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27 Feb. '17

Smokey Saga #72 (February 2017)


Brand-new story here, that might even make it onto NT before it hits Literotica. As of 2/27/17, we’ll see. This is semi-adapted from a play script I wrote around the turn of the 2010s. A carbon-copy of that would not work very well as an erotic narrative. Well, it might, but most would find it far-stretched and far-fetched. So I feel what I came up with here turned out better. This is a bit more short-fetched! Hope you like it. Please enjoy, like each time, and you know your feedback is welcomed, valued and appreciated. Cheerios.


Ride ‘N’ Park

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016, 5:56 p.m.

The day was unseasonably pleasant in the high 50s, a nice surprise for outdoor-bound Juniperites. Especially here in the midwest, where winters proved quite unforgiving. A month ago, North America’s faithful groundhog Phil Sowerby saw no shadows belonging to him. The prediction seemed accurate today, even with three more technical weeks of winter on the calendar.

One of Juniper, Minnesota’s most treasured landmarks was the Park of Andrewsville County. It was massive, rich in both greenlife and acreage, and populated daily by people and animals alike. Most fairweather days including this one saw parkgoers picnicking, playing with their dogs, pushing their kids on the swings, or just perching on a bench and taking it easy. Into this fourth and last area of activity fell a pensive, thoughtful middle-aged woman named Merissa.

Merissa was not a native Minnesotan. As a matter of fact, it was her first day in the North Star State. She’d been led here through a rather complicated, unfortunate series of events. She’d wandered along until finding this park, and didn’t feel a great deal of energy or motivation to go elsewhere, even as the sky began to dim. A suitcase sat by her feet, in her hands a diary and pen.

Around her, the park slowly emptied for the day. Alongside it, a few feet out in front of her bench ran a stretch of the Juniper-Minneapolis bike trail. Merissa looked up as she heard a new sound approaching.

From her right, a lady jogger trotted the trail due east, slowing to a halt near the bench. She was decked in athletic but winter-friendly gear, including sneakers and a pedometer, and sprinkled with sweat. She jogged a few more steps in place, stopped, caught her breath, and wiped perspiration from around her headband. Bottle of water in hand, she squirted some in her mouth and the rest of her face. She checked both her pulse and pedometer.

Pant. “Yes!”

The jogger, whose name was Andi, had gone a mile and a half east on the trail, her desired distance. She normally did three miles a day. After the first mile and a half, she took an intermission, did some mid-run stretching and about-faced home. Though Merissa was not a justice of the peace, Andi approached her bench, gesturing to its unoccupied half.

“May I?”

Merissa looked up from her diary.

“Hm? Oh, uh, sure. Sure, go ahead.”

Andi placed her left tennie on the bench to re-tie it. She felt she’d done this shoe too tight, and having freshly clipped her nails, now had trouble undoing it. Merissa was similarly less able to see her writing in the diary with disappearing daylight. She shut it and her eyes, and let her head loll back. She didn’t know how much time passed, but she heard the jogger start emitting grunts and mutters. Finally, she heard that she was being addressed.

“Hi, ’scuse me, eh…”

Merissa opened her eyes, turning her way.

“Sorry, I know this may be a little weird to ask, but, uh…have you got nails, by chance? Do you think you could maybe help me with my shoe? I double-knotted it too tight.”

“Mm…” Merissa set down the diary. “Well, I, uh…I guess I could try.”

Indeed, it took a little doing, but with some skilled dexterity, she managed to loosen Andi’s laces.

“Whew! Thanks, lady!” Andi sat beside her, redid her right sneaker and pulled her socks up. Merissa retrieved her purse, reopened her diary, took out her phone and used it as a flashlight. Beside her, Andi stretched and rolled out her cricks.

“Oh,” she observed. “Mind if I ask what you’re reading?”

“Mm, I’m writing, actually. ’S my diary.”

“Oh. Oh, I see.” Andi stood, cracked her knuckles and rolled her head around her shoulders. “Well, tell it hi for me. Got another mile and a half to cover here. Thanks for untying me. I’ll see ya!”

“Bye,” sniffled Merissa.

Andi headed back off the way she came, leaving Merissa’s line of sight. She listened to the footsteps fade off, realizing just how empty the park had become. The sounds of frolicking were taken over by crickets and light gusts of wind. Merissa began to notice too how cold she was. Not to mention…alone. It had already sunk in that she was alone, and how. And just how cold the world could be, figuratively and literally. Of course, it would probably have been warmer had she stayed back home. But, she’d be sniffling either way.

Well, she guessed she’d better get up and find someplace to stay before it got too late. She slipped the phone and diary into her purse and picked up her suitcase. She felt her eyes water, also for two reasons. Well, at least…

Sigh. She should head off the same way as that woman whose shoe she’d untied. It looked like it would eventually take her back out to the main business district. She could certainly grab a cab from there and get herself to a hot—

Her thoughts were interrupted as she saw something she didn’t expect. Now facing west on the bicycle trail, her eyes and ears once again detected approach. A few moments more, and she could see…it was the jogger. The very same one who’d briefly met her in the park. There was just enough daylight left to recognize her.

Oh. Um…hello.”

“Hi there,” she panted, jogging a few more steps in place. “How’s, eh…how’s it going?”

Merissa arched a brow.

“Uhhhhh-kay, I-I guess,” she supposed out loud. “I, uh…I kinda thought you were…going that way.”

Her jogger acquaintance shrugged. “I was, but…I dunno, before, when I said ‘See ya’ and you said ‘Bye,’ sounded like you…sniffled. And I didn’t know if it was like a, y’know, ‘It’s chilly out here’ sniffle, or a…” Another shrug. “…‘I’m having a tough day’ sniffle.”

Merissa looked forlornly at the ground, blinking repeatedly.

“Change ‘tough day’ to ‘tough past couple months’ and you’d pretty much have it.”

“Aw, I’m sorry. Well…this would normally be the point where I’d say, ‘Feel free to talk to me about it if you want.’ But if not, no biggie; I’ll shut right on up and get outta here. I’ve made that offer more times than I can count, but no one’s really ever taken me up on it.”

“Does that mean it’s not on the table for me?”

“…No, not necessarily. We could walk and talk. You could use me as your diary, and I’ll promise to keep everything in confidence.”

“That’s very sweet of you, honey, but…I don’t even know your name.”

“Andi. Short for Andrea. My last name’s Jackson, and I swear I’m not even making that up. Andi Jackson. Honest to God,” she chortled. “You’ll probably never see me on a $20 bill…although you never know.”

A weak chuckle and a handshake followed. “Merissa. Nice to meet you, Andi.”

“Lovewise! Well, Merissa…strange as it might seem, I also wanted to thank you again for untying my shoe. I know it’s not that big a thing, but, it was really hurting my foot. And, well, I don’t wanna come off as, like, some kinda whackadoo or whatever. But the thing is, I’ve been going through this…sorta…inspirational life phase, you might say. See, I went to this seminar that teaches you how to be more gracious and outgoing with people. And I don’t always remember at first, but I’m trying my best.”

She smiled. Something about her sweaty, gentle face brightening into a friendly smile made Merissa feel a little better.

“…Okay. Well, um…

“Which way’re you going, Andi?”


A Leap Of Faith

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016, 6:13 p.m.

“Well…as it turns out, I just came here today. It was completely by chance.”

“No fooling??...Wow. There’s gotta be an interesting story behind that.”

“There is. Although I dunno if ‘interesting’’s the word. I guess it all started late last year, when I got divorced. My ex-wife fell outta love with me. It broke my heart.”

“Oh, that sucks! I’m so sorry, Merissa.”

