Not Your Average Sponge Bath

   When I woke up that morning, I was feeling particularly drowsy and it took me a while to remember where I was and why I was in the hospital. The pain in my crotch was getting better, but that’s what brought me back to reality. I’d been operated on for a sport injury that I’d neglected and that needed to be attended to.

   I had woken up in the middle of the night and the nurse had started me on some IV pain killer so that I could get back to sleep. According to the doctors, the incision in my crotch was healing according to plan and the melting stitches would soon be gone but I still felt weird about this being my last day in the hospital. I couldn’t wait to get away from the hospital food, but with this drowsy feeling, I was happy I could count on my friend Nancy to come pick me up and drive me home.

   I took a deep breath and slowly felt myself dose off again. As I was falling asleep, I heard the door of my room open.

   – Good morning, Mr. Gabias, said a cheery yet sexy male voice. How are we feeling today?

   I was feeling drowsy, that was what I was feeling. So much so in fact, I couldn’t find the strength to answer. I had recognized my name but the male nurse could just as well have been talking to the old chap who was clearly sleeping in the next bed because I could hear his snoring above everything else.

   – Are you still sleeping? he asked. Hum… yeah, I guess that morphine drip is doing a number on you, huh?

   He was speaking in a soft, sweet voice. I felt like acknowledging his presence but chose to just let his voice rock me to sleep.

   – Do you think I could clean your wound and change your dressing?

   His voice was so close at that point that I felt like I was about to get an erotic massage. I thought it would be more appropriate to open my eyes and speak but I only managed to moan my approval. I know part of my exhaustion was directly connected to the drugs and that part of it was because of the poor old guy in the other bed kept waking me up with his sleep apnea.

   I heard the curtain slide on the rail and guessed the male nurse was closing it to give us a little privacy.

   –I promise you I’ll be very gentle, he whispered in a voice that almost sounded like he was going to do something illegal.

   I started daydreaming about his warm hands reaching under my hospital gown and removing the dressing in my crotch. He hadn’t even touched me yet – I could hear him wheeling his cart closer to my bed to have access to everything he needed – that I was already getting aroused.

   – My name is Andy, by the way, he whispered, this time his voice so close to my ear that his breath sent a shiver of pleasure through my body. If I’m going to undress you and play around down there, you need to know my name, right?

   I heard him giggle softly and I couldn’t help but chuckle myself.

   – Oh so you do hear me, he said.

   That’s when I found the strength to open my eyes.

   – There you are! he said with a wide, toothy smile.

   I couldn’t get over how gorgeous he was. A tall, lanky, olive-skinned, almond-eyed cutie in drab pale blue scrubs that could have ruined everything, but Andy was so dreamy, he transcended the unflattering apparel. My eyes widened so I could take in as much of his beauty as I could. I also took in a deep breath and felt my smile widen.

   – This will be so much better if you’re conscious, he said jokingly, giving me a little wink in the process.

   I chuckled again.

   – Ready?

   I was actually feeling a strange, exciting twitch in my belly and my heart started racing. I took another deep breath and just nodded, slightly spreading my legs in anticipation. Just as he started to remove the bed sheet, I felt my cock start to twitch and inflate. Since he’d turned his back to put on a pair of surgical gloves, I lifted my knees a bit to hide my growing hard-on.

   – Great! he said. I see you know the drill.

   The way he said it, I couldn’t help but chuckle but I was also amused by his use of the word ‘drill’. I wasn’t exactly in a position to ‘drill’ or ‘be drilled’ by anybody, even though Andy would definitely have been high on my list of people I would have wanted to play around with.

   As he pulled up my hospital gown and exposed my cock and balls, I could feel the cold air on my pole. The fact that Andy was standing right there, staring at my junk, made it grow even more.

   I looked at him straight in the eyes and said, with absolutely no remorse in my voice:

   – Sorry about that.

   – I’m not, he replied.

   My eyes widened again. I had not been expecting that response.

   He carefully removed the dressing from my crotch and – accidently? – brushed his latex-ed fingers against my balls. I purposely made my cock twitch to show my appreciation. I checked for the expression on his face and found what I was looking for. He was getting aroused, too, and even wet his lips before biting down on his lower lip.

   The drowsiness from the drugs was slowly leaving me, aroused as I was by this incredible experience. I had to stop a moment to wonder if this wasn’t all a dream. But it wasn’t.

   – Mmmm… it’s looking very good, he said with a clear double-entendre that made my cock harden even more.

   He started cleaning the incision with a sterilized gauze he’d wet with some kind of antiseptic solution and as he dabbed the cloth right next to my testicles and penis, I felt them tingling and longing for his touch. He softly touched my balls to move them away from the area he was cleaning, but I couldn’t help but notice that he didn’t really need to do that.

   – No pain? he asked.

   – Just pleasure, I replied with absolutely no subtlety.

   – Glad to hear it, he whispered with a devilish smirk.

   When he finished cleaning the wound, he threw out the used gauze and grabbed another one. He wet it with what seemed to be distilled water and came back toward me, lifting my balls with the fingers of his left hand – making them dance as he fondled them – and wiping the skin under my scrotum, all the way to my ass crack. I moaned with pleasure and my cock twitched again, maybe gaining another inch as it reached its full length.

