Contract Negotiations (Part 2)

Info Dr. Z
25 Feb. '17

Contract Negotiations

(Part 2)

As I came, I closed my eyes, arched my back, and tried to push my cock up against Mary's dildo. But she kept wiggling and sliding it all over my penis, which teasingly kept me yearning for more. Even after I was spent, I felt like I hadn't really finished. I yearned to squeeze my cock in my fist and tightly pump it to satisfaction as I was accustomed to doing when masturbating, but Mary was leaning on my arms and I couldn't move them.

After a while, I had drifted into a pleasant, post-orgasmic daze. In the back of my mind I felt Mary get up off of me, but I was half asleep and just lay there. As I sleepily reflected on Mary's expert attentions, I noticed that every time I pictured her with the penis-like dildo sticking out of her, I'd become aware of a faraway feeling of arousal. I'd experience the same feeling when visualizing my own cock. Somehow, Mary had gotten me to be much more interested in and focused on penises than I had ever been before.

I still had a negative reaction to all this, but I managed to rationalize it away by telling myself that being turned on by my own penis isn't homosexual, nor is being turned on by a woman with a fake penis.

"Don't fall asleep, Al."

Mary's voice startled me from my reverie. I shook myself awake and looked up. She was holding her blouse in her hand and had already put her skirt back on, and she stood over me, her naked breasts hanging over my head.

She jiggled them and laughed slightly, as if thinking of a private joke, and then asked, "How does your penis feel?"

I reflexively looked at it, noticing the semen all over it and my groin. The sight of it sent another vague sensation of arousal through me, and for a second I just stared at it. I really liked looking at it. Suddenly, I remembered that Mary had asked me a question. I quickly looked back up at her and said, "Oh ... uh, wow! It feels really good!"

Although I had only paused a second, Mary must have noticed my reaction to seeing my cock, because she ignored my reply and said, "See how much it turns you on now, Al? I doubt that the sight of your penis ever got you this hot before." She paused and wiggled her breasts again. "And don't worry, Al," she continued. "This'll be our secret. Our hot, nasty little secret."

As she spoke, Mary began to lightly rub and twist her nipples with her fingers. I stared raptly at her as she did this "They'd feel really good on your balls ..." she continued, "… and in your asshole. I'd like to fuck you in the ass with my nipple, Al."

As I kept staring, she silently continued to play with her nipples above me until after a minute or so she suddenly stopped and said, "Now you'd better get dressed. Rachael should be off her phone call any minute now. Here," she said, reaching into her purse and tossing me her panties, "wipe your cum off of yourself with these."

I again snapped out of my reverie, dragged myself upright, and wiped off my semen as best I could. She took the panties back when I was done, saying with a wink, "I'll keep these for you, Al. Later on we'll have some more fun with them."

"Uh, oh, OK," I mumbled absently and started dressing. I felt exhausted and quite fuzzy-headed, and I became quite nervous about my meeting with Rachael. I couldn't think clearly enough to negotiate well, and I was extremely worried about the likely possibility that Rachael put Mary up to her seduction of me. I felt out of control and vulnerable.

Suddenly, Mary's statements sunk in a little: she seemed to be saying that she had more in store for me. As I buttoned my shirt and tied my tie, I asked, "Uh, Mary, uh -- you kind of implied that ... that, well ... that there's more stuff we could do ... I mean, I think that's what it sounded like ..."

She was buttoning her blouse. "You want more?" she asked, sounding cold and detached, but with a hint of invitation in her voice -- a bit like a whore fishing for more business.

"Well ... yeah ... I, uh ... I mean, I'd like to ... to maybe do some more with you ... I mean ... I mean if you want to … uh, you seemed to imply that ..."

"Well, Al," she interrupted, somewhat more warmly but still with unmistakable whorishness. "I'm sure we can work something out ... under the right circumstances I'm willing to do a whole lot more with you." She smiled and her voice became more friendly. "But for now, hurry up and get dressed," she continued. "We can discuss it later -- I'm not going anywhere. You should go into the bathroom and clean up a little. I'll tell Rachael you'll be right back if she calls. Now hurry … and unlock the door so you can get back in."

I was still too dazed to think very clearly, so I just followed Mary's orders and went into the bathroom to wash up. Once there, I noticed that I didn't look as dissheveled as I had feared. My clothes had stayed pretty much unwrinkled because I'd taken them off before getting down on the floor, and all I had to do was wash my face and comb down my hair before I looked more or less normal.

The cold water on my face helped to get me back to an acceptable level of lucidity, and I was then able to reflect on everything that had happened since I arrived. I began to fear my meeting with Rachael -- if she and Mary were working together on this, I reflected, who knows what she'd lay on me in this meeting.

Actually, I had a way out -- I could just go home right then, skipping out on the meeting. The thought was tempting, but not as tempting as Mary, who had seemed to promise further sex with me. Her whorish attitude led me to wonder if perhaps she was some sort of hooker. I actually hoped she was, because I had more confidence that I could get what I want from a woman if its for money than for any other reason. The prospect of somehow arranging more hot sex with Mary after my meeting with Rachael was the only thing that kept me from running away. Besides, I was feeling well enough to go through with the negotiations -- or so I told myself as I walked back to the office to face Rachael.

Back in the agency, Mary told me that Rachael was done and would meet me in the conference room. She led through the main office into a corridor, her hips swaying seductively as usual. As I followed her, I pictured the conference room as one of those that are typically found in small offices such as this one: a room slightly larger than a large office with a table and a few chairs, and perhaps a projector or something similar.

So I was quite surprised when Mary unlocked a door at the end of the corridor and motioned me to follow her inside. The conference room indeed had a table and chairs, and even a projector, but it was much bigger – and much plusher -- than I expected. It was more elegantly decorated than any conference room I had ever seen, even in the biggest of corporations. If it wasn't for the long table taking up maybe half of the room, it would have looked more like a plush living room in an expensive home than a conference room.

I gaped at the thick carpeting, the overstuffed chairs, the lamps, the two large couches, the large TV-screen, and especially the bar against one wall.

"What's the matter?" Mary asked, a playful expression on her face. "You don't approve?"

