I, Dominus: Meet Gil Part 1 of 3

Heather stopped towel drying her hair, when her best friend Jessica removed the towel around her body and opened her locker. They had just finished their workout at the upscale fitness club they had joined eleven months ago. Heather stared in silence at the fading bruises on Jessica’s breasts.

When Jessica noticed the look of concern on Heather’s face, she chuckled and said, “I know that look, Heather. And no, there is nothing you should be worried about.”

“Are you sure, Jess? You know you can tell me anything,” Heather lowered her voice as she replied, not convinced that Jessica was telling her the whole truth.

They had been friends since college and were very close, sharing every detail of their lives with each other. They were more like sisters than friends.

“Oh I’m sure, you have no idea how sure I am,” Jessica smiled coly and blushed a bit.

“Jess!” Heather gasped in shock when she realized what her friend was implying.

Jessica laughed as she put on her bra and replied, “Totally worth it, if you were wondering.”

Heather stared wide eyed and her jaw dropped when Jessica turned around and pointed to markings and bruises on her firm ass cheeks.

“Two words, Heather. Multiple, mind blowing orgasms,” Jessica teased her friend.

Heather regained her composure and replied as she slipped a t-shirt over her head, “That’s four words, and, I don’t want to hear about what you and Bob do in your private time.”

Jessica smiled coyly as she mouthed, “Not Bob.”

Bob is Jessica’s husband. Heather, and her husband Andrew, vacation once a year with Bob and Jessica. They are all very close friends.

“Jess!” Heather gasped in disbelief, “I can’t believe what I’m hearing!”

Jessica huffed as she put on her shoes and whispered to Heather, “Give me a break, Heather. You can honestly tell me you have never had the itch to try someone else, something different, exciting, and maybe a little scary? We’ve been married for over fourteen years. I don’t know about you and Andrew, but my sex life has been almost nonexistent with Bob. For a very long time now.”

Heather quickly turned her eyes to the mosaic tiled floor of the locker room. Her sex life had never been anything remotely spectacular. Her husband had always had a low sex drive. And, when they did have sex, it was clinical, sterile, and anything but passionate.

“We have kids. It’s hard to find the time to, you know,” Heather almost blushed as she replied.

Jessica laughed out loud and replied, “You see what I mean, Heather? You can’t even say the word anymore. When did that happen? I’m sure you haven’t forgotten our college days. We had a blast! I want some of those good times again. Fuck, we’re forty years old. All we do is go to barbeques and talk bullshit, job this, bullshit house that. Kids this, kids that. We’re still alive for crying out loud. We deserve to have some fun. And mind blowing orgasms, definitely mind blowing orgasms.”

Heather cleared her throat and calmly said, “I’m not judging. I’m just shocked.”

Jessica snickered, playfully pushed Heather and asked. “So, do you want to hear all dirty details over a few glasses of wine?”

Heather laughed and replied, “Yes to the wine. I’ll need a few bottles to wrap my head around this. I’m not sure I’m ready for the details.”

“Okay, we’ll skip the wine and start straight with tequila. I’m dying to tell someone,” Jessica wrapped her arm around Heather and they walked out of the locker room.

They made their way to their favorite girl’s restaurant. Once a month, their husbands would look after the kids, and Heather and Jessica had a girl’s night out. The restaurant was small and never too crowded. The perfect spot for the two, to catch up and unwind over a fine cooked meal. They took their usual table at the back of the restaurant and ordered drinks and food.

Jessica broke the unusual silence between them, “You aren’t the least bit curious?” She mischievously smiled.

“Of course I am curious. I am also worried about you, Jess,” Heather replied. “Too late to ask you if you thought this through,” She added as she brought her glass of wine to her lips.

“It happened so fast. I didn’t want to think it through. I just wanted it,” Jessica replied in a matter of fact tone.

Heather stared at her best friend for a few seconds and asked, “What did Bob say about the bruises?”

