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06 Mar. '17

“What do you mean you can’t do anything?”

I glance at Gabe, who shrugs his shoulders, as if saying this wasn’t his fault. The heat is already unbearable, and now this…

“Look, Miss, I’m so sorry, but in cases like this, we need to wait until the power comes back on. We are terribly sorry for your inconvenience.”

Three pairs of eyes are staring at me, as if I knew all the answers. Well, I don’t. I let out a frustrated sigh, asking the man on the other end of the line:

“Okay, so how long is it going to be?”

Silence. Bloody silence, that’s all I get as an answer. So, it will be a while… After what seems like hours:

“Um, an hour, maybe two.”

Jeez. I curse, louder than I intended to.

“Fine, thanks for… Well, thanks anyway.”

I hang up, angry at the operators. Surely, they are supposed to do something? Well, clearly not in this case. We are stuck in this goddamn elevator, and nobody can do anything. Three pairs of eyes are still staring at me. Gabe’s are light blue, the one that belongs to a blond woman are green, and the third pair is brown. Chocolate brown, with sprinkles of gold. I try to avoid all of them, hoping they can figure it out for themselves, and I don’t have to say anything. Of course, I’m not that lucky. The green-eyed woman asks in a hushed voice:

“So, what did they say?”

I roll my eyes, not as much at her question, but rather at my own helplessness.

“Nothing. Bloody nothing. We are stuck here for another hour or two.”

“Oh, I see.”

That’s all she says, then leans closer to her husband, kissing him gently on the lips, then basically collapses into his arms. Her blond hair is loose around her shoulders, which gives her an innocent look. Her husband, on the other hand, seems to be very dangerous. His hair is spiky, and his trousers look like they were made of some very tight fabric. Leather maybe? I’m dying to find out, that’s for sure.

I glance towards Gabe, who is also watching them intently. I wish I had telepathic abilities, because then I would know whether he is thinking the same thing as I am. They are hot, and would be a perfect match. We have talked about trying new things out, aka having a foursome with another couple, but up until now we haven’t met anyone we liked. Of course, one could say that when both of us liked at least one of them, we should have given it a go. But what’s the fun in that? I want to watch as a gorgeous woman sucks my husband dry, just like he wants to see an Adonis fuck me senseless.

There is just something so arousing in the whole thing, and it’s not like we haven’t watched any relevant porn to warm up. In fact, before we made our way to the restaurant (where we are now, only instead of the cosy little booth, we are stuck in the tiny elevator), we watched some ‘educational’ videos. Oh, yeah, we are quite educated, one would say. We just haven’t exactly put our knowledge into practice, so to speak. But today is our second anniversary, and we were about to celebrate. We got delayed, so? Who says we can’t start the fun right here and now?

Gabe catches my glance, and he nods, a wide grin on his face. Okay then, that’s my cue. I clear my throat, then turn towards the couple, fanning myself with my hands, as if I was already really hot. Well, I am, but that’s beside the point.

“I am ever so sorry, but I’m not feeling too well. Do you guys mind if I take some clothes off?”

The woman’s eyes widen, but I spot a tiny sparkle in them. As I suspected, her husband is smiling at me, clearly, he is interested. Good, so am I. They look at each other, then the woman shrugs her shoulder, and then when they turn back towards me, she says:

“Well, I guess you could do that.”

Suddenly Gabe catches her attention, and she blushes, then turning back towards me she adds:

“On one condition.”

My eyebrows shoot up, and she continues:

“If I get to do the same.”


“Sure, please suit yourself. We will be here for a while.”

She nods again, taking off her white t-shirt in one go. Okay, so she isn’t getting the exact point yet, but never mind. Yet I can see her erect nipples through the see-through fabric of her black lacey bra. Very nice.

I undo the first three buttons on my red shirt, my eyes never leaving hers. Those green eyes could pull me in any minute, if I’m not careful. My heart is pounding really fast, and my hands are shaking. I  force myself to think about all the things Gabe and I will do later, and that steadies my hand. I unbutton the rest of my shirt in slow motion, basking in the feeling that the three pairs of eyes evoke in me. Light blue, green and brown, all three staring at my now exposed breasts. Oh, maybe I should have mentioned to them that I wasn’t wearing a bra? The woman gulps, and I chuckle, asking in a husky voice:

“Is there a problem?”