"No, not at all. Of course I approve," I replied. "I'm actually quite impressed. I've never seen a conference room – or anything in a corporate office -- quite like this. It's … it's ..."

"Elegant?" she offered.

"Quite so," I replied.

"Well, Rachael believes in treating her clients right." Mary turned and winked at me, reinforcing my fears that she and Rachael were in this thing together. "Now Rachael will be here in a minute, so just sit down and make yourself comfortable." She turned and started walking out.

"Uh, Mary," I called out. She turned seductively to face me as she reached the door.

"Yeah?" she purred.

"Well, uh, I'd like to ... to talk to you about ... well, about ..." My voice trailed off as my shyness returned. I wanted to discuss the possibility of further sexual adventures with her. As usual, I found it nearly impossible to bring the subject up.

"Don't worry, Al," she interrupted, reassuringly. "I'm not going anywhere, and we'll have plenty of time to talk. Now just make yourself comfortable and Rachael will be right in." With that she turned her back to me, pulled her skirt up, wiggled her naked ass at me while winking over her shoulder, and flounced out the door as her skirt fell back down.

Although I was sexually spent, at least for the moment, this still was able to cause a faraway sexual reaction in me. I sat down and took a few deep breaths. I didn't want to be distracted during my negotiations with Rachael, and I wanted to get them over with quickly and get back to Mary.

A minute later the door opened and in walked Rachael. Now, even though I had spoken to her previously on the phone, I wasn't prepared for how young she looked. From her demeanor and the fact that she was the owner of this agency, I expected someone maybe in her mid to late 40's, or possibly even older. But Rachael looked around 35 or so -- and a very attractive 35 at that. She had medium-length, expensively styled red hair, a sensuous and attractive face, was maybe 5'6" or 5'7", and had a really nice figure. Her hips and bust were full, but neither was too large, and I noticed she had really nice legs. She wore an obviously expensive business suit, but one that showed off her body to good advantage.

I stood up and we shook hands, and she said, "Well, Al. I'm glad you could make it on such short notice. I really wanted to have a chance to try to persuade you to stay with us."

I liked her forthrightness. "Well, I'm glad, too. Although the new offer is a really good one, I like my current job …" thoughts of Mary went through my mind and I added, "... and I especially like this agency. I'd like to try to work something out so I could stay with you."

"Well, it looks like we have the same goals tonight," she said as she motioned me to be seated. I sat back where I was before: on the couch to the far right against the arm rest. She chose the seat next to the couch that was facing at 90 degrees to it. This put her left leg about three inches from my right one.

"But before we start, Al," she continued, "Let me tell you a little bit about me and about my agency."

"OK," I replied cheerfully.

She told me how she built this agency up all by herself into what it now is -- a $30 million a year agency that supplies temporary office help and high-level consulting services to major corporations. She's the sole owner of the company and that there is no debt, and there was well-deserved pride in her voice when she told me that.

I told her how impressed I was at how well she had done, and she received the compliment graciously and seemingly gratefully as well. With that, she sat back comfortably and gazed pleasantly at me. I was a bit at a loss for words, so I just looked around the room, trying not to let my nervousness show.

"So, do you like our conference room?" she asked after I had begun to get quite uncomfortable with the silence.

"Yes, I do," I replied, grateful for her converstaional opening. "I've been in lots of companies, but I don't think I've ever seen a conference room as elegant as this one."

"Well, I want my clients to be comfortable," she replied. "I think that the proper atmosphere can really be conducive to good business relations. Don't you think so?"

"Well, I guess so," I answered. "I just think this is really nice -- and I wish more businesses would take the time to do things like this."

"Well, they used to do that a lot more, say 20 or 30 years ago," she replied. "But nowadays everyone's in it for the fast buck and they don't like to spend money on such niceties. That's why this country is going down the shithole so fast these days, I think."

I was a bit taken aback at her use of the word "shithole," not because such language shocks me or because I think it's unladylike or anything, but because it seemed a bit out of character with the elegant, refined image she had been conveying up until then.

But more than that, I was impressed with her views about American business and about the decline of the U.S.A. I share her views and I have a hard time finding people who agree with me or are even willing to discuss them. I guess most Americans can't cope with the reality that the good ol' American dream is pretty much dead -- or at least in a rather advanced, comatose state.

So, her comment sparked me to start talking about my opinions, and pretty soon we were in a rather animated conversation about this topic. As we talked I became more and more comfortable with her and started to like her quite a bit. She was smart, perceptive, witty, and quite sexy. I often found myself staring at her legs which were crossed right in front of me, and I couldn't help but notice her body, which seemed relaxed and loose under her clothes. Most women in business seemed so stiff and uptight, and Rachael's apparent comfortableness with her body was a striking change from that.

As we continued to chat, I began to notice that Rachael was acting quite businesslike and I saw no evidence that she had any knowledge of Mary's antics. This made me wonder if perhaps I was wrong about Rachael having something to do with Mary's behavior. Maybe Mary's actions had nothing to do with Rachael wanting me to stay with the agency. At any rate, I began to feel better about dealing with Rachael as we continued to talk.

After a few minutes of this, I had all but forgotten about Mary. Those few times she intruded into my consciousness, I just dismissed the thought about her with a reminder to myself that she would still be there when I was done here. I found myself drawn to Rachael, but in a different way than I was drawn to Mary. She was sexually attractive to me, but in a less blatant and more refined manner than Mary was. She wasn't doing anything that could be labelled as flirtatious, and didn't seem to be intentionally trying to arouse me -- at least not in the way that Mary had done. Rachael was just behaving like a confident, refined woman who knows she's beautiful and who always does her best to show off her charms.

We were long done with the subject of the decline of American values, and our conversation had meandered into many related areas: art, politics, current events, literature, etc. Finally, it was Rachael who got us back on course.

"You really are a stimulating conversationalist, Al," she said, sending a shiver of arousal through me as I savored the compliment. "But as much as I'd love to continue this with you, we have some business to attend to, I'm afraid."

"Yeah, I know," I sighed. "I guess we need to see if we can reach an agreement about my rates that would allow me to stay with your agency." I vowed that I wasn't going to let her charm me into settling for less than what I wanted, although I had to admit myself that her ample charms would be hard to resist.

