Happy Endings V: I’ll Catch You Whenever You Fall

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27 Feb. '17

Originally published April 2015 as Smokey Saga #50


They’re back. All you had to do was ask.

Again, this story is dedicated to you Sara and Melleny fans. It doesn’t have a ton of sex, but there is one big hot scene between the two angels. And it is a heartfelt, eventful (and intense) tale. Really hope you enjoy it. This one was written to tug at heartstrings, so depending upon your sentimental side, it may even bring on a tear or a sniffle. Another thing: part of this story ended up as my love letter to this very short-lived show called One Big Happy, which was on TV at the time. It only lasted six episodes, in the spring of ’15. I was very sad when it was cancelled, but it was a lesbian sitcom, after all; what did I expect. “Lesbian sitcom”—might as well be an oxymoron. Okay, here we go.


One year later: Tuesday, March 24th, 2015, 9:02 p.m.

The doorbell rang. Sara sprang up from the blanket and almost tumbled over herself scurrying to answer it.

“Hurry up, you guys!” she commanded, herding in her friends as if her future depended on the evening. “We’re gonna run outta time!” She ushered them in with a beckoning gesture, veritably spanking them square on the bottoms.

“Well, Sare, what’s the rush?” asked Jake, holding on to his girlfriend Hanna with one hand and the snacks with the other.

“Yeah, hon,” added Mel. “Jake said you wanted us to come over to watch a TV show.”

“Exactly!” Sara confirmed, pointing to the blanket. “So stop flapping your gums and start planting your bums!”

They did as she said, though remaining a bit fuzzy on the night’s events.

“Jake, I don’t exactly understand. I thought you said the show was at 9:30,” said Hanna.

“Well, you’ve got me there,” Jake replied. “I thought Sara told me the same thing.”

Sara snatched up her trusty iPod, which was connected to the living room big-screen.

“Okay, okay, you guys’re right; I did say 9:30. And that is when tonight’s program starts. Long story short, though…”

She found the content she was looking for on the Pod. “All three of y’all happened to be on vacation last week: Jake and Hanna were at Bayside, and Melly-Jelly and her family went on that cruise. I…” Pause for effect. “…In the meantime…stayed home. And in doing so, I discovered an awesome new show I wanna share with ya tonight.”

“Wow, sis, a new TV show neither of us knew about?” asked Jake. “That’s a first.”

“Well, brand-new,” Sara amended. “It just premiered last week. It’s called One Big Happy, it’s a lesbian sitcom. Well, I mean, the main girl’s a lesbian, and her best friend’s a straight guy. And they’ve known each other since they were kids! Sound familiar??”

Melleny caught on, pointing to Sara and Jake. “Oh, I get it. So they’re like you two.”

“Precisely!” explicated Sara. “I caught the pilot last Tuesday. And I thought, oh, this could be pretty cool. And I loved it. I had just enough time to rewind it to the beginning, record it into my laptop, make a video of it and sync it onto the ol’ Pod!”

“…Whoa,” commented Hanna.

“Oh, yeah,” said Jake. “In case I didn’t tell you before, babe, Sara’s a techno-genius.”

“Thanks, bro! So minus commercials, it’s about twenty-one minutes long,” Sara went on. “Which gives us just enough time to watch the first episode right now, and then the second one’ll come on at 9:30, when we’ll be done with the first one. Get it?”

Her guests nodded, thinking they had the basic idea. Sara cued up the program, pressed play, and plopped down in the middle of her friends.


Tuesday, March 24th, 2015, 10:00 p.m.

“Well, ladies and gent…what’dya think?”

“Cute,” said Jake. “They really are like us, Sare. Well, I mean, y’know, not individually. But yeah, that’s practically our exact same friendship, right on TV.”

“I thought it was funny too,” agreed Hanna. “But, does that mean I’m…the British girl?”

“Well, kinda,” Sara replied. “You guys aren’t married, and I definitely don’t hate your guts. But yeah, in a way; you’re fun and free-spirited and spontaneous like her. And hey, Mel, she’s got seven sisters, so do you! How ’bout that??”

“Cool coincidence,” Melleny nodded with a smirk. “I just hope no one thinks I’m the ex. Y’know, the…what’s-her-name. The other one. She’s hot, but she’s a creep.”

“Yeah, I didn’t like her either,” said Sara. “But then again, we’re not supposed to.”

“The lead actress looked familiar,” remarked Jake. “Where’ve we seen her before?”

“Oh, Elisha? She was in that show Happy Endings, silly!” Sara reminded him. “Remember??...And you do know what they say about happy endings,” she added, turning to Melleny. “Right, sweetie? Wink wink?”

Melleny just about went purple in the face blushing. “Sar-a…”

“I still can’t even believe the British chick was completely naked,” said Hanna. “I think that’d catch any of us off-guard.”

Yeah,” murmured Sara, knowing she’d be replaying that scene in her mind. “Well, I wanna thank you guys so much again for coming over and watching my new show with me. Well, it’s not my show, of course; I just really like it, but…anyway, thanks.”

“Oh, our pleasure,” smiled Hanna. “I had a good time. D’you, Jake?”

“She’s my best friend. You even have to ask?”

Sara was tired, a bit unusual for this early at night. Time to charm her way into asking Jake and Hanna to essentially hit the road.

“Well, golly, guys, if you’re sure you can’t stay…”

Hanna, who didn’t know Sara as well as Jake did, turned curiously back to her.

“Uh, well, actually—” she began to say.

“Oh, I’m so very sorry to hear that,” Sara stepped in. “I loved having you by. And I really hope you’ll come back and visit me again soon.”

Jake chuckled and got to his feet. Hanna remained a bit puzzled.

“Well, sure, I guess I wouldn’t mind that, b—…”

Hanna wasn’t exactly sure how to finish what she was thinking. Jake explained.

“It’s time for us to go, babe. Sara’s tired. And she doesn’t like to come right out and tell anyone to beat it, so that’s kinda her technique.”

Sara giggled. “That’s one way of putting it. Yeah, see, Hanna, I can accommodate two overnight guests—provided one of ’em’s Mel—but not three. I’m afraid all I have to offer’s the sofa, which unfortunately’s only a sofa. And as you can imagine, I’m a little picky about whom I allow in my bed.” She winked at Melleny, who continued to blush.

Hanna chuckled. “Ah. I understand now.” She stood to clasp Sara’s hands. “Thank you for a lovely evening too, Sara, we had fun.”

Sara tossed a hug on her. “Oh! Pleasure’s all mine, buddy girl, all mine. Feel free to drop back over anytime.”

The rest of the hugs and goodbyes were exchanged. Sara and Mel saw them out, threw a dual wave from the front door, and watched them head off until the car disappeared. Now alone, the girls let out a collective sigh of happiness and padded back inside.

Now then,” smiled Sara, taking Mel’s hand. “Do come with me, dearest. Come, and sweeten my dreams, with your love.”

Mel smiled back into Sara’s shimmering hazel eyes.

“Oh, all right.”


