The Boss’s Son

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06 Jan. '16

“Carter!” His voice boomed, and Caitlin Carter grimaced. Her Boss had been giving her special attention lately. It was good for her career, but it was hard to listen to him talk for too long. He could talk about himself for hours if you didn’t stop him. And he got angry if you stopped him.

“Yes, sir?” She spun around in her chair to face him.

“Meet me in my office. I’ve got news for you.” He said and chuckled as he walked away, hooking his thumbs behind his suspenders.

She closed out the files on her computer and stood up with a little sigh.

He had just sat down behind his large oak desk when she entered the room.

“Have a seat, Carter.” He held out one hand and gestured to the chair in front of his desk.

“What’s this news, Sir?” She asked, pulling down the edges of her blouse as she sat.

“That’s the first thing that will have to go! No more calling me ‘sir.’” He bellowed, thumping one hand on the desk. “From now on you’ll call me George!”

“Okay, George. Might I ask, why the change?”

“I’m promoting you,” he said with a grin. “That stuck up Jerry thinks he’s getting this promotion, but I don’t want him. I want you. You’re confident, competent, and you get things done! That’s the kind of person I want running my company. In fact, that’s the kind of person I want as a partner.”

“Partner?” Her eyebrow rose.

“You heard me. I want you to be my partner. I’m giving you half my company.”

“That’s awesome sir! I mean, George.”

He nodded. “I’m getting too old to do this on my own. So what do you say? Be my partner?”

“Absolutely,” she answered. “I would be honored.”

“Good! Now if you don’t have plans tonight, I’d like you to come over to my place for a celebratory dinner. I’ll introduce you to my family and some of our top shareholders. I can’t think of a better way to get you settled in.”

“I’ll be there.” She nodded.

“Fantastic! I’ll send a car for you at seven. Until then, kick Jerry out of his office. It’s yours now.”

“Thank you, George.” She laughed. “I’ll let you know how he takes it.”

“Tell him to watch his step or I’ll make him your personal assistant. If he wants to be in charge of something so badly, he can be in charge of your morning coffee. Now get out. I’ve got work to do.” He waved her away.

“Oh, and wear something formal tonight!” He yelled out the door as she left.

Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.


That night the car arrived exactly on time. She had pulled her hair up in a tight bun and put on a form fitting black dress without jewelry or adornment. That sort of thing was never her style. She clacked down the pavement steps in her stiletto heels and slid into the backseat of the black car.

“You’re right on time,” she remarked to the driver, and he smiled.

She had expected an older gentleman, but she was surprised to see that the driver was a young man, maybe a few years younger than her. His white teeth shown in the darkness as he smiled.

“What’s your name?” She asked, leaning forward to talk to him.

“Jason,” he answered, putting the car in drive.

“You seem a little young to be a chauffeur,” she noted, leaning her chin against the seat in front of her.

“You seem a little young to be interested in Mr. Nesbitt.” He shrugged.

“We have a business relationship,” she said sternly.

“I’m sure that this promotion has nothing to do with your beauty,” he said with a wry smile, meeting her eyes in the rear view mirror.

She bit her lip to resist smiling. It was always nice to be complimented, but this whole situation was inappropriate.

“I think it would be best if you focused on your job and I focused on mine.” She said, her tone severe, and leaned back into her seat.

“As you wish,” he said, and she forced herself to ignore him for the rest of the drive.

He dropped her off in front of her boss’s home and drove off somewhere to park the car. She inhaled when she saw the place. She knew that he was rich, but she hadn’t expected his house to be so extravagant. She was suddenly grateful that she had chosen such a formal dress.

The door opened as she mounted the front steps and she was welcomed by a butler and ushered into the front room. He took her coat, offered her a drink, and disappeared in a whirlwind of efficiency. Only moments later her boss, now partner, appeared and put one arm around her shoulder, leading her into the dining room.

