Info Valleysa
23 Feb. '17

He settled himself back onto both elbows and loosened his belt. I got up onto my knees, hands resting on my thighs, licking my lips nervously, though I'm sure that the moonlight made me seem a cat, licking my lips with great relish at the thought of the feast of cream to come.

With a wolfish grin, he unbuttoned his fly and raised his hips into the air to ease his jeans down to his knees. I moved to help him free his legs, taking care not to spill the contents of his pockets into the grass. I bundled his jeans to one side, and moved between his legs.

Taking care to warm my hand, I brushed my fingertips over his belly hair, down onto his thigh and up onto his cock. With the other hand, I stroked the hair of his scrotum, and then cupped his balls gently, enjoying the play of them within their meaty sack. His cock thickened, appreciative of my attentions to its lower companions. I wrapped my finger and thumb around the thick root at its base and then licked upward, from my thumb to the head of his cock.

I looked up at his face, took the end into my mouth and smiled. Then I closed my eyes and worked him into my mouth, back against my tonsils until my lips touched my thumb. I paused to let my throat relax, not wanting to choke, though I have found that some men entertain the notion that it is an accomplishment to have one's meat so far into a woman's mouth as to choke her. I drew a deep breath through my nose, and then pulled my mouth back, running my tongue along the large vein on the bottom side of his cock as I withdrew, manipulating his balls with my hand. When I reached the top, I stopped to lick at the slit in the head, watching his eyes open to watch me at play.

I wet the fingers of my off hand and gently rolled the loose skin where the scrotum attaches to the body between my thumb and forefinger, and began to pump my mouth onto his cock. I found a comfortable rhythm, and met his upward thrusts when I could.

Tears welled up in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks, shining in the moonlight. I wiped them away and stopped to smile to let him know that all was well. No tears of joy, these - just a response to the gag reflex I was fighting down. Soon enough, I knew, the sniffles would start, making it so difficult to breath.

He took advantage of the lull to get up onto his knees. He raised me and took me into his arms, his erection slapping against my belly. He hugged me fiercely to him, and then took my face in his hands and kissed me hard upon the mouth. Then he pressed downward on my shoulders in an unspoken request for more of the same, a man of few words, promising much action.

I dropped down onto my belly, propped up by my elbows, nestled between his spread thighs. He pulled my head forward until my mouth was around his cock and held it there, rocking forward to fuck my face in a steady rhythm, sometimes pulling back to press through my lips before resuming his thrusts.

I caught what air I could, inhaling his meaty cock along with it. I savored the low moans he made, the hiss of his breath as he probed my tonsils. I kept my hand on his balls - I wanted to feel them tighten as he came. With the other hand I teased my nipple through my blouse.

The speed of his meaty insertions increased, and his breath came short, his balls pulsed and he buried his cock in my throat, holding my head against him. I let go of his balls and grabbed his ass with both hands, kneading the flesh and pulling him against me, as he emptied himself into my throat...

While he was still shuddering with the intensity of his release, I pumped the last drops of cum from within his softening shaft, licking each bead away as it appeared. When he complained that it tickled, I stopped and we lay down, side by side.

I spread my hand and moved it lightly over his chest, wanting to hug him against me, but fighting it down. There was time, oh, so much time...

I rolled onto my back and admired the moon, the water, the brush of the breeze upon my face, still damp with the effort of bringing him off with my mouth. I sat up and peeled my blouse off, loosened my bra and lay back down on the blanket.

He threw one arm behind his neck to pillow his head, easing my bra off the nearest shoulder with his right hand, flinging the rest over me. The coolness of the evening brought my nipples out and up, the contrast of their darker color against the whiteness of my breasts silhouetting them in the moon's pale light.

He thumbed my left nipple, smiling as it sprang back into place. I watched his face, absorbed in his play, and asked him to pinch it. He rolled it between thumb and forefinger, then clamped down. My cunt ran wet with juice as I arched my back and moaned, feeling the lust in my belly...

He rolled onto his side, and slipped his hand under the elastic band of my pants, over my navel, into my underwear and across my pubic hair. His middle finger slipped between my lower lips and pressed firmly against my clitoris. Within a couple of circular strokes, I was breathing hard, moving against his hand, his right hand still pinching my nipple, tightly.

"Tell me what you'd like me to do," he said, with a trace of playfulness in his voice.

"I'd like you to pull my pants down to my ankles and push my legs forward and fuck me good and hard."

"Not so fast, not so fast... we've got plenty of time, and I want this to last! Let's see how you like my fingers..."

He got up onto his knees and pulled my pants down, exposing my furred furrow to the night air. I could smell my juices, vaguely buttery, as he spread my lips wider and slipped two fingers into my wet middle hole. I clenched against his hand and felt warmth spreading outward to my ass and belly and thighs as my body began to respond to his touch. He planted his thumb on my clit, rotoring it about, and began pumping his fingers into me.

I threw my head from side to side as he began alternately pinching one nipple and the other, as he continued his fingerplay between my thighs. I clenched my fists and forearms, I thrust my tits toward the night sky, I held my breath, and came and came. His fingers never let up... he inserted a third, as I gasped and moaned and came. He sucked my left nipple and I sobbed with joy. My belly drew in and out like a trampoline, and I raked my fingers through my loose hair, clasping my hands to my head to keep it from flying off... it felt SO good. The only thing, the only thing that could be better, I thought...