“Thanks…it did suck. The whole process was so painful: the lawyers, the awkwardness, dividing our stuff, her using my weaknesses against me instead of helping me overcome them…I’ll be sending her alimony, but that’s no big deal. She can have it. I was born into family wealth; I don’t care about the money at all.”

“Well, that makes sense. Money can do a lotta stuff. But like the Beatles said, can’t buy you love.”

“How true that is. We finally got it through the courts…needless to say, that was a rough Christmas and New Year’s. Hell of a Valentine’s Day too. But last week, it was officially over. That’s my one comfort in it: I can start from scratch now, with a…kinda clean slate. The trouble is…I dunno if I want to.”

“Well, who could blame you. You just went through a grown-up trauma. I’ve never been married, so I can only imagine how it must’ve felt. D’you have any kids?”

“No. Okay, two comforts. Well, now you’ve heard the half of it…here’s the other half. I just had a birthday. Which, to b—”

“Oh, Happy Birthday!”


“Which, to be honest…I was really looking forward to. Thought my friends and family would take me out, and it’d be a nice way to get my mind off…y’know, everything. Only…it didn’t happen.”

“What, they were too busy?”

“Worse. I don’t mean to sound whiny or immature about it, but I think they forgot.”

“Oh, no. That’s awful!”

“Well…believe it or not, ’s not the first time. And the mature part of me says I can’t get too mad. Thing is…on Monday, I turned eleven.”

“…What’s this now?”

“Technically. I’m really forty-four. Or should be. I’m what we call a ‘leaper.’ I was born in 1972, on February 29th.”


“Yeah, so this year was my most recent ‘real’ birthday. Call me a purist, but I just think it’s a little unfair that I don’t get my own special day every year, like everyone else. I mean, sure: every non-leap year I celebrate—if you can call it that—on March 1st, which leapers usually do. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it just…doesn’t feel as special. Or genuine. I feel like I’m cheating.”

“I see. So, you’re sorta like Robin Williams in that movie, uh…oh, what’s it called…”

“Jack. Yeah, I’m familiar with it. He’s born with some kinda defect that makes him age four times faster than normal. So when he’s ten in school, he looks forty. It is similar, in a way, but he had it a lot worse than I do. He did get a birthday every year, though. God, poor Robin Williams. Still can’t believe it about him. May he rest in peace.”

“Aw, well, that’s too bad. But you know, I’m sure they didn’t mean to forget. Maybe they did remember, and they were deliberately waiting past your birthday to spring it on you, so it’d be a real surprise.”

“…That did occur to me…yesterday. But by then…well, lemme go back. See, it is always nice to be surprised. But, it’s like for anyone’s birthday, you don’t wanna have to remind them. You want people to remember on their own. And if they were gonna throw me a party or take me out, I’d rather they’d do it on the day itself. Or before. If they wait till after, it really does look like they forgot. So…this on top of my divorce, was…it-it was just a really bad combination. And I got to feeling so lousy and down on myself…after a while I just felt like I had to get out. I needed some kind of escape. So…I bought a ticket and got on the train. Then, I, uh…kinda…fell asleep. And I must’ve slept a lot, ’cause I ended up here from Maryland.”

Maryland? My God, that’s like a thousand miles!”

“I know. I didn’t have any real destination in mind. I thought of it more as a personal retreat. Now I’m sorta regretting it, but not ’cause I’m so far from home. It’s because…I didn’t actually tell anyone. I just did it. Maybe it was cowardly or selfish of me, but…I was hurt.”

“Aw…sorry. Although, y’know, now that I hear you talk, I can tell you don’t have a Midwest accent. Most non-Midwesterners think we talk funny, dohn’t’cha knohw. Of course, we tend to think they talk funny. I don’t mean to make light of your situation, just an observation. But…if you left without telling anyone you were going, they might be worried about you. Have you checked your phone?”

“I’m, eh…honestly, I’m a little afraid to.”

“Hm. I guess I can see how you’d feel that way. My birthday’s in October—’77, I’m 38—but I’d be pretty disconcerted if people forgot it. Thanks to social networking, though, that doesn’t usually happen; Facebook sends out reminders.”


“Oh, I’m…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to rub it in.”

“That’s okay. Maybe I should’ve signed up for Facebook.”

“…So, if you ended up here and didn’t really know where you were headed, does that mean you don’t have a place to stay tonight?”

“Well, not right this second. But if you take me somewhere I can get a cab, I’ll go to a hotel. That’ll be fine.”

“Oh, well, that might not be necessary. The cab, I mean. If you wanna walk home with me, I’ll give you a ride.”

“Aw, Andi, that’s so nice. But I dunno if I could impose on you.”

“Oh, please don’t be proud on my account. I know you can afford it, and I know you’re a big girl, but you’re still a long ways from home by yourself. And you’re clearly not thrilled about the way things’re going. Your feelings are still hurt right now, I can tell. And I think you could really use a friend. Lemme at least do that much for ya, c’mon.”

“…Only if you insist.”

“I do. You helped me, and I wanna help you.”

“I did, but…I’d hardly think untying your tennis shoe compares to you doing this for me.”

“It’s all a matter of perspective, my friend, just a matter of perspective. All in how you look at it.”

“Gosh, you’re an upbeat lady.”

“I do my multi-level best. Also my motto in life.

“So then, my friend Merissa, tell me about yourself.”

“What would you like to know?”

“Eh, I dunno…why don’t we just wing it.”

“A’right, ’s see…okay, well, besides what you already know about me, I have two brothers and a sister…decent relationships and social skills. I like people, and life…or at least I want to. I wanna be a positive, happy person…it’s hard, though. I was born into family money, like I said. But I’m still not really happy, so I feel like that makes it even worse. Money can’t buy happiness, or in my case even rent it.”

“Bummer. Not to dredge up any bad memories for you, but I’d wager you were picked on in school.”

“You nailed that one dead on. But that’s also kinda bound to happen when your last name’s Wolfschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff.”

“…Come again??”

“You heard me. Merissa, Fawn, Wolfschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff.”

“…Sorry, one more time?”

Sigh. “Like I haven’t done this a billion times…okay, listen closely: Wolf-shlee-guhl-stiyn-how-zuhn-behr-gehr-dorf.”


“It’s okay, Andi. I don’t expect anybody to tell me one I haven’t heard at this point.”

“My good gosh! That’s…wow, that’s gotta suck anytime you sign something, huh?”

“Hmph. Letters, receipts, applications, forms…but signatures’re hardly the worst part. Anymore it’s just the ‘W’ and a straight line.”

“Well, y’know, a funny or unusual name doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Look at me. My name’s Andrea, but I’ve never been real crazy about it. It’s a little too ‘adult’ for me. Andi’s cuter, it saves me a syllable, and it gives me a cool opener to meet chicks. ‘Hey, how ya doing? I’m President of the United States in 1829.’”

“Heh…I guess so. Well, I mean, don’t get me totally wrong; I like my first name. My middle name’s a little embarrassing, but, meh. So do you ever get resentful your folks gave you a name you don’t like?”

“Not really. Like I said, I just shorten. And look at it this way: they sorta named me after a great man who fought for his country and his family. How about this: they could’ve named me Janet. Or LaToya.”

“Heh! Didn’t think of that. Well, at least you didn’t have to worry about them naming you Michael.”

“Yeah; ’s primarily for the gents. One exception comes to mind, though. There’s a female rock star named Michael who was in a couple girl bands, the Runaways and the Bangles. Just one of those random things I know. So yeah, unlikely, but possible. Can you imagine that, me being named Michael? I mean, I love his music, but God; let’s just count everything that would’ve been wrong with that.”

