Karen's Seed Part 4

Karen's Seed (Part 4 of 4)

Chapter 11

Saturday was a day of mixed emotions. I woke up with my beast still inside it's leather cage and snarling to get out. Karen slept late, and awoke refreshed. I, on the other hand, was somewhat of a basket case. It seemed that my wife was deliberately attempting to be alluring. Her motions seemed deliberately sexy and bold. She would casually brush her breasts up against my body and then excuse herself with a wink. On one occasion I spoke to her in a menacing tone.

"It's probably a good deal that I am all trussed up like this or I would come over there and really rattle your bones!"

"I know, and it is certainly nice to know that I have this level of protection from you. I could do this..." as she reached over and grabbed my ass, "or this..." moving her hand under my shirt and pinching my nipples, "and there is nothing you can do about it."

"I could give you a good spanking for being so mean." I warned.

"Key, Hmmmm, I wonder what I did with that key." she mused, "The spanking idea is a good one, though, but I wonder who it is that will get spanked?"

I could see myself seriously out gunned, and left it at that. Karen continued to slink around and torment me, and all I could do was to take it.

"I think I will take a quick shower, why don't you just relax," she offered, "you look kind of tense."

"Thanks, that's a good idea." I agreed. "Let me know if you need someone to wash your back."

My wife disappeared into the bathroom, and in a little while I heard the water running.

After several minutes of her splashing around, I heard her call out to me.

"Yes, dear." I said as I stuck my head into the foggy bathroom.

"I'm ready to have my back washed." she announced. I lathered up the rag and gave her a good scrubbing on her back, and then spent some time lathering up some of her other parts also.

"Kind of getting mixed up on your directions there, aren't you Bud." she said.

"Just scrubbing up all of the grubby bits." I said while working over her breasts with my soapy hands.

"Ahhhhhh, ENOUGH!!" she yelled, "OUT!!!"

The shower began to run again as she rinsed off the copious amounts of soap still clinging to her body. As I left, I considered removing the big bath towels and leaving her just a couple of small hand towels to dry off with, but I dismissed the thought as too dangerous.

She emerged from the bathroom wrapped in one towel, and with another wrapped around her head, and walked into the bedroom to get dressed.

When she stepped out of the bedroom, she had on a seductive culotte outfit on with a see-through blouse and sheer tan hose. She disappeared back into the bathroom and I could hear the hair-drier running, and then the sounds of her singing as she applied her makeup. When she walked out of the bathroom, she was drop-dead stunning.

"I thought I would dress up for you a little bit," she explained.

"You look great," I exclaimed, "What's this?"

Through the sheerness of her blouse, I could see the outline of her necklace and the key.

"Oh, silly me, I forgot that I had dropped it in my purse before I came home yesterday." she explained, "I remembered it while I was in the shower."

"The word 'Wicked' just doesn't do you justice." I said, planting a big kiss on her lips.

While we kissed, I sensed the fragrance of her perfume and felt her yield to me in my arms. The next thing that we knew, we were dropping down onto the bed. As she slipped out of her culottes, I noticed that she was not wearing any panties with her hose. She rolled me onto my back, and I arched my back allowing her to remove my pants. She then leaned down and unfastened the lock on my device, removing it with a smooth motion. My cock immediately jumped to life as she stroked it lightly.

"I notice that it is a little smoother now," she whispered, "nice job with the shaving."

"Thank you." was the only thing I could think of to say.

"I have made some modifications to these hose that I think you might like." she announced, mounting my smooth shaft.

She had cut the crotch of her hose out, and she settled down on me with her warm moistness.

"You just settle back there and relax for a little bit and let me play." she cooed.

She began to slide up and down on my rigid stem, varying the tempo to keep me from coming too fast. I looked up at her, fully dressed, makeup on, the softness of her panty-hose straddling my body and felt a volcano begin to erupt in my lower body. She must have sensed my excitement as she slowed her rhythm but at the same time she began to toy with and tug on my nipples. My excitement built slowly and when I thought I could stand it no longer she quickened the pace and drove me over the edge of ecstasy. As I growled and moaned, I could feel the contractions of my wife's pussy gobbling up my massive erection. Her juices turned into a flood as I pumped load after load of cum into her warmth. The noise of our excitement became a symphony leading to a powerful crescendo of sound.

After we were both totally spent, Karen removed herself from my rapidly softening unit and laid on the bed beside me.

"What do you think?" she said breathlessly.