"Uh-huh," she said cheerfully. "So, Al, what would make you want to stay with us?"

"More money," I smiled.

She smiled back. "How much more money, Al?"

With that, we lept into the negotiations. The new contract paid me $300 a day more than my current one. Although the headhunter had told me that Rachael wouldn't give me that much of a raise, I asked her for it anyway. Sure enough, she replied that she couldn't afford that much and offered me much less. I rejected that offer and we fell into some old-fashioned horse trading.

After a while, Rachael gave me what she said was her final offer: we'd split the difference, and I'd get a $150/day raise. Now, this was enough for me, and I was more or less willing to accept. However, I didn't want to seem to eager, and I really wanted to get away from her and think about it alone before I made my final decision. So, I told her I was leaning towards accepting, but I wasn't sure.

With that, she said, "I understand, Al. You need time. But I want to help you make up your mind"

This sounded like perhaps she was going to kick in some more money, so I smiled and gave her an inquisitive but encouraging glance.

"I know you're having a hard time with this, Al," she said, speaking slowly and carefully and watching me very closely. "I realize that money isn't the only thing that's motivating you here."

I'd heard this kind of thing before: my negotiating partner would try to use the "money isn't everything" argument to make me feel guilty about being greedy and thereby to beat me down on price. I knew how to handle it.

"You're right, it's not, Rachael," I countered. "I have to weigh the money with all the other intangibles. It's a decision only I can make -- alone. That's why I need to sleep on it."

"Of course," she replied, unfazed. "You said you're leaning towards accepting my offer of $150 less a day to stay with us. You obviously have priorities other than pure greed. That's admirable."

Always beware of compliments during negotions, I reminded myself. "Thanks," I said politely but looking back at her with resolve. "I'm glad you understand."

"Oh, I do, Al," she replied calmly. "But there's one thing I still don't quite understand."

"OK," I replied, wondering what she was up to. "What's that?"

"What is it about us that would make you want to give up $150 a day?" she asked, with mock innocence.

I realized that she had me. I had to admit to myself that the only reason I was even considering her offer was because I liked how she and Mary were making me feel. How could I admit that to her? I tried to come up with a plausible-sounding explanation at the spur of the moment. "Well," I said nervously, "I ... uh, I'm just, well ... well, comfortable with this agency and ... and you've always treated me well and ... and, well, I guess it's not always easy to make a change. The fact that this is a known situation is worth something to me, I guess."

I realized that if I wasn't careful, she'd have me agreeing to her terms right there on the spot, so I quickly added, "But you know, it's a hard choice. That's why I need the time tonight to sleep on it and think it over."

"Of course," she replied. "I understand perfectly why you'd need time. I already told you that I understand that. But I'm still a bit confused, Al. I hope you don't mind me asking you about this. I don't mean to pry or anything."

She paused a moment as if wanting a response, so I nervously replied, "Oh, no ... it's OK." It wasn't OK, but the reply just came out of me before I could think.

She nodded and continued. "I'm still confused. Would you really give up $150 a day just for some familiarity and comfort? I mean, that's more than $37,000 a year"

"Well, yeah ..." I stammered, feeling trapped.

She kept on. "And so there must be something else, Al. That's a lot of money."

She was taking a big risk with this line of questioning. I could easily say that she was right, that come to think of it, $150 a day really isn't enough. I could then thank her for opening my eyes and reject her offer. But somehow I knew that she was aware of that risk and was confident that I wouldn't do that.

"Yes, it is a lot money," I replied, helplessly trying to think of a way out and stalling with that non-committal reply.

"So what is it, Al? What do we have to offer here for you that's worth the money you're considering giving up?" She was outwardly kind but coldly unwavering.

"Well, Rachael, it's hard to say," I prevaricated. "It's sort of ... of a feeling I have, I guess. It's ... it's hard to put my finger on ... just a feeling -- you know?"

"What kind of feeling?" She kept on pushing.

"Oh ... I don't know ... just ... just a ... just an intangible kind of ... it's hard to say, Rachael." I was desperate.

"That's why I ... I need time to ... need time alone to think about it ... you know, to try to understand it better before I finally decide. Sometimes I ... I need to ... well, how can I say this? ... uh, sometimes I get feelings that I should do something and then later on regret it. It's a problem with me. That's why I need to ... to think it over some more. You understand, don't you?" I pleaded.

"Yes, Al, I do understand," she replied kindly. "I don't mean to put you on the spot. I'll back off."

"Oh, that's OK," I replied, the words practically gushing out of me. I was off the hook and I felt relieved. "I'm just sorry I can't give you a more timely answer," I continued magnanimously.

"No, Al, I really do understand, and I couldn't expect a better answer from you." She was all sweetness and friendliness. "In fact, I should apologize to you, as well. I put you on the spot even though I understood perfectly what was motivating you. I sometimes get pushy in spite of what's best for me … and for the situation. It's a fault I still need to work on."

"Oh, that's OK, Rachael. You don't need to apolgize for that." I was filled with sweetness myself, partly from relief at being let off the hook, partly because Rachael was being so nice, and partly because I sensed our discussion was coming to an end and I was looking forward to more fun with Mary. "But if you insist on apologizing," I continued, "I certainly accept it."

"Well, thank you, Al," she replied graciously and seemingly with sincere feeling. "You're most gracious, but that doesn't change the fact that my pushing you was still uncalled for. I knew from the beginning that the main reason you were seriously considering my offer was because of how sexually turned on I'm getting you."

Shit! This whole line of discussion was a skillfully laid trap for me that Rachael had set, and I had fallen right into it. I was visibly shaken when she sprung it on me, and I swore to myself and started to make a feeble protest.

"Oh, there's no use denying it," she continued, cutting me off. "I know I'm a very attractive woman, and I can clearly see the reactions I'm having on you."

"Rachael," I protested, visibly in pain. "It's really ... I mean ... it's not what you think, and ..."

"No, Al. It's exactly what I think." She was kind but firm. "But don't worry. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I don't think anything's wrong with that. It's a normal reaction on your part ..." she said, giving me a sly look. Then she continued, "... especially considering that it's exactly the reaction I wanted you to have."