“Gentlemen!” He announced to the other men at the large table. “I’d like to introduce you to my new business partner and the future of Nesbitt Inc: Caitlin Carter!” The men stood and shook her hand as she sat down.

He went around the table and introduced the men to her, unaware that she already knew their names. They were the shareholders in her company. Of course, she knew who they were. But she smiled politely and sipped her wine.

“Who is that seat for?” She asked, pointing to the empty place at the table.

“My son,” George grumbled. “Late, as usual. He owns a rather large share in the company as well so I thought it would be fitting to be here.”

“I agree.” The doors opened, and his son strode into the room with a broad grin.

She tried to hide her shock. It was Jason, the driver.

He winked at her before taking his place across from her at the table.

“About time you got here,” George grumbled, and then launched into a prepared speech about the company and her future. It was all very trite, and she found it hard to concentrate. Jason watched her, unabashed, and suddenly she was self-conscious. At first, she met his gaze, refusing to back down or be intimidated, but he only smiled, looking deeper into her eyes. Embarrassed, she finally looked away, at her plate, at George, at the ceiling, anywhere else but him.

“Jason, my boy, why don’t you take Carter on a tour of the grounds? Dessert isn’t quite ready yet, and I’m sure she would prefer your company over the rest of us stuffy old men.” He laughed heartily and suddenly Jason was at her side, pulling her to her feet.

“This way,” he directed softly, and her breath caught.

Why was she having such an intense reaction to him? He was handsome, but there were a thousand handsome men in this city. She had never given any of them a second thought, so why should this man be any different?

She strengthened her resolve, determined to ignore his advances and deny him the satisfaction of any further reactions. It was a business dinner. He was the boss’s son. It wouldn’t be appropriate.

He led her into the garden. A thousand white lights shone from the bushes and hung from the top of the terrace, warming the night with their glow.

“I always thought these lights were romantic,” he said, taking her arm in his.

“Christmas lights are out of place in the summer.” She shrugged, feigning disinterest. She could feel the heat of his body at her side, but she forced herself to ignore it.

“Maybe the pool will impress you. My father had it custom made. It’s this way,” he said with a lighthearted chuckle and guided her through the rest of the garden.

The house seemed to disappear behind a tall wall of trees, each one filled with those little lights. They turned the corner and laughed when she saw the pool. It looked like a natural pond, complete with a roaring waterfall and white water lilies floating on the surface.

“I always knew he was extravagant,” she laughed and shook her head,” but this is ridiculous.

“Just wait until you see what he’s done with the pool house,” he said. “He brought in interior designers from France. It’s a wonder he’s managed to hold onto any of his money.”

He pulled a key out of his pocket and unlocked the front door to the pool house. She stepped inside, and he followed, closing the door behind them.

“Where’s the light switch?” She asked, feeling along the wall.

“I always thought things were more beautiful in the dark,” he said, and she jumped. He was suddenly very close to her, his dark outline just visible next to her.

“I prefer to see things as they are,” she said, matter-of-factly. “I can’t very well see the fabulous French design with the lights off.”

“Who cares about the French?” He asked, catching her hand as she looked for the light switch.

She tried to pull her hand out of his grip, but he only moved closer to her, pressing her back against the wall. She gasped and turned her head away, trying to regain control of herself.

“Please get off,” She said with as much authority as she could muster.

She felt his lips at her collarbone, and she shivered.

“If that’s what you want.” He murmured against her skin, kissing his way up her neck. “I’ll stop. But I don’t think you want me to.” She felt his teeth graze her ear, and she held back a sigh.

“I do. It isn’t appropriate,” she insisted, pushing him away. He caught her hands and pushed her backward onto a couch she hadn’t known was there. He climbed on top of her, crushing her under his weight.

“That’s you all over.” She heard the smile in his voice. He held both her hands over her head as she tried to wiggle away. “You’re all about what is appropriate, what is proper. You’re so in control of everything.” He used his other hand to remove the bobby pins from her bun. Her hair tumbled over her shoulders. “Why don’t you let go for a moment? Give someone else control for once.”