"Seed production is way up." I answered truthfully. We both napped for a short while, and then spent a fairly normal afternoon and evening. Toward bedtime, I ran into the bedroom, slipped between the sheets and stared at her like a cat looking at a canary.

"Aren't you forgetting something." she questioned.

"Like....?" I responded.

"Are you wearing your belt?" her voice taking a stern tone.

"I...I...I thought..." I stammered.

"There you go thinking again. I am in charge of security and you are a large security risk right now." she announced. "You just never know what might happen overnight, so you better get suited up."

I went to the closet and returned with my device.

"Before you do that, I need to take some measurements." she said, "Wait here for just a minute."

She returned with a cloth measuring and had me stand with my feet spread apart and my hands on top of my head. She took several measurements, chest, waist, hips, arms, legs and finally several of my genital region. As she made the measurements, she recorded them on a sheet of paper. When she was finished, she said "All finished, now you can get dressed for bed."

As requested, I donned my chastity belt, tightened the strap and fastened the lock. She inspected everything and we went to bed.

"What were all of the measurements for?" I asked as I turned out the light.

"Well, you have a birthday coming up, and I was thinking of getting you something special." she replied.

"What would that be?" I queried.

"Never mind." she mocked, "It's a surprise." I didn't doubt that for one minute.


Chapter 12

Our life became somewhat routine, or as routine as it gets for a person who comes home every evening and straps on his chastity belt. Karen would continually tease and taunt me while I was secured in my device, and usually once a week she would release me and we would have glorious sex. I found her becoming much more attentive to my desires, and on a couple of occasions she would release me and give me a delicious blow job before fastening me up again. Whereas before I would sometimes be only a mediocre performer, she was always assured that we would have great sex as long as she was able to provide the regulation.

On only one occasion did I sneak a hand-job in. Karen had unlocked me so that I could take a shower and get ready for work. Since our home-made device was made of leather, I would not hold up too well getting wet.

On the previous night, she had taken off her panties, had me place my head under her skirt and lick her to a delirious orgasm while she watched TV. While I thought about this scene during my shower, I began to rub myself and before I knew what happened I exploded all over the shower door. I was hoping that I wouldn't get caught, but that evening she could sense in my reaction that all was not right, and questioned me about it.

"You did what..." she screamed, "That is my property and you washed it down the sewer!!"

"I...I'm sorry." I mumbled, "I'll try to do better."

"You simply cannot be trusted." she stated flatly.

She dropped the subject, but I noticed that I was no longer allowed to take a shower unattended.

It was still a couple of weeks to my birthday, but I was starting to get excited about this special present that she was getting me. I had also tried to be extra careful about displeasing Karen.

My birthday fell on a Saturday, and Karen had a cake and ice cream for me along with several brightly wrapped presents. After opening presents consisting of silk boxers, a tie and matching suspenders, some after-shave, and etc. she brought out a larger box which she said contained my special present. "I hope it fits." she said as I tore off the wrapping. My heart stopped as I opened the box and removed the packing material. Inside I found a shiny stainless steel chastity belt. As I removed the device from the box, I looked it over very carefully. First of all, it was heavy, and the locking mechanisms looked very serious indeed. Although made of stainless steel, everything which was in contact with the skin was lined with neoprene. Functionally, it was very similar to the device that I was currently wearing in that my organ was held in a sheath, a metal one this time, and directed down and back between my legs. The calls to nature could be accommodated with the exception that everything would become a sit-down job.

"Let's have you try it on and see how it fits." she giggled. After a period of familiarizing ourselves with the object, we had it in place and fully secured.

"The people who make these say that they are escape and tamper proof." she announced as she replaced the key hanging around her neck with the new one. "Another feature of this model is that it can be worn in the bath and shower, so we won't have any more of those unfortunate incidents."

The new, and much more serious device took some getting used to, and Karen allowed me to alternate between the two for the next few days. She still allowed me to remove the device during the day when I went to work. The level of security was frightening. With the leather device, I knew that I could easily remove it with a pair of scissors. With the stainless steel model, I think it would require a full machine shop to get me out without the key. After a couple of weeks of getting used to the new security provision, I asked her if I could wear it all day at work to see if it would get in the way.

"That might be a useful experiment." she agreed.

When I came home, I was able to report to Karen that my new chastity device did not present any problem at work today, "...with the exception of the fact that I thought about you all day."

"That's good," she said, "because the boss has asked me to fly out to the West Coast office to help out for the next couple of weeks." she smiled " You had better get used to having it on."

-The End