"Oh," I said, sullenly and with a bit of venom. "Wonderful. I'm so glad to know that," I spat. So perhaps my original suspicions were correct after all about her and Mary.

"Don't take it so hard, Al. It's nothing personal," she said coolly but still with kindness in her voice. "This is business. I make a lot of money off of you here, and I want you to stay."

"Well," I said, feeling a strange calmness come over me, presumably because things were now more out in the open. "I guess I can understand it from your point of view -- sort of. But, well, I mean, I'm not used to ... to, well ..." I was resentful and feeling bold "... to someone prostituting themselves in this kind of business deal."

I wanted the words to sting, but to my dismay, Rachael was totally unfazed. "That's no big deal to me, Al. You see, I am a prostitute."

I assumed that she meant that she acknowledged that she used sex to win business deals. "Well, in that sense, many people are, I guess. But what I was trying to say was ..."

I was looking to make the insult more pointed, but she cut me off. "No, Al. I don't think you do understand. I really am a prostitute. You know, a hooker: I make money by performing sexual acts."

I was shocked. This was totally unexpected. "But, but ... how ... ?" My sentence trailed off into nothingness.

"I told you how I built this business up. Well, what I didn't tell you was that I've been a hooker since I was 18. I always hated pimps and I managed to always work on my own. It was hard, but I don't give up easily, and by the time I was 21 I was pulling in over $5000 a week. That was quite a bit back then. I'm really good."

All I could say was, "Uh, you must be."

"Very, very good, Al. So after a while I had worked myself up to being a very expensive, very high-class call girl. Although I was able to stay clear of any pimps, I still had to work through escort agencies. I made a good living, but I didn't like the agency getting its big cut. So three of the girls and I started our own agency. We did quite well, but after a few years I wanted more. Plus, the escort business is really a hassle. It's too visible. So, I hit upon the idea of starting this legitimate business as a front. I had a lot of money in the bank, so I started up this agency as a temporary secretarial service. I sent girls out on straight assignments, and I also used it as a front for the other kinds of services we provided."

So that explained Mary, I thought to myself.

Rachael was going on with her story. "Pretty soon I was making as much on the straight business as I was with the other stuff, so I expanded and went big-time, placing consultants like you as well as the run-of-the-mill office help. I now pull in over $30 million a year, and most of the people who work through me have no idea about the other side of the business. My contacts as a call-girl get me right to the top of most of the major corporations, and the men are happy to hire my people – both for office services and for the other services I perform. I've had this business now for over 8 years, and although I keep busy running it, I still sometimes will go out on a sexual assignment myself. Needless to say, I'm quite expensive."

"Of course," I replied with bitterness.

"So yes, Al," she continued, ignoring my remark, "I am a prostitute. And this gets me back to our little business deal here."

"OK," I murmurred, still depressed, but wondering what she was leading up to. If it was a sex-for-money deal, I might go for it.

"Well, Al, do you know what my markup is on you?" she asked.

"I don't know," I replied glumly. "What? Maybe $200 or $300 a day?"

"How about $700?" she replied calmly.

"That's a 100 percent markup!" I exclaimed. "How do you get them to pay for it?"

She smiled slyly and said, "I don't give away trade secrets." I could imagine what kinds of persuasion she used on her clients.

"Actually, I only make $200 on paper if you accept the raise I'm offering you," she went on. "That's $100 a day for me after tax and expenses. The other $400 is tax-free and under the table -- that comes to $500 of profit a day, or more than $10000 a month free and clear. You can see why I want you to stay with us."

"Yeah, I certainly can," I answered, suddenly aware of a new angle. "So you can afford to give me a lot more than $150 a day, can't you."

She smiled again. "Not on paper I can't. I have to show a profit."

"But it kind of gets under my skin to know that you make so much off of me," I shot back. "If the clients pay, I must be worth it to them and I think I should get more of that money than you have offered so far.

"Well, I don't mean to underestimate your considerable abilities or the high respect the clients have for you," she countered, "but in this case I must point out that the extra $400 a day is because of my efforts, and I assure you that our clients are very clear on this point."

"OK," I replied, "I grant you that. But you mustn't forget that no matter whose services the $400 is meant to pay for, it still will stop if I take the other contract. Maybe something less than the $400 would be better than nothing. The way I see it, you get the money under the table, and so you can give some of it back to me under the table, as well." I was proud of myself and my negotiating skills.

"Now we're finally getting down to business, Al," she said. "Yes, I could do that -- but I'd rather give it back to you in other ways." She shifted her position on the chair so that her leg was pressing against mine.

"You see, Al," she continued, "I'm willing to give half of the $400 a day back to you, but in, well, 'personal services' instead of cash. That comes to $4000 a month in these services from me, Mary, or one of my other girls. Mary normally charges $1200 to $1500 a night. I usually charge at least $2500. For $4000 a month, you can get quit a bit of sex from us Al -- and it'll be the best sex you ever had."

I felt a twinge in my cock, and I found myself having a harder and harder time thinking. Rachael went on, "You see, Al, Mary and I really understand what you need. With us you don't have to bullshit around with trying to satisfy your partner, or with 'making love', or with trying to stay hard, or with anything like that. I've been in the business for 17 years, and know what men really need. I know what you really need, Al – probably even better than you do. Mary, I, and some of my other girls are experts, Al. We'll get you hotter than you've ever been, and we'll keep you that way for hours."

She sat back again in her chair. My cock was almost totally erect, and it twitched and throbbed as it pushed up the front of my pants.

"So what do you say, Al?" Rachael asked. "Do we have a deal?"

I didn't answer immediately. I needed to think.

If I accepted her offer I'd be making $150 a day less than if I took the new offer (although it's $150 a day more than my current rate, I reminded myself). On the other hand I'd be getting two or more nights a month with Rachael or Mary or some other experienced woman. I wanted to say yes, but I started to fear that I was going to be ripped off. If I agreed to this and then Rachael welched on me, I didn't have any legal recourse – I could hardly take her to court for withholding sexual services.

