A Casual Affair

It was a Saturday night like every other Saturday night seemed to be lately. The children were all off on their own now, my husband was off on another business trip to somewhere, and I was faced with another night of keeping company with the television. I did not really mind all of Tim's business trips. That was the way his job was, and I accepted it. We had a good enough marriage, and he provided everything I could ever want. I just wished he was home a little more. It would be nice to have some company on nights like this.

I read through the television program listings, and could not find a thing on that interested me. Maybe it was just the mood I was in. I wanted to do something different for a change. Flipping through the channels, I paused on MTV. The music and the dancing held my attention for a moment. Maybe that was what I needed. I had not been out in ages, but I was alone. Should I dare to just go out to one of the clubs, and have a little innocent fun?

I must have been in a daze, for a few minutes later I found myself in my bedroom, looking over my collection of dresses. There was one in there that I always liked. It was a green knit that hugged my curves pretty well, and had a short enough skirt to show off my legs. The neckline was scooped across the front from the point of each shoulder, and dipped low to show off just a hint of cleavage. The sleeves were a three-quarter length, and fitted tightly to my arms. It was not the style that the young women in the videos wore by any means, but it fit my personality well. I tossed the dress on the bed, making up my mind to cure my boredom in some way tonight.

I had already showered, so all I had to do was take off the robe and gown that I had expected to be my costume for the evening at home. I dipped into my lingerie drawer, and came up with a white lace half-slip, bra, panties, and garter-belt set. I slipped them on quickly, and slid a pair of sheer nylons over my legs, hooking their tops to the garters. The dress went over this, and a pair of black, patent-leather, high-heeled pumps went on my feet. A couple of gold bangle bracelets, an imitation ruby pendant on a gold chain, and a black patent-leather belt with a gold buckle completed the outfit. A little make-up, and a moment to fix my hair and put my necessities in a black, patent-leather handbag, and I was ready to go.

I caught a look at myself in the full-length mirror on the door. "Not bad, Janet," I thought. "You'll never dance on MTV, but you still look pretty good for forty-five years old." I had kept up my figure as well as I could after two children and the ravages of time. I might not outdo a younger woman, but I did well enough for me. I looked fine for tonight. After all, I was not going out to get picked-up. I just wanted to listen to some music, and maybe dance a little.

I got a sort of strange look from the doorman of our building when I got down to the lobby. The only times he had ever seen me going out all dressed up like this was when I was with my husband. I had him hail a cab for me, and told the driver the name and address of a place I used to go a long time ago. I knew it was still there from passing it from time to time over the years, but I had not been there in quite a while. It was always a fun place, and that was just what I wanted tonight. The driver gave me an odd look, but drove on anyway, saying nothing.

The bar was not quite as I remembered it inside. The owners had redecorated it to fit the times. Gone were the psychedelic lights and Go-Go platforms. It their place was new lighting, and one big stage for the band of the evening to perform upon. In a way, I liked it better now. It felt like a place I could almost fit into once in a while. I spied an empty stool at the bar, and went right to it.

"Excuse me!," I shouted over the din of the music to a young man standing next to the barstool. "Is this seat taken?"

"I guess it is now," he replied, looking me over quickly, and then turning back to another man with whom he had been talking. I guess I was not his type.

I ordered a Gin & Tonic from the barman, and turned on the stool to look at the band. They were the usual sort of rock-group that one found in places like this. Having little really original in their repertoire, they just did pieces that were popular at the time, and waited for the big break that would catapult them to stardom somehow. They were not bad to listen to, but they would never be stars. I sipped my drink, listened, and watched the crowd. It was at least better than watching television alone at home.

"Not a bad sound," said a man who slipped into the open space next to me at the bar to order a drink. He looked a bit older than most of the other people in the club, and pretty close to my own age. "I've never heard them before, but then, I don't come in here much. Actually, this is my first time in a long while."

"They sound all right, I guess," I replied, just trying to be friendly. "I haven't been in here in years either. I was just curious about how much it would have changed since then."

"It's changed a lot," he said. "The last time I was in here the music was a lot different too. Are you here alone?"

"Yes," I answered, knowing that I was picking up on his opening line. "I just got bored at home. I thought this would be a nice change."

"Me too," he said, "but this isn't quite what I expected. It's nice to find a friendly face like your's here. Uh... Would you... like to dance? It's been a while, but I might be able to keep up with the steps."

"I'd love that," I answered, "but I don't know if I'd be able to do those steps either. I usually like something slower, or maybe different. The last time I danced in a bar it was the Twist!"