“I bet. So, uh…what kinda cards ’dyou get dealt in life?”

“Well, not exactly a royal flush. Although I kinda think of it not so much what’s on the cards themselves; ’s more like the cards that’re already on the table make it hard to play mine. Y’know, how stuff affects me and how I handle it. I try to be as optimistic and upbeat as I can, but I’m very flawed too. For example, I’ve got kinda shaky judgment skills. I’m not always super-responsible. I’m a little messy. And while I’m at it, I’ve made more than my share of unwise decisions.”

“Oh, you mean like…tying your shoe too tight to go jogging?”

“Yep; great example. I wish they could find a way to invent slip-on sneakers.”

“Oh, I don’t think ‘they’ can help us. ‘They’ need all ‘their’ time to come up with more weird things to say.”


“Yeah. Y’know, ‘they.’ ‘That’s what they say.’ ‘Y’know what they say.’ ‘What is it they always say again?’”

“Oh. Yeah, well, uh—”

“Who do you think ‘they’ are, anyway? Some kinda big operation on Wall Street? ‘They’’re the ones who make all those decisions that control our lives, right? ‘They’re working on the problem.’ ‘They did a study.’ ‘They don’t make ’em like they used to.’”

“Ah, I…see what’cha mean.”

“Yeah…honestly, though, you wanna know what kinda drives me crazy about ‘them’?”

“Go for it.”

“Well, here’s the thing. ‘They’ can put an astronaut on the moon. ‘They’ can let us talk to any human being on the planet at any moment. ‘They’ can transport us anywhere on this Earth we want in a matter of days. ‘They’ can design a toy the size of a playing card that lets you listen to twenty thousand songs. ‘They’ can create a worldwide cyberweb that lets you watch, read or listen to just about anything under the sun…but apparently, ‘they’ can’t get a few million people on the street a roof to sleep under and a hot meal. So…I’m willing to bet ‘they’ can invent slip-on sneakers, but it’s not high on their list of priorities.”

“…Wow. Well, you learn something every day. I guess I never considered that before.”

“‘Sometimes it’s necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly.’”

“…Interesting. You know, Merissa, you’re a really fascinating lady.”

“Oh, go on.”

“No, I mean it. You make me think. Although, y’know, ‘they’ can’t do everything. ‘They’ can’t let us time-travel. At least not yet.”

“This is true.”

“’Cause if we could, you can bet your life I wouldn’t have time to worry about mine. Um…well…well, actually, yes, yes, I would; I’d have all the time I wanted. But you know what I mean; I’d be having way too much fun careening through the continuum.”

“Can’t argue with that either.”

“But then, I don’t think time travel’ll ever really exist. Otherwise, someone from 2152 would’ve already come back dying to tell us about it. But if he did, we’d probably just lock him up.”

“Heh, yes…or some guy from 1912 dressed like Charlie Chaplin, trying to find anyone who won’t ask him if he thinks it’s Halloween.”

“Right. But really, I’m sure someone would’ve convinced us by now. The problem is, when they’d travel, they’d have to be able to take the time machine with them. DeLorean or whatever. If you go back to when the machine didn’t exist yet, could you still have it?”

“Excellent point. ‘Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth.’ And ‘there’s more to the truth than just the facts.’”

“You sound like quite the philosopher.”

“I studied it in college. ’S kinda one of my things. Like, I know it’s getting dark, but just take any of these trees around us. If they got struck by lightning or whatever and fell, but we weren’t here and couldn’t hear it…”

“Oh, would it still make a sound?”

“Right. You think it would?”

“Well, yeah, of course it would.”

“Ah. But would it?”

“…Oh, man...”

“Heh…a’right, you don’t wanna play, that’s cool. So, uh…what do you do for a living, Andi?”

“I’m a florist. I own my own shop. And y—…uh…sorry. I was about to ask, ‘And you,’ but…”

“That’s okay. My folks are retired now. They’re scientists. And before they had me, they invented something that made them utterly filthy friggin’ rich…but we’re not really at liberty to disclose it or talk about it. But, so they had me and my brothers and sister, and still way too much money left over. So my sibs and I went to college, and they all have careers now…even though there was never a big need for the Wolfschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff kids to get a job. So I had a lot of free time. And someone said, ‘Why don’t you try doing volunteer work? It’s kinda fun, and really rewarding, knowing you’re helping people,’ they said.”

“Sounds logical to me. And?”

“Well…I did. I helped at the fire station for a while. I delivered food, I worked with the local recycling program. Only…I dunno why, but…somehow, I just didn’t seem to get much out of it. I know it wasn’t supposed to be for my own enjoyment, but…maybe that person who suggested it kinda idealized it in my mind. Honestly, Andi…I’m ashamed to admit this, but I didn’t find it fun or rewarding, really. Maybe…maybe it’s the result of coming from a rich family. Maybe I’m spoiled. Or just not such a nice person.”

“Aw, Merissa, I wouldn’t say that. If you weren’t a good person, I doubt you’d feel ashamed. Maybe you just didn’t find your niche. Or maybe that kinda thing just isn’t important to you. There’s nothing wrong with that. No one can force you to like something you just don’t, or aren’t cut out for. Some of us just aren’t that lucky finding our passions or purposes in life. I mean, I love flowers. Some of ’em tickle my nose. But no official allergies. I love flowers, and I love my shop, but I originally wanted to be a, uh…heh.”

“…A what?”

“I wanted to be a dancer. At least when I was little and thought I could do anything. I loved all kinds of dancing: tap, ballet, classical, belly, you name it. But then I grew up and realized I just didn’t have the talent. Or coordination. And sure, I was bummed for a while. But I still go jogging with my music, and throw in some fun moves here and there. Y’know, stuff in life sparks our interest to all different degrees. Some of ’em work out, some don’t. But not gelling with volunteer work definitely doesn’t make you a bad person.”

“Thanks, Andi.”

“Oh, think nothin’ of it. Are you allergic to any flowers, just outta my own curiosity?”

“Mm, no. Not to my knowledge, anyway; I’m sure I haven’t encountered every kind of flower there is.”

“Good point. Y’know what? I really do like talking to you, Merissa. I think you’re a fantastic conversationalist. If you are a spoiled rich girl—which I’m not saying you are, just hypothesizing—you could’ve fooled me.”

“Yes, well…try telling that to Dannica.”

“Aha, and Dannica would be…”

“Right; my ex.”

“Oh, yeah…I’m sorry about that. May I ask, eh…what exactly happened?”

“Honestly…I think it was just the culmination of a bunch of things that started little, then weren’t so little anymore. Y’know, sometimes in relationships, things are so exciting at the beginning, stuff’s still cute even though it rubs you the wrong way. I’m sure I did a lot of things that irritated her, and God knows a number of things about her annoyed me. Like…she-she did this thing women do sometimes, where she’d be mad at me, and I’d wanna know just what the heck was bothering her so much, or what I did to upset her. And she’d say—quote—‘Well, if you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you.’”

“Ah. Yeah. Well, ’s a little hard to fix your mistakes if you can’t identify ’em. You said you didn’t have any kids, right?”

“No, thank goodness. We wanted to, but we couldn’t agree on the method. I wanted to adopt. She wanted us—and by us, I mean me—to be a.i.’d and give birth.”

“Hm. Not exactly the most selfless approach.”

“That’s putting it diplomatically.”

“Did you think about taking her last name? Just to…maybe make things a little easier?”

“Frankly, no. Not for a second, once I learned what her last name was. I won’t say it, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. I’ll tell you this much: her last name wasn’t Tomei. But it was even more embarrassing than mine.”