If she did rip me off I could just quit, but the good offer I would be turning down today in order to take Rachael's offer would be long gone, and I couldn't be sure there would be another. But as a freelance consultant, I was accustomedd to that kind of uncertainty, I reminded myself, and I realized that I was afraid of a lot more than being ripped off financially. I was afraid of the power Mary and Rachael would have over me if I gave in.

While all this was going through my mind, Rachael patiently sat there and waited for me to answer. Finally, I said, "Well, Rachael, I'm inclined to accept, but ... but, well, I'm worried."

"About what?" she asked calmly. "You can always quit if I don't keep my side of the bargain."

"I know," I said, no longer able to refrain from laying my cards on the table. "But that's not really it. It's that … well, that I'm afraid of being ... being ... well, being out of control and ... and, well, under your ... I mean, I'm afraid of the emotional aspects of this kind of arrangement," I hedged.

She smiled to herself and nodded. "You almost said your afraid of being under my power, didn't you, Al?" she purred, her voice taking on a deep, husky, inviting aspect. "You're afraid of the sexual power I can have over you, right?"

"Well ..." I sighed and then hesitated. Rachael was absolutely correct and I didn't know how to worm out of admitting that to her. "Yes," I finally conceded, "I'm afraid of ... of what you said."

"Hmmmm ..." she said, nodding slowly as she stared deeply into my eyes. "You know what I think, Al?" she suddenly asked.

"Uh, what's that?"

"I think that you want me to have sexual power over you. I think it really turns you on, Al."

She was right, but I could hardly admit it to myself, let alone her. "No! No, Rachael ... I admit I'm ... I'm, uh ... uh nervous and, well ... but not ... uh ..."

"No, Al," Rachael interrupted. "There's no use denying it. Look. You're really scared and yet you're still sitting here. You could've left -- made some excuse, told me to get fucked – anything. There are a hundred ways you could have gotten out of here. But you didn't. You're still sitting here arguing."

I felt a horrible sinking feeling inside of me as the realization hit me that she had me pegged to the letter.

"No, Al, I'm right," Rachael continued. The idea of me or one of my girls having sexual power over you excites you – deep, deep inside of you, Al. It's something you've desired – no, something you've craved for a long, long time. I know I'm right, Al."

I just looked down nervously and then back up at her.

"I've been in the business for 17 years," she continued, "and I couldn't be successful at it without understanding men, Al. And I'm very successful, and I'm very good at understanding men. I'm not wrong about a man very often, and I know I'm not wrong about you."

I started protesting again, although quite feebly.

Once again she cut me off. "Don't fight it, Al. I know what you need. You need me to take control of you sexually – to understand your needs so well that I don't have to ask you what you want -- that distracts you -- I know, Al -- see, I do understand -- and to take you totally under my control – under my sexual power -- to slowly, expertly build up your arousal – more and more hotly, deeply, dizzingly overwhelming you with sexual pleasure. You love sitting here hearing me tell you this, and you'll love it even more when we get down and start actually doing it. And I can do it, Al. Have no doubt about that. I'm an expert at it, Al."

I swallowed thickly.

"See, I know what you want, Al. Just hearing me talk about it makes your mouth water. I know you want to surrender to me. To yield totally to my sexual expertise. I'll keep you hot, hard, throbbing for a long, long time, Al, with no pain, no S&M, no 'Mistress' type stuff that I know you don't want. I'll delay your orgasm so that your ecstacy builds and builds beyond anything you've even dreamed of -- I can do that, Al – I assure you. And when I do give you your release, the pleasure will be indescribable -- you'll be overwhelmed with the intensity of your sensations. It'll be like no orgasm you've ever experienced -- so long and deep and overpowering. And you know what, Al?"

All I could do was shake my head feebly.

"I know how to give you an orgasm like that and still keep a lot of your cum in you. That means I'll be able to give you two -- three -- maybe even four more orgasms before you're finally spent. Isn't this and everything else I've just finished describing to you what you really want, Al?"

She was absolutely right about all of that, but all I could do was sigh and gaze helplessly at her.

"So Al," she continued, her voice deep, husky, and dripping with sexual invitation, "do we have a deal? Just say the word and the deal is done. Surrender to me, Al."

She knew I'd agree. "Yes," I murmurred, the words catching in my throat. "I want ... I want it. It's a deal."

"Good," she said as she smiled faintly and got up from her chair. "Just stay there. I'm going to call Mary in."

With that she went to the phone and made a quick call, presumably to Mary in the outer office, although I couldn't hear anything.

After she hung up she returned to her chair. "Now, Al," she said after she was seated, "get totally nude and stand in front of me," Rachael said softly. "I want you totally undressed by the time Mary gets here."

I hesitated and then did what Rachael asked. When I was completely naked I nervously stood up facing Rachael. She just sat there looking at me and my now soft cock until Mary entered a short while later. She came over to me and purred, "You're going to love this, Al."

I just nodded.

"Now, Al," Rachael said, "as I'm sure you know, Mary is really good with penises."

She paused but I just stood there.

"So I want you to see how good she really is, Al. Now we're going to do a little experiment of sorts. You stand here just like this, and put your hands on your hips. That's it. Good. Now, you are not to speak and you must not remove your hands from your hips under any circumstances. Do you understand?"

"Uh, well ..." I was afraid to make such a promise. What if one of them started whipping me or something?

Rachael seemed to sense my fear and said, "No one will hurt you, not even a little bit. Now, no speaking and keep your hands on your hips."

"OK" I acceeded.

"Now, the experiment is this: we're going to see how hard Mary can get that cock of yours without even touching it. Remember, hands on your hips and no speaking. Now Mary, let's begin."

With that, Mary came over behind me and kneeled down. I felt her hands tickling up from my ankles slowly up the insides of my legs. Rachael sat back in her chair and began to talk to Mary. "So do you think you can do it, Mary?"

"Oh, sure. No problem. I'll have that penis of his really hard." Mary's fingers slowly snaked their way up the insides my legs and then back down again.

"Well, if anyone can do it, it's you," Rachael replied. "But I don't know -- it still looks pretty soft to me."

"Well, I'm barely getting started," Mary replied, her fingers tickling up a little higher and then down again. "He loves his penis," Mary purred, continuing her teasing up and down my inner legs. "He likes to play with it more than anything else."