He laughed a little at that, and said, "That's about it for me too. By the way, my name's Hal. What's your's?"

"Janet," I answered. "Maybe we better just sit out the dancing."

"Suit's me," Hal replied. "There's an empty table over by the wall. Why don't we try that. I was over there before, and the music wasn't quite so loud. At least we could talk."

I got down from the barstool, and walked over to the table with Hal. I had thought of finding someone to dance with tonight, but this music was a bit more than I could have handled. He would be pleasant to talk with, though. At least he was not one of the kids that seemed to make up the bulk of the crowd here. They probably would not have been as easy to talk to as he was. I could not see myself having much in common with them.

"No husband tonight?," Hal said after we sat down at the table.

"No," I answered. "He's out of town on business, but how...?"

"The rings," Hal said. "Most women don't wear engagement and wedding rings in a place like this unless they forgot to take them off, are with their husband, or don't want people hitting on them. That's all right. I just want the company tonight."

"You sound like you don't have much company lately," I said, a little surprised at myself for saying it. "Isn't your wife around?"

"You noticed my ring too, eh?," Hal replied, starting to look a little grim. "No, she's around. She's in the hospital. Been there for three months now, in fact. She isn't coming out, but she doesn't know that yet. Look, I know that might sound like a line or something, but it's the god's honest truth. I wouldn't use something like that just to... Well, we don't have to talk about that. I came here to get my mind off it anyway."

"I'm sorry," I said, trying to get out of what could have been a bad time. "I didn't kno..."

"Of course you didn't," Hal said sweetly with a smile on his face now. "I just get a little sensitive about her. We've been together a long time, and had a lot of good times in the process. It's been a while since I've had… See! I'm getting into that again. Let's find another subject."

"That would be fine with me," I said. "We're both a couple of lonely souls tonight. Let's see if we can cheer each other up."

"Have you had dinner yet?," Hal said. "I know it's late, but I know a place near here that does late suppers. The music there is a little more like the kind we like anyway. What do you say? Maybe just dessert?"

"I had a little snack," I said, "but that was hours ago. Sure. I'd love to have dinner with you." I did not know why I said that. I did not come here to get picked-up like this, but I was strangely drawn to this man. Maybe I was feeling sorry for him, or maybe... I am not sure. It just sounded like a good idea, and a lot better than what was going on here.

Outside on the street, I put my arm in Hal's to walk with him. I had not done that with any man, besides my husband, in a very long time. I was not even sure why I did it, but it just seemed like the right thing to do. Hal looked like he appreciated the confidence I was showing in him by doing it, and smiled sweetly back at me. We covered the two blocks to the restaurant in just a few minutes, talking all the way, and enjoying the feeling of closeness.

The restaurant was just a little hole-in-the-wall place on one of the side streets off the avenue. It was Italian, and looked like one of those places that only the "in crowd" knew about. Hal seemed to know the place pretty well, and we were shown to a table over in a corner where we could be private, yet still watch all the going on in the rest of the room.

We ordered a light supper, or rather Hal ordered it for both of us, and we talked our way through the meal. A little of the conversation covered some more about his wife, and I found out she had been ill for more than a year. I found myself wondering about how intimate they could have been during that time, but dismissed the though as "none of my business" as best I could. We went on to other subjects, and I found that he and I had a lot in common beyond just being lonely tonight. We talked like we had been friends for a long time, and the evening wore on and on.

Hal talked me into some pastries for dessert, and just as they came, I glanced at my watch. It was well past eleven, and I wanted to be home in case Tim called. "I really should be going soon, Hal," I said. "I've been having such a good time, I forgot about the time."

"All right, Cinderella," Hal said with a laugh. "We'll get you home before your coach turns into a pumpkin." I laughed too, and he called for the cheque. "You're at least going to let me take you home in a cab, right?"

"That would be lovely," I said, knowing that it would allow us to talk a bit more before we had to part.

The talking went on all through the cab ride home, and I found myself wishing it could go on and on. Hal seemed to touch something inside of me on many levels. I had known few men, including my husband, with whom I could just talk like this. Most of the conversations I had even had with men were either business, family, weather, or filled with sexual innuendos. It was not like that with him. He treated me as an equal in the conversation, and was as willing to listen as he was to talk. I found that very attractive. I made up my mind to see if I could keep it going at least a little while longer.

"Would... Would you like to come up for a nightcap?," I said with some real uncertainty in my voice as the cab turned the corner onto the street where I lived. "It's not all that late yet. I just enjoy talking to you so much. I even have some of the music that we like upstairs."

