The Chocolate Farm

Kristy gazed out of the car window, happily taking in the stunning views. England’s Peak District was a fascinating mix of rolling green hills, deep valleys, rocky outcrops and peat moors not unlike lunar landscapes. It was Friday morning and Shane, her husband, was taking her to Castleton for the weekend for her birthday. The lovely town sat on the boundary between the White Peak and the Dark Peak, and was a place she was very fond of. With its majestic castle atop the hill, variety of show caves and unrivalled walks, there was plenty to do and see in the area. And yet Shane had been cagey about what he had planned for them. All he had told her was to pack walking clothes and boots, and some evening wear.

She spent much of the journey trying to wheedle his plans out of him, but he stayed firm, insisting she’d find out the following day.

On arrival, they dropped their bags off in their hotel room, then spent a lovely afternoon wandering the quaint town. They visited the castle, the sweet shop and the various gift shops, before getting showered and dressed for a delicious meal in their hotel’s restaurant.

As they snuggled beneath the sheets of their four-poster bed that night, Kristy cosied up to Shane. Pressing kisses to the side of his neck and nibbling his earlobe, she reached down and cupped his cock through his boxer shorts, and purred, “Are you sure you won’t tell me what we’re doing tomorrow?”

Laughing, Shane grasped Kristy’s wrist and pushed it harder onto his stiffening cock. “You can seduce me all you like, sweetheart, but it’s a surprise. Honestly, you’re like a kid at Christmas! Just wait and see.” He kissed her. “Now stop asking questions and get your sexy arse over here.”

The next morning, after a nice long lie-in and another round of love-making, Shane told his wife to dress comfortably and wear sensible shoes. “We’re walking to somewhere, but we’re not going for a walk, as such.”

Kristy frowned. “You’re incredibly cryptic this weekend.”

“I know,” he reached out and playfully smacked her backside. “Now go and get ready. Once we’ve had breakfast, we’ll come back up here and you can open your cards and presents.” He pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her waist and capturing her lips. “Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

“Mmm,” she kissed him back, then pulled away. “We’d better not start that again, or we’ll miss breakfast altogether. And the sooner we eat, the sooner I can open presents!” She wriggled out of Shane’s grip, laughing, then dashed into the bathroom, got cleaned up then hurried back out and got dressed.

Shaking his head at his wife’s excitable antics, Shane headed for the bathroom.

After breakfast, Kristy practically dragged Shane back up their room.

“Humph,” he said, unlocking the door and ushering her in ahead of him, “if only you were this eager to get me up here for sex.”

“Aww,” she said, scurrying into the room and jumping onto the bed. “What’s the matter, babe? Feeling neglected?”

“Something like that.”

“Well, stop moaning.” She winked. “It is my birthday, after all.”

“Don’t you worry, darling. I know.” He grabbed a suitcase and heaved it onto the bed.

“Ahh,” she said, smiling as he hid the numbers of the combination lock from her as he input them. “I wondered why you’d brought so much luggage. Normally you pack so light.”

Removing the padlock, Shane flung open the lid of the case to reveal its secrets. “Knock yourself out, baby. But the thank you texts and phone calls will have to wait until later. We need to leave in about half an hour to be at our mystery location on time. And trust me, you’ll want to be on time.”

Kristy threw her husband a glance through narrowed eyes before reaching into the case and pulling out the stack of cards. Ten minutes later, after giving Shane a thank you kiss for his card, she started on the presents. The unwrapping, examining and exclaiming took slightly longer, especially when she got to Shane’s gifts. The DVD box set she’d been wanting for ages was a win, but the empty gift box elicited a frown. “Did you forget to put the present in here, honey?” Kristy asked, utterly confused.

“No, darling. You’re going to put it in there yourself. Come on, we’d better go. Bring the box with you.”

A minute later they were out on the street and Kristy’s brain was working overtime, trying to work out what the hell Shane was up to. Her confusion was amped up when he whipped his phone from his pocket and snapped a photo of her holding the empty box. “Ha, your face! You really don’t know what to make of this, do you? Come on, hurry up. It’ll be worth it, I promise.”