"Yeah, I figured he did," Rachael replied laconically.

"Oh, he just loves teasing and stroking his penis." Mary continued. She slid one finger up the inside of my thigh and barely touched the bottom of one of my balls. An electric spasm shot through me and my cock twitched. As she slid her finger back down she said, "But, I think you're going to have a hard time getting him to keep his hands on his hips. Pretty soon I'll have him so hot that all he'll be able to think about is how much he wants to grab that long, hard, hot thing and start stroking it."

"Oh, don't worry about that, Mary," Rachael countered. "I'll make sure he keeps his promise."

"You know, Rachael," Mary said, changing the subject, "penises really turn him on." She ran her hands up the fronts of mythighs all the way up to my groin. She caressed me next to my cock without touching it and then rubbed my stomach. "I think he'd like to see me playing with some nice, big, hard cocks, don't you?"

"I think you're right, Mary," Rachael agreed. "Let's show him how good you are at milking the cum out of penises."

Rachael then turned to me and said, "OK, Al, move over closer to the TV. We're going to show you a really hot video."

Mary stopped her caresses and I walked over to where Rachael had indicated. She sat in another chair, facing me, and she said to Mary, "Why don't you get nude after you start the clip."

"OK," Mary replied. She went to the computer in the corner, where she started the video, after turning it on and dimming the lights. She then quickly stepped out or her clothes and went back behind me.

As the video started, Rachael paused it with a remote control as Mary resumed caressing my legs, thighs, ass, groin, and stomach from behind.

"This is a video of Mary," Rachael suddenly piped in. "I think you'll really like it." With that she pushed the button and the video began.

On the screen there a shot of a man lying on his back on the ground suddenly appeared. It was shot at floor level, so that all that could be seen of him were his feet, his partially spread legs, his balls, and his cock standing straight up. He appeared to have some sort of cuffs around his ankles, which led me to believe he was restrained. Mary then walked in, totally nude, and faced the camera. She straddled his body with one leg on either side of his hips, and she began to speak. The sound quality wasn't great, but I could clearly understand her.

Looking right into the camera, she was saying, "I want your big, hard prick in my cunt." She paused, licking her lips. "Look at my nipples," she then said as she began to pinch them with her fingers. "They're so hard -- just like your big, long dick."

With that, I felt Mary's breasts rubbing against my ass as she tickled the area right next to my balls with her fingertips. The Mary on the video moaned and started slowly sliding her hands down her chest to her stomach and then to her groin. She squatted slightly and began to rub her pussy with one hand.

"Oooooh, my pussy is so hot," she whispered as she fingered herself for the camera. "So wet." Looking down at the erect penis below her, she said, "Your prick is so long -- so hard – so hot! I'm gonna sit on it -- I'm gonna sit right down on that big, hard thing of yours so it slides way up deep into my wet, hot cunt. Oh yeah!" she moaned as she squatted down so her pussy was right behind the head of the penis on the screen. She put one hand on the floor next to the man's hips to support her weight, and with the other one took his organ in her hand.

Gazing back into the camera she began to rub the head of his penis forward and back along the length of her slit. "What a hot prick." she moaned. "I love getting your head all wet with my pussy juice -- it slides so well along my cunt." I heard a male moan coming from the video. "Oh, yeah," she purred. "You love the way I make your head feel. I can feel all of your long, hard prick throbbing in my hand."

I felt the real Mary's fingers snaking up my belly to my chest as she rubbed her breasts against my ass.

I heard another male moan from the video accompanied by an upward thrust of the man's hips. "Ohhhh, you're so impatient," the video-Mary taunted, turning her head slightly to the side as if talking to the man, but keeping her eyes on the camera except for an occasional darting glance back to him.

"Oh, how hot you are," said video-Mary as the man swore and jerked his hips again. He indeed must have been restrained, because he seemed not to be able to move too much. She kept sliding the head of his cock up and back along her pussy and continued, "He didn't believe me when I said I'd have him begging me to let him slide that hard dick of his up into my sweet, warm, wet cunt."

She looked at him over her shoulder and said, "Right, honey? You didn't even think I could get you to stay hard while lying on your back here in front of the camera on the cold floor – at least not without me stroking it for you. But see: you were lying there for at least 2 or 3 minutes while we set up – and your big dick was hard and throbbing the whole time."

Video-Mary stopped rubbing his cock along her pussy and positioned herself so that it was right at her opening, ready for her to slide it into her. Still looking over her shoulder at him, she moaned, "So you want me to sit on it now, baby?"

The man moaned and jerked his hips up, but she just stood up a little so it didn't go in.

"I can't hear you," video-Mary teased. "Tell me what you want me to do."

The man swore again and thrust his hips once more, this time quite violently. But it was to no avail, as she moved away once more.

"Now, now, sweetie," she taunted. "You have to tell me what you want, or I won't do anything but tease your head some more." With that she resumed sliding his cock head along her pussy.

The man grunted and moaned deeply, and I saw his hips and cock twitching. Finally, after he apparently couldn't stand it any longer, I heard him say, amid moans and grunts, "OK ... OK … I want to put it in you ... I ... I ... please let me ... let me slide my dick up into you ... please!"

"That's much better, darling," video-Mary replied as she stopped teasing his head and positioned it once again so it was aimed at her opening. "You shouldn't doubt my abilities, sweetheart. I told you I'm an expert making that prick of yours do whatever I want it to do. Now don't move and I'll slowly take it into my hot, wet cunt."

With that, video-Mary pushed the head into her pussy and leaned forward a little, supporting her weight by resting her hands on his thighs with her arms straight. She looked into the camera and slowly lowered herself down on his cock until it had disappeared inside her all the way down to the root.

While all this was happening on the video, the real Mary had reached my nipples with her hands and began tweaking and pinching them. She continued rubbing my ass with her breasts and her now erect nipples as I watched the screen, and she'd sometimes take one or the other of her hands and tease my groin, legs, or crotch area without touching my cock. This plus the video action was getting me really turned on. But my cock was only half hard, since I'm used to lots of stimulation and I don't usually get an erection without touching myself.