"Well... If you're sure it's okay," Hal said with a little uncertainty of his own, "I guess I shouldn't refuse an invitation like that from such a lovely lady." He paid the driver, and we went into the apartment building.

At the door to my apartment, I handed Hal the keys, and he opened it for us, letting me go in first. He closed and locked it behind us when we were inside while I dropped my wrap and purse on a chair near the door. "You can take off your jacket if you like," I said, walking toward my laptop to put on some slow music from years before. "I'll just be a minute with this. Sit on the sofa, and what would you like to drink?"

"Scotch rocks, if you please," Hal answered, taking off his jacket, and placing it over my wrap on the chair. He went to the sofa, and sat down.

A few minutes later, I joined him, sitting at the opposite end of the sofa after I had placed our drinks on the cocktail table. I picked mine up, and lifted it in a toast. "To the good old days," I said. "Whenever or whatever they were."

Hal returned the toast with his glass, adding, "The good days are when you make them. They don't have to be old." We laughed at that, and went right on with our talking.

The music filled the room, and blotted out the loneliness we both were feeling. The illness of Hal's wife, and the absence of my husband no longer seemed to matter. We made our own little reality here, and shared it eagerly. It was as if we had been transported back to days of long ago when we were both in our late teens, or at least early twenties, and felt free of the cares that took so much of our time now. We talked so much that I hardly noticed he had slid over most of the length of the sofa, and was now sitting right next to me. I guess I had done some sliding of my own, for we were both almost in the middle of the sofa.

"Janet," Hal said, taking my hand gently, "I know this is very forward, but may I kiss you?"

At first, I did not know what to say, but I suddenly realized that I wanted very much to be kissed at that moment too. "Yes," I said softly.

Our lips met, and I felt things inside me that I had not felt in a very long time. The kiss was innocent enough, but it evoked memories of years before when it had happened with a boy I had not seen since. I did not even know, or maybe it was remember, his name, but Hal's kiss thrilled me like I had been thrilled that night in a darkened corner of the very bar where Hal and I had just met.

I do not know what it was about that kiss, but I kissed back, and I felt Hal's arm slip around me. I let that happen too for a moment, and then said softly, "Hal?"

"I'm sorry," Hal said, quickly trying to pull away.

"No," I said just as quickly, taking hold of his arm to hold it against me. "It's not that. It's just... Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Are you?," Hal said.

I took a deep breath. It had been a long time for me with my husband being away so much, and I was sure it had been a longer time for Hal with his wife being as sick as she was. I had never considered this possibility since I had gotten married. It was just something that I never thought I would do, but there was just some reason that I wanted to tonight. Maybe it was the loneliness, or maybe it was the kiss. I do not know. I just knew it was something I had to do for myself right then. I held tightly onto his arm, and pressed it to my waist.

"Yes," I whispered, letting out my breath. "I want to."

Hal's lips met mine again, and I felt that same old thrill flash through my mind again. Who was that boy in the dark so many years before? I knew I had met him in the bar, and we had shared but that single moment in the dark. We had no more than the kiss and a few stolen moments for holding each other before he had gone back to his girlfriend, but the memory had never left me. I never saw him again. He was a couple of years older than I, and no one in my group of friends knew who he was, so I had no way of finding out. The memory was all I had, yet here I was in the arms of a man who kissed me in that same gentle way. I stopped trying to work out the puzzle, and let the moment that was now carry me where it would.

Gently, almost hesitantly, Hal slipped his arm back around my waist, and pulled me closer to him. Our kiss held for long, rapturous moments, letting the thrill build inside of me with each second. "What am I doing?!," I thought as his lips began to move against mine, urging them apart to admit his probing tongue. I had never even THOUGHT of cheating on my husband before, and yet here I was, about to let the only man who had even kissed me like this since I was married enjoy my body as he willed. I had met him only a few hours ago, and now we were going to make love to each other. "What am I doing?!," I thought again.

The thoughts did not last long, for they were driven away by the passion that was fast rising inside of me. Hal's kisses made me tingle all over in ways that I had not felt in a very long time. Sex with Tim was good, but we had not felt a spark like this for many years now. I was sure he was probably seeing other women from time to time while he traveled, but I had never considered finding any pleasure like this for myself. I just kept our home, and did my wifely duties for him when he was here. It had been enough for me; until now that is.

