The Icing on Top

   Six years ago, my husband and I started a bakery called Bread & Breakfast. The name was his idea because he was a bread baker and also loved to create Danish, brioche and other morning pastries. I always felt like an afterthought because I’m more a cake, pie and cupcake girl myself.

   Antoine and I had an open marriage because he liked to have sex with men also so he needed the freedom to go out and meet up with gay guys every once in a while. Why didn’t we just have threesomes, you’d ask? Well, because hubby didn’t feel comfortable having a guy’s cock in his ass while I was in the room. I know. It sounds vulgar and crass said like that but that’s actually the way he said it to me – and even with his French accent, it didn’t really sound sexy to me either.

   Things weren’t so bad but, when we started the business, Antoine’s passion for bread was front and center whereas my creativity and desire to develop the cake and sweets side of the business was pushed aside. When Antoine started seeing Robin on a regular basis, I started thinking our days as a married couple were counted. Robin was the gorgeous, ginger-haired Scotsman who supplied us with flour from his artisanal mill. They started sleeping together and Antoine had been very open with me about it, but at some point, he was so open, that he’d started getting it on in the kitchen and even in the bakery’s café area when we were closed. Then, one day, when I heard them going at it in our bedroom, I had the perfect excuse to tell him I wanted changes in the business and that the best way to accomplish these changes was for me to buy him out. Although he laughed at first and almost collapsed after that, I made it clear that I didn’t want to be his lackey anymore. I didn’t want to make bread and brioche. I wanted to develop my own cakes, pies and cupcakes.

   Since I own the building, Antoine agreed to leave and re-opened Bread & Breakfast downtown, which actually worked out fine for him. I turned the shop into Icing on Top, a café and sweets bakery, specializing in cakes for special occasions and cupcakes for everyday enjoyment. My business was an instant success since all our Bread & Breakfast customers kept coming for sweets and treats and said they didn’t mind going out of their way to keep getting Antoine’s great bread and viennoiseries.

   It didn’t take much time before some of my regular customers started asking me if I would teach them how to bake and decorate cakes. Although I was selling out almost every day and word of mouth was getting around, if I wanted to keep making quality, hand-made and homemade cakes, cookies and cupcakes, all the while keeping up with the birthday, wedding, graduation and other special occasion cake orders that were pouring in, I couldn’t really produce more than I already was and – either I’d need to expand some other way or hire more people who might not do as good a job as I was doing and would end up costing me business.

   I thought to myself, “Okay, let’s do it! Let’s create a few cooking classes that will bring in money and be fun to do.”

   I decided I’d start with Monday and Tuesday nights. Since I wanted to make these classes more than just learning experiences and since I wanted to create a buzz and be original, I launched ‘Champagne and Cupcakes Mondays’ and ‘Un-Birthday Party Tuesdays’. My Monday class in pretty self-explanatory, I think, but the idea behind the Un-Birthday Party Tuesdays was that each of the 8 to 10 participants would create a birthday cake a week for somebody else in the group, the person whose name they would draw at the beginning of the class. So every night, at the end of class, each participant would leave with the un-birthday cake made by another random participant in the group.

   I didn’t even need to advertise. I just put up a sign in the shop window and a pile of registration forms next to the cash register and, before I knew it, I was refusing people for the first 12-week sessions for both classes because I couldn’t go over 12 students per class. Just because I would have had problems with oven space!

   The classes went amazingly well and people were ready to pay top dollar for my original concept because, of course, they would learn with top-quality ingredients and would create while savouring delicious bubbly from different regions of the world. Sometimes, it was actual Champagne from the Champagne region of France, but other times, it was high-quality sparkling wines that legally can’t be called Champagne because they are not from Champagne. I would get the wines from my friend Lars Hellmann, a local sommelier, who would get me the best prices through his distributing contacts.

   Some of my students were rich, bored housewives, but I was surprised how varied my clientele actually was. I had a few actual chefs – restaurant owners – who were interested in expanding their cake decoration skills. In my Tuesday group, I had a retired gay couple who was just looking to have a little fun. And in my Monday Champagne group, I had a cute – actually the word should be ‘hot’ – couple, Austrian- born architect Jonas and his Australian-born gynecologist wife Cate.

   We would have the best time during our Monday classes, but a few times, I realized I had to tone it down a little because I was having a little bit too much wine and was starting to lose focus. I’d have a hard time remember what I was teaching!