The scene on the video was similar to scenes in other videos that I'd jacked off to, and I felt an increasingly strong desire to grab my cock and stroke it -- especially when video-Mary was taunting the man. But I did what Rachael told me to do and forced myself to keep my hands on my hips.

Video-Mary had slowly sat down on the man's cock, and then she began to raise and lower herself on it. She never took her eyes off the camera as she continuously and hypnotically chanted in a low, throaty, moaning voice: "Oooooh, yeah ... so hot ... so wet ... fuck my cunt ... oh yeah ... fuck my hot, sweet, wet cunt ... in and out ... in and out ... fuck it … fuck it! ..."

She spoke in exact rhythm with her motions, which slowly became more and more elaborate as she'd rotate her hips, move them back and forth and from side to side, squeeze her legs together tightly, and do other hot variations. Sometimes she'd lightly graze her fingers along his inner thighs, on his balls, or part way up his shaft if she was on an upstroke.

Video-Mary's monologue continued as I stared raptly at her image on the screen. I loved the sight of her nude body sexily writhing up and down on the man's cock -- especially as she seemingly stared and spoke right at me. Her motions emphasized the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her, and this really turned me on.

"... in and out ..." she was moaning, "... that big ... long ... hard ... prick! So long ... so hard ... so hot! … ooooh yeah! ... what a hot dick! ... in and out ... milking it with my cunt! ..."

This went on until the real Mary suddenly stopped her stroking and caressing. I started to turn around but Rachael stopped me with a sharp whisper: "Keep watching the video. She'll be back."

I obeyed, and sure enough, a few seconds later I felt her breasts against my ass again. But then, I felt what seemed to be her slippery finger sliding up and down the crack of my ass. Apparently she had put some lubricant on her finger. This caused me to gasp loudly and involuntarily push my ass back against her finger. She chuckled and said, "Now we're really going to get going!"

Rachael paused the video and said, "I don't know, Mary. He's only partially erect."

"Hey, no problem," Mary replied as she slid her finger up and down my crack again. "He can hardly control himself as it is. He wants to massage and squeeze his penis really bad. Right, Al?"

I grunted an affirmative sound.

"He loves this, Rachael," Mary purred as she continued sliding her slick finger up and down my crack. "Start the video. His penis is going to get really hard now."

With that, Rachael nodded at me with a taunting smile of her own and started the video going again. Once again, video-Mary was moving up and down and all around on the man's hard cock. "… big prick ... long prick ... hard prick ..." she was moaning.

The real Mary began pushing her slippery finger against my anal opening. She was careful to keep time with the video. Whenever video-Mary would sit down on the man's cock, the real Mary's finger would push against my anus. When video-Mary would slide up off his shaft, the real Mary's finger would pull back from my anus and slide up and down my crack. The real Mary even moved her finger against my anus in such a way as to mirror video-Mary's side-to-side, back-and-forth, and circular motions on the man's cock.

"... oooooh, so hot ... so wet ..." video-Mary was moaning. Never lowering her eyes from the camera, she was clenching her teeth and hissing out the words in an increasingly intense rhythm, as if a man was watching her and she was mirroring his growing arousal. "... fuck it ... my hot cunt ... your long, hard prick ... ooooooh, yeah! ..." Video-Mary kept it up without pause.

As this was going on in the video, the real Mary's fingers were snaking deeper and deeper into my asshole. At first, I kept it clenched tightly closed, but soon Mary's expert touch had me relaxing and allowing her slippery finger deeper and deeper in me. The sensations were much more pleasurable than I ever thought they could be.

Soon, Mary was thrusting deeply in me and pressing against my inner anus in such a way as to send shivers of pleasure through me. I think I probably was thrusting my hips back and forth to meet her hot, penetrating strokes, although I was so overcome with intense sexual pleasure and arousal that I couldn't think clearly.

I solely focused on the intense pleasure of Mary finger-fucking my asshole and the very hot sight of video-Mary moving up and down on the man's hard penis on the screen – in perfect synchronization.

"... what a hot prick ..." video-Mary was hissing as her gyrations became more and more feverish and her expression became more and more intense. "... yeah ... yeah! … ooooh ... so hard ... hard as steel and really throbbing … deep inside me ... ooooh, so deep and hot ... yeah! ... fuck me ... yeah! ... I said FUCK me with your hard prick ... in and out ... in and out ..."

By now, the real Mary's stiff finger was thrusting deep in me and then pulling all the way out. In and out ... in and out ... fucking me hard just like the man's cock on the video.

All of the sudden, video-Mary slowed down her motions and began once again to speak teasingly: "So baby ... are you ready? … huh? ... are you ready to give me every last drop of your hot, sweet cum? ..." Although she was obviously speaking to the man in the video, she kept her eyes fixed on the camera, as if she was really talking to me.

I heard a faint grunt in the background of the video that was unmistakably an affirmative reply. Real Mary kept fucking me in the ass with her finger in exact rhythm with video-Mary's slower and less intense motions.

"Oooooh," she taunted, never taking her gaze from the camera. "I bet you have such a big, hot load of creamy cum in those balls of yours, huh?" I felt as if she as talking to me, and I suddenly realized that I did want to cum.

Another incoherent male grunt came from the video.

Completely stopping her up and down motions, video-Mary sat down all the way on the man's cock. Real Mary followed suit and just kept her finger buried deep in my ass. "You've never even been half this hot before," video-Mary purred. "You're gonna cum so much! ..." she hissed as she gave her hips two rotations as his cock remained buried deep inside her.

The real Mary rotated her finger in me in exact time with video-Mary's motions. This caused me to gasp loudly with intense pleasure. I wanted to cum really badly. It was all I could do to keep from grabbing my cock in my fist and furiously pumping myself to orgasm. But I obeyed Rachael's instructions, although I had to clench my fists tightly against my hips to keep from giving in to my urges.

"... your juice is gonna spurt out ..." video-Mary was saying. "... gobs of hot cream are gonna shoot out of that long, hot dick ..." she gave her hips another rotation, with real Mary following suit with her finger. "... flowing up your shaft ... your creamy wet semen ... ohhhh, you've got so much of it ..." Video-Mary rotated her hips once more, and real Mary did the same with her finger.