My lips parted at last, and Hal's tongue pressed into my mouth to meet my own tongue, rolling and playing with it. One arm held me close to him, but the other started to move. It slid around my waist to the front, and reached up to cup my breast, gently kneading the soft flesh through the layers of clothing I wore. I could feel my nipples hardening, and pressing into the fabric to make tiny pokes at the tips of my breasts. The sensation of electric shocks flashed through me when his fingers touched them, and pressed just a little. No matter what I thought about what I was doing, there was no going back now, and neither did I want to.

My hands were between us, but below Hal's arms, almost in his lap. I moved one just a little, and felt something very firm against it. I knew what it was, but I did not pull away. Hesitantly, I touched it more, and heard a low moan rumble through his throat. It made me feel good to be able to do this for him.

Then I felt Hal's hand leave my breast. It slid around my body to the back again, and rested at the top of my dress. There was a low hissing sound as he pulled down the zipper there, and the top of my dress began to go limp around me. His hands felt warm against the skin of my back, and he started to fumble with the clasp of my bra. His movements with it were awkward and out of practice. They felt like the times my first High School boyfriend tried to do that in the back seat of his dad's Chevy. More memories flooded through my mind.

"Maybe we should go into the bedroom," I whispered into Hal's ear, breaking our long kiss. "I'd be more comfortable there."

"Okay," he whispered back hoarsely, and released his grip on me, standing, and helping me to my feet.

I kissed him again gently, and placed my hand in his. We walked that way down the hall to the bedroom that I had only shared with my husband before with me a half step ahead of him, and my dress hanging open in back to my waist. My heart was racing, and my breathing was heavy. I felt perspiration coming from every pore. I wanted to do this. I even needed to do this now. I took a deep breath, and opened the bedroom door.

The bedroom looked as it always did. Tim, my husband, had let me decorate it however I wanted. He did not spend enough time in there with the lights on and his eyes open anyway. The only furniture, other than the bed, that he used was the big chest of drawers to the left next to the door. My bureau was on the right by the window, covered with a lace doily and all the other feminine things that I used to keep myself pretty. I large closet with sliding doors took up the opposite wall to that, and the king-sized bed stood in between, against the forth wall. Everything was covered in tones and fabrics of mauve and grey. I let go of Hal's hand to walk to my bureau, turning Tim's picture to the wall. I am not sure why I did that.

Hal stepped quickly to me, and took me in his embrace again. We kissed, and he fumbled some more with the clasp of my bra. His hardness pressed against my thigh, and told me what he wanted even if I had not known it already. "Wait," I breathed softly. "Let me do this part FOR you. Just sit in the chair, and let me get ready."

I went to the bed, and removed the bedspread while Hal settled himself in the chair by my bureau. I turned the blanket and sheet all the way down to the foot of the bed, and then stood facing him from a little distance away. He looked both innocent and lecherous at the same time with his eyes tracing the outline of my body under my dress. I took another deep breath, and started to get ready.

I reached to the buckle of my belt, and opened it, sliding the belt off to be deposited on the blanket rack in the corner. It only took another second to finish the job Hal had started, and take the zipper at the back of my dress down all the way. I saw Hal's eyes following my every move as I took the dress the rest of the way off, and stepped away to lay it over the belt on the blanket rack. He seemed to enjoy the bending movement I made to take off my slip as well, placing it over the dress. I walked back to him in just my lingerie.

"You're more beautiful than I'd hoped you'd be," Hal said softly, caressing me with his eyes.

I made no reply other than a smile, and snaked my hands behind me to do the job with the clasp of my bra that he had been having so much trouble with. My breasts spilled out of the loose fabric, and presented themselves to Hal's eyes. They were not as high and perky as they had once been, but made up for that with just enough size to keep almost any man interested. I let them dangle and sway just a bit beneath me while I bent to unsnap my garters, and then sat on the bed to slide off my shoes and stockings. All of these went into a pile on the bed followed by my garter-belt. I picked them all up, and walked over to Hal in just my white lace panties to set the pile on my bureau.

I stood close in front of Hal with just one garment separating me from total nudity, and looked down into the boyish expression in his eyes. "Do you think you can finish this job for me?," I whispered breathlessly.

Hal said not a word, but reached one hand to each of my hips. He took hold of the elastic waistband of my panties, and pulled down gently, taking them off me.

I put one hand on his shoulder to steady myself, spread my legs a little to open the way for my panties to drop, and stepped out of them. I was now completely naked before the gaze of the first man to see me that way since long before my wedding. I prayed that my body would please him after all the changes that age had brought on, but I need not have worried. I was no longer as supple as I had once been, but the look on his face said that he saw nothing to detract from what I was now. I had tried to keep myself in as good condition as possible, and the lust that exuded from him told me that I had succeeded well enough. He wanted me, and beyond all reason, I wanted him!