“…Okay. Well, I’m not gonna pretend I’m not curious, but I shan’t force it either.”

“Thanks. Are you married? Or did you already tell me?”

“Oh, yeah, no, I never married. Just never found that right person. Love is such a mystery. How long were you married?”

“Eight years.”

“Oh. So, two of your birthdays.”

“Heh, yeah. We took a jaunt up to Toronto to tie the ol’ knot, then to Italy for the honeymoon. Then it was back home to Arnold, M.D., this little city just east of Annapolis. Quite an achievement too. How many people can say they got married at nine years old?”

“Well, whether you celebrate it every year or just every four, I hope you get to go out with your friends and family.”

“Yeah, there’s usually a little party. Sometimes we go out, sometimes we just stay in and take it easy.”

“Oh, good! Based on what you know about me so far, you can probably guess I love parties. I love celebrating, just anything. I love to celebrate life in general. Sometimes I just treat myself or friends to a meal, or present or whatever, for no reason at all.”

“Yep, I could kinda tell. You are quite the Positive Polly.”

“Ha! I never heard that one before.”

“Well, I mean it. I’m admittedly more of a Negative Nancy or a Debbie Downer. I wish I could be more like you.”

“Oh, Merissa, I wish you wouldn’t do that to yourself. We may’ve just met an hour or three ago, but I know you have a lot of wonderful qualities. Everyone’s got a few. And some have more than the lion’s share. You may be an entire eleven years old now, but honestly, who knows? You might just discover the most fantabulous thing about yourself, as soon as tomorrow.”

“That’s really so sweet of you to say, Andi…I…oh, I dunno. I guess now and then it gets to feeling like once upon a time, I ran over life’s dog. And it’s been treating me as such ever since. ‘Pessimists do not expect great things to come, but take them as they do.’”

“…Is that a quote?”

“Actually, it’s a haiku. Kind of a hobby of mine.”

“Wow!...You see, Merissa? That’s a beautiful thing! You’re poetic. And philosophical. You have a lyrical soul.”

“…You really think so?”

“Absolutely! Dare I say, Merissa, you’re so intriguing, you scintillate me. You excite my mind.”

Oh, my.”

“Hee hee! I didn’t exactly mean that way, but…well, I’ll share my thoughts, you can take ’em where you want. I don’t really believe that life, per se, or a higher power treats us like we ran over their dog. Like you just said, pessimists take good things as they come. So good things must happen to them now and then. The glass can’t always be half-empty, can it?”

“Well, yes, you’re right, but I’ve never given credence to that metaphor. In my mind, nothing can be ‘half-empty,’ because I don’t see that as a viable concept. To me, something is either completely empty, or it’s not. If it has enough to fill it halfway, then it’s half-full. And that’s really it, no two ways about it.”

“Okay, but hopefully you can see my point. Fortune doesn’t frown on us deliberately, out of irony. We never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. It’s one of the things that makes life so savory. And exciting. And beautiful.



“…You’re…holding my hand.”

“I hope you don’t mind…something in the way you were talking just…inspired me, somehow. It made me develop…affection for you.”

“I…uh…I don’t mind.”

“Maybe…one of those good things came, and I didn’t even notice it as it was happening.”

“So, um…how…long are you planning to stay in Minnesota, Mer?”

“Honestly, Andi…I really have no idea. It was an impulse. Like I said, I didn’t even know where I’d end up when I got on that train. But in the meantime…why don’t’cha tell me about Minnesota? I know it’s about as cold as America gets here, but not much else. ‘What can it be that awaits visitors in the lovely North Star State?’ There’s another haiku for ya.”

“I love it! Well, you’re right, it does get chilly. And we have some of the most friendly down-home folks here. And Minnesota’s home to the national treasure Garrison Keillor, the comedian Maria Bamford, and Prince. Prince, now that guy’s just ageless. I bet he’s gonna live forever. It’s also a big settlement for lots of Germans and Scandinavians. Then of course we’ve got the Mighty Ducks movies, we wouldn’t have them without our beautiful state. Not to mention the biggest mall in the country. And now someone like you, you’re pretty upper-crust and you’ve got deep pockets. You’re what some of us here’d affectionately refer to as a ‘cake-eater.’”

“Hm! Interesting…”

“By the way, what kind of cake do you like?”

“Mmm, I’d have to go with vanilla.”

“Okay, that’s good…what’s your favorite ice cream?”

“Oh, I couldn’t live without ice cream. Gotta say anything Oreo-y, or cookies and cream-ish.”

“Know what’cha mean. Nothing like taking an already tasty flavor and crushing cookies on top. Well, as for our food, blueberry muffins and rhubarb pie’re big here. And at least for me, they beat the hell outta morel mushrooms and lutefisk.”

“What’s lutefisk?”

“I’m…not sure you wanna know, quite frankly. What do you eat in Maryland?”

“Oh, our big thing’s crabs. We’ve got the Chesapeake Bay and the ocean right there. And I like ’em, I don’t wanna seem like a bad Marylander, but I don’t really care for all the preparation and work to get to the edible part. Now if someone picked them apart for me and gave me a bowl full, ready to eat, I’d love it. Crabcakes and soft-shells are delicious too. But otherwise you gotta crack it open manually or smash it with a mallet. Forgive me, but if I wanted to work that hard for my food, I’d go to cooking school.”

“You’re starting to make me hungry.”

“Come to think of it, I’m getting a little peckish myself.”

“Are ya?...Well, um…we’re actually getting close to my apartment. If-if you’d like, maybe we could go, and…get some supper, and…then I could take you to a hotel.”

“Really??...Aw, gosh, Andi, I’d like that! You can show me one of your famous Minnesota hot spots! Or, uh…cold spots. As it were. One thing, though, if we could: anywhere except a buffet.”

“Oh? You don’t like buffets?”

“It’s not that I don’t like them, but…I had a bad experience at one once that kinda traumatized me. I was about, uh…heh, about four or five at the time. In Merissa years. See, I was super-hungry, so I just went around and put basically everything on my plate. High and deep; just food on top of food on top of food. I was literally drooling. Could not wait to get back to my table. Unfortunately, eh…on that particular day, turns out, I was wearing tennis shoes, and…I guess someone stepped on one of my laces. And on the way back to the table, I stepped on it, and, well, uh…tripped.”

“OH, no.”

“Yup; splat.”

“Oh, God, Merissa, I am so sorry! That must’ve been horrible!”

“It was quite the ‘daymare,’ yeah. The upside was, you can just get up and make another plate and all it costs is a few minutes. It is, after all, an endless assortment of food. But yeah, the train I took that day went straight to Embarrassment City. I’m sure everyone around felt sorry for me, and it was a restaurant, so all I had to clean up was myself. But y’know, when something that humiliating happens, you just want people to leave you alone. Maybe I’m being a baby, but it kinda intimidated me on the whole buffet thing since.”

“Awww…well, that’s okay. There’s no shortage of wonderful sit-down restaurants in Juniper. Feel like anything in particular?”

“Mm, yeah, I believe my belly’s telling me…something Italian.”

“Oh, like your honeymoon.”

“Yeah…some of the happiest days of my life. I really loved her, Andi. Even if she was a little selfish and aggravating.”

“…Condolences, Mer. But for what it’s worth, you’ll be okay, I’m sure of it. Enough time heals anything.”



Le porte alla felicità

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016, 9:10 p.m.

“I hope I’m not throwing off your jogging schedule,” said Merissa.

“No worries,” Andi assured her. “If I think it’s necessary, I’ll do a little extra tomorrow. ’S not every day I get to meet someone new.”