   When we finished the twelve-week first semester of classes, my students were all clamoring for us to continue and I promised them a new series would begin in September. They thought a two-month break was too long, but I explained that I needed to recharge my battery and joked that my liver needed a rest also.

   After the last of the Monday classes, Cate discretely came up to me and asked:

   – May we have a word in private, Rachel?

   I just loved her Australian accent and was in awe of her breathtaking beauty.

   We stepped out of the kitchen while her husband Jonas chatted away with German-born restaurateur Werner.

   – In a few weeks, Jonas and I will be hosting a dinner party for some of my colleagues from the hospital and we would like to put what we learned in class to good use and create a special cupcake dessert table for our guests.

   – That’s wonderful, I exclaimed. I’m so happy you really got into it.

   She smiled and, for the first time, I actually noticed her fine freckles through her makeup and thought to myself: ‘Such a beautiful feature. So sad that she feels she needs to hide it.’

   – But we were wondering…, she went on. Would you be available for a master class some other evening this week… for just Jonas and I. We would pay you of course. We would just like to… learn a little more. Maybe an extra icing recipe that we could incorporate in the menu and…

   She interrupted herself and chucked nervously.

   – What is it? I asked. I’d be happy to give you some extra time. You and Jonas are delightful and I’d love to bake with you again, for sure.

   She looked at me again with what I felt was some kind of desire, but I couldn’t be sure because I was not expecting anything like that. I was very flattered but didn’t know if I should. Was I getting mixed signals?

   – Jonas and I were also wondering if…

   Again, she interrupted herself. I was starting to imagine all sorts of scenarios in my head and, quite honestly, since I hadn’t had much in the sex department since Antoine and I had split up, I was actually starting to feel horny.

   – We were wondering if... you knew anything about baking with marijuana?

   My eyes widened and my head started spinning for a moment. Although marijuana is legal in the state and I had been curious about creating baked goods with it since I was never interested in smoking it yet love to try it – just once – to know how it would feel, Cate’s question piqued my curiosity.

   – I’m sorry, she said. Jonas thought it might make you uncomfortable and…

   – Not at all, I… I think I’d like to explore new experiences with you both.

   – Really?

   – How does Sunday night sound? I asked.

   – Perfect! she replied with bubbling enthusiasm. Jonas will be so pleased!

   She confirmed that she would be bringing the key ingredient herself as she knew someone who knew someone that would provide it for us. And in sufficient quantity for us to bake enough experimental goodies to feed – and give a good buzz to – a small army.


   I spent all my very limited free time researching different ways to incorporate pot into some of my most popular cookie, cupcake and macaroon recipes but also went the more traditional route by pulling out a brownie recipe since that seemed to be the most popular treat to incorporate marijuana in.

   When Jonas and Cate showed up at the predetermined time on Sunday night, I had chilled two bottles of Moet & Chandon and had purchased all the ingredients to create the best cupcakes, macaroons, brownies, cookies and icings this side of Paris.

   It was a particularly warm June evening and I was happy my air conditioning was working well because with the ovens going full blast, we would have been cooking ourselves in record time.

   When I opened the back door for them, they both kissed me three times on the cheeks, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me slightly toward them. I instantly felt aroused, my nipples perking up as they rubbed against them and my pussy moistening lightly as though it needed to get ready for a welcomed penetration.

   Jonas was wearing an orange Lacoste polo shirt and beige, finely-pressed linen slacks that featured his fine, taut butt and tantalizingly-intriguing bulge. Cate was wearing a beautiful, forest green summer dress that perfectly fit with her gorgeous, red mane and milky skin. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra but she clearly didn’t need one as her firm, perky breasts were standing at attention, her nipples poking out of the fabric, maybe because of the air conditioning.

   – Thank you so much for doing this for us, said Jonas.

   – It’s my pleasure, I admitted.

   I gave Jonas one of the Moet & Chandon bottles so he could pop the cork and I poured us each a flute of Champagne before putting the bottle back on ice. We had a toast and, instantly, in my guests’/students’ eyes, I knew that they were here more than just to bake and learn frosting techniques. I had a feeling the Champagne and the marijuana we would fold into our baked goods would quickly have us pretty much baked and frosted. And then we’d have plenty of excuses to explore some of life’s other pleasures.