Jessica sighed as she replied, “We hardly see each other naked any more. If he asks, I’ll tell him I got them from the climbing wall at the gym. Besides, all he wants is a bj once a month.”

They both broke out in laughter.

“And steak, don’t forget the steak,” Heather added in between the laughter.

Heather stared at Jessica and built up the nerve to say, “Okay, spill it. Who is he?”

Jessica sighed out loud and reached for Heather’s hand, “Ohhhhh, thank you! Finally! I thought I was going to burst if I couldn’t tell you. His name is Gil. A few years older than us, but hot! Sexy, scary hot. We met at the grocery store, close to where I work. I was in a rush that day, and walked full force in to him when I turned in to the cereal aisle. He grabbed me to keep me from falling and apologized. All it took was one look in to his steely, brown eyes and I melted. I didn’t know why at first. When he asked me if I was alright, all I could do was nod my head and mumble incoherently. This sexy, brute of a man held me in his grip and asked if I was okay. Maybe I was extra horny that day. The feel of his fingers digging in to me got me very, very wet.”

“At the supermarket?” Heather chuckled.

Jessica laughed and answered, “I know. It doesn’t get any more cliché that that.” She continued, “I stalked him through the store. I couldn’t help myself. I waited, and followed him to the register. Then, I huffed and puffed, and pretended to be struggling with the groceries in my arms,” Jessica winked at Heather, “After undoing two more buttons on my blouse. My inner slut was in a special mood that day.”

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing,” Heather laughed. “Continue, please.”

“When he turned around, I gave him my best, ‘fuck me as hard as you want’ smile. His eyes roamed straight to my exposed cleavage. I got wetter, and he grinned. His eyes slowly met mine as he took a few cereal boxes from my arms. I pushed my chest out and made sure his hand brushed against my breasts.”

“Ohhhhh, Jess,” Heather shook her head and took a sip of wine.

Jessica snickered and replied, “It felt so good being so bad.” She continued, “He asked if I needed help carrying the bags to my car. I pouted and played the horny, damsel in distress. He saw right through me and grinned. He put the groceries in my car for me as I stared at his gorgeous ass,” Jessica snickered, took a quick sip of wine and continued, “I asked him how I could repay his chivalry and would do anything he asked me. He stared at my wedding ring and said that he would make me suck his cock, if I wasn’t married. And, that I had the perfect cock suckers’ lips.”

“He sounds like a real prick!” Heather gasped, trying to ignore the heat and moisture that was building up in her pussy.

Jessica quickly dismissed Heather’s comment, “Ohhhh, nooooo way! As crude as what he said sounds, it was super sexy. You’d have to see him to understand. Anyway,” Jessica shifted in her chair and continued, “I told him I’d take the ring off, if it would change his mind. He growled at me, Heather. I almost creamed my panties when he ordered me to take it off and get in my car.”

Heather’s heart jumped in to her throat. She didn’t want to be this aroused at the tale her friend was telling. She crossed her legs and squeezed them tight, it was an involuntary action. She ached to feel pressure on her swollen clit.

“I took off my ring and put it in my purse. He slapped my ass hard as I got in to the passenger side of my car. I can’t tell you how good the sting of his hand felt! He got in to the driver’s seat and ordered me to undo his zipper. I don’t think I have ever been as sexually aroused as I was in that moment.”

Heather felt her clit begin to tingle. Her wetness seeped out of her aching pussy. She squeezed her legs tighter.

“Just like that? So quick and dirty?” Heather’s voice cracked as she asked the question.

“Mmmmmm, yes. Dirty. Keep your flowers and chocolates. Give me Gil any day,” She snickered. “I pulled his gorgeous cock out of his pants and leaned in to get it in my mouth. He grabbed my hair and yanked my head away from his thick, hard cock. He told me that I had forgotten to ask his permission to suck his cock. Fuuuuck, that took me over the edge. I begged him to allow me the privilege to suck his, thick, big, beautiful cock and swallow his cum. He grinned and snarled as he pushed my mouth on his cock.”