The ladies reached Andi’s apartment and Chevy HHR. Andi unlocked the car and drove them first to her favorite Italian restaurant. Under normal circumstances, she’d go inside, take off her clothes and shower. But as she walked home with Merissa at normal pace, the crisp late-winter air acted as a refrigerant. So any scent of sweat was masked by nature’s perfume. Merissa didn’t mind very much either way. She insisted, however, on paying for dinner, adding that no wouldn’t be taken for an answer. And so Andi didn’t say it.

Five blocks east of Juniper Street lay their destination, a few miles down Columbia Street. La Pancia Felice. Andi parked and in they went. Their senses were instantaneously enchanted. The surroundings put them in mind of a beautiful Tuscan villa. Soft accordion and violin music filtered through the speakers. Tantalizing aromas teased their noses. They were seated with menus, water and bread.

Dinner was little short of perfect. Merissa ordered the dazzling house lasagna, feeling her luck indeed being changed for the better. Andi opted for a panini on ciabatta, thinking precisely what she heard Merissa say next.

“I’m really glad you went to that seminar.”

They went on talking as they ate, eating as they talked. The atmosphere only enhanced the whole repast. Merissa went on regaling Andi’s ears with philosophical haikus. Andi cheered Merissa up with more inspirational sentiment. A surprisingly short time later, their plates were empty, and their pance were very felici indeed. After declining dessert on the grounds of being too full and leaving the waitress a generous tip, they waddled back outside, still paw in paw.

The next stop was a place for Merissa to stay, so Andi drove them to 37th and Bradwood Street, to the swanky, posh Meridian Inn and Suites. “Here we are!” Andi announced. “This might just be the finest hotel in the whole city, the Meridian. Seriously, if any hotel was up for a sixth star, this’d definitely be a contender.”

Merissa saw what she meant as they wandered into the lobby. She could tell how spacious it was from outside. But once inside, her mind was indeed blown. The place was incredible. Merissa’d never seen anything like it. It was magnificent, exquisite, and seemed suitable for her, based on its name. She was now about four hundred percent more excited than those apathetic moments in the park.

“Good evening, ladies,” greeted the recep. “What can we do for you?”

“Well, hopefully you can give me a room, if you have vacancies,” Merissa replied. “I’m visiting from out of town…sort of on vacation. I don’t need anything super-fancy, just a nice room.”

“Of course, ma’am. For you and your guest?”

Merissa’s and Andi’s eyebrows arched. They turned to one another.

“Oh! Oh, uh…” they began simultaneously, overlapping each other. “We, um…we’re-we’re n—…uh, not exac—…well…”

The lasses let their voices trail off, leaving the front receptionist somewhat bewildered. They took the next few seconds to do something they hadn’t done since meeting in the park. They stood still, face to face in the brightly lit room, a foot of space between them…and gazed into one another’s eyes: Andi’s deep green, Merissa’s light blue. All four were soft, benevolent, inviting and warm. For the first time, they communicated without words. They let time, space, and everything else just fade away for a few moments. And then, something truly magical happened. Andi’s lips and cheekbones rose into a smile that was simply…irresistible. Merissa couldn’t help but melt just a bit. Her heart began to flutter, but steadied itself.

“My, um…my shop’s closed on Thursdays,” Andi quietly told her. “Honest to goodness. Lyin’, I’m dyin’.”

Merissa’s eyes widened a bit.

“Uh, yes…yes, that’s right,” she declared, turning back to the recep.

“…A room for me, and my guest, please.”


Suite Spot

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016, 11:23 p.m.

Merissa paid, and was given two keys to room 1014. She gave the receptionist a nice tip, and was bestowed with a bonus in return. Though she’d not exactly requested a suite, the receptionist was pleased by her generosity. And so taking the elevator to floor ten, following the signs down the hall to their room and entering, they were similarly charmed. They’d indeed been given one sweet suite.

Wow!” breathed Merissa, setting down her suitcase. “What a beaut!”

I’ll say,” Andi concurred. “Even though you already did and I don’t have to.”

Merissa unpacked some of her things, stretched out on one of the beds, nestled in and got comfy. She clicked on the TV to a quiet volume, retrieved her diary and started a new entry. Andi asked to use the shower. Merissa said of course, so in slipped her companion, removing her jogging gear. She may have neglected to bring fresh clothes, but didn’t see it as a big deal. Besides, there were robes in the closet and other things on her mind just now. Once naked, she disappeared behind the shower curtain and ran the water.

Oh, did it feel good…the hot water raining down on her ripe, fair skin only sharpened the feelings she was already having. This shower, unbeknownst to Merissa right there in the other room, served a dual purpose for Andi. One of the purposes was to rinse herself clean and fresh from her run. The other was something of a novelty.

Andi didn’t know if she could let Merissa know that at least one part of her—three guesses which—was quite turned on. They had, after all, barely known one another six hours. Were Andi to be honest, part of her couldn’t even believe they were already sharing this room—for the night, no less. Then again, what Merissa inspired her to do was a natural impulse. And who was to say; for all she knew, Merissa might be thinking the same right now. Hell, she might be doing the same right now. Improbable, unlikely, but not impossible.

Perhaps she’d better get the actual shower part of the shower out of the way first. Hm, she thought, quickly studying the supplied bath products. Not exactly the brands she was accustomed to, but she could work with them. She conjured up the same energy she used to jog and hastened through the washing portion, scrubbing and shampooing, fast but thorough. She moistened already in anticipation before she even started touching herself. She could almost feel her awakened, impatient pussy shouting up to finish bathing and pay attention to her.

Finally, she concluded washing and obligatorily let the foam seep down the drain. Now time to get her own foam seeping. Time to get down to business. Letting the water go on running, her paws migrated to the womanly region, and she leaned against the shower wall, sliding to a sitting pose. She didn’t know how long she’d been in here, but hoped Merissa didn’t start to wonder why she was taking so long. She especially hoped Merissa didn’t feel the need to come in and check on her.

But oh well, she still had the curtain drawn. And they’d already paid for the room. And it was her business how long she “showered.” She summoned Merissa’s lovely countenance to mind, drew her labia apart with her left fingers, and began rubbing with the dominant right. She worked herself up into a first warm surge of pleasure and arousal. Once in and under, she crooked her left arm around her left tit and pinched her right nipple. She remembered the moment they met, placing her sneaker on the bench so Merissa could lend her a long-nailed hand, untying the laces and relieving her pressure. What a nice gesture. What a sweet disposition. What a…a…

Her head slid back against the tiles. She moaned, pinching both nipples alternatingly, culling blood to her erogenous zones like a magnet. Her girls and her doorbell began to swell and stiffen. She considered the features of Merissa’s middle-aged face, despite her irregular birthday. She’d always liked older women. Just as with Merissa, she was fascinated with the fruits of their life experience, their elder wisdom and worldly knowledge. And they were sexy too. Young girls had never really done it for her. Andi hadn’t very much wanted to be with a twenty-year-old girl when she was twenty. Somehow, even as a teenager, she knew she was drawn to cougars.

Merissa Wolf…whatever her last name was again…struck her not so much as an actual Wolf, but more as a gentle cougar. Almost even like a cougar that had been shot with a tranquilizer dart. She didn’t exactly seem the type to lie in wait, raring to strike. Merissa seemed more the sort of cougar—assuming such a sort existed—to behave like a housecat, rolling on her back, wanting her tummy rubbed. Andi giggled as she imagined rubbing or tickling Merissa’s belly. And then having the favor returned. Feels good for humans too, she thought. And, speaking of things that felt good

Andi’s blood heated as she continued to jill. Her skin reddened, especially around the cuntal area. Her pussy began to pulsate. She nudged the back of her head against the wall as the spray kept coming down, kept coming down on her, pelting her temple and shoving hair in her face. Andi couldn’t care less. She was starting to sweat under the water. This was fun. She’d never tried jilling off in the shower before. Not that she intended to make a habit of it; it would serve her interests tonight.