“Never.” She met his gaze and refused to look away. While she stared, she felt his hand wander across her hips and down the inside of her thigh. She inhaled, and the corner of her lip tugged into an involuntary smile.

“I saw that.” He said triumphantly and kissed her in earnest. He pulled up the bottom of her dress and trailed his fingers over the outside of her panties. She squirmed and tried to free her hands from his grip.

“Let go,” he whispered into her ear. His breath tickled her skin, and she shivered. “Let me take care of you tonight.”

She closed her eyes as he pushed her underwear to one side, slipping one finger in between her pussy lips.

“You’re already wet,” he said, circling her clit gently.

She moaned, raising her hips towards his hand.

“I’m going to fuck you.” He breathed into her ear. “Tonight you will do, exactly as I say. Tonight you belong to me,” he growled, and her heart began to race.

He slid a finger inside her and began to stroke her from the inside and out. She bit her lip hard and her back arched.

“Jason! Dessert’s ready. Get in here, boy!” They heard his father shout.

Her eyes widened, and he laughed. “Alright. We’d better head back.” He must have seen the desperation on her face because he leaned in and kissed her hard.

“Lick it.” He brought his fingers to her lips, drenched from her excitement. She’d never tasted herself before and the thought of doing it now, in front of him, was almost too much for her. She licked his finger tentatively, and then took the whole thing into her mouth, sucking her juices off his finger.

“Good girl.” He grinned. “Now, we’re going to go back for dessert. You mustn’t let anyone know how attracted you are to me, and you must do everything that I tell you, without question.”

She opened her mouth to protest, but one kiss from him silenced her. She would do anything at all if it meant he would touch her again.

“Come on.” He jumped to his feet and held a hand out for her. She took it with a wry smile, and they made their way back to the house together.


Back in the dining room, Jason ignored his former place at the table and took the chair next to hers. She expected him to be all smiles and innuendo, but he wasn’t looking at her at all. The dessert was rolled out on little trolleys and set in front of them, little piles of whipped cream atop some kind of cake.

“What did you think of the pool?” George asked her with a twinkle in his eye.

“It was beautiful,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like it. I--” Before she could continue she felt Jason’s hand on her leg, sliding in between her thighs. She looked at him with wide eyes, but he was looking at this father as though listening to a terribly interesting story. With the other hand, he licked a dollop of whipped cream off his soon with his tongue. The sight took her breath away.

“I thought the garden was just incredible. Whoever designed it was an artisan...” She finished, her words trailing off as his fingers traced the sensitive inside of her thighs.

“I’m glad you thought so! I’ve always believed that the people with good taste are the best kind of people.” He nodded with approval. “Now eat up everyone! This cake is its own kind of art.”

She tasted a spoonful of the cake and held back a moan. It was delicious. Jason’s fingers traced her lips through her panties, and she spread her legs wider for him. He slid a finger inside her as she took another bite and her eyes rolled back a little.

“Oh Dad, look at the time,” he said, pulling back his hand. She made a little, frustrated sound, and she saw his lips twitch into a smile. “It’s time I got Ms. Carter back, don’t you think?”

“Jason, you know we have a chauffeur.”

“I like to drive.” He insisted and stood. She followed suit, standing up after him and thanking his Father for the cake.

“If you’ll follow me.” He bowed slightly and led her out of the dining room.

The second they were alone the air between them charged with electricity. It was all she could do to keep control of herself.

He took her hand and led her down a long hallway and up a flight of stairs.

“My father never comes to this side of the house,” he said and pushed open a large mahogany door. An enormous bed dominated the room inside with silk curtains on every side. She hesitated at the entrance, but he pulled her inside.

“Sit,” he commanded, pointing to the bed.

She obeyed with butterflies in her stomach. He went to a large armoire in the corner and pulled open the doors. The open doors blocked her view of what was inside.