   – Here’s the secret ingredient, said Cate as she pulled a large Ziploc bag from her purse.

   – Wow! That’s a lot of dope, I marvelled. Do you own a field in South America?

   They laughed.

   – No, but Jonas designed a mansion for an Armenian jeweller who owns land in Afghanistan and… guess what they grow?

   After all the research I’d done on pot, I couldn’t believe I was about to bake with marijuana that was probably worth over five hundred dollars an ounce on the black market. Maybe marijuana was legal in our state, but I was pretty sure the bag I was holding in my hand had not gotten here legally!

   Together, we got right down to baking a batch of pot brownies to get us started and while those were in the oven, I got Cate and Jonas started on creating a special marijuana-laced cupcake batter. We were already on our third flute of Champagne and I could see how giddy my guests were.

   As she was folding the pot into the batter, Cate dipped her finger into it and licked it sensually.

   – Mmmm… I just knew this would be delicious, she said. Everything you create is always scrumptious, Rachel. Do you want a taste, lovey?

   She dipped her finger into the thick batter again and spread it on her neck. Jonas caught on quickly and came up behind her, tossing her hair aside and feeling up her hips toward her breasts as his tongue swabbed the greenish batter from her neck. My head was already spinning from the Champagne but watching this made me even dizzier.

   Jonas’s hands cupped Cate’s beautiful tits and pushed them up a little. She moaned with pleasure, her head falling back on his shoulder.

   – I think we should have Rachel taste it, too, Jonas said, looking straight at me. What do you think, sweetie?

   – Of course, replied Cate. After all, it’s her recipe.

   She looked straight at me and dipped her finger in the batter again. She moved over toward me with her finger pointed in my direction until she brought it back toward her and spread the batter on the other side of her neck.

   – Please taste it, she whispered to me.

   I was so tipsy and so horny that I didn’t hesitate long. Facing Cate, I moved in and sucked the batter off her neck as if I were a vampire sucking blood from a victim. She moaned and slipped her hands under my arms, making their way to my shoulder blades. Our hard nipples rubbed against each other and this hot contact sent a direct jolt of electricity to my pussy. Cate pulled back a few inches and looked deep into my eyes. Then, I felt her warm hand come up under my hair to the back of my neck. She pulled me in for a kiss and her soft, wet lips just made me melt. I could taste the batter I’d eaten off her neck, but her mouth tasted the same as she had partaken of the batter herself.

   As we were kissing, Jonas came closer and I felt his hands between us as he caressed his wife from behind. As his hands started kneading her perky breasts, I could feel the back of his hands and his knuckles rubbing against my own rock-hard nipples and I moaned into Cate’s mouth.

   I had never touched another woman like this before – let alone kiss one so sensually, so sexually – but it felt so natural with Cate. As our mouths kept exploring each other, I felt Jonas’s fingers start unbuttoning my white chef’s coat. I didn’t feel like stopping him. I wanted him, I wanted her. I was open to anything they wanted to do. I felt good with them, comfortable, at ease.

   As soon as Jonas was done with the buttons, I took off my coat and started working on the buttons of my blouse. I saw Jonah kissing his way down his wife’s neck as he slipped the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and let her summer dress fall to the floor revealing those perfect tits and a forest green thong decorated with a white rose on Cate’s pubis. I couldn’t help but think that that rose looked like something I could have drawn with frosting. ‘Well, maybe later.’

   Just as Jonas was about to reach behind me to unhook my bra, the timer rang. The brownies were ready to come out of the oven.

   – We wouldn’t want our mind-blowing goodies to burn, Jonas deadpanned.

   I grabbed my oven mitts and pulled the three pans out of the oven. I set them on cooling grills and walked back over to my baking buddies.

   Without warning, Cate had dipped her fingers in the batter again and smeared the top of my breasts, just over my bra.

   – That’s hot, said Jonas, but we wouldn’t want to get your bra dirty.

   He got on his knees in front of me and, since he’s so tall, his face came right up to my tits. He reached back and unhooked my bra, freeing my large globes of flesh. As he started swiping the underside of my breasts with his tongue, Cate came around and started licking the batter downward, grazing my nipples as my tits heaved with each deep breath of pleasure. Feeling Jonas’s strong, masculine tongue pressing against the underbelly of my tits and his wife’s soft, nimble tongue tickling my hard nipples and sensitive areolas was just pure ecstasy. I thought I would have an orgasm just from their lingual stimulation on my breasts.