Cackling wickedly, Shane grabbed her hand and chivvied her along. They walked along the main street, towards Mam Tor, the famous hill that overlooked the town and the surrounding valleys. Kristy still didn’t have a clue what her husband was up to—the only thing that was in the direction they were headed were the show caves. That was all well and good, but what exactly could she get from a cave to put in a box? Maybe something made of the precious Blue John stone mined in the area? She shook her head—the box was far too big for something like that. Plus he’d long since stopped buying jewelry she hadn’t seen first—their taste was definitely not the same in that regard.

As they passed each of the entrances to the caves in turn, she gave up trying to work it out. She’d been utterly outsmarted, it seemed, and as the tarmac headed into nothing but countryside, there wasn’t anything around to give her a single clue. Not unless he’d bought her a flock of sheep, anyway. Or the Shivering Mountain itself—another name for Mam Tor, the hill which was so unstable that a landslip had permanently closed a through road. It was that road they were walking along now, which was used purely for access to the nearby farm.

Shane turned and gave her a smile. “We’re nearly there now, babe. Not much longer to wait.”

Kristy smiled back, trying hard to look more grateful. Though it was difficult, when she didn’t know what she was grateful for. She followed Shane as he headed for the farm, gasping as he opened the gate and marched into the yard.

“What are you doing?” she said.

“You’ll see.” He closed the gate behind her, then walked towards the door, which opened before they reached it.

“Hello!” said a cheery-looking man. “I’m Jim. Are you here for the chocolate-making experience?”

“We are,” Shane said, handing him something out of his pocket, then taking Kristy’s hand and pulling her close. “I’m Shane, and this is my wife, Kristy. It’s her birthday.”

“Oh yes, I remember now. Happy birthday.” Jim smiled kindly at her.

“Thank you.” Finally, her brain caught up. A chocolate-making experience? But...

Jim turned and walked into the property, indicating they should follow him. Kristy gripped Shane’s hand tighter and wouldn’t let him follow, not yet. “Shane, seriously?”

His smile reached from ear-to-ear.

“But you’re diabetic!”

“Yeah, but you’re not.” Leaning down, he kissed her. “Now shut up and get in there, birthday girl. We’ve got some chocolates to make!” He pushed her gently ahead of him, where she hurried to catch up with Jim, her heart pounding.

She couldn’t believe it—a chocolate-making experience! It had been on her bucket list for a good long while, but since Shane had been diagnosed as a diabetic a few years ago, she’d put the idea out of her mind. It wasn’t fair to go to something like that with him, so she’d vaguely thought she might go and do it with her mum and sisters at some point. It certainly hadn’t occurred to her that her crazy husband would go and organize it anyway.

Four hours later and Kristy was exhausted. The experience had definitely lived up to its name, and she’d thoroughly enjoyed every moment of creating the box of chocolates she’d just put on the bedside table before flopping onto the mattress. The day had been tinged with a little guilt at the fact that Shane had been working away beside her, creating confectionary he couldn’t even eat. Well, he could, but it wasn’t advisable. He always said he’d rather go without sweets and chocolate altogether than try something and get a taste for it. It was easier to abstain than to stop at just one. She could see his point, and knew that he didn’t mind her eating them, particularly since she had a very sweet tooth. But out of consideration, she kept it to a minimum in front of him.

“Thank you, baby,” she said, grinning across the room at him. He was bending to take off his trail shoes, his jeans taut across his backside, and she drank in the mouth-watering sight. “I’ve had a wonderful day. Don’t tell anyone else, but it was the best present by far!”

Straightening, he returned her grin, then joined her on the bed. “You’re welcome, gorgeous. I knew you’d like it. I really enjoyed it, too. It was fun.”

Kristy stuck out her bottom lip. “I’m just sorry you can’t enjoy the full benefit of the day. It was very, very sweet of you to book it and come along. No pun intended.”

“Who says I can’t enjoy the full benefit of the day?”

“What do you mean? You can’t gorge on chocolate! I don’t even want to think about what would happen if you did!”

“How about, rather than telling you, I show you? I promise I’m not going to eat a single crumb of chocolate.”