Wednesday, March 25th, 2015, 5:02 p.m.

hey sweet lovergirl cant wait 2 c u 2nite <3 mello

Sara trotted to the Team, Inc. garage and hopped in her car. She melted with a smile, as always, re-reading Mel’s text du jour. It’d arrived around 1:00 this fine Wednesday. Sara kissed and dropped it beside the backpack. She couldn’t wait either.

Juniper Massage & Wellness closed at 6:00 on weekdays, and was located fortuitously around the corner from Mel’s house. She normally arrived in the morning with a few moments to spare before her first client. So to keep spontaneous devotion, she tried to come up with a different text each day, and send it at a random, indeterminable point.

The Spring of Fifteen was in bloom. And at one year strong, the relationship of Sara Jane Kelton and Melleny Alison Hayes was past full bloom. They’d ascended to a phase generally associated with young lesbian couples: keeping things at each other’s homes.

To be precise, Mel was toting items from her smaller domicile to store at Sara’s larger, where another person’s belongings could find comfier residence. They’d begun the previous September, with small things like toys, pens and fridge magnets, before graduating to pajamas, books, DVDs and kitchenware.

After the new year, they took a bigger step. Sara cleared Mel some space for clothes and toiletries. Mel had more than enough to split between dwellings. But just in case, they thought them a good idea to have at both places. After a while, these decisions took their toll on the girls and wore them out. At which point they’d settle down, cuddle it out, fall asleep, and wake up refreshed to take on the next deliberation.

Mel secretly thought herself a bit silly about it, but with each possession she carried through Sara’s portal, she felt just a smidgen safer and more secure. And sheltered under the conviction that everything was going to be okay. If Sara and Melleny were transparent to their souls, it would be revealed that as sensitive and emotional as Sara could be, Mel had her beat with her extra fragile heart and vulnerability.

Sara was quick to learn that her heart would have to be super-gentle with Mel’s, and hold its hand (as it were) as they crossed the streets of romance. She tried her best not to be careless. But she wasn’t flawless, and couldn’t avoid occasionally—albeit unintentionally—hurting her. Sara couldn’t deny a bit of disconcertment over how insecure and easily hurt Melleny was. But at the same time, she loved the girl’s sweet, beatific delicacy. She knew she had to take the imperfect with the darn near perfect.

Tonight Melleny’d be on her way to Sara’s, which would really not distinguish this evening from any other. Melleny had all but moved in with her to this point. Sara was no authority on proper intervals of courting time prior to commitment. But right about now, she was one short car ride from cutting Mel a spare house key.


Click. “Welcome, Angel On Earth!” Sara greeted, wrapping Mel in her arms like the life-size birthday gift she was.

“Thank you, Most Perfect Treasure To Ever Enrich My Life,” returned Melleny, smushing her face in Sara’s cheek.

“Oh, God, Mel-Rose,” Sara went on. “Honey, my love for you is so tremendous, your love would have to look up just to see the bottoms of my love’s Clarks.”

“Your love cannot hold a candle to mine, Saratoga,” Mel impishly contradicted. “My love for you eclipses the daylights out of yours for me.”

“We’ll see about that, Melly-Jelly.”

“Oh, that we shall, Sarallelogram.”

And the game was on.


Wednesday, March 25th, 2015, 6:54 p.m.

They joined hands, and Sara led her to the bedroom.

“Whatever are we doing here?” queried Melleny, playing innocent.

Sara released her paws, turned to face her and saucily answered.

“Hanging pictures.”

“OOOOoooh. Scandalous.”

Sara embraced her girlfriend, generating a shiver of excitement through her.

“And we have the whole house to ourselves to hang them. Imagine, sugar…we can hang pictures in every, single, room.”

“MMMmm…” Mel pulled closer. “I can hardly wait to put that hammer to work.”

Sara nosed her with her soft nuzzle.

“’S all a matter of, eh…finding the studs, if you know what I mean,” she told Mel, gliding a fingertip down her torso.

“Sounds like a…fun…task,” gasped Mel, growing aroused. “Do you have, uh…” She swallowed. “…Frames?”

Sara closed the space between them.

“I’ve got everything I need right here.”

“Then what are we waiting for??” said Mel, more excited by the moment.

“Well, now, aren’t we the eager beaver,” commented Sara. Her suggestively punny remark made Mel redden and cover her giggling mouth. “All righty then, Mellifluous Mel. You can start by getting in my bed and slipping under the covers.”

Oh, my. How can I help hang pictures from there?”

“That, my friend, is one of the mysteries of the universe.”

Mel obeyed, snuggling completely beneath the comforter. She waited patiently until a more naked Sara joined. They wriggled entirely under, now in relative darkness.

Sara gasped, feeling the warm, soft body beside her. “Why! What’s this?”

Melleny giddily chortled.

“Who’s in my bed?” Sara wished to know. “Who goes there??”

“It is I,” Mel answered in a deep voice, trying to keep from laughing. “Madame Hayes…of the Baskervilles.”

Sara took her turn to giggle. “‘Madame Hayes’?”

“Yes, Curious Stranger Whose Bed This Is?”

Another chuckle. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

There it was, Sara’s first miniature orgasm. She sidled along the mattress to get closer. “Hmmm,” she mused. “I wish to explore you, Madame Hayes. To discover you.”

“Discover me, Sara da Gama. Let me be your unknown territory. Make me your Greenland, Sara the Red. Plant your flag.”

“Gladly. Any particular spot you’d like me to plant it?”

“Surprise me.”

“Surprises…are my coup de grâce.”

Mel lay still to be discovered, as Sara reached out embarking fingers, to rest on her new territory’s soft, silky skin. The unknown territory in question gasped at her exquisite touch. It amazed Sara that after an entire year of intimacy, her touch could still bear such a magical effect. But then Sara remembered, Oh yeah, she loves me.

Mel lay motionless under cover of darkness as Sara took her time. The experience was quite enhanced in pitch blackness. She heaved in passion, riding Sara’s roving fingertips into the air like waves. Sara leaned in to inhale her unique scent.

Hmmm…” Sara considered. “Fine, satiny texturedelicate dimensionality, piquant atmosphereI do believe I like it here.”

Mel chuckled. “I’m so glad, Poet Who Doesn’t Know It. I want you here with me forever.”

Sara gasped. “Bless my soul!” she exclaimed. “A talking land!”

Mel burst out laughing, but agreed afterwards to remain silent. Within reason.

On Sara went staking out this new, enchanting region. Mel twitched and tingled as Sara searched with her nose and mouth as well as her petite paws. The added, simultaneous touches multiplied her sensations. Sara nuzzled, fondled, tickled, teased, smelled, tasted her. And so far, she couldn’t detect a thing in this new realm she didn’t adore. Mel’s heart, mind and soul began going wild as Sara caressed below her chin, to the neck, kissing her ear.

Land ho,” the explorer whispered.

Melleny suppressed her urge to break out in guffaws once more. She lay still and concentrated on the pleasure.

Their hormones were awakening. Mel lolled her head back as she felt Sara extend an arm under her neck. Sara curled up as close into Mel’s quivering hot bod as she could. Starting to quiver herself, she glid her soft, moist lips from Melleny’s cheek to jaw, continuing her journey south. Her sensual expedition was quickly becoming one of the most overwhelming voyages she’d ventured. She made sure they stayed below the blanket so as to preserve the adventurous pretense.