   I just wanted to forget all about the baking, but somehow, even with the Champagne and the pot I’d swallowed straight in the batter, I managed to get my wits back.

   – I think we should cook our cupcakes before the batter dries.

   Jonas got up and said:

   – You’re so right. We wanted want these delicious treats to go to waste.

   We poured the mix into forty-five paper cups and chuckled that we would be three cupcakes short because on the batter we’d eaten off each other.

   – Oh that’s okay, Cate said. I’m hoping we’ll eat at least three cupcakes worth of frosting off each other as well.

   We laughed, but then I said:

   – If we are going to be eating any frosting at all, we have to make it first.

   My baking partners agreed and – in our skivvies except for Jonas who was still fully clothed, something we would need to remedy later – we started making butter frosting, whipping egg whites into peeks, mixing in softened butter and a few drops of vanilla extract before folding in a few cups of confection sugar. Before we knew it, we had a perfectly smooth, delicious icing to spread on our soon-to-be baked cupcakes.

   – That looks delicious, Cate said.

   – We made that icing a few times in class, I reminded her.

   – I know, but we’ve never tasted it on people’s bodies before.

   – Well… I interrupted myself on purpose and looked over at them with a coy smile.

   – Oh I see our teacher isn’t only experienced in cooking the food but in desecrating it, said Jonas.

   – Lovey! Cate shot back. That’s terrible!

   She gave her husband a backhanded slap on the shoulder but then suddenly realized that he was the only one that hadn’t lost a stitch of clothing.

   – We need to get you out of those clothes, she said, grabbing the bottom of his polo shirt to pull it over his head.

   – You’re wife is right, Jonas, I said. You need to be in your underwear to whip up a chocolate ganache for our brownies.

   As he unfastened his trousers and zipped down his fly, he said:

   – That’s fine, but… I’m not wearing any!

   His pants slipped down his legs and his semi-hard cock sprang out. I gasped with anticipation and I think I actually licked my lips as my eyes popped open. Cate laughed at my reaction.

   – That will do just fine, I proclaimed.

   I quickly showed my apprentices how to whip up the luscious ganache and even added a touch of port wine to give it a little kick. Since we weren’t planning on using it only on the brownies, I thought it might be wise to make it a bit thicker than usual. I was very happy with the end result.

   Before we actually tasted it, though, I sliced up a few squares of our still-warm brownies and made sure we each had one in hand. I made a funny toast and we ‘clinked’ our brownies before biting into them.

   – Mmmm… this is amazing, moaned Cate with her mouth still full.

   – And wait till the buzz starts, I added.

   – What? You’ve done this before, too? inquired Jonas.

   – Oh no. I’m just basing that on what I read online, I admitted.

   As she savoured her second bite, Cate started dancing around longingly in the kitchen, humming an unrecognizable tune. Just watching her cute little tits oscillated and bounce around was making me want to fondle them, massage them, knead them, taste them, suck on them. I could see that his wife’s dance was making Jonas’s penis take notice. He was growing harder and harder and this made me want to start playing with myself, but I decided to limit myself to nipple pinching. As a started tweaking my left nipple, a strange cloud came over my brain and I starting feeling the effect of the marijuana-laced brownie. It felt amazing! I decided to pop the last bite of my brownie in my mouth to free my right hand to play with my right nipple.

   I started dancing around myself and, when she noticed that, Cate danced over to me and started caressing my body and she sensually danced against me. I saw Jonas shove the last bite of his brownie into his mouth and start moving his hips to the sound of the make-believe music playing in our hallucinating imaginations. Jonas’s hard cock slipped between Cate and I’s bellies and we pressed against each other even more so we could feel his manhood. Cate and I were French kissing and slowly turned are heads up a little so that Jonas could join his chocolate-filled mouth to ours. All three of us were flying high and enjoying this unique, never-before-experienced journey.

   After a few minutes of kissing, fondling, licking and pressing against each other in a six-legged love creature, I pulled away to grab the bowl of ganache and twirl it around with the spoon I had left in it. As we kept dancing sexily, I spoon-fed some to Cate, instantly reading her approval in her eyes, and then to Jonas who moaned his endorsement.

