Its 2 am. You plop down on your bed, totally fried from ECE 541. You fling one arm across your eyes and heave a huge sigh. You feel your body melt slowly into the mattress as tired muscles let go..

Something isn't right. You could have sworn that someone had just touched you. Must be your imagination. A hand whispers across your chest and then down one leg. You try to lift the arm across your eyes to take a look but it suddenly seems to weight a ton.

You feel someone settle beside you. A warm breath of air blows into your ear and that hand slides back up your thigh to rest on your crotch. You begin to harden instinctively, but the hand refuses to help you. It slides ever so slowly up to your neck and gets to work on your buttons..

Your eyes are still closed and you're wondering if this is all a dream, but the soft grind of your buttons as they escape your shirt tells you that no dream can be THIS vivid. Nails scrape down your bare chest, leaving goosebumps in their wake. Your zip slides down with a metallic rattle. You hold your breath waiting for the touch...

YES! Soft strokes through the cotton of your briefs. Your body starts to come alive, as you start wishing your clothes away. As if your thoughts were read, two hands fasten on your jeans and yank down. Somewhere you find the energy to lift your hips to let the denim slide down to your knees. The briefs soon follow.

Warm hands fasten around your penis, beginning the familiar rhythm. A wet tongue strokes along your bare thigh, moving lazily up to swirl around the head of your cock. Another lazy lick as the hands stroke and massage you. Suddenly you're engulfed in a warm, wet cavern. You gasp in surprise and pleasure. Nails scrape along the sides of your hips, reaching and squeezing your butt.

A tongue swirls madly against you. A taste of your skin, your sensitive head and then the wonderful feeling of heat and tightness. Again and again it happens, just as slow and sure. Its driving you crazy. Your nerves are stretched to the limit but you still don't have the energy to move, to protest, to do anything!

The mouth withdraws leaving you wet and feeling the chill of the room. One finger slowly strokes up the vein on the underside on your cock. Warm breath brushes against the head of your cock, slowly moving lower. Then both your balls are sucked into that clever mouth. You arch your back instinctively, a small gasp escaping you as the vibration begins at your crotch and spreads insidiously through your entire hips.

The pitch of the humming deepens and you suddenly feel the tension in your groin double as the vibration intensifies. "Jesus", you groan, clutching the sheets convulsively as the muscles in your stomach tighten and starts contracting involuntarily. The shudders spread through your entire body as you feel yourself come within an inch of climax. You start to fight it, wanting this incredible sensation to go on forever.

The mouth shifts in position without a break in the humming and then amazingly one hand is wrapped firmly around your cock. Slowly it starts to pump. Heaven! Your body is now squirming uncontrollably as you try to keep yourself from coming. But then, the humming drops another octave. The violent simulation is too much for you to bear. Every muscle tenses as you explode...

You're completely drained and you don't want to even try to move. But you do anyway. You move your arm and open your eyes, blinking in the bright light. There's no one in the room. There is only a sterling silver ring on the bedside table by your clock.