She descended to Mel’s shoulder and collarbone, all the while folding closer and tighter over her beloved. She cradled her neck with one hand, brushing her trembling belly with the other. Mel moaned, pressing her palms into the mattress as she eagerly awaited the culmination of this trek. Sara’s hair spilled, pooling in beautifully random tufts over Mel’s torso. Head craned back, Melleny could smell it, the delightfully familiar botanicals toying with her nostrils. Sara slipped out her tongue and traced salivary streaks along Mel’s warm flesh. Her cobalt blue eyes fluttered. The girls’ hides rubbed and warmed enough to perspire. Sweat seeped through their pores.

Melleny finally lifted one paw to locate Sara’s hair and snake her fingers through. Sara went on dotting Mel’s upper body in lip and tongue prints, as her lower hand cupped and gripped one ass cheek. Melleny groaned more and put her other arm around Sara, hugging her nearer and nearer. Sara grabbed hold of Mel’s leg underneath with both her own, and pulled it away from the other. Her new territory gladly cooperated.

At last, the moments Mel had been waiting for began to arrive. Sara poked her eyes over the bobbing mounds on either side of her face. Imagining they were two helpings of ice cream topped with whipped cream and cherries, Sara settled in for a nice faceful. This making love in the dark thing was great for their fantasizing skills. Sara sucked on the cherry, trying to taste the sweet juice inside. Mel threw her head back, applying light pressure on Sara’s, encouraging her to be more aggressive. Sara obliged, grinding her face into the shapely dessert-like orbs, feeling the respondent stiffen and nub.

Melleny’s nipples hardened simultaneously, but only one was receiving attention. So she coaxed Sara’s hand from her tush, kissed it and laid it over her unoccupied tit. Her arousal grew and grew as her pussy leaked and her clit swelled. She knew she wouldn’t be able to take much more before her sopping cunt required some attention.

The intensity went on building. Mel’s breaths deepened and loudened as she embraced Sara harder and tighter. She once more took hold of her beloved’s hand, kissed each of its fingers and guided it south, to her yearning womanhood. Sara’s heart accelerated as it did every time she was about to greet Little Melleny. Her fingers eased and maneuvered through Mel’s rainforest, down to the dripping honeycave.

The second Sara touched her pussy, Mel’s head once more shot back on her pillow as if she’d been electrocuted. With a moooooan. Sara, still as flattered as a year ago, gave a small smile through her oral pleasuring of Melleny’s tits. Mel was already in heaven, seeing stars dancing everywhere. And Sara had just barely brushed her labia apart.

Melleny’s heart and clit pounded. Fireworks blasted inside as her girlfriend worked her magic. Sara entered Mel’s welcoming pussy, continuing the exploration. Little Melleny took over once Sara slipped inside her sex, squeezing and clenching on her digits. Each squishy thrust puffed and pumped Melleny’s raging hormones like a blood pressure cuff. She tried to look up through her now teary eyes to address her love.


Sara looked up.

K-k-kiss me.”

Sara grinned.

With pleasure.”

Melleny’s nipples now stood on their own. Hand occupied penetrating Mel’s extremely appreciative pussy, Sara repositioned so she could administer a loving hand job and pucker up at the same time. The lasses exchanged heated breaths once face to face. Sara seductively whispered something that Mel couldn’t even hear, but didn’t mean a thing. It was a mere tactic to entice Mel further with the sound of her hushed voice. Sara went on warmly exhaling along Mel’s hair-tendrilled cheek until reaching her mouth.

A whole new wave of goodness and warm, wet stimulation engulfed Mel as she felt Sara’s lips on hers. Soft moans and whimpers emanated from both young naked gals. Sara, whose cunt was also autolubed and soaked, humped Melleny’s leg like a happy dog, as she probed the inside of her blood-red pussy.

Sara, please tickle my clit,” she somehow managed to croak out.

Sara again grinned and obliged. As she leaned in, touching thumbtip to swollen, twitching clit, the sensation rocked Melleny’s world. She bit Sara’s lip.

Mmm!” Sara remarked.

Mel tried to apologize, but was fast losing her mind. She wouldn’t be able to withstand much more. Sara backed off her lips and kissed from the side of her mouth and across her cheek, elongating her line of pecks up to Mel’s temple. She nosed her dark frizzy hair behind her ear and nipped it. Mel’s upper half was just as cognizant and grateful for the generous affection as was her lower. Every day with Sara Kelton was a trip to bountiful in and of itself, yet making love to her nevertheless transported her to a rarely-seen dimension of Eden. A divine, celestial world of passion, infused by tranquil serenity, where nothing could disturb her peace.

For her part, Sara remained downright astonished hour after hour, day after day, that she got to spend life with such a princess. If Sara were totally honest with herself, she considered Melleny a bit out of her league. She was so beautiful, so lovely, so special. Sara considered herself kind and pretty, but didn’t know if she was quite “good enough” for Mel. But she’d learned during this past year not to question it, just enjoy it. With such a cemented relationship, nothing could stop them now.

Sara soldiered on, plunging deep as she could into Melleny, who by now was screaming for release. She poured on the supplemental love nibbling on Mel’s lobe, teasing her ear with her nose. Melleny spiraled through limitless plateaus of hot euphoria. She gathered fistfuls of mattress in her hand, squeezing the fabric with all her might. More and more sweat ran, wetting down her hair and pillow. She was free to move, but under the spell Sara was casting, she might as well have been pinned to the bed, totally immobile. Sparks blew and surged at every turn, sensuality crackling all about.

As per the norm by this point, Sara was faced with the fun decision of how exactly to put her over the edge. There were two sides of her sexual personality to select from. First, of course, the tender, gentle, loving, nurturing side that cradled Melleny into a beautiful, soothing climax, and let her float down into the honeyed afterglow. Then there was the rough, edgy, biting side, designed to rock Mel past the line of sanity and make her howl for mercy. But as fragile and vulnerable as Melleny’s emotions were, her sex drive could bear up under considerable pressure. Though shy to admit it, Mel liked it rough. And so it was via this avenue Sara chose to let out her aggressions. She waited for the signals, then mildly blew into Mel’s ear. Sara sent her into oblivion with one solitary command.


And so kicked her hand into overdrive in Melleny’s pussy. She rammed, she crammed, she jammed—so hard, so fast, so violent, Mel’s eyes rolled straight back in her head. Vehement, overpowering bursts of ecstasy assaulted her, ripped and tore through every last cell. The earthquake-gasm nailed her relentlessly, seizing her from the core. In her mind she was fired from a cannon, blown too far away to fully recover.

AAAAAAHHH!! AAAAAAAAAAHHH!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!” Melleny screeched, her cries at last dying down after an interval of still-standing time. Sara waited, decreasing speed and ferocity until at long last concluding her exploration. The new land had been discovered, and thoroughly traversed. Her mission was complete.

Her flag had been planted. She sucked off her fingers, and snuggled in with her now charted territory to share the heavenly aftermath.

