Her [poem]

Originally published August 2014


This was my first stab at a poem a couple years ago—not counting Sara Kelton’s ode to her beloved Melleny in “Drowning” (“Happy Endings III”). Entitled simply “Her,” it can be from the p.o.v. of a gent or a lesbian—therefore for all us gynephiles! Hope you like it.


I see her

She’s a prism to a world where all is magic

She is radiance, my soul becomes so fragile

A lone blue orchid blooming midst the lilacs

’Tis here she stands, perfection’s very climax

Yes, I see her


I breathe her

Eyes so dreamy, essence filled with dazzling wonder

She fuels my pounding heart with force of rolling thunder

Does she sense how brilliantly she haunts my mind?

How I long to feel us woven, intertwined?

Oh, I breathe her


I yearn her

I can taste her cherry lips so soft as satin

Her hair infused with all the fairest scents of nature

When she smiles, all is right and grand and special

Then wish I to sail her laughter, be its vessel

How I yearn her


I crave her

Can she tell how I go breathless when she’s near me?

How my heart cries out so great the gods can hear me?

How I’d cross the starlit galaxy to hold her?

Were my strength and courage just the slightest bolder

Oh, how I crave her


I want her

Hear her voice, my feelings run wild with arousal

She’s the stirrings of a passion so astounding

And as darkness falls, my love, it grows yet dearer

As through sweet release my cloudy thoughts come clearer

Oh, how I want her


I need her

Like the gardens need the sun and rain together

Like two lovers need the rush of stormy weather

Like the steamy act of love needs searing fire

She irresistibly tugs my heartstrings of desire

Yes, how I need her


I love her

Now her spirit has accompanied my waking

Offer I my lonely heart her for the taking

But the impossible: she gives herself to me!

Comes my disbelieving voice—dreams…reality…

“I love you.”