Jessica licked her lips and took another sip of wine, “I sucked his beautiful piece of meat as if my life depended on it. He rewarded me with a big load of cum, grabbed my hair and ordered me to lick his cock clean.”

Heather was dripping from her pussy. The tingle in her clit turned in to an insistent itch. She hoped that her husband would be in the mood, when she got home.

Heather asked, “And the marks on you?” as she swallowed hard.

“Mmmm. He tied me up,” Jessica coyly smiled to herself.

“To the bed?” Heather asked.

Jessica sat back in her chair and replied, “It’s called, kin-ba-ku,” making sure she pronounced each syllable slowly.

“Never heard of it,” Heather replied.

“Here, let me show you,” Jessica excitedly took her phone out of her purse and Googled images of kinbaku for her friend. She handed the phone to Heather, and sat back to see how she would react.

“Oh, Dear God!” Heather whispered under her breath.

Jessica laughed and whispered back, “That’s what I thought when Gil showed me pictures. But trust me, it’s fucking hot!”

Heather kept scrolling through the images, unable to pry her eyes from the pictures of women bound, suspended and used.

Jessica snickered, “Can’t get enough, can you?”

Heather swallowed hard and handed the phone back to Jessica, “It looks excruciatingly painful, no thank you to that.”

“There is pain, but, the pleasure and orgasms make it a no brainer. If you ever get the chance, go for it, Heather,” Jessica giggled.

Heather dropped off Jessica at her home and honked as she waved at Jessica’s husband and kids as she drove off.

On her drive home, Heather tried to make sense of all that she had heard. ‘If you ever get the chance,’ the words Jessica had spoken rang through Heather’s body and mind. When would she ever get the chance? She thought to herself. She had accepted a luke warm, passionless sex life many years ago. Her husband was a good, kind and gentle man. He had always supported her and treated her as an equal. Heather chuckled at the word equal. She wasn’t sure that she ever wanted to be treated as an equal in the bedroom.

She thought back to a lover she had in college. How he had handcuffed her wrists behind her back and fucked her doggy style. That was probably the best orgasm she had experienced. Her pussy was aching and still dripping. She pressed her fist between her legs, in hopes of finding some relief. It only served to fan the flames.

When she entered her house, her husband was on the couch watching the news.

He looked up at her and said, “Hey. Kids are asleep. You and Jessica stayed out a bit longer than usual.”

“Sorry, we got to talking about work and lost track of time,” She smiled back at him.

A twinge of guilt twisted Heather’s stomach. Not because she had told a lie, but because of how aroused she had become at the thought and want of a stranger. She took off her top as she walked to Andrew and kissed him.

“I’m off to bed, Andrew. Got a ton of laundry to do tomorrow,” She smiled at him and hoped he would follow her to bed and fuck her.

When she reached the stairs, Andrew called to her, “I had a very stressful day at work. Are you up to, you know?”

Heather had become accustomed to how Andrew would ask her to have sex, “Of course, sweetie,” She smiled and extended her hand to him.

Andrew turned off the television and followed Heather to their bedroom. He turned off the lights once they had disrobed. They slid under the covers and Andrew commenced the ritual. It was always the same. A quick breast fondle, a few kisses and he would slide his hand to her pussy and rub it gently. Then, slip a fingertip inside her, and, if he felt enough moisture, he would gently slide his cock inside her.

Heather’s cunt was extremely hot and wet. Andrew quickly pulled his fingertip out of her and asked with concern, “You are very hot down there. Are you sure you don’t have a fever? Are you feeling ill?”

Heather got angry at him but kept her composure, “It’s the wine, no need to worry. Now, pleasure me, please,” She smiled at him.

Andrew agreed and slid his cock in to her. And began the slow, generic, what one would generously call, thrusting. Heather held back a moan and bit her lip. She needed a cock inside her, she felt the twinge of guilt again when she realized any cock would have sufficed in that moment. Images of Jessica’s bruised breast, bound women, and the stranger filled her thoughts.

