw him blush as he got up in a huff and I thought to myself: “My day is complete!”

   When he put his hand on the door handle to exit my office, he paused for a second and turned to me, calming himself down.

   – I’m really glad you liked it. But although Didier really is very hot on screen, he is not “all that” in bed, in case you wanted to know…

   That bastard! He’d turned the tables on me and scored the winning goal, hitting me where it mattered. That cocky, arrogant Peter Jackson wannabe had had sex with my French god from Heaven? No. I couldn’t believe it. Nor did I want to.

   When Chandler finally left, I swore to myself that one day, I would make him squirm… in anyway possible. Maybe even sexual…

*   *   *   *   *

   I did manage to get back to work and set up a few meetings for my other accounts. Then, my computer crashed and I had to call on my favorite tech geek Jonathan from the 19th floor. I have to admit, as soon as I heard his nervous voice on the phone, I felt a little twitch in my cock because I had always felt a weird, unnerving yet delicious sexual energy when Jonathan was around and, every time he would come to my office, I would have these overwhelming fantasies in which, as soon as his glasses would come off, he would turn into an insatiable, skillful master of sex who would have his way with me when, after all these months of bottling up his pent up desire, he would finally give in to his lust for me.

   Okay, yeah, I know… that sounds just about as pretentious and cocky as Chandler could sound. But isn’t a guy allowed to fantasize?

   When Jonathan knocked on my office door, my cock was creating a major tent in my trousers under my desk.

   – I’m sorry it took so long, he said, entering.

   – Oh that’s okay. I had plenty to keep me busy while I was waiting.

   I almost said “I had plenty to fantasize about from the other times you came in here”. But I didn’t. I felt that that would be pushing it a little.

   – So yours crashed, too?

   I acquiesced. As he came around my desk to check out my screen, Jonathan explained that many people within the company had had problems with their computers that day because they were having some kind of server problem. I couldn’t understand much of his IT mambo-jumbo, but I made sure I sounded interested because I knew how passionate he was about his job and I certainly was interested in him, so…

   – You know that girl Jennifer in payroll? he asked me as he leaned down to press a few keys on my keyboard. I think she has a thing for tech guys ‘cause last week, she called on Oliver – you know Oliver, right?... the guy I work with – (Yeah, I knew who Oliver was and he certainly wasn’t as hot as Jonathan could be in my fantasies) well, she asked him to come down and check her computer and the first thing he knew, she was riding his cock in the paper supply closet.

   I couldn’t believe Jonathan – who had always seemed so shy to me – was actually talking to me so openly about sex. Was he trying to get a message across to me? And if so, what was it exactly? Was he trying to get a rise out of me (it was working!)?  Or maybe he was just telling me a story and had no hidden agenda…

   – Wow… was all I could say.

   Then, he went on:

   – And now today, she calls again and asks me to come down, so Oliver’s joking that I am going to get some, too, right?

   I swallowed deeply and realized that although I was obviously not into Jennifer at all, Jonathan’s story was still making me horny as hell and hard as steel… maybe because he was standing right next to me, leaning over my computer keyboard.

   – So what happened? I asked, my voice shaking and my heart pounding.

   – Well, I went down there, obviously!

   My eyes popped out of my head and the words came flying out of my mouth.

   – You went DOWN on her???

   – What? No! I went down to her floor to help her with her computer.

   I chuckled nervously and uncomfortably, feeling silly for almost sounding like a jealous boyfriend.

   – I kept imagining her butt bouncing over Oliver’s thighs and his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, getting wetter and glistening more and more with every stroke.

   I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and realized I was holding my breath for what seemed like the longest time.

   – Oh, I am sorry. I shouldn’t be telling you this. Am I making you uncomfortable?

   I swallowed hard again. Then, I chuckled more.

   – Oh, no, no, it’s alright. I don’t mind.

   He smiled, reassured, and turned back to the computer, pressing a few more keys and waiting to see if it would react. After a short silence, I realized I wanted to know if there was more to this story.

   – So what happened? Did she try to take advantage of your innocence? I joked.

   It was his turn to chuckle.