She blushes some more. Could this be their first time, too?

“No, not at all. It’s just… Well, I guess it’s time we introduced each other. Properly I mean. Don’t you think?”

Okay, so no objections to what we are doing, just the formalities. Yeah, we can do that.

“My bad. My name is Clarissa, and this is my husband, Gabe. Now it’s your turn.”

She glances towards my husband, well, at his groin, to be exact. She mumbles something along the lines of ‘nice to meet you’, and I stifle another chuckle. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s their first time, too. Her husband looks deep into my eyes, chocolate brown into grey, and says:

“This is Daniella, my wife. My name is Anthony. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Do you mind if I join in?”

Now at this point I need to get approval from my husband once more. Talking about it is a completely different thing than actually doing it. I look at Gabe, and he turns to Anthony, nodding.

“Sure thing. I was wondering if you could also help my wife get rid of her skirt? The zip can get really tricky, you know.”

Without a word, Anthony takes a step towards me (he doesn’t have far to come, as we are in a tiny, tiny elevator), and grabbing my hips he quickly swirls me around, so that I’m facing the elevator’s wall. He pulls the zip down, ever so slowly, briskly touching my naked thigh, letting my skirt fall to the floor. I wonder who will be in charge next. Daniella seems to have picked up her courage.

“Do you mind if I help your husband get rid of some of his clothes?”

I shake my head, assuming she is looking at me, but I can’t see her. I’m still facing the wall, and Anthony’s hands hold me in place.

“Please do, I would love to see that. And I also want you to take good care of him. Would you do that for me, darling?”

I tilt my head slightly to see her reaction, but she is already kneeling in front of Gabe, undoing his belt. He lets out a stifled groan, and while looking into my eyes, he asks, although his words are aimed at Anthony:

“Anthony, do you want to fuck my wife, while yours is giving me a blowjob?”

By the time he finishes his sentence, Daniella has already removed his pants and is fiddling with his boxer brief. His impressive erection is visible through the thin fabric, and I can feel an instant jolt of electricity coursing through my body, making my thong wet. His eyes never leave mine, and I hear Anthony’s hushed voice from behind me:

“I want nothing more.”

God, Anthony’s voice is sexy as hell, a deep baritone that could send me over the edge on its own, I’m sure. But it doesn’t mean I want to cum just by listening to his voice, no. I want him to fuck me, and I want Gabe to watch. I can hear another zip, and I assume it’s Anthony`s. I don’t think I have ever been so aroused and excited at the same time. But we don’t need to rush, the elevator will be stuck for another hour or two. Oh, how much fun we are going to have together. This is truly a dream come true for both me and my husband.

The next thing I know is that Anthony grabs my hands, forcing them behind my back, and tying them with something silky. Hmm, kinky, I like that. Although I don’t recall seeing a tie on him. Well, never mind. He pushes me forward, so that my face and nipples brush against the cold metal wall, then I’m suddenly pressed up against it, with my hands tied behind my back, only wearing my barely-there thong and my red high-heels.

I’m watching intently (and very much aroused) as Daniella’s expert lips move up and down the shaft of my husband’s cock, and I find myself saying:

“That’s it, Daniella, take it deep into your mouth. Yeah, just like that.”

My panties are pulled aside, and I can feel a massive cock at the entrance of my dripping pussy. My mouth goes dry, and although I would normally close my eyes at this point in pure anticipation, this time I keep them open, locking them into a light blue pair. Gabe does the same, although I can tell that he is nearly ready to come. Daniella is giving out a slurping sound, and I imagine myself doing the same to him later on tonight, after we talk about what happened in the elevator. Who would have thought that this could turn out to be so arousing?

Anthony is teasing me, moving his dick up and down my slit, then pushing the tip inside, and pulling out straight away. My air supplies are rapidly running out, and for a moment I panic, wondering whether this is still a good idea, considering it’s the middle of summer, and we are stuck in here with no air conditioning. But then Anthony’s cock slips inside my hole, and all my worries fade away as I moan loudly. I hear Gabe’s husky voice call out in ecstasy, suddenly pulling Daniella’s mouth off his cock:

“Fuck, did you like watching that, Clarissa?”


