Who am I?

Who am I?


The dream is gone, and so are you,

But I still don`t have a clue,

Who are you, and who am I?

Two strangers passing by?


Your face in the flickering light,

Has haunted me many a night,

And yet while awake I see

The same picture, it can`t be..


It was just a dream, nothing more,

And yet when I try to recall,

Your eyes caressing my burning skin…

Oh, I’m going to hell for this sin…


But not for loving you, no,

That was just the way to go,

It was so natural, so pure,

I knew I wanted no cure,


And yet here I am, stranded,

Wanting to be completely candid,

I need to ask you a question,

Why are you my obsession?


Why have you been haunting me,

Forcing me to run, to flee,

And yet I`m drawn to you,

But I still don`t have a clue.


Who are you, my guest?

I think I should have guessed,

My true purpose, your aim,

Why don`t I know your name?


Tell me who you are,

Don`t give me another scar,

Tell me what I need to know,

Please, never let me go!


I want you badly, I always will,

I need this exquisite thrill,

I need you to show me who I am,

Let me see through this scam


That we call Life and Death…

Please, let me be your breath

The way you are mine,

Please, just give me a sign.


A sign that you will stay,

Even during the day,

Tell me how to dream,

When my soul would scream,


When I know nothing but your love,

Is there a place above,

Where we can be together?

Please, stay with me for ever.


Show me you care, I know you do,

Let`s embrace what`s overdue,

I want you and you want me,

How difficult can this be?


I just close my eyes, ready to see

Your blue eyes looking at me,

Your plump lips ready to kiss,

Oh, honey, it`s you that I miss.


Even though I don`t know

How passion can grow

When you never said your name,

And yet I`m the one to blame.


I never asked, did I?

Never wondered why,

And now that I do, I`m lost,

Coz it`s you that it cost.


Maybe you were never mine,

There was something in my vine,

That I drank last night,

But God, it felt so right,


When you held me in your arms,

I couldn`t resist your charms,

I was completely under your spell,

And you were mine, I could tell,


From the way you looked,

Boy, was I ever so hooked,

Drinking your every word,

You really rocked my world.


But I still haven`t got a clue,

Please tell me: who are you?

I can`t find my true self like this,

Because it`s you that I miss,


Even though your name,

Your aim, your goal, your game,

Remain hidden under your mask,

But still, I needed to ask…


I need to keep my eyes closed,

Just like you proposed,

So that I can be with you now,

I won`t object, just show me how.


Take me in your arms once more,

Let me feel, taste, explore,

Everything you know and more,

God, what a heavenly way to go…