   – Oh you bet! She didn’t move when I came around to her computer and she made real sure that I would brush against her tits when I started… fingering her keyboard.

   I burst out laughing. He chuckled, too, happy that his choice of words had amused me. Suddenly, he turned really serious.

   – This is not working, he said.

   I stopped laughing instantly, thinking I had done something to upset him.

   – Would you mind moving back a little so I can turn off your tower under your desk?

   I rolled back my chair a bit saying:

   – Of course! Wouldn’t want to pull a Jennifer on you.

   He smiled at me and as I rolled back, his eyes caught a glimpse of the throbbing hard-on in my lap. I looked up at him and saw that he was trying to look like he hadn’t noticed it. But he leaned down over me to reach over to the button on the tower of my computer and very slowly, leisurely, apparently even deliberately, he rubbed his right forearm, from wrist to elbow, on the tower in my pants!

   He was driving me crazy with lust. He turned off the computer and rubbed his arm against my boner again on his way back up. When he stood right next to me, I could see that his back bone wasn’t the only thing that was erect about him! He was just as hard as I was…

   He blushed.

   – I’m sorry. I don’t know what got over me. I had a couple of glasses of wine at lunch and… with Jennifer being so bold and everything…

   I totally wanted to make sure he wouldn’t be uncomfortable.

   – Oh, it’s okay. You can’t imagine the kind of day I have been having.

   He smiled and turned to the windows next to my office door, probably wanting to make sure the blinds were closed.

   – You need to relieve a bit of tension? he said as he got on his knees between my legs, undid my belt buckle and the button of my pants, opened my fly and pulled everything down when I lifted my butt up off the chair to make it easier for him.

   – Wow! he said looking at my cock, grabbing it with his left hand and pulling it toward his mouth like it was a stick shift. Do you have a thing for IT guys, too?

   He smirked at me and engulfed my cock in his mouth, burying his nose in my pubes and moving his head around on my knob while breathing heavily in contentment. When he came back up, his glasses were completely fogged up. He took them off and tossed them on the desk before going down on my cock again, this time bobbing up and down furiously, sending my brain into a tizzy, a sort of panic, because it felt like it was going to explode at the same time as my cock.

   My head fell back on the leather cushion of my desk chair and my eyes rolled to the back of my head in ecstasy. I felt my balls bouncing around in Jonathan’s palm and fingers while his mouth was sucking my pole for all it was worth.

   When I finally opened my eyes, I noticed that Jonathan had let go of my cock and balls and was now standing in front of me in only his polo shirt. His mammoth cock was pointing at 2 o’clock, towering over his equally massive balls wrapped in his hairless ball sac. Jonathan looked at me with a self-confident grin that made him even sexier.

   That is when he put his feet between my thighs and the armrests of my chair, holding on to the back of the chair with a hand on each side of my head and squatting down on my throbbing cock, making it disappear inside his asshole and starting to bounce up and down, his hard shaft slapping against my abs with every bounce. He was moaning and breathing heavily, so hot, strong and energetic. Not to mention gorgeous. The animal really was coming out!

   I leaned back and closed my eyes again, letting him ride my cock till we both shot a huge load of cum, him all over my chest, dripping down onto my abs, and me spurting inside him like I was irrigating his love canal.

   A knock at my office door startled me and my eyes popped open.

   – Shit!

   I was alone in my office. I had fallen asleep and had dreamt this whole thing with Jonathan. The only thing that had really happened was… I had cum… again!  Shot a lot straight into my shorts again, just like on the subway with Nick.

   – Yes. Come in.

   Jonathan walked in wearing those damn nerdy glasses I found so sexy.

   – I’m sorry it took so long, he said.

   I couldn’t believe my imagination had run wild like that. I told him what was wrong with my computer and I excused myself, saying I needed to take a break and that he would have all the leeway he needed to work on my computer.

   “What the hell is wrong with me today?”, I asked myself, leaning against the door of my office, catching my bearings before I went to clean up in the same restroom where I had had sex with Gabriel just a few hours earlier.

