Info Euphoria1
21 Feb. '17

     The last traces of a dream faded away as Leanne awoke to see sunlight streaming in the window of her fifth-floor room in residence. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she looked at the clock. 11:00. Yeah, she thought, it's about time to get up. She swung her feet down and stood on the cold tile floor. Reaching up towards the ceiling, she arched her back and stretched. She had the lithe body of a dancer - light and flexible, yet well-toned and strong. In fact, in her freshman year she had been on the University's dance team, and the men at the party last night had all complimented her on how well she danced. Of course, though, males always tended to say nice things to her, as she was a very attractive young woman and made for pleasant company. Her crystal-clear blue eyes sparkled when she smiled, and she had never been lacking for male company ever since the time nearly a decade ago when boys and girls began to find each other to be interesting. Still, she had yet to find that one special man she'd been trying to find for so long now.

     Sleepily, she collected her soap, shampoo and towel and made her way towards the bathroom. The residence was quiet - nearly deserted, actually. Most of the other girls had gone home for the weekend; in fact, she and her roommate were among only about ten on the whole floor who were still at school that weekend. Entering the washroom, she discovered that someone had left the window partway open, allowing the cold winter air to fill the room. Oh well, she thought as she closed the window, a nice long, hot shower will chase the coldness away.

     Despite the warmth rising from where the stream of water struck the floor of the shower, the cold air struck her body as she stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain closed. A strange feeling swept through her body as her nipples became erect in the chill air. She turned her head, and her long, wavy blonde hair passed in front of her left breast. Her hair brushed across her nipple, and she gasped involuntarily as the sensation shot like a bolt of lightning through her body, from her nipple across to the other one and down, ending up between her thighs. Swinging her hair out of the way, she looked down at her breasts. Small, rounded and firm, they glistened as the water from the shower rained down upon them. Her erect nipples attracted her attention, and she gently caressed the left one with her hand. As it stiffened under her touch, she felt a wave of pleasure run down her spine. She closed her eyes as she softly rubbed her aureola with her thumb. With her other hand, she encircled her right breast and, pressing gently against it, felt the firm resistance.

     Her attention returned to her left nipple. She began to tease it, squeezing it between thumb and forefinger, pulling on it until her fingers slipped off, pressing it into her breast, as the feelings running up and down her body slowly but steadily intensified. She rubbed the wet nipple with her thumb, gently at first and then more vigourously, and began to do the same to her right nipple as well. Feelings were stirring, feelings she hadn't experienced since that night so long ago with Rich. It was the night when she had lost her virginity, and so far the only time she had slept with a man. She felt an awakening of the desires that had been dormant for so long, buried deep within her soul ever since she broke up with him a couple of weeks later.

     Her left hand slid slowly down her stomach, tracing the pattern of kisses he had planted so tenderly on that evening of discovery. Down her hand went, past her belly button and on to the mat of her pubic hair. As her fingers reached the mound of her labia, a wave of excitement travelled through her body, and she felt her nipples tense up beneath her other hand. She brought it down to join in the exploration, and gently pulled the lips apart. With one finger, she gingerly touched her clitoris. Her knees weakened, and she nearly cried out as the long-lost sensation flooded her mind and refused to leave, a refusal for which she was very grateful.

     Her breathing became faster and shallower as she toyed with her clitoris, as she had earlier done with her nipples. She inserted a finger from the hand holding her lips apart into her vagina and began to wiggle it around as she continued to stimulate her clitoris. Deeper and deeper she probed, as far as her finger would reach into her warm interior, as the powerful sensations grew stronger moment by moment. As she inserted a second finger, she felt herself coming nearer to the climax, and increased the pace of her stimulation. Soon, the muscles of her vagina tensed up, and she felt like she was riding the crest of a huge wave. She prayed nobody would hear her as the ecstasy broke over her whole body; it was all she could do to prevent herself from screaming out.

     The orgasm seemed to last forever, and she only realized it had ended when she felt the pain from biting her tongue so hard start to penetrate the layers of pleasure sweeping through her senses. Opening her mouth to relieve the pain, she removed her fingers from her vagina and brought them to her tongue to taste her own juices. She was surprised that she liked the taste - she'd always thought it would taste unpleasant. She licked as much off her fingers as she could, one finger at a time, and then proceeded with the shower she had been just about to start ... it seemed so long ago.

     The bathroom door opened just as she got out of the shower, and another girl walked in. "Good morning, Leanne!"

     "Oh, hi Liz." It was her roommate. "Did you have fun at Mark's place last night?" she said with a wicked grin.

     "Yeah, we rented a couple of movies. Didn't get to see much of them, though." Liz replied with an embarrassed smile.

     "You look flushed ... are you feeling okay?"

     "What? Oh, uh, yeah, I'm fine. I just had a long, hot shower, that's all."

     "By the way, Steve called a couple of minutes ago. He thought you might like to go see a movie or something tonight."

     "Yeah, I think I do." Leanne walked slowly back to her room, a hint of a smile on her lips.