“Hmm. Being all secretive again, are we?”

“Yeah, but not for long. Why don’t you go into the bathroom for a few minutes? I’ll call you when I’m ready.” He grinned, his eyes full of mischief. “Please.”

“All right, all right,” she grumbled, rolling off the bed and heading for the bathroom. “But this had better be good.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” he shot back, with a wolfish grin, “it will be.”

While in the bathroom, Kristy took the opportunity to remove her own shoes, and have a quick freshen up.

After a few minutes, Shane called her. “Okay, baby, you can come in!”

“Coming!” Wondering what on earth she was going to find on the other side of the door, Kristy took a deep breath and opened up. Her gaze immediately shifted over to the bed, where her husband, her crazy, sexy, funny husband, was lying flat on his back. The contents of the gift box were dotted across his naked body.

She gasped as the scene sunk in, then giggled. “Yep,” she said, stepping closer, “best birthday present ever!”

“I hoped you’d say that,” Shane replied, smiling. He’d turned his head carefully to see her reaction, presumably so he didn’t dislodge the chocolates that were balanced on him from shin to throat. “Anyway,” he continued, “as much as I’m glad of your appreciative stare, why don’t you eat up, darling, before it all melts? I’m a hottie, you know.”

“I know you’re a hottie. And I will definitely be eating up. Not just the chocolate, either.” She winked, then began stripping off her clothes. Now she was the one that was subject to the appreciative stare.

Once naked, Kristy joined her husband on the bed and raked her gaze over his prone form, noting that his cock was already swelling. “Wow. I really don’t know where to start. Maybe I should leave the best until last.” She pointed at the collection of chocolates surrounding his groin. “What do you think?”

“It’s your birthday, baby, you do what you want.”

“Don’t worry,” she said, crawling up so she could reach his face, “I will.” Then, leaning down, she captured his lips in a sizzling kiss that she hoped conveyed her appreciation of his efforts. She lingered a while, enjoying the sensation of Shane’s mouth against hers, their tongues twining, arousal growing.

Then, conscious that, if she lingered too long, she’d end up with nothing but melted chocolate dribbling onto the hotel sheets, she gave his lip one final nibble, then pulled away. She’d decided that she’d start from the bottom and work her way up Shane’s delicious body. That way, once she reached the final piece of confectionary, she could lower herself onto his shaft as she devoured it.

Kneeling at the foot of the bed, she took one last glance up the length of her husband’s naked form and then started her journey. Leaning down, she carefully picked up the piece of chocolate from his left shin with her teeth. Holding it in her mouth for a second or two, she let the rich flavor tantalize her taste buds before biting down. Now her taste buds were overwhelmed with the delicious sugary sweetness, and she moaned. Part of her felt guilty at expressing her joy, but she reasoned with herself that this whole thing had been Shane’s idea. He obviously wanted her to enjoy it. Fixing that thought in her mind, she chewed and swallowed, then got into position to grab the next piece.

She took her time, both to extend the anticipation for both of them, and also so she didn’t make herself feel sick by consuming the chocolates too quickly—that would ruin the mood somewhat. The further up Shane’s body she went, the meltier the sweets became, having been sitting on his warm skin for longer. So when each morsel was finished, she went back to the area she’d gotten it from and licked it clean. By the time she reached Shane’s crotch and torso, she had to work around his stiff cock, which pointed insistently up towards his stomach. Deliberately, she ignored it, though really she longed to sink it into her mouth and add his musky, salty flavor to her already delighted taste buds.

Eventually, after a blissful exploration, Kristy was down to just one chocolate. It sat alone in the hollow of Shane’s throat, looking extremely gooey and equally tempting. With a wicked grin, she flung her leg over his hips, straddling him. Reaching down, she positioned the tip of his dick against her entrance, knowing that her pussy would admit him eagerly—the unusual form of foreplay had really gotten her going and her every nerve ending tingled. Her clit was swollen, and her juices already coated the insides of her thighs. Oh yes, burying Shane’s delectable cock inside her to the hilt was not going to be a problem.