*  *  *  *  *

   The rest of my day at the office was uneventful, but thank God for that! I kept thinking about what might have happened if I hadn’t cum in my pants BEFORE Jonathan came into my office. Could my crazy fantasy have become reality?  Or anything close to it?

   I left the office around 6 pm because I had so much work that had piled up with my late start, my long lunch and my afternoon delight / wet dream!

   I decided to walk home because it was a beautiful day, although at that time of year, the night falls quicker and the lamp posts and city lights have to take over for the darkness of the night.

   When I got about ten blocks from my apartment building, I decided to cut through my favorite park which pretty much looked deserted. There was a chill in the air and I could understand that there wouldn’t be many people sitting on the benches or by the water fountain. Not to mention the fact that they were probably all finishing up having dinner at that hour.

   As I was walking on the paved bicycle path and crossed to head toward the street, I passed some large bushes covered in dead autumn leaves that had fallen from the overhead trees. I heard some rustling coming from the bush and my heart started racing. There had been a few muggings in that park in the last months and I reached in my pockets for my keys thinking I could punch someone with them and make some real damage if I got attacked.

   I don’t know what got into me at that very moment – pretty much like everything else I did that day – but I decided to get closer to the bush. And as I did that, I saw a guy dash out from the other side, pulling up his pants over his bare ass and running like his life depended on it.

   I smiled thinking how happy I was it wasn’t a mugger and how amused I was that everybody was apparently making sure to get some that day. As I got closer, somebody else came out of the bush zipping up his pants, but this time, he was coming straight at me and got startled to see me there.

   – Nathan?

   He looked up and I got confirmation that it really was him.

   – Adam?

   I couldn’t believe it. My ex-boyfriend having sex in the park with a perfect stranger?

– What in bloody hell are you doing here?

   “Shit! I am talking like Chandler, minus the accent!” I thought to myself.

– Same thing as you, he said, smirking.

   I had forgotten how fucking gorgeous he was and how much I had missed him in these last couple of months. I hadn’t had the chance to miss him that day, obviously… but still…

   Instead of telling him that I was just passing through and that I had had no intention in partaking in any type of sexual activity in the park, I didn’t stop him when he started rubbing my crotch, making my cock hard enough to use it as a handle to pull me into the bush with him.

   When we were hidden completely, he let go of my cock, slipped both his hands under my suit jacket and pulled my shirt tails out of my trousers so he could slip his hands under there. His fingers were freezing cold and I felt my nipples pop up and scrape against the fabric of my shirt, turning me on even more.

   – I’ve missed this, he whispered in my ear. I’ve missed your soft skin.

   Really? He felt my skin was soft? Hum… He’d never told me that in all the time we had been together. I had certainly told him time and time again how I loved to suck his cock, how it just always felt that it fit perfectly into my mouth and how it seemed to feel comfortable with what my mouth, lips, tongue and throat were doing to it.

   I reproduced what Jonathan had done in my fantasy, in my office, except Nathan was standing up. I let myself fall to my knees and opened up Nathan’s jeans, fiddling with those God-damn fly buttons I have always hated. After two, I just yanked at them and ripped the denim right off Nathan’s bubble ass. Oh how I had missed kneading those globes of flesh! Even through those plain old Fruit of the Loom white briefs Nathan fancied so much.

   I kissed and nibbled at his rock hard cock through that cotton sheath. I could feel the warmth of his pole and the coldness of the precum and my saliva in the autumn air.

   – Come on, Adam! Take it out! Suck my cock! he whispered under his breath.

   He was not going to tell me what to do. This was going to go my way. I kept teasing his confined pole with my teeth and lips, tugging and pulling at the fabric of his underwear and at the skin and foreskin of his cock. His fingers were combing through my hair and even pulling sometimes, as though he was trying to steer my mouth where he wanted it. “No, no, no,” I thought. “You’re not going to show me how to do this.”

   Then, he took one of his hands out of my hair to slip his thumb inside the waistband of my underwear but I stopped him from pulling them down.

   – Oh, come on, baby. I need to feel your hot mouth on my cock. Please!

