Drink to Me

As I drink to you
shall you drink to me.

Or is our desire too strong
to be denied any longer.

Yes, my vision of choice,
my temptress of decision
for this time
and this day
we must indulge
with exuberance and moaning cries
of ecstasy
in the frenzy.

The rending of garments 
will happen.

Our fluids will mix,
it will happen.

Tasting first the nectar
from your lips, 
and later the honey
from your lips

As do you my love,
my lust,
my seductive fragrant
of eternal yearning,
and seeking,
and found.

Your hunger will be quenched
by the warm,
soothing milk of my urges,
my need to feed
and your lips,
and below.

So drink to me
as I drink to you,
and together we will satisfy the passion,
and the joy,
of our season
as one.


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