She dug and rubbed harder, earning more doses of lusty goodness, thanking herself with more groans of ecstasy. Fantasizing about hot mature women really was incredibly effective, even if this particular one was only six years older than she. Actually, if she wanted to be technical, Merissa was twenty-seven “years” younger than Andi, but no sensible-thinking person would treat her like a real eleven-year-old. Up to and including pleasuring oneself to her.

Her cunt secreted pre-cum. Rainbowy surges coursed her veins, twisting her face in a heated grimace. More than once her eyes popped back open, catching water. But again, no matter. Her tits heaved as she forced breaths in and out. Her voice rose in uncontrolled zeal, emitting shouts she was sure probably carried out to the room. She tried to keep it down. But little was more difficult, as she held Merissa steady in her mind’s eye, and thought about them doing naughtier things together.

She pictured Merissa taking her clothes off for her. Her throbbing, swollen pussy raged and burned as Merissa performed this strip show in her imagination. Andi leaned back until she was burrowing the top of her head in the wall, hair matting to every last inch of her brow. She plunged and wreaked utter havoc on her cunt, silently screaming as waves crested and stars crashed over her. Half her face concealed under tresses, her dripping mouth rasped swear words and pleas for release. Should Merissa walk in right now and draw back the curtain, would she ever have some explaining to do. But God, did Andi Jackson love to masturbate. It was one of the finest gifts her adult self could’ve been given, and continued to give herself day after day. Just go for broke, she told herself. We’ve already gone this far, and you know we’ll be disappointed if we don’t finish.

Andi jilled furiously, straining and longing to cum till tears came out of her eyes. By now, both she and Merissa were not only naked in her mind, they were in bed, inseparably snuggled up, making out like children. As pinkish-red as the rest of her skin had flushed, her engorged, quaking cunt was maroon, on its way to a nice shade of violet. With her index and middle digits, she rammed, she crammed, she slammed, she jammed. She couldn’t handle much more of this. She hugged and squeezed her tits with her left arm, reaching just a bit further with each thrust of the right to get to her g-spot. She tried to brush her clit with her thumb, until she remembered she had another hand. While she didn’t love abandoning her nipples, her clit kind of won priority in these situations. She reached with the same two fingers of her left paw, to start ringing her doorbell.

She was quite pleased how big and erect her proud clit had gotten. It was thus made especially easy to fondle and pleasure it as well, and supplied the intense boost she needed to get to the goal.

“OHHHHH!! OHHHHHH!! OHHHHHH-H-H-H-HHH!!” Andi wailed, as lightning started to strike. The water began feeling like a sizzlingly hot whirlwind spinning her in its vortex. She let herself get lost in the wild throes. She just threw it home on herself until her wrist ached, and she didn’t even feel it. By this point in her head, she and Merissa’d scissored themselves into oblivion, and she didn’t know if they’d cum yet or not, but her non-fantasy orgasm was fast upon her.

The torridity built and built until she couldn’t stand it any longer, and was silently shrieking but for Merissa’s sake. Her soft white cum oozed forth as she finally began squirting. The big ‘o’ hit her slow and sublime, breaking down into countless morsels of the most wondrous physical passion she’d possibly ever known. She at last came, innocuously spraying into the now few inches deep water. Her already tired gams quivered and lurched, kicking the sides of the tub. She spastically jerked, knocking small bottles of bath soaps and product off the ledge. Her eyes were pinched shut, eyeballs straight back in her head. Her face remained contorted, in the sort that her parents always warned her would stay that way if she made it. Thank God she knew better as she grew up, and began carving herself slices of happiness in the form of mighty orgasms.

Cum spurted and swirled into the water until her heart and cunt were done (for now). Uncountable seconds later, Andi finally brought her manual efforts to a halt, and relaxed her arms. She sat still, catching breaths, tits heaving, head to the wall, gasping and basking. While the climax was never anything to sneeze at, the afterglow remained too one of her favorite parts. She smiled, open-mouthed, releasing a giddy, lust-drunken chuckle.

I must look completely ridiculous right now.

She didn’t know how much longer it took to get back to her feet and shut off the water. But she did, steadying on her wobbly legs and eventually managing to fetch a towel. She waited a few more moments, letting blood recirculate, and quietly turned the doorknob.

“It’s-it’s all right, I’ve got a towel on,” she called, emerging. “I’m just gonna go to the closet and grab a robe he—...”

She stopped, turning Merissa’s way, noticing that while the TV’d stayed on, Merissa had fallen asleep.

A couple of very specific thoughts lined up in Andi’s mental queue. The first was, Oh, whew; she’s probably been out for a while and doesn’t suspect what I was doing. The second was, Awww, how sweet. She looks like an angel.

Now that it mattered less, Andi decided to be a bit naughty(ier). She dropped the towel to the floor, standing openly naked in the room a few seconds before she retrieved a robe. Now mostly dry, she slipped back into the bathroom, wrung out her hair, found a brush and put it to use. Robe sash tied around her waist, hair groomed, she padded back out, switched off the TV, perched gently on the corner of the bed, and watched her companion sleep a spell.

Her eyes fell upon Merissa’s diary, which lay innocently alongside. Much as she wanted to, Andi knew she couldn’t read it. Merissa was such an intriguing, enigmatic woman. And their conversations, filled with the things Andi’d learned about her made it ever so much harder to resist perusing her diary. It almost seemed to tempt and taunt her, lying there by its unconscious owner. Reeeeeead meeeeee, Andiiiiiiyou know you want tooooooreeeeeead meeeeee.

I can’t! she thought back. I do want to, so so much, but it would be wrong! It’s private, and personal information. I’d be abusing any trust she’s been confident enough to put in me. I just can’t do it!

She decided to step away from the bed before the urge grew too great. She turned back, studying Merissa, her beautiful slumbering face, her tranquilly rising and falling belly. She thought back on their interactions of the past seven hours, looked around their hotel room idly for a moment, then sauntered back over. She placed a hand on her shoulder and gently shook her.

Merissa?...Mer?...” she whispered. “Psst. Wake up.”

It took a bit, but she brought Merissa back to consciousness. She awoke with a bit of a start, so Andi calmed her, reassuring, “It’s just me. Don’t worry, Merissa, relax; it’s just me, Andi.”

“O—…oh…mmm…hi, Andi.”

“Hi,” Andi smiled. “Listen, Merissa, there’s nothing wrong or anything. No worries. I’m just gonna go out for a little while. Okay? So, I’m gonna take one of the keys. To our room. You remember, that’s where we are; we checked in together. I just don’t wanna scare you when I come back, or make you think there’s an intruder or whatever. It’ll just be me. So I’ll let you go back to sleep now, ’kay?”

Merissa gazed expressionlessly.


“A’right. Sweet dreams, honey.” Andi kissed her on the cheek before she even realized it. Once she did, she covered her mouth, as if to admit, “Whoopsie.” But if Merissa noticed, she didn’t seem to mind. She gave a small smile, settled back down with a restful “mmm…” and returned to sleep. Andi’s lips, which apparently had an occasional mind of their own, curled too into a smile behind her hand. She rose from the bed, gathered and changed back into her day/jogging clothes. She grabbed her purse and one hotel key, opened the door as silently as she could, and shut it behind likewise.


Sweet Eleven

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016, 2:02 a.m.