I love you too, honey,” Sara professed, slipping her hand into her own glad pink pussy.


A week and a half later: Friday, April 3rd, 2015, 6:24 p.m.

“Hey, sissy…oh, y’know, just hanging out with Sara…Sara, babe, my girlfriend. You remember her...you met her at my birthday party last year…right: 5’6, sandy hair, hazel eyes…yeah, her…oh, ’bout a year…yeah, I’m at her place. I practically live there nowadays anyhow…yeah, no, seriously…w—…well, y’know, Molly, I am a lesbian. I mean, this is kinda how we do…uh-huh…yeah, well, it’s just the same reason you like guys; it’s just the way it is. It…what?...What’s the matter?...

“…Ohhhh…aw, Moll, I’m so sorry, hon…yeah, I…I really am, I know how much you liked him…yeah, h—…w—…well, sweetie, you’ll hang in there…well, I know, but…well, yeah, sis, I know that, b—…oh, Moll, honey, please don’t say that…

“…Molly, please don’t s—…oh, sissy…l—…look, why don’t you come over here for dinner with us tonight?...Yeah, you wanna?...Yeah, no, sure, of course; we’d love to have you. Oh, listen to me, ‘We’d love to have you.’ Sounds like I live here already…sure, sure, I’ll just let Sara know…no! No no no, sweetie, of course not; you’re my baby sister!...Aw, it’s okay, hon…yeah, sure. So I’ll let Sara know, and I’ll give you the directions, and wait outside for ya…no problem, babe…love you too…’kay, bye.”

Mel hung up and pranced back inside, where Sara stood aproned in the kitchen. She stirred sauce in a pot, bopping about and singing with Bill Champlin.

“How was I meant to know, I left you alone too long…I never thought you needed all of that talking, but I could be wrong…Sara, I’ll never forget your name…the woman is gone, but the feeling is here to stay…Sara…how can I let you know, I’m willing to give it all…I’ll gather your tears, from all of the years, and catch ’em whenever they fall…I’ll catch you whenever you fall…Sara, I’ll never forget your name…”

Melleny smiled warmly at the performance. Sara really did love singing her heart out. It was hard to resist a happily warbling Sara Kelton, but she did have to break in here.

“Hey, sweetie! I gotta run something by ya real quick, but I kinda already said yes.”

“What’s up?”

“Well…I invited Molly over for supper tonight.”

Sara looked up. Mel noted that she didn’t exactly look thrilled at the revelation.

“She’s-she’s going through a really tough time, hon. You know Corey, that guy she was dating? Well, she really really liked him, but he got deported back to Ireland. He never got his green card, and they deported him around the time we got back from that cruise last month. And…well, Molly just found out today. She’s pretty upset, and she could just really use some friendly company right now…I dunno if I’d say I’m her favorite sister, but she and I’ve always had a close, special bond. I think she wants my comfort.”

Sara arched her eyebrows. When she finally replied, her tone was unplaceable.


Mel paused to let her continue. But Sara said nothing more for the moment.

“…This…i-is this gonna be a problem, sweetie? I…I mean, I-I guess I should’ve asked first, but…I just couldn’t imagine it being that much of an issue. I mean, you’re the most friendly, generous, hospitable person I’ve ever met. And…and if there isn’t enough food or whatever, we can always get something quick and easy for her…right?”

Sara stared a minute. The news with which she’d just been presented, she had to admit, did disrupt her evening plans a bit. It had been a long week, and she was rather looking forward to a nice little dinner and settling in to relax before meeting up with their families for Easter. While she wasn’t proud of it, she didn’t relish the idea of tending to Melleny’s kid sister, even to just offer a bit of grub and succor. It wasn’t that she didn’t care; she was, after all, as Mel’d said, hospitable and accommodating. But even the best of them got tuckered out.

Even so…Sara’d met Mel’s family. She loved them. And vice versa. And this was important to Melleny. And what was important to Melleny was important to Sara. She summoned some energy, and nodded.

“…I…guess I can squeeze in one more.”

Mel hugged her. “Oh, thanks, sweetie! You’re the best!”

“You’re telling me.”


Friday, April 3rd, 2015, 7:57 p.m.

Sara Kelton, Melleny Hayes and Molly Hayes sat around Sara’s dining room table, each with her own plate of spaghetti. Alongside the weeping Molly’s plate also sat a rapidly emptying box of Kleenex. The Hayes girls’ dishes were untouched, and the pasta was losing temperature. Sara’d rather not have to throw it in the fridge, could it be helped. But she told herself the food wasn’t really consequential. It was just food, after all…

“I was really falling in love with him! I was!” Molly sobbed, wadding an umpteenth tissue.

Sara studied Molly for familial similarities. Molly was a thin, tiny thing, a few inches smaller than either Sara or Melleny. Her hair was lighter in tone and a bit straighter as well. Her eyes were also a nice shade of blue, though it was hard to tell what with them covered in tears. Her ears and lips were also a bit smaller, but the two of them did share the same noses and cheekbones.

“I know, babe, I know,” Mel consoled, rubbing her back.

“No, you don’t!” Molly argued. “My life is over!

“Oh, honey, you’re 19 years old!” said Melleny. “You just got your heart broken! I know how that feels. Trust me, I do. And I know how much it hurts right now. I’m so sorry this happened to you. These things happen, sweetheart. And they suck, they really do. But time’ll make it better. One day you’ll wake up, and you’ll feel okay again.”

“No, I won’t!” cried Molly. “This wasn’t my first heartbreak; it was my five hundredth! But this time was really different! I loved him! He wasn’t like the other guys! He never did a single thing to hurt me! Until he left!” She broke up again. “He was perfect, and I still got dumped! I’m such a loser! I can’t even have one nice, sweet guy! He was the best thing that ever happened to me! God, now I just wanna die! I wanna kill myself!”

“Oh, Moll, please don’t say that!” Mel again urged, searching for encouragement. “Look, it…it wasn’t like it was his decision to go. He didn’t say, ‘I don’t love Molly, so I’m gonna hurt her on purpose and leave.’ He had to; he was deported! It wasn’t anyone’s fault! And this…this doesn’t necessarily have to be over. I mean, you can…you-you can still talk to him online. And-and…we can save money in the meantime for you to fly up and see him too. You can stay in touch. You—”

“I don’t wanna talk online! I don’t wanna fly to frickin’ Ireland!” Molly whined. “I wanted him to stay here! And love me!”

“I’d take that,” a weary Sara uttered through her meatball.

“Huh?” Mel looked to her. “…Sara? ’Dyou say something?”

“Not a word.”

Melleny turned back to her baby sister. “Listen, Moll, take it from me, it doesn’t have to be over. If Corey meant this much to you, you shouldn’t just give up. And you oughta mean something to him too. You’re a good person, Molly Hayes. You’re no loser. You deserve a guy who’s gonna value you as much as you do him. And if he doesn’t, then he’s just not the right guy.”

Sara loudly crunched on her breadstick.

“No, Melleny, I mean it,” Molly miserably sniffled. “This is it for me. I’ve been tossed around and stepped on for the last time. I’m done. I am never gonna find the true love of my life. And I just don’t think I can deal with being alone.”