I groped about with my left hand, trying to find his cock and encountered a rapidly recovering erection. I stroked his balls as best I could and put a gentle grip onto his handle, and milked it with my fingers. It stiffened appreciably as I tugged lightly on the center portion of his shaft, and went rock hard when I begged him to fuck me.

He broke off his dextrous assault on my delicates and cast about for his shirt...

I heard the crinkling sound of plastic and saw him remove an accordion-pleated assortment of condoms.

"My!" I giggled, "I didn't know you were such an optimistic boy scout!"

"I'm an explorer scout," he replied drolly. "I'll just slip one of these on and send in a probe..."

"Allow me," I said, in a low and insistent tone of voice.

"Fair wench, I am ever at thy service. Do with me as thou wilt..." he sighed, clasping his hands together, letting the wrapped condoms fall to the blanket.

I tore the endmost package from the chain, ripped it open, then bent to attend to his cock, making sure it was nice and stiff. I fondled his balls, pumped his prick one last time, and then plucked the condom from the wrapper. Looking at it as best I could in the moonlight, I worked out which side up, and slipped it down over the head of his eager meat. Then I unrolled it down his length, not stopping until my hand was almost flush with his belly, his pubic hair tickling my fingers.

"Can you see the flag?" he chuckled, and I could see his belly tensed with excitement, making laughter hard.

"Yes, and it's not at half staff," I retorted, turning away, showing him my backside in mock indignance.

"Ah, so it's to be like this, is it," he mused. "Well! I'll just get to work, then..."

He slipped his hand between my legs to feel my moist cunt, moved forward to rub my button for a moment, and then rubbed the head of his sheathed cock against my clit. I nearly jumped out of my skin for the cold of the lubricant, but the pressure was pleasant, making me want him inside me all the more.

Impatient, I said, "enough, enough - I want you IN me!"

"'As you wish,'" he chided, and ran his cock in circles around my labia, zeroing in on my pussy.

With an inaudible pop! and the lovely squeaking feeling of latex on skin, he pressed into me, jogging a bit, and then pressing again, until he filled me. I held very still, loving that sensation as I do, already on the verge of orgasm, as he withdrew, to begin his rhythmic thrusts.

I groaned quietly each time his belly came up against my ass, feeling my belly tighten, the goosebumps on my arms and legs, my breasts shuddering with each thrust, swinging freely.

After a few minutes of this divine movement, he leaned forward to let me feel his weight on my back, his cock still planted deep within me, reaching around to squeeze my nipples, kissing between my shoulder blades. He breathed on the nape of my neck and I arched my back in delight. He put his hand on my chin and slipped a finger into my mouth - I sucked on it, I kissed his palm, I let him feel the smile he had brought me by giving me these happy moments.

Then he slipped both hands beneath my shoulders and pulled me back onto him, so that I was kneeling between his legs, my ass resting on his lap, my weight impaling me on his cock. He rocked me gently, and then began pinching my nipples and gently biting my shoulders.

"I want you to fuck yourself with my cock," he whispered in my ear. I raised myself off of him, skewered as I had been, until the crown of his cock was just barely inside me, his wonderful man-meant cooling a little in the evening air. I ground my hips in a circular motion, clenching the mouth of my cunt, then relaxing, letting my juices flow down to better lubricate the condom. His crude speech had made me wet, and I made the best use I knew of that wetness.

I began a steady rhythm of grinding, clenching and then plunging his cock inside me, but that didn't last long. It felt too good to go on teasing us both. Soon, I was humping away, my lower lips wetly smacking as they met his hairy thighs with each shuddering collision. I clenched, when I could remember to, and tightened my cunt around the stiffness of him, until he grasped my waist and pulled me ack against him, my head on his shoulder.

He kissed me and thrust his tongue into my mouth. I moaned with the pleasure of fullness and being held so firmly about my waist. The damp grass was soaking up into the blanket where my knees pressed it to the ground. A light breeze brought my nipples rigidly to attention again. I pinched, pulled and twisted them, knowing he could see me playing with my tits so cruelly...

"Gawd, I want to fuck your tits! They sure look like they're big enough..." he observed, breathing warmly on my neck.

"Maybe if we go to the showers...? We could use some shampoo or some lotion. Lotion would be better, so I could suck and lick your cock while you fuck my tits, and catch your cum in my mouth when you shoot your load towards my chin," I told him.

"I'd like that, I'd like that a lot," he replied. "Now get on your back - I want you to cum with your legs in the air, like the song says... 'Never a care, with your legs in the air!'"

"Oooooh - you KNOW what I like!" I whispered back, and eagerly complied by rolling onto the blanket onto my back.

I offered a leg to help him steady himself as he rose from his sitting position. He moved between my legs and, holding onto one leg for balance, he circled my clit with his wet, condom-covered cock.

I arched my back in response, offering my wet and open cunt to him, silently begging him to fill me.

He set the end of his prick just within my lips, and then grabbed my other leg at the ankle. He rocked my legs forward, exposing my ass and part of my back to the night air, putting my ankles onto his shoulders. He reached forward and pulled hard on my nipples once, and then drove his cock down into me from above.

He ramrodded my pussy several times in this way, leaving me stunned and breathless and starting to cum, again. He bent my legs and put my ankles against his hips, my knees thrust forward. He used my knees as chair arms, and I reached up to lace my fingers with his as he pumped into me. Our fingers were still laced, his whole body shuddering, as his cum filled the condom, deep within me…

I lay back and smiled into the night sky. Life, I said to myself, is so damned good.