   – Would you like me to clean the whole area? he asked.

   I felt myself gulp and barely managed to whisper:

   – Please do.

   Andy smiled and reached over for a sponge-like cloth. I looked down at my cock and saw that I was oozing pre-cum just under my bellybutton. He cupped my balls with the cloth and rubbed them lightly, pleasing my gonads with the warm water. He looked up at me and I moaned with pleasure to indicate I was liking what he was doing. A lot.

   He then wiped the inside of my other thigh with the cloth, rubbing against my balls with that latex glove. I slowly moved my ass a little to rub against his fingers even more. He quickly caught on to what I was doing and squeezed the inside of my thigh, augmenting the pleasure of the whole experience.

   I couldn’t wait for him to get to my cock but was really trying my best not to grab it myself and start jacking it like my life depended on it. It was kind of weird to just lie there and not do anything, but there was also something rather sexy to remaining motionless.

   When Andy went over to the sink and rinsed off the cloth with fresh water, I took a second to pull my cock away from my pubis, feeling the two-day growth of my pubic hair which had been shaved completely for the surgery. When Andy came back, he gently took my cock in his fingers and lifted it up, taking in how hard it was. I knew that if he let go of it, it would slap back down like a catapult being released.

   Andy wrapped the cloth around the base of my cock and started rubbing it. He slowly jerked me off with the plush fabric and it felt amazing. I closed my eyes and moaned with pleasure, slowly oscillating my hips to follow his movement. After a few seconds – maybe minutes, but it felt so good that I would have loved it to last forever – Andy pulled away my foreskin and I felt one of his latex-ed fingers massaging my cockhead, using my pre-cum as lube. Again, I moaned to indicate my pleasure.

   After that, he created some sort of a pocket pussy with his thumb and three of his fingers, pressing, opening and closing on my cock head, making the most of the abundant, wet, transparent pre-cum. I started pushing my ass up against his fingers, fucking them with more and more fervor.

   Before I opened my eyes, Andy suddenly pulled his fingers off my cockhead and wrapped them around the base. That’s when I felt his tongue swab my swollen mushroom. He gave it a few licks as though he was catching dripping, melting cream from a soft-serve cone, tickling my nerves and quickly driving me wild. I felt my balls start bouncing in my pouch and thought how full of hot cum they might be since I hadn’t had sex or jacked off in over three days. Part of me wanted to reach down and play with them while Andy worked his magic tongue on my cockhead, but part of me decided it would be better to just wait and let the professional do what he wanted.

   When he swallowed my whole pole and I felt my cockhead be squeezed by his tight throat, I almost lost it. He just stayed there for a while, contracting his muscles around my knob, creating an ecstasy-inducing sensation. Then, he bobbed up and down with his mouth and lips, applying pressure to the underside of my cock with his tongue. I felt my eyes roll back in my head as I abandoned myself to my male nurse. He was still using the cloth as a glove, following the movement of his mouth on my cock. As the wetness of the cloth became colder, the feeling was like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

   – Mmmmm… that feels so good…

   He took his mouth off my marble-hard dick just long enough to ask:

   – Still no pain?

   – No, sir.

   When he went all the way down on my cock one more time, I knew I was just seconds away from erupting.

   – You have to stop this, I warned, or you’re going to get a mouthful.

   I felt his chuckle on my cock and the vibration from his laugh did me in. My balls tensed up instantly and the gush of hot juice raced up my pole. Just as I started exploding, Andy released my pole from his mouth so he could see how high and how far the strands of spunk would travel.

   I could see the marvel in his eyes as he caught the show, just like a child witnessing fireworks for the first time in his life.

   When I finished cuming, holding in my moans and the screams I would have loved to release, Andy looked up at me and said:

   – Is there anything in the world more beautiful than watching a man orgasm?

   I moaned and took in several deep breaths, trying to recover from this surreal experience.

   Andy used the cloth to clean up my cum, rubbing all around my pole sensually, which kept me from losing my erection. When he was done, he smiled:

   – I’m glad you were able to… release on the day you are being released, Mr. Gabias.

   He re-dressed my wound without saying another word. He pulled my hospital gown back down and covered me with the bed sheet. My cock was still hard and he petted it softly to show me that he knew full well that I was still aroused.

   As he headed toward the door, he turned to me and finally spoke again.

   – You’ll need to have a nurse visit you at home to change your dressing again in a few days, Mr. Gabias. I do make house calls so… I’ll leave my contact info at the nurses’ station if you’re interested.

   I smiled at him.

   – Wow. You really are devoted to your patients, aren’t you, Andy?

   – I really do love my job, Mr. Gabias, but not all my patients get the same… hands-on care.

   He smiled and took off his latex gloves, tossing them in the trash. He gave his cock a squeeze through those ugly hospital scrubs and winked at me before exiting the room.

   I was left with only the old man’s snoring, a feeling of euphoria… and the impression that I would be Andy’s patient for a long while yet.