One Year On

Think back one year,

exactly one year.

Do you remember

where we were?


Do you recall

the tremble inside

when our eyes met?

Or nervous smiles

that asked, Is that you?


Do you remember

our first embrace?

The warmth

flooding through us,

the instant connection

so pure and natural,

it simply felt right?


Do you marvel

at what happened next?

How we talked

for hours:

eyes locked,

hands entwined.


Do you smile

when you think of our

mouths and minds

pouring out effortless

torrents of words,

tumbling conversation

that grew like a river

coursing downstream

towards the sea?


No longer restricted

by written words,

heartfelt affection

unfolded un-edited.

Emotions poured forth,

spontaneous and tactile:

the touch of your hand

replacing a sentence,

the tilt of your head,

the look in your eyes

proclaiming our love

without making a sound.


Do you remember

how magical it felt?


And one year on

the river we shaped

runs wide and deep,

traversing life’s contours,

occasional rapids,

and untold wonders

we’ve yet to explore.


So think back, one year,

exactly one year.

Look back with fondness

and always remember:

one year’s the first

of so many more.

Copyright © Mags Hayward 2017 No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic, or used in any other fashion without the express permission of the owner.