The Club

Info TheMummy
14 Feb. '17

It has been two months since I have been to The Club, and two weeks since I have been allowed to jack off. But tonight I know my torment will come to a climatic end. I have followed the computerized voiced instructions to the letter and would soon receive my reward. But maybe I should back up and explain what led to this moment.

It started two months ago, I had gone to The Club on Friday night, just like I always did. Because of the August heat I decided on wearing my full harness, very short cutoffs and black boots. I made sure to keep the shorts low on my hips to avoid having my balls exposed by their leather stretcher. Now years of serious body building coupled with long wavy blond hair and crystal blue eyes have earned me the looks that cause people to drool when I'm fully clothed, but dressed like this I have to fight them off. This statement may sound conceited, but when you are looking for someone to dominate you, and they can't get to you through all the bottoms swearing their eternal servitude, it gets to be annoying. To help avoid this problem I decided to wear my chrome arm band on my right bicep and a pair of handcuffs in the right back pocket. At least some of them would get the point this way.

The club was as crowded as usual, and after getting a drink I cruised my way around the room. There were the usual cruising stares, but not real possibilities. One of the other disadvantages of a body like this is everyone thinks I am unapproachable. I decided by best chance for an enjoyable evening would be down in The Arena. Now the arena was not a place for the timid or insincere, this was an area you go to for serious action. The rules of the Arena were few and simple, first safe play only, no permanent damage, two, no exchange of body fluids unless pre-agreement before to start of the action, and third the Top must abide by the club safe word, so everyone feels safe. membership to the Arena is by invitation only. One of the newest addition to the Arena is a computer directory which shows the photos, bios, interests and dislikes of each of the members. This saves a lot of time for everyone trying to figure out if the bottom you are looking at is into your scene, then you can get right into negotiation and then the scene.

One thing I have not had the opportunity to try yet is mummifications, I spend hours every day to build a strong body, and the idea of having that strength turned useless in a matter of minutes is exciting, so when this hot looking Top approached me and told me he wanted to mummify me I could not resist. This guy was incredibly hot, short black hair, piercing blue eyes, and a muscular build that showed it was from years of heavy work rather than at the gym. And the bulge in the front of his leather pants held definite promise.

When we got to the play space I stripped as ordered, and stood at attention while he inspected me, not that there was that much that he had not seen while I as dressed. He seemed pleased with what he saw. He explained that he was going to use pallet wrap, the kind used for keeping boxes together on a pallet in a shipping truck, and that he would first wrap each of my limbs separately and then bind them together. I stood as directed, legs wide spread, hands behind my head as he wrapped the strong stretchy, sticky plastic around my right leg, mesmerizing me as inch by inch of my golden tanned flesh disappeared under the green tinted plastic. My breathing was heavy as he finished my right leg. Sweat poured of my excited flesh in rivers as he wrapped my left leg. His voice had me mesmerized as he explained how well plastic retained heat and would contract some. As he finished my left leg I was so hot I thought I would shoot a load without ever touching my cock. After my arms were wrapped the same as my legs he gave me a drink of sport drink, telling me he did not want me to get dehydrated, then he ordered two Arena slaves to come in and kneel on either side of me. They were going to be there in case I started to fall. With my legs together, and padding between my ankles the hot Top stared wrapping his way up my legs. I could not believe the tight encompassing feeling, and the heat continued to build. When he got up to my crotch he ordered one of the slaves to hold up my cock and balls, but warned him that if I came while he was holding me he would be severely punished. As he wrapped behind my balls and then started above my cock I thought my cock and balls would be left out, but then he came back down and wrapped over my cock with my balls down and my cock strapped down to my belly. He continued up my chest and then after he had wrapped under my arms he helped me cross my arms over my chest and strapped them down. He crossed the wrappings back and forth over my shoulders and chest, securing my arms tight against my chest. As he cut off a few extra feet and wrapped it loosely around my neck he explained that since this was the first time we had been together he would use a rubber hood instead of wrapping my head. That way he could monitor my reactions better. The hood felt great as he pulled it down over my head, enveloping me in its tightness.

As the three of them laid me back on the floor I was instructed to try and break out. I struggled to break free of the bonds, which I really did not want to get out of, but only succeeded in building up my excitement even more. I couldn't believe how strong that plastic was, as hard as I struggled I couldn't budge it, I was in heaven. I was totally immobile and enjoying every second of it. My handsome new top ordered the two slaves to remove his pants while I was laying there on the floor bellow him, unable to do anything but squirm. I watched as these two slaves removed his boots, and then slowly pealed his leather pants to reveal a very large uncut cock and a pair of large low hanging balls. My mouth watered at the thought of wrapping my lips around the head of that massive cock and running my tongue around in that foreskin. I watched as the first slaves hands were bound behind his back and he was ordered to lick my man's ass while the second one was ordered to stand on all fours, straddling me so I could watch him get fucked. The expression on his face as that massive cock forced it's way into his waiting ass, was a mix of pain and pleasure. I lay there in envy as one slave licked my top's ass and the other got his ass plowed by that giant fuck pole. My ass twitched in anticipation of being released and getting plowed. After 15 minutes my man pushed the slaves out of the way and shot his load all over my plastic covered body. He then ordered the two slaves to rub themselves on my bound legs until they shot their loads. Since Arena slaves are not allowed to come without permission it only took a few seconds before they were begging to be allowed that pleasure. Upon command I felt their hot cum spat on my body as I squirmed uncontrollably. Next the two slaves were ordered to lick the cum off my body. The pressure of their tongues sliding up and down my body pushed me over the edge, even though no one touched my cock or balls the cum erupted violently out of my cock, oozing around in the plastic, coating my cock with my cut. I lay there panting as the two slaves finished their job and then were chained to the wall to watch what happened next. I was curious when my Top came back over to me carrying a pair of drum sticks, I couldn't imagine what he was going to do with those. It didn't take long for me to realize that the way I was bound made me very sensitive. The rhythmic taping was enough to drive me crazy. I hollered as he tapped on the underside of his cock, but I couldn't resist the desire to raise my hips higher to meet the blows. He brought me closer and closer to the edge, then just as I was about ready to go over the edge he stopped, leaving me hanging at the edge, wishing my hands were free to take me the rest of the way. As I lay there wanting he released the two slaves and allowed them to leave, then he came to me and told me that he wanted to do this again, so I gave him my phone number and he told me that I would receive instructions by phone, but it would not be his voice, he didn't want me to get off over the sound of his voice. He then proceeded to cut the plastic off my body with a pair of emergency scissors. The feeling of being released was incredible, the cool air circulating over my sweat soaked skin the sudden removal of the pressure, was almost enough to make me shot a load right then. After I was free I was told to stay on the floor, and not to jack off until I heard from him again. He then proceeded to get dress and left me there on the floor, covered in sweat, horny as a three balled bull and totally exhausted. It was after he was out the door that I realized I did not even know his name. I lay there on the floor for a few minutes, gathering my strength then got up, pulled my clothes back on and headed upstairs. I almost ran out of the bar and to my car to avoid anyone noticing my raging hard cock which was very noticeable in those shorts.