“But you’re not alone!” Melleny asserted. “You’ve still got us. You’ll always have your family, honey; we’re not going anywhere! And, look, both Easter and my birthday’re in a few days. We’ll all get together then; that’ll be fun, won’t it? And you’ve got your friends too. I’m your sister, and your friend. And Sara’s your friend. Right, sweetie?”

“Hm?” Sara looked up lackadaisically. “Oh, uh, right. Right, yeah.”

Molly was in a state of utter hopelessness, willing only to fire down any offer of comfort or coddling. Melleny couldn’t totally blame her. Sara knew Mel suffered from clinical depression, but not that the condition ran elsewhere in the Hayes family. Nor was she abreast of all the drama and emotional uproar under the Hayes roof with eight growing daughters. Sara’d been witness to some of Mel’s less than finest moments, but wasn’t as well acquainted with her siblings. But she was a pretty decent judge of character, with a good imagination. And what was going on here tonight did not overly shock her.

It was, however, beginning to give her a headache. She was already run down from this work week. And she didn’t mean to be insensitive to Molly’s ordeal; it wasn’t as though she’d never been heartbroken herself. But the trouble was that she just, didn’t, have, the energy, to handle this right now. She was simply too wrecked. End of story.

“I don’t think Sara likes me very much, Melleny,” Molly uttered under her breath.

“Oh, nonsense!” Melleny assured without a hint of hesitation. “Sara likes everybody. And everybody likes her. Right, Sara?”

Sara let out a sigh. “Uh, yeah, right, right. Look, if you two aren’t gonna eat, could I please take your plates?”

This didn’t exactly cheer Molly up. She dropped her face in her palms for another string of tears. Mel looked up as Sara stood, gesturing for the dishes.

“You know, Sara,” said Mel, lowering her voice. “This is my baby sister. You could be a little more compassionate here.”

Sara took a deep breath. She was at the end of her proverbial rope, and not fully aware of her level of tact, or the weight carried in her words. She just wasn’t in the mood.

“You’re right, Melleny, you’re absolutely right. Tell you what, here’s what I’m gonna do: I’m gonna take these dishes, I’m gonna toss them in the fridge, and then I’m gonna go get my four-foot teddy bear Mr. Boppers, so Molly can give him a great, big, hug.”

With that, she adjourned to the kitchen. Her attitude turned the air acrid. Mel watched her go, barely able to believe what she’d just seen and heard. The Sara Kelton she knew was the gentlest, most warm, loving soul she could ever ask to encounter. Her kid sister was suffering in pain, and being met with…sarcasm. Wry, caustic, thoughtless sarcasm. Melleny was dumbfounded. This wasn’t right. It made less than zero sense. How could Sara—her Sara, of all people—be so cold? So chillingly callous?

And…she thought the big teddy bear Mr. Boppers only existed in Sara’s dreams, but…oh, who cared.

Sara honestly did feel bad about the way she was behaving, and knew she was not handling it well. But at the risk of hating herself, she hadn’t asked for this. The bottom line was that she simply wasn’t equipped for it right now, mentally or energetically. It was plainly an unfortunate situation brought on by very bad timing. She couldn’t just throw them out the door, and she didn’t have the necessary strength to sit with Molly and give her another shoulder to cry on. She needed a break.

She knew Mel’d probably punish her for this, but she’d deal with the consequences later. She emerged from the kitchen, crossed by the sisters at the table, marched down the hall, entered the bathroom, and locked the door.


Friday, April 3rd, 2015, 8:48 p.m.

After a rest on the royal throne and a splash of water in the face, Sara felt refreshed enough to get back and take care of business. But upon returning to the dining room, she found zero Mollys, only one very worried Melleny.

“Wh—…what’s going on, sweetie?...Where’s Molly?”

“If you actually care, she left, thanks very much,” Mel retorted. “She tricked me. She asked me to get her something to drink, then when I came back with a glass of water, she’d bolted. She’s been doing that kinda stuff to me for years. And I never catch on.”

Sara absorbed this in stride, now a bit more concerned with Molly’s welfare.

“But…you…you didn’t go after her?”

“Sara, she’s not an idiot. She didn’t want me to follow her, so she took her keys and mine. I didn’t notice until it was too late.”

“Oh, gosh,” said Sara, now also frightened. “I hope she didn’t do anything drastic.”

You hope?” Mel indignantly repeated. “You weren’t giving half a hoot about her when she was sitting at your table in tears!”

“I know, Melleny, I know. I’m-I’m sorry, really, I am. I should’ve been more sympathetic. I…I should’ve…”

Sara let out another sigh, feeling the apologies draining her slowly replenishing stamina.

“…Well, do you wanna take my car?”

“Where??” demanded Mel. “I have no idea where she went! I can’t just go aimlessly looking for her on a wild goose chase!”

“Well, why not? It shouldn’t be too hard; just follow the honking.”

Melleny glowered at her. She was in no mood for Sara’s puns. Sara backed off.

“You don’t think she just went back home?”

“I tried her cell and her home phone. No luck.”

“Oh…well, maybe she’ll call you back.” Sara took her own plate from the table and slipped back into the kitchen. A few seconds later, to her amazed consternation, Mel heard the radio click on. Music piped out amidst running water and clinking of dishes as Sara softly hummed along, rinsing off her plate. Again, Mel couldn’t fathom what was happening here. She stood from her chair, feeling her blood start to boil.

Really??” she shouted into the kitchen.

“Huh?” came the reply.

Mel marched to the kitchen doorway. “My baby sis’s in crisis, could be anywhere right now, ’s got me in a total panic…and you’re in here singing, like nothing happened??”

“Hey, I already offered you my car,” Sara reminded her. “You wanna go out and look for her, no one’s stopping you.”

“That is not the point,” Mel griped, hollering over the music. “I already told you there’s no use in looking for her, I have no clue where she is. The point is, I didn’t think it’d be too much to ask of my own girlfriend for a little support. To tell me that everything’s gonna be okay. That my baby sister isn’t out somewhere committing suicide right now!”

“Okay, let’s not get hysterical,” said Sara. “It’s not gonna help to go to pieces. And of course I care, Melleny. I’ve cared about you since the day we met, and I always will. But, may I be so bold as to lay out my side of things here, Mel? It was a long, long week. I, was, exhausted. I had my evening planned. I had just enough energy left to come home, cook a nice little dinner and chillax. Maybe get to bed a little early. Saying this as nicely as I can manage…I didn’t anticipate any dinner guests.”

She sighed. “You just…you just went right ahead and invited her, Mel. You…you should’ve asked me first. It-it wasn’t Molly herself. She seems like a lovely girl. I have nothing against Molly, or any of your family. It wasn’t a problem to fix another plate of food either. But I wasn’t prepared for any drama tonight, Mel. And I’m still not. I’m really sorry about your sister, really, I am, but…but…” She shook her head. “…I dunno how many ways to say it: I’m too, tired! I can’t handle anything else tonight!”