I stepped back from Hal, and moved over to the bed. Trying to be as sexy and enticing as I could, I crawled onto it, and rolled onto my side, letting my hair spread out on a pillow beneath my head, and curving myself into a provocative position. I saw an almost pleading look on his face, and just nodded in reply. He did not misunderstand my message.

Hal stood up, and walked over to stand next to the bed. He looked down for a long moment at me lying there, and then pulled off his tie. His now nimble fingers made short work of the buttons on his white shirt, and it was soon reposing on top of my dress and slip. His pants were next, but in his excitement, he forgot to take off his shoes first. He looked sort of cute, fumbling around the folds of fabric to get them off, but soon his pants joined his shirt on the blanket rack. I watched with interest at the rippling of his muscles as he lifted his undershirt over his head. There was a little age showing on his body as well, but he was still well built.

Hal smiled back at me as his hands went to the waistband of his boxer shorts in the same way as they had gripped my panties. The bulge that pushed out in their front soon revealed itself as a hard cock, pointing out from a dark tangle of pubic hair, and waving almost obscenely at me. It was rather average in size, being about the standard six inches long, but it looked no less beautiful to me. After he had dropped the shorts on the other clothes, he stood over me next to the bed, letting me have a good look at the first man, other than my husband, I had seen naked since before I had taken the marriage vows that I was so eagerly breaking tonight.

Hal crawled onto the bed next to me, and I noticed he still had his socks on his feet. "Aren't you going to take those off too?," I asked with a giggle.

"Wha... Oh, yeah," Hal said, sitting up, and bending over to slip them off, tossing them somewhere on the floor. "I forgot."

I trailed my hand down the ripples of Hal's spine when he did, and enjoyed the feeling of his warm skin against my fingers. He must have enjoyed it as well, for he flexed his body in response to it, and looked over to smile at me. "Turn out the light, darling," I said playfully. "I like it better in the dark."

Hal reached to the lamp on the nightstand on his side of the bed, and snapped it off while I did the same to mine. Darkness filled the room, relieved only by the dim light of the city, coming in through the lace curtains on the window. It comforted me in its way. I wanted to look at him, but I felt better with the few imperfections of my body hidden in the shadows. I had gotten used to having sex in the dark anyway. That was the way that my husband liked it.

In the darkness, I felt Hal's hand touch my hip. It lingered there for but a second before moving slowly up along my ribs. I moved closer to him, and felt my body press against the length of his. That same delicious thrill went through me as our lips met yet again, and we began our horizontal dance of love in the night. I was in his arms in a bed where I had only had sex with my husband before, and making love to this man whom I had met but a few hours ago. It was all so wrong, yet it was all so right at the same time.

Hal broke our kiss, and moved his face lower on my body. The thrill of his lips on mine was replaced by the equally exciting thrill of feeling his lips close around one of my nipples. My hands caressed the back of his head as he nursed gently on me, and almost involuntarily, I began to moan. "Ohhh… Hal," I said with a sigh. "That feels just wonderful. Be gentle with me? Make it like it should have been... Ohhh..."

Hal sucked tenderly on my nipples, sending ripples of ecstacy all through me as he did. His arms held me close, pressing my whole body to his. It felt like nothing I had ever felt from any man before. Tim did not hold me this way. He seemed always to be in too much of a rush for that. With Tim, I had sex, but with Hal, I was making love.

My hands slid easily along Hal's body, and touched his cock. I fingered and fondled in for a moment, and then moved my body away from him, breaking our embrace. At first, it seemed like he did not want to let me go, but let me slip free after a second. I sat up on the bed, and reversed my body to his. From my sitting position next to his hip, I bent over, and placed a kiss at the tip of his penis. I felt him move all the way onto his back in the dark, and relax to let me do my work.

I remembered that I used to love giving head. I never had a boyfriend who did not like the things I could do to him with my mouth and tongue, but it had been a long time since I was in a position where I could just take my time with it like this. Tim was always in just too much of a hurry.

I opened my mouth, and took in the whole length of Hal's penis. I licked it all over, making little slurping noises as I did, while I slid it all the way back out. My tongue then lapped its way all down the underside of the shaft to finally dance all over his balls, filling the dark of the room with the gentle moans that came from his throat. It made me feel good to know that he was enjoying the things I was doing for him. There was nothing more I wanted to do at that moment but please my lover.