“Close your eyes,” he said. She did as he asked and heard him move towards her. She could feel her heart pounding through every part of her body, keenly aware of his presence.

He tied a soft blindfold over her closed eyes and her skin tingled.

She felt his fingertips at the hem of her dress, and she helped him pull it up and over her head. With one fluid movement, he undid her bra and let it fall to the floor. The air was cool on her naked skin, and her nipples were erect, waiting for his touch. She felt his fingers around the waistband of her panties and he pulled them down to her ankles, whisking them away so that she was completely exposed.

“Lay back,” he whispered in her ear, and her whole body trembled with anticipation. She heard him rustling around the room and then felt more soft fabric, this time around her wrist. He wrapped the silk around her wrist and pulled it up over her head, fastening it to the bed frame. He then did the same with her other wrist and both her ankles.

Her breath sped, and he put a reassuring hand on her arm.

“Don’t worry. I promise that you’re going to love tonight. Just let go.” He whispered in her ear, his breath warm on her skin.

He bent down and kissed her slowly, their lips moving together. She felt the warmth of his body, so close to hers, and ached to move closer to him.

“Struggle all you like, darling. You belong to me now,” he said with a low chuckle. The sound of his laugh sent a ripple of pleasure through her, and he began to kiss his way down to her collarbone.

His lips lighted along her stomach, ticking her as he went, and down, lower and lower, until she could hardly breathe. He nibbled gently along her inner thighs, teasing her with his touch. He ran little circles over her nipples with his fingers. She moaned quietly, unable to help herself.

“Now for the real dessert,” he muttered and, his tongue dipped between her legs.

She gasped, throwing her head back as he went to work, sucking and stroking her swollen pearl. Before she could make a sound he slipped two fingers inside her and moved in time with the swaying of her hips.

He breath became ragged, and she felt the sensation climbing, reaching towards a peak that was unlike any she had ever felt before. Just as she felt she was about to explode, he stopped, and his touch disappeared.

She protested loudly and then felt his hand over her mouth.

“Shhh. You wouldn’t want my father to hear, would you?” He asked his voice low. “You’re going to have to do your best to stay quiet, or I’ll gag you.” She heard the smile in his words and didn’t doubt that he would carry out the threat.

She struggled to get her breathing under control, embarrassed to have been so lost in the sensation of him, but he didn’t give her a chance to recover.

He kissed her again, and she could taste herself on his lips. It was so very animalistic, sensual, and unlike anything she had ever done before. He sat up and made her wait as he left the bed without a sound. She had never felt more vulnerable, or so excited.

He returned, sitting at the end of the bed and chuckled again. Every time she heard him laugh her stomach did a backflip.

“I want to show you something,” he said, and suddenly she heard a low buzzing. Her pulse quickened immediately.

He held the vibrator against her thighs, trailing it lightly along her skin, just past her slit, and up the other thigh. Her muscles shook, screaming for the release of tension that she knew he would give her.

Without warning, he pressed the vibrator against her clit sending powerful waves of pleasure shooting through her whole body. It was an incredibly strong vibrator, much stronger than the one she had at home.

She moaned aloud and then remembered his threat. Making a concerted effort to stay quiet, she was reduced to quivering silently under his hands.

“When I say you are mine, I mean this too,” he said, pressing the vibrator against her. “You will cum when I say you can come. Not before, not after. You are mine tonight. I own you.”

To emphasize his words he lifted the vibrator, removing it from her completely, but keeping it close enough that she could still hear it’s buzzing and still long for its return.

She writhed helplessly.

“Please…” She breathed.

“Please, what?” He asked. “What do you want? What do you need?”

She felt her cheeks color. Wanting to cum was one thing, asking for it was another.

She moved her hips back and forth, listening to that buzz. “I need it,” she said, helplessly.

“You need what? What do you want me to do?” He asked again, and she knew suddenly, that he could tell how difficult it was for her to say it.