Melleny watched as Sara again reached for the radio and adjusted the volume. It grew another few notches. Their Goddess Velette was on the airwaves. Sara’s music was her haven. It was one of the things that made anything in life bearable. Mel knew she liked it, but didn’t know just how vital the power of music was to Sara’s sanity and structure. And she didn’t feel it was very appropriate right now.

“Sara, would you please turn the radio off?”


The music was not too loud to hear, Sara was just not quite anticipating this request.

“Please turn the radio off! I’m asking you courteously! I’m trying to talk to you here!”

“Bu—…why? I can still hear you.”

“Because it’s distracting! And I’m upset, and I don’t wanna listen to music right now!”

Sara failed to comprehend. In her mind, music was a be-all, end-all solvent to mentally tackling anything life threw at her. She’d always believed in the healing powers of deep and meaningful songs. As far as she could see, favorite music was a cure for any mental ailment that came along. Why would anyone not want music, especially in a rotten mood? And by one’s all-time favorite singer?

“…What do you mean, Mel?”

“What the hell do you mean, what do I mean?? I mean enough, Sara! Please turn it off!”

“…But…it’s…Velette! This is Velette we’re talking about here, Mel! ‘Girl With The Guitar’! It’s an incredible song, you know that! Th—”

“OH, shut, UP!

Mel’s outburst shocked the both of them. Abruptly, the music was the only sound in the house. A few seconds later, there was no sound in the house. Mel couldn’t believe what she’d just said, but couldn’t believe the way Sara was behaving either. As though all she had a care in the world for was an arbitrary ditty on the radio. Sara finished her leftover chores in the kitchen, and faced Mel with crossed arms.

For a short while, neither said anything. Each was spinning a wheel of emotions in her mind, trying to decide how to react, how to express herself. Disappointed, angry, apologetic, betrayed, aggressive, adamant, apathetic, ready to make up, ready to fight moreplace your bets. Melleny landed on rational, but peeved.

“…I-I-I didn’t mean to snap at you and tell you to shut up, Sara. That was wrong of me, and for that I’m sorry. But, I’m not sorry for politely asking you to turn the music off so I could talk to you about something that’s serious and important to me. It…it felt like you just didn’t care, or respect my feelings, or wishes. And after all that worrying over Molly, I just…some-something inside me just went off. My camel’s kid stepped on a crack.”

Sara let her arms listlessly fall to her sides. She exhaled, sauntered back into the dining room, pulled out her chair, and collapsed.

“I didn’t ask for any of this to happen, Mel,” she groaned, arms propped on elbows, cheeks in hands. “I wasn’t trying do anything wrong here. I’m sorry too, sweetheart. All I wanted was a nice, quiet, peaceful evening.”

Melleny calmed herself. “Well,” she conceded, resuming her own seat as well. “I’m not blameless here. I did ask her to come over, and I did make the assumption that you’d be fine with it. I…guess I could’ve taken her out. Or, something else to leave the burden off you and let you relax. I guess I didn’t realize how stressed you were.”

Sara blinked. Multiple times. The next Mel heard was a sniffle. She saw something glisten out of the corners of her eyes, and looked up to see tears in Sara’s.

“Oh, Sara,” she uttered, feeling her heart crack. “Please, I…I didn’t mean it. I don’t…”

She gave up the sentence. Her well of energy was now veritably sucked just as dry. She didn’t know what to do.

Sixteen seconds later, her phone rang. Breaking the perfect silence, it startled them both, prompting a dual gasp. Mel realized what it was, went for her purse and found it.

She looked back to Sara in both alarm and relief. “Oh, God, it’s Molly.” Sara was right. “Moll?...Yeah?...Y—…what? I can’t hea—…Molly, what’s all that honking?...Th—…the Churchtown Bridge?? Molly, what on Earth’re you doing at the Churchtown Br—”

She stopped. Her blood went ice-cold.

“Oh, God…Molly, wait, just…just wait a second, please. Ok-I’m g-I’m gonna put you on speaker so me and Sara can both talk to you.”

What?? I d—I-I dunno what to say!” Sara silently mouthed. Mel brought her phone and rested it on the table. Apparently, Sara was going to have to wing this.

“Uh, hi, Molly, it’s-it’s Sara. Listen, I’m really sorry about this evening. I was just really super-beat, and, just, just…totally my fault. I-I should’ve been more supportive to you. You’re a sweet girl, and you really do have so much for live for, you real—”

Molly bawled over the phone. “No, I don’t!” came her crackly sobbing voice. “I can’t stand to keep living! It just hurts too much!”

“Moll, tell m—just-just tell me something,” Mel asked. “Do…do Mom and Dad know about this? Have you talked to them?”

Sniffle. “No.”

“Well, sweetie, I think you should call them. Bet—or, better still, go visit them. Go over and tell them you love them. Ask them for a hug. That always makes me feel better.”

“It’s no good,” wept Molly. “Nothing can make me feel any better. I’m gonna do it.”

Sara and Melleny began to panic. “Molly! Molly?” said Mel. “Listen to me. This is your big sister speaking. You are not in your right mind. You’re just heartbroken, honey. It’s okay! It’s gonna be okay. We’re here for you, and we’ll be here as long as you need us.”

“No. I don’t need you. You can’t help me. No one can. I’m doing it, I swear.” Her crying intensified. “Melleny, I just want you to know you’ve been a great big sister to me.”

“Molly, listen to me!” Mel repeated, getting more scared. She employed a dangerous but desperate plea. “Look, you know where your soul goes for committing suicide, don’t you?! I’m warning you, you do this, you’re setting yourself up for an eternity of suffering. I know you think it’s bad now, but I promise you, it will get better. But I’m telling you, Molly Hayes, if you do this, you’re going straight to hell. Forever.”

The other end was silent for a moment. The girls waited. Finally—

“…Melleny, I’m not a little kid anymore.”

“She knows, Molly,” Sara took over. “She just wants you to know how much you mean to her. And to your whole family. Look, things…things like this happen, Molly. People get hurt. But it doesn’t mean you just give up on everyone and everything that means something to you. There’re a lotta people who love you, Molly, who care about you and wanna help. You just need some help. Don’t do this, Molly. We’ll get you through it.”

Their only further response was more crying.

“Molly, stay, right, there,” Mel commanded. “Do you hear me? Stay exactly where you are. That’s an order. Listen to me. We’re gonna come get you. And I’ll stay with you on the phone the whole time, Moll. I’ve got plenty of battery power. You just have to promise me that you won’t hang up, and that you’ll stay in your car till we get there. You have to promise me that. Okay, Moll? PROMISE me??”

It seemed an eternity before they heard Molly’s voice again.

“Molly??” asked Mel. “Molly, come in! Molly, do you read me??”

At last, the sad sigh oozed through the phone. “…A’right, I promise.”

“Cross your heart and hope to live?”

Another sigh. “Yeah, yeah, sure.”

“Okay, stay put, Moll, and stay with me. We’ll be there before you know it.

“Just whatever you do, Molly, don’t, hang, up.”


Friday, April 3rd, 2015, 10:39 p.m.