While I licked I felt something pressing its way between my legs. I parted them slightly, and one of Hal's fingers worked its way into the cleft of my pussy. A shudder rumbled through my body when it found its mark, and softly touched my clit. I was already well lubricated from all the excitement of just letting him get me into bed to make love, and his finger moved easily, rolling the little button of flesh like a ball-bearing in a pool of oil. It was my turn to moan now, and we sang a duet of passionate sighs into the shadows of my bedroom like had not been heard there in many years.

Hal's finger worked my clit gently while I sucked, nibbled, and licked his penis. The thrills and excitement I had felt from the first moment he had kissed me were building higher now. They had started as tingles in the nerve endings all over my skin, and had moved to an inner warmth that I could feel deep down inside of me. That warmth was spreading throughout my whole being now, and growing more with each passing second. Then a wave of gentle pleasure washed over me. It did not shake the earth, but it was enough for me just to know that it was Hal who had brought it to me. It was the first real orgasm that I could remember having with a man in at least ten years.

I moved away from Hal's cock, and brought my face close to his for a warm and tender kiss. There were no more questions in my mind about whether what I was doing with him was right or wrong. He was giving me more sheer pleasure than I had felt in much too long. I wanted all of it I could get, and even let thoughts of doing this with him again and again while my husband was away drift through my mind. This was no longer adultery. It was love.

Hal urged me onto my back without breaking our kiss, positioning himself over me in the process. His penis was touching the cleft between my legs that his finger had just been probing, and I reached down to help get it to the right spot. There was a forward movement of his hips, and I felt my vagina being filled with something long, hard, and warm. His entry was as gentle as his kiss, and gave me the same remembered thrill. I wrapped my legs around him, and held on to let him ride me as he willed to. There was nothing that I would not have done for him that night.

Hal's thrusts were not as rampaging and pounding as Tim's. They were gentle and slow with a real feeling of tenderness in them. We moved together in a prolonged rocking motion. There was no straining or force in any of it. We were as one in ways that I had never known with any lover I had been with in all my life. I could have gone on like this with him forever!

It was just a little while when I felt Hal's cock appear to grown within me. It began to get warmer than it had been, and I knew what was about to happen. Deep inside of me I felt it pulse and throb, and realized that I was being filled with his seed as he pumped his semen into me, cumming more gently than I had ever felt a man do. Another shudder wracked through me, and I joined him in climax with a tiny orgasm of my own, born of nothing more than the realization of the pleasure I had given him.

The weight of Hal's body relaxed on top of me, pinning my body to the bed beneath him. I did not mind. I wanted the feeling of closeness and intimacy that I felt from it, and savored the feeling for as long as I could before he rolled off me to lie on the bed at my side. I cuddled close to him, and felt his arms enfold me. We lay that way for many long minutes, kissing, and touching. I wanted to make love this way with this man for a very long time.

"I guess I should be going soon," Hal said in the dark, playing tenderly with one of my nipples as he did.

"Do you have to?," I whispered in reply. "You can stay the night here if you'd like."

"I'd like that," Hal whispered back, answering me, "if you'd like me to."

"Yes," I said tenderly. "I don't want to be alone tonight. Hold me. Sleep with me all night. Please?"

Hal sat up, and reached down to the foot of the bed. He returned to holding me, bringing the covers up with him, and cuddling me close under them. He kissed me again, and we drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

Hal spent that night with me, and we have shared other nights since. His kisses still thrill me the way they did that first time our lips met, whenever that was. I do not know if he was the boy who had kissed me in the bar so many years before, or if our first kiss was the one he gave me on the sofa the night of our casual affair. It does not really matter. All that is important is that we can give each other the pleasure that is denied to us from other sources. We do that, and if circumstances ever change, we may do it even more.

Tim has grown more distant even when he is not away on one of his business trips. I think he may suspect that I have a lover, but it does not seem to matter to him. We have grown apart in many ways, and will probably not last all that much longer together.

Hal's wife has not improved, but has gotten even worse. She will not be with us in this life for much longer. It saddens him deeply, but he has come to realize that it is something that has to be accepted as part of life. There is no malice in it at all. He is still in love with her, and that does not bother me. It is as it should be from the years they spent together, and I can accept it on that basis.

The circumstances of both of our lives are changing, and we have talked much about that. What was a bad situation for both of us could change very soon into something that possibly should have happened years before when two people shared a furtive kiss in the shadows of a bar. Whatever we may think of it, there is order in this Universe after all.