That’s all I can say, as Anthony thrusts a little deeper, grabbing my hair. He pulls it back gently, and I cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as his cock slides in even deeper, shaking me to my core. I can already feel the tension building up inside me, but I know I have to hold on. I haven’t got permission yet to cum, from either man.

I watch curiously as Gabe grabs Daniella’s arms, pushing her towards us. I wonder what he is planning to do next, and I can’t wait to find out. Anthony’s ragged voice comes as a surprise:

“Gabe, I want you to fuck my wife, too. Daniella would love that, and so would I.”

I nod as well between two moans, and I guess that was all Gabe was waiting for. He pushes Daniella up to the wall, and the view is so hot. Anthony joins in, between two groans:

“Do you think your wife wants to cum?”

I want to answer, realizing in time that the question was aimed at my husband. I moan loudly, hoping his answer will be yes.

“I bet she does. Make her.”

Anthony increases the pace, and when Gabe positions his dick behind Daniella’s crack, I lose it, my inner muscles convulsing around Anthony’s dick. We ride my orgasm out, while Gabe fucks the green-eyed woman we both like. When I can breath again, I glance at her flushed face, and decide to be bold. While our men fuck us senseless, I lean close to Daniella, kissing her on the lips. At first my touch is gentle, just like a peck on the cheek, but then as I find welcoming lips, it soon grows into a passionate game. I never kissed a woman before, but this is really hot and a major turn-on.

Another thrust, and I break the kiss, crying out once more. I soon hear Daniella do the same, and she surprises me, moving two fingers to my right nipple, squeezing it gently. Now that does it for the guys, as both start panting and grunting, an I’m unable to tell which one is which. Nor can I see their faces, but that just ads to my excitement. Not to mention that I’m completely at their mercy, being tied n’ all.

“Oh, yes, come for me baby.”

That was Daniella, at least I know that much. Well, she came out of her shell alright. But not sure which one of them she was talking to. Well, never mind, I decide to join in:

“Yes, give it to me, Anthony… Just like that… Oh, and Gabe?”

There comes something along the lines of ‘hmm’ and I chuckle, stating my ultimate request:

“I want you to spank Daniella… Hard…”

He does it even before I finish the sentence, then Daniella’s lustful voice echoes:

“Anthony, you do the same to her… Now…”

I feel the familiar sting, and then another that sends me over the edge – again. I think this is the third one, but who’s counting, right? Both guys cum at the same time, and it makes us girls giggle at each other, and we automatically engage in another wet kiss, while our men pull out. The restraint on my hands loosens, and I turn around to see what was tying them together. My eyes widen, and I find myself looking incredulously at Anthony. He lets out a small laugh, handing back his wife’s panties to her. They are silky alright, and bright red. She must have taken them off before we got in the elevator. Who would have thought? I glance at Gabe, but this time I know he is wondering the same thing as I am, as he is the one to ask:

“So, was this your first time?”

Anthony walks up to his wife, and Gabe takes his well-earned place next to me, too, placing an arm around my shoulders. Daniella answers, while pulling up her skirt and putting on her T-shirt:

“Oh, God no. At least the hundredth. But it’s always nice to let beginners feel like they are in charge. Hey, no offense.”

I look at Gabe, dumbfounded, but we both end up laughing. Now this is embarrassing, but kind of hot. I glance back at Daniella, who is smiling at me fondly (and maybe appreciatively, too).

“None taken.”

The intercom buzzes, and I pick up the receiver.

“We found a way to get you out of there. If you still want to get out, that is.”

There is an awkward silence on the other end of the line, and I suddenly remember something. I look up, and there it is: a camera. Oh, well, I hope the security guard enjoyed the view, as much as we enjoyed the show.

“We do. Thanks for the heads up. Oh, and you are welcome, by the way.”

I hang up, and once more three pairs of eyes are looking at me questioningly. Light blue, green and chocolate brown, staring into grey. I let out a small laugh, motioning towards the camera. All three pairs of eyes go wide for a second, then the initial shock turns to an idea, which is finally voiced by Anthony:

“Do you think we could get a copy?”

Gabe chimes in instantly, making me laugh some more:

“Well, if not, we could always record one at our place. What do you think?”

We all nod in unison. I have a feeling we will do that anyway. Whether we get a copy of our sextape, or not. Hmm, what about an entire collection? Every couple needs to collect some mementos from their anniversaries, after all…