The Churchtown Bridge was less crowded than had been an hour and a half before. But this didn’t make the situation any more pleasant for Sara and Mel. Neither loved driving over bridges. They went very slow, keeping in close touch with Molly, making her stay on the phone at all times. Molly’s lights were off, her car stationary, illuminated by an overhead bridgelight so (hopefully) no one would crash into her. She’d parked midway along the bridge, under the arch that semicircled over. They almost drove right past her.

Molly stood outside by her car. Once they located her, they parked directly in front. Melleny dropped the phone, threw her door open, leapt out, collected her baby sister in her arms and hugged her as hard as she could.

OhmyGod! Oh my God, don’t you ever do that to me again!” Mel cried, kissing Molly all over. Sara turned it into a group hug as they tried to ignore the horns of annoyed drivers maneuvering around. They remained embraced for a full thirty seconds before breaking.

“C’mon, sweetie, let’s go home,” said Mel. “You can stay the night with us. Right, Sara?”

Sara didn’t hesitate for a second. “Absolutely, Molly. You’re always welcome. Anytime.”

Mel held out her hand. “Gimme your keys, Moll, I’m driving you. And gimme mine too.”

“O-okay,” Molly agreed. “But, um, would you do something for me first, Mel?”

“Of course, sissy, what is it?”

“Well, uh…I had a candy bar with me, but I dropped it between the seat. I can’t reach it. Could you please try to get it for me?”

“Oh, sure! Of course, no problem!” Mel nodded. She opened Molly’s passenger door and started to climb in. Molly got a severe ache in her heart from what she was about to do. She felt terrible. But…

Mel was in the car, now looking for the candy bar which only existed in Molly’s little white lie. Sara stood by. Molly quickly scrutinized Sara. She was launching into a big, big, big yawn. She was yawning. She wasn’t watching.

Sara was not watching. No one was watching.

It was now or never.

Fighting off the tears that would give her away, Molly made her move. She lunged to the edge, grabbing onto the arch supports, pulling herself up. Her crying made no noise, but the sound of her climbing onto the arch did. This redirected Sara’s attention. She was about to do it. She was running away, trying to evade them, and she was about to jump.

Sara gasped in disbelieving horror.

MEL!!” she screamed. “MOLLY, NO!!

Mel whipped her head up from inside the car, barely avoiding banging it on the hood of the interior. She whirled her alarmed face 180°…and immediately wished she hadn’t.

Molly had double-crossed her! Again! She’d come up with an occupying task for her sister which wouldn’t allow her time to get back out and stop her. She still hadn’t caught on to Molly’s antics. The reality of the image before her eyes stabbed her soul.

Molly looked back. Sara was about to leap up to grab her down. She had to move quickly. For just a second she glanced back down at them with new tears in her eyes.

“Goodbye, Melleny…” she called.

“…I love you.”

She jumped.

Melleny threw her hands over her face and screamed.

NOOOOOOOO!!” Sara shrieked, rivaling the intensity of Melleny’s own scream. She instinctively dove down, literally hitting the road, and reached out between the ground and first support with all her might.

Against all imaginable odds…

…She made contact!

Miraculously, with superhuman agility and the reflexes of a compressed spring, Sara barely managed to nab Molly by the fingers, almost detaching her arm in the process. When she realized she’d caught her, Sara squealed in unparalleled, euphoric relief. She couldn’t believe it. She quickly inched forward on her belly and seized Molly’s wrist with her other hand. It sank in; she’d caught a girl who’d attempted to kill herself by leaping from the bridge. She felt invincible. Her faculties were working, but her mind was blown. She had just…saved…a person’s life!

“I—AAAH! AAAAAAHHHHAAAA!” she laughed with delirious happiness. “I’VE GOT YOU! I GOTCHA, MOLLY! MEL, I GOT HER!!

Sara was dazed by this newly discovered power. Molly, on the other hand—no pun intended—was abruptly terrified. This was because in the nanosecond it took to grasp the reality that Sara’d just grasped her, snatching her from certain death—

Molly Caitlyn Hayes suddenly wanted to live.

In the midst of this ordeal…this will-crushing crisis of heartbreak she’d suffered through, culminating in a nearly successful suicide attempt…Molly saw through all her tragedy, to the imminent fact that her life had just been preserved. That someone wanted to keep her alive. That someone in her life, someone she hardly even knew, really did care.

That anyone, and everyone, in her life, really could care.

That despite her shattered heart, there really was truth in what Sara and her sister had told her. They were here for her. They would see to it that her life went on. Enough time would heal her wounds, deep as they were.

And she really would be okay.

And just as dynamically as her friends had done two moments before, Molly screamed.


Melleny just about had a heart attack. As if she hadn’t been through enough tonight. She scrambled from the car, hit the pavement beside Sara and reached out her own arms to help Molly back up.

Needless to say, when it was over, all three were considerably eager to get back home.

Frankly, right now they were considerably eager to get anywhere away from a bridge.


Saturday, April 4th, 2015, 2:14 a.m.

Molly Hayes sat up from where she lay with Melleny and Sara, together on Sara’s living room floor. She looked around. Something out of the ordinary was going on. Though she hadn’t spent very much time here, something told her she was in an altered state of reality. She looked down. Mel and Sara were asleep on the floor, snuggling together.

Molly looked elsewhere. Things seemed…distorted, somehow. Normal rectangular objects appeared to have morphed into trapezoids. Distance and proportion seemed out of balance. The large-screen TV was on, showing only a pattern of static losing its vertical hold. And perhaps most bizarre of all, prominently displayed right in the living room was a fully decorated fiber-optic Christmas tree. In the middle of what Molly thought she remembered being springtime.

She was a little frightened. She didn’t recall any of this either of the times she’d been at this lady Sara Kelton’s house. Odder things had happened, she supposed, but this ranked pretty high on her “weird” list. What exactly was going on?

A hand touched her shoulder. “Molly?”

She gasped. “Omigosh!”

“It’s okay, Molly,” assured the same voice. Molly turned to see that it was her sister.


Dream-Mel nodded. “Don’t worry, hon. We’re in Sara’s dream. Nothing to be afraid of.”

Sara’s dream? But-but…how can that be? It feels like I’m in my own reality. Wouldn’t it be my dream?”

“Not necessarily. If you think about it, all of actual conscious reality could be a dream in Goddess’ own mind. What is a dream, after all? It’s a by-product of your imagination. If Goddess had no imagination, where would we be?”

“‘Goddess’?” Molly asked curiously.

“That’s right. Sara and I would like you to meet a very special Someone.”

Dream-Melleny gestured to the corner where the living and dining rooms met the hall. Molly turned to where her sister indicated. Two figures appeared from the darkness, approaching the Hayes girls. Molly gasped again.

“Shhhh, it’s all right,” Mel promised. “This is a good dream. Not a nightmare. Honest.”

“Oh, I think it’s much better than just good,” said dream-Sara, holding hands with the other Woman. “It’s always a magical night whenever I dream of this Lady.” She let go, and joined Mel and Moll on the carpet. “Sit back, Molly, enjoy the show,” she urged.

“Show? What show?”

Colored track lights appeared above, illuminating the Mystery Woman. “Greetings, Molly, and welcome,” She smiled.