She felt bold. While Andrew was sliding in and out of her, Heather grabbed a fistful of her own hair and slowly pulled on it. When the sensation teetered on painful, she yanked her hair hard. The pain was a welcomed sensation. She bit her lip hard and held her breath as waves of pain and pleasure danced within her. Just as she felt an orgasm building, Andrew grunted once and came inside her.

“Fuck!” She cursed in her mind, “So fucking close!”

Andrew completed the sterile ritual by kissing her forehead and making his way to the bathroom, to wash the sex off his cock. Heather reached between her legs and rubbed her cunt hard. Electricity shot out from her clit. She pinched and rolled it between her fingers. Her other hand squeezed one of her large breasts and an orgasm tore through her as she thought of the bruises on Jessica’s breasts.

Andrew returned from washing his cock and slid back in their bed, wrapped and arm over her and fell asleep almost immediately.


Heather had fallen asleep a few hours before her alarm went off. She got out of bed and started preparing breakfast for her family. She heard Andrew sneeze as he made his way to the shower. He would be at a company golf tournament for most of the day. Her kids had asked if they could visit friends and spend the day with them. She looked forward to time alone. It would provide her an opportunity to sort out the new feelings that had been stirred in her.

The side of her head was a bit sore. She rubbed it as she smiled to herself, remembering how she had pulled her own hair while Andrew fucked her.

“Bad sex is better than no sex,” She chuckled to herself.

Her pussy tightened and her nipples hardened at the thought. Maybe she would treat herself to a long masturbation session, once she was alone in the house. The thought excited her.

“And, I’ll definitely be looking at kin-ba-ku,” She repeated the word the same way Jessica had said it the night before, “pictures, while I play with my cunt,” she whispered to herself with a wicked grin on her face at how dirty she was feeling.

Andrew called down to her when he stepped out of the shower, “Hun, don’t bother with breakfast. Me and the boys are having breakfast at the club.”

“Okay. Could you wake the kids up?” She replied.

She fed her children breakfast and drove them to a friend’s house. She started a load of laundry when she got back home, and sat in her backyard, enjoying her second cup of coffee while she read the newspaper. Her cell phone rang. It was Jessica calling.

“Hey, put your vibrator back in your dirty drawer. I’m taking you for coffee,” Jessica announced before Heather had the chance to say hello.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m busy with chores. And, I don’t own any toys, for your information,” Heather chuckled back.

“Awwww, pretty please! I’m meeting Gil for a quick coffee and want you to meet him,” Jessica pleaded.

Heather sat straight up in her chair and let the shiver in her body run its course. It was one thing to fantasize about a faceless man, she didn’t know if she had the nerve to meet him in person. But, she was tempted, her curiosity was building.

“I really have a lot of chores to catch up on, Jess. I shouldn’t, but to be honest, I am surprisingly curious about this man,” She replied and instantly regretted confessing her curiosity.

“C’mon! I want you to meet him. My treat, I’ll even pick you up if you want,” Jessica pleaded again.

“I need a shower, I don’t want to make you late,” Heather stalled, as much as she wanted to lay eyes on the mystery man, part of her hoped that Jessica wouldn’t try to convince her anymore.

“We got time. Take a quick shower; I’ll be there by the time you’re ready. Please, Heather. It would mean a lot to me,” Jessica pleaded.

Heather decided she couldn’t meet the mystery man, “Some other time, Jessica. I really am much too busy today.”

“Shit! I really want you to meet him. I told him you’re my best friend,” Jessica pouted in to the phone.

“Another time,” Heather ended the call.

Her cunt was soaked and her clit was humming. She was lost as to why she was so sexually stimulated.

“Fuck,” She softly moaned and slumped in the chair sliding her ass forward.