It was late by the time she got back. She’d stopped down in the all-night Meridian lounge for a cup of coffee, then got in her car. The first stop was her own florist shop, followed by the local 24-hour Walmart. She again parked at the hotel, and reentered with her bags. Back on up to room 1014 with her. Once more, she attempted to open the door as noiselessly as she could. But to her surprise, when she got back inside, the lights were on. What was more, Merissa was not in bed. Andi looked around. Had…she gone out too?

She turned in the direction of the lav and got her answer. Light peeked out from under the door.

Ah. Guess nature called. She gave a quick, friendly knock and followed it with her voice.

“Mer? It’s Andi. I just got back.”

“…Ok-okay, that’s, uh, that’s fine,” came the faint reply from inside. “Just a…couple minutes, and-and privacy, please.”

“Oh! Sure! No prob.” Andi set her bags on the large circular table by the kitchen area, and began removing the contents.

A few silent minutes passed. In the john, Merissa stood with a sigh, flushed, rinsed her paws and unlocked the door. She shuffled out to see Andi at the table, back turned to her. She started to bed before Andi noticed her.

“Oh, hey. Um, Merissa?...Random question. Despite that big meal we had at the restaurant, you, eh...you don’t happen to be hungry at all right now, do ya?”

Merissa blinked a few times, put one hand to her stomach, and assessed.

“Actually…I kinda am, a little, yeah.”

“Oh, cool! I, uh…I wasn’t exactly sure whether to do this now or save it till morning, but…”

Andi put the finishing touches on her setup, and picked up the Bic.

“…When I went out a while ago, I kinda got something for you.”

“…A midnight snack?”

“Yeah! Yeah, you could say that.”

“Mmm…well, that could be nice. I just had to pee after I woke up from this weird, disturbing dream. And of course, time doesn’t cut you a break for being a Leap Year baby. Still gotta get up in the middle of the night to take a leak.”

“Well, speaking of, uh, speaking of one thing in that statement…” Andi smirked in anticipation, curbing her excitement. She activated the Bic in her hand. “…Why don’t you come over here and see.”

Merissa did as she asked. When she saw what Andi was in fact alluding to, her face washed in astonishment. She gasped.

Andi proceeded to light the two ‘1’-shaped candles she’d placed side by side in the middle, and the eleven others arranged around the perimeter. Her awestruck companion clasped both paws to her heart.

Oh my God…”

“It’s, uh…it actually is an Oreo ice cream cake…with vanilla frosting,” Andi modestly proclaimed. “I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find it. It’s like they knew I was coming, and that that’s specifically what I wanted.” She finished lighting the candles.

“Happy Slightly Belated Birthday, Mer.”

Merissa began to cry.

“I can’t believe it.”

“Well, now, before you make me tear up right along with you, I also dropped in my shop and got you a little arrangement here…” Andi showed, taking the bouquet from the other bag. It consisted of half a dozen different varieties of posies: daffodils, jonquils, daisies, roses, dandelions and orchids, varying as well in color. And just when Merissa felt she couldn’t be any more touched.

“I can’t believe it!” she reiterated. “Andi…I…I-I don’t even know what to say. I…no one’s ever done anything like this for me before. I…this-this is like a totally new feeling for me!” She sniffled, flicking a tear, blinking Andi back into clear view.

“I like it.”

Andi smiled warmly at her. “Well, I hope you can tell one of the main reasons I wanted to do this, is because I like you. And of course, because this is a special occasion. You only turn eleven once, y’know.”

Merissa blushed, shedding one more tear and caressing Andi’s cheek.

Thank you…so much.”

“You’re ever so welcome! Anytime. A’righty!” Andi clapped her hands. “It’s all lit up and ready for ya. Go to town!”

Merissa inhaled nice and deep, and thought of a wish. It took a few seconds, but she got them all extinguished.

“Yayyyy!” Andi applauded. She adjourned to the kitchen drawers, and found some utensils. A couple slices later, the candles were disposed of and the rest of the confection was placed in the freezer. When Andi turned back around from it, the slightly belated birthday girl took her by the hands, and led her to the bed.

“Ummm…” Andi abruptly grew a bit excited and nervous at the same time. “What’s…goin’ on, Mer?”

Merissa blinked back the remaining tears that wanted out.

“I wanna show you just how grateful I am for what you did for me, Andi Jackson.”

Andi’s eyes widened, arching her brows as she followed up onto the bed. “…Oh?”

Merissa nodded, her cute friendly smile spreading, to a seductive, sleek and sexy grin.

“That’s right. Get in here.”

Andi’s genitals twitched, even though she’d just brought herself to orgasm a couple short hours ago. She reminded herself and her pussy that she didn’t know if Merissa had a complete bopfest in mind, or just a more chaste make-out session. She guessed she’d find out. And if Merissa did happen to rile her up, but without finishing her off…she could always take care of herself once more.

Andi’s heart accelerated as she lowered horizontally, facing Merissa with exhilaration.

Omigoshare weare we really about to do this??

Omigoshare weare we really about to do this??

Merissa nodded once again. The next thing Andi knew, her eyes went dizzy, and the colors of her world inverted psychedelically.

The kiss crackled with sensual magic. The lasses’ paws set to roaming as their bout of romance got underway. Merissa’s palmed Andi’s (facial) cheeks as Andi’s found their ways through Merissa’s full, thick locks. Mutual body warmth suffused both, and robbed them of oxygen. In fact, they had to cut their first kiss a bit short, but launched directly into the second after one necessary deep breath. They passed soft moans to and fro, their curious hands fondling more territory.

Their upper limbs were not the only ones getting in on the action. Their legs too started to entwine, throwing them into a nice, vigorous round of footsie. Andi especially ignited at the touch of their peds. She clutched Merissa around the torso and pulled her extra close, mashing the Mer girl’s cupped tits against her own.

“Oh, I love playing footsie,” Andi chortled between kisses. “I always win.”

“Oh really?” asked Merissa. “I think I might be able to offer you a little competition.”

She sucked Andi into the next sizzling kiss. Andi felt herself leak, where it counted. She had to mentally step back and take stock. Her fantasy of the past few masturbatory hours was coming true. Already. Then again, she had performed a grand gesture for her. It followed logically that she’d be thanked in a handsome manner. And Merissa’s manners were proving about as handsome as could get. Realizing it wasn’t just happening in her imagination anymore, Andi’s entire body quivered.

Gasp. “Wwwwwwow…” Andi marveled.


They indeed necked and huggled tight and intimate, before Merissa took some further initiative. She turned her elbow into the mattress, fulcrumed herself up, and mounted Andi, straddling her around the waist. Andi felt the familiar hot sensation of sweat materializing through her pores.

Oh, goodness!” she exclaimed, looking up. “Well, hi there.”

“Hello…” Merissa slid downwards, until she was once again nose to nose with her. She and Andi reheated with their goodies melded as before, but now with Merissa balanced atop. Andi squeezed her, holding on tight, grasping her by the ass as they went on making out. Merissa’s hands now had their turn to sift through Andi’s freshly washed mane. Andi giggled through their current kiss. If only Mer could see what her hair looked like two hours ago.

Unbeknownst to Andi, Merissa too was getting moist under her panties. The ladies exhaled hot breath on one another between smooching and nuzzling nose tips. They took the entire room temperature up a degree on their own. All four eyes fluttered anew with each forthcoming kiss. They Frenched likewise, enjoying each other’s unique tastes. Merissa took hold of Andi’s tongue in her teeth and sucked it hostage, causing Andi to squeal, before this favor was next to be returned.