Then, video-Mary suddenly got up off the man's cock, which glistened with her juices as it stood up, hard as steel and throbbing. A disappointed male moan came from the video, followed by my own, similar moan as real Mary pulled her finger all the way out of me.

Video-Mary sat on the floor next to the man, facing the camera. She lightly took the base of his cock in one hand as the camera zoomed in, framing the cock in her hand in the bottom-center of the picture. Her face was off camera, and she was saying, "You said you'd never cum for the camera."

I heard another male groan.

"But you will. And you're gonna cum so good. So hot!" With that, her other hand appeared on screen. In it was a glob of some kind of thick lubricant, like KY jelly or something similar. As his organ twitched, she smeared the thick jelly up and down his shaft and started stroking lightly with her hand. Real Mary resumed her finger-fucking of my asshole, once again exactly in time with video-Mary's strokes on the screen.

Video-Mary's head then appeared in the picture. She was behind his cock, her chin almost resting on his belly. She stared right into the camera as she expertly jacked him off.

"No ... no! ..." I heard the man moaning behind her, apparently not wanting to cum on camera but knowing he didn't really have much control over whether or not he did.

As video-Mary continued to masturbate his cock, she just smiled devilishly and mercilessly teased him. She never lowered her eyes from the camera, and in my arousal from watching her stroke that hard cock, and from the sensations of the real Mary fingering my asshole, it felt as if video-Mary was talking directly to me.

"You're gonna cum so good," she taunted, hotly squeezing, caressing, and pumping on his cock with her hand. "Yeah … try to hold back ... yeah ... try to keep me from pumping your creamy, hot jizz out of this big, hard, throbbing prick … ooooh yeah ... you know you can't resist ... the pleasure is growing inside of you ... you feel the semen building up in you ... burning inside of you ..."

Video-Mary's strokes became faster and more rhythmic. She'd sometimes run her thumb over the purple head on her upstroke, causing the man to moan, grunt, and writhe his hips.

The sound of video-Mary's voice, the sight of her hand sliding up and down the man's cock, and the sensations of the real Mary's finger going in and out of my asshole were getting me so hot that all I could think about was cumming. My arms started involuntarily twitching as I fought the now almost uncontrollable urge to take them from my hips, grab my cock, and furiously jack myself off to orgasm.

Rachael must have seen my struggles, because I suddenly noticed her kneeling at my side and tightly holding my arms at my sides. This was slightly annoying at first, but soon I was lost once again in the sensations of Mary finger-fucking me as I stared at the video.

"You know you wanna cum," video-Mary was saying on screen, her stroking of his slippery, hard cock getting faster and harder (and real Mary's finger-fucking of my ass follwing suit). "You wanna shoot all that creamy spunk of yours out so we all can see it ... so we can get it on tape."

Another, more desperate-sounding grunt came from the man, but video-Mary ignored it and kept up her masturbation of him. He was grunting and moaning now with just about every breath, and he seemed to be fighting her efforts. But it was obvious that his protestations were futile -- his cock was twitching and throbbing and it seemed like it was just a matter of moments before his orgasm would overtake him.

He made a grunt that sounded a lot like "I don't want to!".

"Yes you do, honey," Video-Mary taunted in reply. "You want to shoot it out for us so badly you can't stand it," she went on. "You know you do. You feel the hot semen building up in your balls ... and you want it on tape ... yes you do ... you want all of us to see the sperm coming out of your penis ... and you want it on tape so you can see it ... oh yes you do ... and you know it ... you want to see the video yourself ... yes you do ... you want to see me on camera ... fucking you … jerking you off ... and especially making you cum ... you want to see that more than anything ... oh yes you do ... your cock and balls are telling me you do ... you can't deny it … you're so close ... so close to giving us all your semen … you want to see the video ... to see me pumping your dick … talking real dirty to you on camera ... showing you your big, hard prick ... and your want to see your hot cum shooting out ..."

With that, the man couldn't hold back any more. He groaned so loudly it was almost a yell, and gob after gob of white, creamy sperm began to shoot out of his spasming penis.

Video-Mary kept pumping him and kept talking directly to the camera: "Ooooooh, yeah ... such hot cum ... creamy sperm … yeah, it looks so good! ... wait till you see the video … come on ... give me some more so I can smear it all over your hard, slippery cock ... oh yeah ... you're gonna love jacking off to this video ... I'm talking to you as you're watching yourself cum ..." (it felt like she was talking to me as I watched) "... look at all that creamy cum ... squeeze the shaft of your prick! ... oh yeah ... there's another creamy gob ... oozing down your shaft ... it looks so hot ... it gets you so hard ... see how I made you cum against your will … stroke that hot shaft ... yeah ... this isn't some porno actor ... this is your penis that's cumming on this video … your long, hot, sperm-filled prick ... squeeze it ... pump it ... I can make you cum any time I want ... cum for me now … pump your dick ... harder ... HARDER! ... give me all your sperm NOW ... I'm making you cum now ... cum for me, squeeze it all out! ... your hot, creamy cum!"

Rachael was holding me apparently with all her strength, because I was furiously struggling to get free and jack off. The real Mary's finger kept fucking my ass, and all I could think about was cumming like video-Mary was commanding. But Rachael kept me from touching myself.

The man had stopped cumming. Video-Mary slowly let go of his cock but kept looking into the camera, moaning softly in time to his groans in the background and the twitching of his cock. It was covered with semen, which slowly dripped down his shaft as he gradually lost his erection.

The real Mary had stopped finger-fucking my ass when video-Mary had let go of the man's cock. She then helped Rachael by tightly grabbing one of my arms, thereby allowing Rachael to concetrate her strength on the other.

The video ended as video-Mary moved off camera, and the close-up of the man's now-limp cock faded off the screen.

I was in a near frenzy of lust, but both women held tight. It was only then that I looked down at my cock. I hadn't noticed until now that it was sticking out of me, hard as steel and throbbing with intense arousal. So Mary was right after all: she had indeed succeeded in giving me a raging hard-on without once touching my cock. In a sultry voice she said: "We have only just started, Al."