She removed her bra to free her large breasts, slid one hand up her baggy shorts and rubbed her wet slit. Tingles and shivers shot through her. She squeezed her moist mound and almost screamed.

“Fuuuuuuck!” She groaned to herself and squeezed her cunt tighter, “Such a slut!”

Her own words triggered an avalanche. Her body quivered and her teeth chattered as she came long and hard. Her cunt clenched tight, she felt her juice flow from her slit and trickle to her puckered asshole. The warm fluid on her sensitive ass, added to the pleasure of the wave crashing inside her.

“Good one,” She snickered when she recovered, “Back to the reality of never ending laundry,” Heather laughed out loud.

Andrew called Heather after picking up their kids. He was going to pick up dinner and asked what she wanted. She asked for fish and chips.

After their kids had gone to bed, Heather decided she needed to be fucked again.

She got off the couch and asked, “Was your day stressful today, sweetie?” with a hint of mischief in her voice.

Andrew didn’t take his eyes off the movie he was watching and replied, “No way. I had a great day of golf, Hun.”

“Good,” She smiled to hide her disappointment, “I’m off to bed. Feel like reading a bit.”

“Night, enjoy,” her husband replied with a mouthful of popcorn.

Heather knew that it would be another month till she got fucked again. She decided she’d masturbate in the shower before she read her book. She made the water extra hot and reached for her loofa sponge. She had never paid any mind to the string attached to it. That night she did. She thought back to a picture on Jessica’s phone. Rope was twisted around a nipple and was pulled tight, trapping and pinching the nipple. Heather slipped her nipple between the string and twisted it. She pulled the ends away from each other and immediately felt a hot pain in her nipple.

“Oooofuuuuuck!” She softly moaned.

The nipple torture she was inflicting on herself had her dripping again. She quickly lathered up the loofa sponge, placed one foot on the edge of the tub and rubbed her aching cunt. The harsh texture, scrubbing over her swollen, sensitive clit, induced an orgasm quickly. She bit her lip, steadied herself by placing her hand on the wall and waited for the orgasm to rip through her.

“Such a slut,” She grinned, very pleased with herself after her orgasm.

At that instant, she knew she wanted more. At that instant, she made up her mind to get more.


Jessica and Heather left the gym after their workout and headed for the coffee shop. Heather had asked Jessica if she could talk to her, girl to girl. They were in Jessica’s car, in the coffee shop parking lot, sipping their coffees.

“Everything alright?” Jessica asked.

“Yes. I need a favor from you, Jess,” Heather replied with flushed cheeks.

“Anything, name it,” Jessica replied when she saw her friend struggling.

“I want to try, you know, what you did,” Heather finally got the words out.

“Heather! Are you serious?” Jessica exclaimed in excitement and disbelief.

Heather snickered and nodded.

“W-what brought this on?” Jessica asked, still not believing what Heather had asked.

“Not sure. Many things I guess. It’s not like I have never thought of sleeping with someone else,” Heather replied.

Jessica smiled and pumped her fist, “Yes! How can I help?”

“Eh-hem, would you be okay with introducing me to Gil? Or am I way out of line?” She asked as she turned in her seat to face Jessica.

“Are you kidding me? I’m more than okay with it!” Jessica bounced in her seat as she replied, “It’ll be just like college. Another notch in our lipstick cases. What’s that song? We loved it in college.”

“Pat Benatar? Hit Me With Your Best Shot?” Heather replied.

“Yes! I love that song!” Jessica squealed and they both started to sing the chorus.

They laughed and reminisced about their college adventures.

“Shit, look at the time,” Jessica announced, started her car and chuckled, “I’ll ask Gil if he’s up to pleasing another frustrated, almost middle aged woman.”

They looked at each other and burst out laughing at Jessica’s comment.

Jessica rolled down her window and screamed out, “My girlfriend is going to experience multiple, mind blowing orgasms!” as she pulled out on to the road.

“Jessica!” Heather burst out laughing.