“This is part of letting go,” he told her, his voice rough with desire. “Give me control. Let go and say what you want.”

“... I want to cum.” She admitted at last.

“What?” He teased, pretending not to hear.

“I want you to make me cum!” she cried, desperately and he roared with laughter.

“That’s what I wanted to hear!” He brought the vibrator back, holding it against her clit hard enough that she felt the vibration through her bones.

He slipped his fingers inside her again, three this time, and caressed her g-spot as the vibrator buzzed on. She clenched every muscle in her body, rocking on the powerful waves of vibration that made her see stars.

“More?” He asked, and she managed to make a sound of affirmation.

He pressed a button, and the vibrator kicked up a notch. The buzzing filled her ears, and the sensation was so strong she fought the ties around her arms and legs, spasming with pleasure. She was fighting to get away and fighting to get closer.

“Tell me when you’re close,” he commanded, his fingers working furiously inside her.

“I’m gonna cum!” She nearly screamed and braced herself for what she knew would be the best orgasm of her life.

He turned off the vibrator, and she could not hold back her cry.

“No!” She thrashed, pulling against her ties furiously. “I need it! Please no…” She began to babble incoherently. She was like a champagne bottle that had been shaken, all pressure and energy ready to burst but with nowhere to go.

“You will come when I say.” He said again and climbed on top of her, kissing her full on the mouth. She kissed him back, pressing as much of her body against his as she could, desperate for any touch he would offer.

His erection fell between her legs and she nearly went mad with desire. He hovered over her, close enough that she could feel him, but not close enough to satisfy the intense need he had created in her. He kissed her neck, her breasts, her lips, and she felt the naked skin of his chest, a hair’s breath away.

She pulled against her restraints furiously and groaned. Then he lowered himself imperceptibly, but she was so attuned to him that she felt it instantly.

“Do you want me?” He asked his lips by her ear.

She nodded vigorously, squirming beneath him, and he pushed himself inside her. She was surprised at how thick he was, filling her up and stretching her wonderfully. He pulled out slowly and then pushed himself back inside her, teasing her with the friction between them.

“Faster…” She mouthed the word, unable to focus on anything but the feeling of his cock. He obliged, thrusting into her once, shaking her whole body with the force of it, then again and again. He fucked her like she had never been fucked before. Soon she was rocking on top of the mattress, her hands clawing at the bedsheet, and the waves of pleasure coming to a crest once more. Her head tilted back and her mouth opened in a permanent gasp. Her back arched even under his weight.

It was too much. The intensity had been building for too long. She felt like her skin would catch fire, consuming her and him together in a blaze.

And then he stopped.

She tried to catch her breath, but she was at the edge, ready to fall over, so close to bursting that her mind could think of nothing else.

“I will make you cum harder than you’ve ever come before,” he swore to her, “but first you must make me a promise.”

“...anything,” she said in a ragged whisper, twisting the sheets into knots with her fingers.

“Promise me that this will not be the last night we make love,” he said. “Promise me that and I will make you the happiest woman alive.”

She nodded once, unable to breathe, and she heard the buzzing of the vibrator once more.

“Then listen to me,” he instructed. “Cum.” It was an order.

He pressed the vibrator against her, hard, and she fell over the edge, exploding with an orgasm that ripped a scream from her throat and nearly pulled the bed frame to pieces. She rode the waves as they crashed through her again and again. She expected him to remove the vibrator as she came, but he pressed it firmly against her increasingly sensitive clit, pushing the orgasm to new heights. She came and kept cumming, longer than she had ever had before, and all the while she heard his chuckle, the one that made her insides do backflips and send electricity through her blood.

She lay exhausted on the bed as he finally removed her blindfold. She was too tired to move but managed a breathless laugh.

“You didn’t cum.” She realized, and he smiled, that beautiful bright smile of his.

“We’ve got all night,” he said, and the thought of it turned her bones to jelly.

“Welcome to the company Ms. Carter,” he said and kissed her.