Shane watched her, wide-eyed, and his shaft twitched. Just for that, she’d make him wait a few seconds longer. Careful not to bear down on his dick, she leaned over and pulled the last chocolate into her mouth, drawing out the process of letting it melt further on her tongue, savoring the flavor, then finally chewing it until it was all gone.

Only when she swept her tongue over the patch of chocolate-covered skin did she lower herself onto him. Shane clearly hadn’t expected it, not just yet, as he yelped as he was engulfed by her hot pussy. His hands jerked up, gripping her hips as she seated him fully inside her.

When his balls pressed up against her arse, he let out a long moan. “Fucking hell, Kristy. This has been the most delicious torture ever. I thought I was going to come as soon as I got inside you. You’re so fucking wet.”

“And you’re so fucking hard,” she said, running her tongue over his throat one more time, just to be sure she’d gotten every bit of chocolate off of him. Rocking her hips, she added, “Thank you, baby, for my amazing present. I’ll never be able to eat chocolate again without having utterly filthy thoughts.”

“Good.” He grinned. “I can live with that.”

“Argh,” she cupped his face, “I want to kiss you, but I probably taste of chocolate.”

“Who fucking cares?” he said, clamping his hand to the back of her neck. “I want to kiss my beautiful wife. The mere taste of chocolate won’t affect my blood sugar. And you know what? If it did, it would be totally worth it.” He pulled her onto him, and their lips met, turning immediately into a wet, open-mouthed kiss.

Leaning on her elbows, Kristy began to roll her hips, matching the rhythm of their thrusting, dueling tongues. She and Shane had always had a good sex life—but this was something else. This was anticipation and sensory overload culminating in an intense need. Need for Shane, his cock, his mouth.

Their movements quickly grew more frantic; teeth clashing, tongues fighting and lips crushing together almost bruisingly. Raw, animal lust took over completely, and soon Kristy was grinding against her husband, fucking him with short, jerky movements that were all about her pleasure, all about reaching her own orgasm. But it didn’t matter, not really; she knew it was still doing it for him, as one hand still gripped the back of her neck, the other grasped and roughly kneaded her buttocks. His groans filled her mouth.

Fuck, it wasn’t going to be long now. Her clit felt as though it was going to burst. She was lost to her need, taken over by the need to come, and helplessly she ground harder and faster against Shane, sending sparks dancing across every inch of her skin.

Her climax was within her grasp, the tension in her body at fever pitch, like water behind a dam wall. Then, almost without warning, the dam burst. She jerked her head away from Shane’s and buried her face in the crook between his neck and shoulder, sinking her teeth into his flesh to stop her screaming as she came. Wave after wave of intense pleasure crashed through her, her cunt spasming wildly around Shane’s shaft. It was utter bliss. Fucking perfection.

Bit by bit, her body relaxed. She was probably crushing Shane with her weight, but she didn’t care. He was a big boy, he’d cope. And besides, he hadn’t come yet.

Digging his fingers into her hips, he took his own pleasure now, pounding forcefully up into her still-fluttering pussy until, with a grunt, he came too, his cock twitching and spurting inside her, sending further tendrils of pleasure curling through her body.

Once he was done, Kristy rolled off Shane and onto her back, turning her head to look at him. She felt dopey, overloaded with happy hormones, and it was perfect. Grinning, she groped around for his hand and grasped it, bringing it to her lips and kissing it. “That,” she said, “was fucking incredible. There isn’t a word to describe...”

“I know,” Shane replied, his grin lazy, sexy. Just fucked. “I’m still tingling. Come here, you.”

She moved eagerly into his embrace, sighing contentedly as he pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“Happy birthday, my gorgeous wife. I love you.”

“I love you, too. Thank you, baby. It’s been perfect.”

“I’m glad.” He paused. “I didn’t use all of the chocolates, you know.”

“You didn’t?”


“Good to know.” She smiled, realizing what he was getting at. “So what you’re saying is, we could go all over again?”

“Yep. I’m happy to lie back and be your chocolate tray.”

“I bet you are.” Chuckling, she decided she may well take him up on his offer when she’d had a little rest. It was getting towards dinner time, she guessed, but who needed dinner when you had the love of your life and a box of chocolates?