Finally, Merissa grew as warm and wet as Andi, and felt she could do without these silly garments. She pushed herself up, frantically unbuttoned her shirt, shimmied it off her arms and came back down for another tongue twist, top half in only her bra. The green light to start undressing set Andi’s hormones aflame, making her ever randier all the time. She reciprocated, yanking off her own top and waiting for further guidance. In due turn, both dropped trou, and at last made the executive decision to ditch their undies.

It turned out Andi wasn’t far off in her perception of Merissa’s nature. Her cougarishness was a bit more reserved and subdued. She seemed willing to hold back a bit, even with Andi stark naked beneath her. Andi, conversely, was going crazy on bottom. She pretzeled her legs around Mer’s, scrabbling Merissa’s back, generating red fingernail streaks from her shoulders to ass. She could hardly believe she was still this excited after the explosive jilling she’d given herself. But she guessed either she was still pretty exuberant at 38, or Merissa made just this intense an impact on her. Or both.

GOD, this feels so damn awesome,” she declared up to Merissa.

I know, right? I can’t believe it myself,” Merissa repeated.

Perhaps little could be said for Merissa Wolfschegelsteinhausenbergerdorff’s abilities of belief, but her lovemaking skills more than made up for that. She was clearly good in the sack, Andi found, relishing Merissa’s sweet hump-and-grind technique. She glid and pushed her fuzzy puss over Andi’s, setting off electric sparks in both of them. Andi’s proud 37C tits stood at attention for Merissa’s 38s, which drifted over Andi’s to land little nipple kisses on them. Mer noted as Andi’s face contorted to a pleasured wince, tilting her face backwards, visibly longing for more. As her chin rose, Merissa leaned down into her neck and sank her teeth for a first hickey.

Andi’s happily bare feet waggled in the air, fingernails digging into her playmate’s spine. They may not have been playing footsie anymore, but both were highly partial to this game as well. Their pussies went blotchy red, mutually swelling and contracting. Merissa ground into and against her continuously, and while part of Andi was fine with this arrangement, another part of her wanted to up the ante. She dropped her right paw from Mer’s back, snaked it under and between her thighs, and grabbed her.

Merissa gasped out of the current hickey. She seemed to relinquish her cool for the first time. She shouted out loud, leaking saliva onto Andi’s sternum. Her shouts persisted as well, as Andi held her grip, pressing and rubbing Merissa’s ripe cunt in her digits. She couldn’t help wondering how long it had been since Merissa’d last had sex. She’d just recently gotten divorced from Dannica…What’s-Her-Name, Andi knew that much, but this didn’t mean they’d still made serious love while married. Perhaps just the opposite. Perhaps lack of intimacy contributed to their union’s downfall. Whatever the case, Merissa seemed to be liking this action.

“OH, I LOVE THAT!” she hollered.

Aha; I lie corrected.

She was unable to give the same sort of attention back to Andi’s pussy, but that was perfectly fine, for what to her were obvious reasons. It seemed appropriate and right things should work this way. Andi’d already had one mindshattering orgasm tonight, through which Merissa had slept. Now it was her turn. And short of some beautiful flowers and her favorite flavor cake, Andi could hardly think of a finer birthday gift. She leaned down and kissed the top of Merissa’s hair.

Merissa’s head rested sideways on Andi’s chest, using her breast for a makeshift pillow. She lay desperately hugging Andi for dear life, as if her dear life depended on letting go. She went on grinding, and Andi’s fingers did their best to follow along. It felt wonderful for Andi too, but again, she needed less attention than her galpal just now. And based on this assessment…she felt an impulse coming on.

She did something incredibly sudden that shocked them both. Andi propelled herself straight up from her bottom position, throwing Merissa right up off of her, onto her back. Merissa cried out in alarm as Andi scrambled up on top, reversing positions and setting about to conquer her. She maintained hand to pussy contact so as not to break Merissa’s reverie, and added a new touch to the act. She sidled down onto her belly, stretching the skin of her hood to expose her clit, and tongue-lashed her, slicking and sucking, as she continued rubbing Merissa’s cunt in her fingers.

Merissa could not even completely discern what had just happened, but the second she felt the oral clit love, she exploded. She flailed wildly, screeching to the ceiling, grabbing, clawing at the bedspread, the comforter, Andi’s hair. She was already a fair way along, and Andi computed she needed some more, but that worshiping her clit would go a long way to completion. She was right.

Neither counted the minutes or licks that ensued, but sensed things would progress this way until Merissa came like a volcano, and/or shrieked her lungs out. Andi grinned through the tongue job. She had to admit, she was feeling pretty good about herself right now. It was surely quite the effect she was having on Merissa. First with the cake and flowers, but now…what a great ego boost.

Neither knew how much longer Merissa could go or how much more she could take, but Andi kept it up as vehemently, wanting the eruption to be as monstrous as possible. And soon enough, sure enough, she felt the new but familiar feeling on her fingers. She couldn’t look down, but she knew it. Here came the cumming. She indeed made Merissa squirt just as she’d done herself, culling her gushing cum forth. It felt so triumphant, so amazing, so powerful. She had Merissa—and her cum—literally in the palm of her hand.

Merissa’s passion-soaked caterwauls eventually died down to gaping moans, but she wasn’t done climaxing. And Andi didn’t stop licking or rubbing, until her Mer girl needed it to be over. She reached up and sputtered out to please stop, enough now. Andi nodded, finished her lickling, returned her tongue to its rightful place, and grinned at Merissa…a sly, victorious, almost even evil grin.

It was Merissa’s turn to lie back and revel in the afterglow. Andi popped up, located another towel, and brought it back to perform the incumbent maintenance. Finally, feeling right about now they both could use some ‘z’s, she fluffed up the cover to blanket them, laid back, nestled her head in the nearest pillow, and let her friend Merissa guide her away to Dreamland.


A New Day Has Cum

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016, 9:38 a.m.

Merissa W. and Andi J. took the elevator back on down to the lobby.

“So, um…” Merissa began as they waited, “…I checked my phone.”

“Oh, you did? Good. And?”

“…There were a few missed calls and messages. I was a little nervous to listen to ’em, but they didn’t seem too worried or upset. Just curious what was going on…where I was, why I wasn’t picking up.”

“I see,” Andi nodded. “Well…you oughta call them back.”

“I will. I definitely will. And…Andi?”

“Yeah, Mer?”

“Thank you, again…for everything. I mean it. Ev-e-ry-thing.”

“Oh, uh, hee hee…well, you’re welcome again for ev-e-ry-thing.

“Y’know, uh…and please, just give me a swat on the nose if I’m sticking it in your business, but if…if the contents of your diary’re anything like our conversations, I’d…kinda love to have you read it to me…”

“Hmm…that might be arranged. We’ll see.”

They reached the lobby, and Merissa spoke to the morning receptionist.

“Hi there, I’m one of your new guests. I checked in yesterday with my friend here.”

Heh, Andi chuckled in her mind. “Friend” is one way to put it.

“Okay, may I have your name, please, ma’am?”

“Of course. Merissa Wolfschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff.”

“I see…well, that’s a new one on me.”

They shared a laugh. “Yep,” said Merissa. “But, here’s the thing. I don’t immediately know how long I’m gonna be staying in Minnesota, so…would it be possible for you to hold my room for me…like, indefinitely? As…long as I might wanna stay?”

“Certainly. As long as you wanna pay to use the room, it’s yours.”

“Oh, thanks! That won’t be a problem. I’ll keep you posted.”

Merissa took Andi’s hand. She felt renewed. Rejuvenated, in a way. Like the twilight Andi’d given her had been exactly what she needed. She felt like a new woman. And thank goodness she’d met one. They stepped outside, into the bright new crisp morning.

“So…” Andi chirped, turning to meet her friend’s bright smiling face.

“…What now?”

To be continued?