   I then cleared off my wooden table and had Jonas get up on it, lying on his back. I spread his legs lightly and his cock just stood there, vibrating in anticipation. I kept stirring the ganache lightly in the bowl and then smeared the chocolate-covered spoon on Jonas’s hairy nipples. Cate instantly caught on to what I wanted to do and bowed down to suck the chocolate sauce off her husband’s left nipple while I worked on his right. Jonas moaned with pleasure and his nipples became rock hard. I gave us a second serving on the nipples which we greedily lapped up.

   Then, I wrapped my fingers around Jonas’s hard pole and made it stand up straight. I put the bowl down next to his hip and took a spoonful of ganache which I held over his mushroom cockhead, making the chocolate drizzle down his erection. Again, Cate got the message pretty quickly and smirked devilishly in my direction. We each lapped at the shaft, cleaning the chocolate off of it, our lips brushing against each other in the process. We could hear Jonas’s appreciation of our tongues, lips and saliva on his manhood. When we had pretty much licked it clean, I directed the cockhead toward Cate’s mouth and she sucked it in. I heard Jonas gasp. Cate made a few hard suction sounds and then shared her hubby’s cock with me. I loved the sweet yet bitter taste of the dark chocolate, port wine and confection sugar on the granite-hard slab of man meat.

   Before Jonas became too aroused and shot a load of cum, I pulled Cate onto the table and had her lie next to her husband. I spread ganache on her nipples with my fingers instead of the spoon and invited Jonas to clean her right boob while I took care of her left one. Cate was going crazy with pleasure, rubbing her thighs together at the same time. Once I had placed a second serving of ganache on Cate’s tits with the spoon, I put down the bowl and went between her legs to remove her thong.

   Her wet pussy did not need any chocolate lubricant but I decided I wanted my first taste of twat to be a chocolaty one. I drizzled some ganache just above Cate’s clit and watched it cascade down her slit. I handed Jonas the bowl and went down on Cate, licking up toward her clit so that the chocolate didn’t slip inside her. She moaned and groaned as she grinded her pussy against my mouth. The mix of pussy juice and chocolate reminded me of the interesting blend of flavours in salted caramel.

   When I looked up, having cleaned up Cate’s pussy and given her a rocking orgasm with my surprisingly-expert cunnilingus, I saw Jonas had come down from the table and was stroking his hard pole as he was leaning over the table, kissing his hot wife. I slipped off my leggings and panties just as the timer went off again, indicating that our cupcakes were now ready.

   I pulled them out of the oven and placed them on cooling grills before heading back to the table.

   – Now, my friends, it’s time for a lesson in decorating, I declared.

   I filled up three cake-decorating pouches with the icing we had made and had Jonas lie on his back again. With my pouch, I drew a rose in Jonas’s bellybutton and invited Cate to eat it. Then, I asked Cate to make a similar flower with her pouch on Jonas’s pouch. His man pouch, I mean. She did a pretty good job and I had the privilege of licking it off his scrotum, making his cock twitch in anticipation.

   I then got up on the table myself and had both of them draw three flowers around each of my nipples.

   – Wow! You guys learn quickly, I praised.

   – That’s because we have the best teacher, Jonas said.

   I had them eat each other’s flowers off my tits and revelled in the pleasure of feeling their tongues and lips on my breasts. After that, they both took turns shooting little buds of icing around my clit and cleaning them up with their mouths, making me insanely ecstatic with pleasure.

   With all this foreplay, the marijuana high, the champagne and the sugar buzzes, we were ready for a little exercise.

   As Cate impaled herself on her husband’s hard pole as he lay down on the table, I straddled his face as I faced his wife. Watching Jonas’s hard penis slip in and out of his wife glistening pussy just amplified the amazing feeling I was getting from his tongue on my clit and his nose in my pussy. Cate and I reached over Jonas’s chest and belly to kiss and fondle each other’s tits, enjoying the crazy stimulation of all our senses.

   When we finally all collapsed in a heap of warm flesh, we relaxed for a while, coming down from all these crazy highs.

   – Do you still want to learn how to make that other frosting I was telling you about, I asked.

   Cate and Jonas looked at each other with saying a word. I understood that this was an intimate, husband-wife short hand communication thing.

   – Are you free again next Sunday? Cate asked.

   I smiled, relieved that I was done with teaching for the night and happy that I would again be sharing more than knowledge with these two beautiful people.