“Who are You?”

“My name is Velette Voxe. I’m a singer-songwriter. Some might call Me a rock star.”

Some might call Her a Goddess,” said Melleny, winking to show Molly the explanation.

“That’s why you’re in my dream, Molly,” said Sara. “We wanted you to meet Velette. Her music and Her singing mean so much to me, She’s become my sleep-Goddess.”

“Oh, wow,” remarked Molly, turning back to the Singer. “I’m sorry I didn’t know You.”

“That’s all right,” said Dream-Velette. “I’m a bit better-known in the lesbian community.”

“Well, it’s, uh…it’s nice to meet You, Miss…Velette…Goddess…Lady.”

Velette smiled. “Lovewise, Molly. So, are you ready for your concert?”


“Of course!” said Sara. “Molly, Velette’s a multi-platinum rock star. So that’s what She does in my dreams; She sings to us.”

“Oh, wow,” Molly reiterated. “Okay, cool.”

The concert began. A guitar played a bittersweet figure through the atmosphere.

“Whoa, where’d that come from?” Molly wanted to know.

Shh!” her dream-sister eagerly hushed her. “It’s a dream. That’s all you need to know.”

This time Velette did not serenade them with one of Her own songs, but presented a fresh take on an oldie. She sang a classic folky rock song called “Blood And Fire.” As it progressed, Molly grew more and more charmed. The lyrics beautifully mirrored the music’s longing, yearning vibe. And Velette knocked them dead with the trademark heart and soul She put into every performance. She punctuated the heartfelt words with powerful motions of Her hands—which were unoccupied while not playing Her guitar. Molly’s heart was truly touched by the charisma surrounding the fascinating Singer. And especially the part of the song when the accompaniment faded, and Velette majestically belted the words, “…And I’m calling you, calling you, from ten thousand miles away…”

She really was extraordinarily talented, Molly had to agree.

While the performance was going on, a fourth audience member joined. Molly silently gasped. Her attention was diverted by another abnormality. Skulking over to join them…was a cat. How strange. Molly didn’t remember seeing a cat…then again, she’d not spent much time here. Yet stranger was that this cat sported a vibrant red coat, and lavender paws. A large tag around its neck read, “HELLO! My name is Dewdrop.”

Molly turned her gaze back to see Sara hugging Mr. Boppers, a four-foot teddy bear. She was becoming enchanted as time ticked on and Velette sang. She became even more so to look back and note that Dewdrop now had a lavender coat and red paws.

The concert concluded. Velette bowed, to enthusiastic (human) applause. “Thank you,” said Velette. “I have to go now, but I hope to see you again soon.”

“Aw, really?” said a disappointed Molly, hopping up to hug Her. “I really liked it! Can’t You stay? Can’t You do one more song?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Molly,” Velette returned her hug with a kind smile. “If it was up to Me, I’d stay and keep you company all night long. But, I’ve got a bunch of other dreams scheduled on My slumber tour for tonight. ’S the price of having fans.

“But just remember, dear friend,” Velette told her, holding on to her hand. “Please don’t ever give up. I’m truly sorry you had your heart broken so terribly. I’ve read hundreds of Ve-letters from fans and folks who’ve suffered through such tragedy, and I bleed for them. I wish I could give every one of them a warm hug and tell them it’ll all be okay.”

Molly suddenly realized the source of her heartbreak, and the somber wistfulness in Velette’s words. She began to cry.

“But don’t worry, Molly. That’s one of the things dreams are for. So we can escape the harshness of reality and seek refuge from the pain. So you can take some time to step away from your heartache and say, ‘I can go on. I can make it through this.’”

Molly continued sobbing. Velette caressed away her tears.

“You’ve got the strength inside of you, Molly Hayes,” She said quietly. “You’ve got the power and the fortune to survive. That was proven tonight. Don’t ever forget, Molly. Don’t give up. It will be okay. You’ve got your friends. You’ve got your family.

“And once in a while…” whispered Velette, letting go and vanishing back into the darkness, “…When you close your eyes…

“…You’ve got Velette Voxe.”

Molly gasped. “Wait! Wait! Please!” she cried. “Please don’t leave me!”

But She was gone. Molly wept through the tears she had left, but strangely…felt no more coming on. Sara and Melleny gently took her hands on either side.

It’s all right, Molly…” one of them whispered. The voice echoed and faded around her. Colors and shapes swirled away. The echo grew faint.

It’s all right, Mollyit’s all right, Mollyit’s all right, Molly…”

Molly opened her eyes.

Sara and Melleny were snuggled together on the floor.

Molly blinked. She thought she still heard the faint whispers…but no one was speaking.

She pinched herself.


Oh my gosh

Did that actually just happen?


Another week and a half later: Tuesday, April 14th, 2015, 10:00 p.m.

“Wowie,” said Sara. “Well, another fun episode, huh, guys?”

General agreement was murmured amongst Jake, Hanna, Mel and Molly, whom her big sister’d begun inviting to pal around with them. They were gathered back at Sara’s once more, for another showing of One Big Happy. When finished, Sara gathered the dishes and disposables to take into the kitchen.

“Oh, uh, Molly?” she asked. “Would you please mind giving me a hand in the kitchen?”

“Oh…well, eh, okay, I guess,” Molly acquiesced. She followed Sara in, leaving the others to chat amongst themselves.

“Well, now you know why Mel started calling you ‘sissy.’ I figured you were curious. So, um…” She peeked out to see the others still by the TV, and lowered her voice.

“…How’ve you been doing since the other week? You okay?”

“Well, uh…” Molly hesitated. “…I’ve been staying with Mom and Dad. I’m still heartbroken, but, I’m just trying to take things a little at a time. One day at a time.”

“Oh, Molly, I’m really glad to hear that,” smiled Sara. “And I want you to know that that one night was not representative of my usual disposition. I’m really an angel. Most of the time. And I really do like you and care about you. A lot.”

Molly clasped her paw. “I really like you too, Sara. You’re a super-nice lady. And I’d love for you to be my big sister-in-law one day. I’ve never had one of those before. Come to think of it, none of us have. We have a ton of brother-in-laws, but no sister-in-laws.”

“Whoa,” chuckled Sara. “Well, slow down a little there…but yeah, I think you can count on that happening at some point.”

“Cool,” Molly chuckled back. “So what can I help with?”

“Oh, actually, I don’t really need help. That was just a cover so I could talk to ya. Just to have a quick, private word. And I want you to know you can confide in me about anything, anytime you want.”

Molly smiled. “Aw, thanks, Sara. I just want you to know, that in a little sibling-type way…I love you. You saved my life.”

“Oh! Pleasure’s all mine, li’l sis, all mine.”

“Oh, by the way, Sara, I was just wondering, um…by any chance, do you have a cat?”

“Well, no, I don’t…but, I don’t think I’d mind having one one day. What makes you ask?”

“Oh…um…no reason.”

“Huh. Well, a’right…” Sara grabbed up five spoons and a generous container of Neapolitan ice cream from the freezer.

“Okay, boy and girls!” she announced, returning with Molly to the living room. “Who’s ready for dessert??”