   I bit down on his cock and he groaned in a mix of pleasure and pain before I felt his cock snap back. Then, I pulled the waistband of his briefs over his cock and revealed it to myself, looking at it for a few seconds to remind me of what it looked like. The memories started flooding back very quickly. I left his cock hang for a few more seconds, making sure Nathan would start to get cold. When I finally made a small “o” with my lips and slipped Nathan’s pole into my mouth like it was a thin straw, I am pretty sure his nice-size dick felt like it was entering a tight ass. He moaned and groaned again like he was catching his breath.

   – Oh yeah! Mmmmmm….

   He grabbed the back of my head with both of his hands as though he was getting ready to face-fuck me like a desperate man, but I wasn’t going to have any of that. I managed to slip free and grabbed the head of his cock in my fist, squeezing it like my hand was imitating a heart beating. Nathan was liking it. After about ten beats, I went on, adding a flick of my tongue in his piss hole between each beat of my fist. Again, Nathan moaned with pleasure. I had never done this to him before and, clearly, nobody else had. This was a new experience for him and Nathan was a willing guinea pig. I played with his balls with my free hand and I could feel them, as well as the tip of his cock head on my tongue and his shaft in my fist, getting colder and colder.

   Then, still holding his cock tightly in my fist, I slowly stroked down toward the base of his pole, pulling his foreskin down, too. Exposing his whole cock head to the cold, I got close enough to see the precum glisten on it.

   – Wrap it in your mouth, Adam, wrap it up, Nathan whispered eagerly.

   I was still not going to let him tell me what to do. I flicked my tongue at the tip of his bulging knob and, every three or four jabs, I’d give the cock head a swift swab around with my tongue.

   – Ooooooooo! Holy crap, Adam! That’s some fucking crazy shit, man!

   I’d temporarily forgotten how good a dirty-talker Nathan was. I did my pulsating fist thing again, but this time, at the base of his hard cock while I alternated the tongue swabbing with a shot of quick suction, a jab of my tongue in the piss slit and a scraping of the teeth on the cock head.

   – Fuckin’ shit, man! What the…? Mmmmm…. Yeah!

   He was about to shoot his load. I stood up, without letting go of his cock and turned him around so he’d shoot his load in the bush. His head fell back on my right shoulder as he became putty in my hands. My free one had slipped under his sweat shirt and was alternating between giving him good pinches of the left and the right nipples while I jerked his cock as though it were my own.

   – Oh fuck, Adam, yeah! I’m gonna spurt! You’re gonna make me spurt!

   I’d forgotten his pre-orgasm expression but it certainly applied because high-flying spurts of jizm shot in the air and landed on the bare branches of the bush like strings of party streams. While he was cuming, I could feel the back of Nathan’s head pressing hard against my collar bone. I kept jerking his cock as his whole body jerked like he was having a seizure.

   Then, when I just about thought that no nerve in his body could endure my touch for a second longer, I let go of Nathan’s still hard cock and backed away in one quick step which almost made him fall over because he was completely hanging by his head on my shoulder.

   – Glad you liked it, I said, and just walked out of the bush to make my way home.

   As I walked, feeling kind of dirty but thinking that this had somehow been some kind of closure for the way he had left me the last time, I looked down at my hand and realized not a single drop of cum had stayed on me. He had shot it all clear away.

   Then, I caught the sound of his voice far away in the night:

   – Adam, wait! Fuck, Adam, what...! What are you…

*   *   *

   I haven’t gotten back with Nathan… since that day, I mean. But Nathan – as you can see from this encounter in the park – has a weird way of popping back up in my life every once in a while. You know how some people are not necessarily the best boyfriends or even the best lovers but just can’t disappear from your life because they always end up bringing you back in for one reason or the other? Well, I guess Nathan is probably the one for me in that category. Or at least one of the ones.

   So I probably haven’t seen the last of him. Maybe he’ll show up at my gym, at the newsstand, in a movie theater where I’ll be hanging out or in another bush. But one thing is for sure: That was definitely my most memorable encounter in a park. Ever. Well, actually, there have been a few other good ones, but… let’s just say that was the best one with someone I knew.