A Quiet Watching

Dedicated to my love, R.H.

Freshman year didn't start off very well.  Have you ever had an Orthodox Jew for a roommate?  The number of restrictions he told me about sounded like they would drive me crazy in 30 seconds.  Every Saturday, he would be completely incapable of turning on any lights, the television set, or even setting his alarm clock!  I would have to do it for him.  Then there was Passover (thankfully not till Spring) in which I would not be allowed to bring food into the room.  And finally, there were girls, or rather, there weren't girls.  I was not going to be allowed to have any girls spend the night.  That last requirement didn't seem to be a problem at the time, since I didn't know any girls on that first day, but it didn't take me long to meet Margaret.

Margaret must have been the sexiest Freshman on campus, or at least I thought so.  Part of what made her sexy was the way she looked – very fine dark hair that ran all the way down to her slim waist; a little button nose that I always thought I had to kiss; and a general build that was thin but strong -- she was an amateur ballet dancer in her spare time.  Another part of what made her sexy was the way she dressed.  It was very hot that September and other than tight shorts or a short skirt, and a halter top or a too-small too-thin t-shirt, she didn't wear much.  And she somehow managed to show off her belly button no matter what her outfit was.

Margaret and I met in the section for English.  I'm actually a pretty good looking guy, so the direct approach has usually worked for me.  I asked her to meet me for lunch some time, and then for dinner, and pretty soon dating.  Girls seem to take things fast at the beginning of Freshman year, and it didn't take too much kissing and groping before she had whispered in my ear "I want to fuck you."  I had already had a hard on before she said that, and if possible it got harder afterwards.

We were in the stacks of the library at the time, and I was willing to do it right there if she was, but just then we heard footsteps.  I quickly disengaged my hands from her nipples, and she pulled her shirt back down (it was too tight to fall down by itself.)  The footsteps turned out to belong to a librarian who wanted to re-shelve some books in the same aisle we were in.  The smirking librarian watched us leave, and I have to admit I was pretty embarrassed.  I decided against having sex in the library after all.

Margaret and I talked about where we should do it.  She wanted to do it in my room, until I explained about my roommate.  Margaret had a roommate too, a very conservative Japanese girl, Yoshiko, who had never dated.  Surprisingly, when Margaret and Yoshi had talked about having boys spend the night (the Resident Advisor suggested talking about it on the first day), Yoshiko had said it was OK, as long as Margaret and the boy didn't wake her.  We decided we would fuck, very quietly, that night.  Margaret told me that Yoshi usually went to bed around 11:00, and I should show up then.

I arrived just a few minutes early.  Margaret was alone in the room, ready for bed.  She was wearing a long t-shirt which almost covered her small silk panties.  After giving her a very long hello kiss, I asked "Did Yoshiko find somewhere else to sleep tonight?"

"No, she's just gone to wash up.  When she comes back, we'll get into bed and cuddle till she falls asleep, and then I'm very quietly going to get on top of you and fuck your brains out.  Sound OK?"  Of course it sounded OK.  My hard-on from the afternoon came back.

Just then, Yoshiko returned to the room, carrying her toiletries and wearing a demure white cotton nightgown that covered her from neck to ankles.

"Hello.  You must be Dave."  She was staring at my hard-on, and she started to blush.  After an awkward moment when no one could think of much to say, she said "I'm going to sleep now," pulling off the bed spread and lying down.  It was a very hot evening, so she didn't cover herself with a sheet.  Margaret turned the light off and got into bed. I took off my shirt and shorts, and then noticed Yoshiko embarrassedly blushing and closing her eyes -- even with the lights off, the room wasn't that dark because of a street light near the window and I realized Yoshiko must have seen my hard-on through my boxer shorts.  I felt bad for a moment: I didn't want to embarrass Yoshi -- I just wanted to fuck Margaret and there was no place else to do it.  Then I looked at her face again, and I noticed that even though her eyes were clenched tight, she had less an embarrassed and more of a curious look on her face.

What happened next was the worst part of the evening: cuddling with Margaret for 20 minutes until Yoshiko was asleep, but without fucking. The two of us got under a single sheet (it was far too hot for anything more) and she held me in her arms, and started kissing me, groping me, and rubbing me, but without letting me do anything more. Every time I would try to put my hand between her legs, or to rub my cock against her, she would whisper in my ear "Not yet -- wait till Yoshi's asleep", and then she would give my balls a half-painful half-pleasurable squeeze of punishment and reassurance.  But the feel of her hands massaging my ass cheeks, even playing with my asshole (which I had never had a girl do before), the touch of her fingers running lightly across my back or gently pinching my nipples, was almost too much and I was very glad when she whispered in my ear "OK, lover, I think she's asleep."

She peeled off my underwear (I would have to search for it in the morning) rolled on top of me, pulled off her own shirt, but not her panties, and began to very slowly rub her silk covered pussy against my cock.  If I tried to increase the speed, she would gently sit down on my cock, stopping me entirely.  I watched her slow movements as her ample (C-cup) breasts swayed over my face.  I reached up my head and began to suck her left nipple, and she did nothing to stop me.  In fact, she let out the smallest moan and slightly sped up her rubbing.  I reached up with my other hand, and cupped her other breast, massaging it gently and pulling softly on her nipple.  I began to pull and suck harder and soon she let out a slightly larger moan.

Nervous, I looked over at Yoshiko in the other bed to make sure she was still sleeping.  She was not!  I could see her lying there, her eyes open, very still, very quietly watching us.  I was so embarrassed. But I was also so horny, with Margaret's pussy teasing my cock, her left tit in my mouth and her right in my hand.  Margaret, meanwhile, was getting more and more turned on.  She bent forward and whispered in my ear "I'm almost ready."  She moved up slightly, pulling off her panties and putting both breasts right in my face.  Then she moved back down again and sat up so that her bare pussy was pressed against the underside of my bare cock.  The sheet fell off, and she sat there, beautifully naked, her large breasts hanging, her wet cunt wriggling against my cock.  She slid gently back and forth, looking me right in the face, enjoying this tease.  The sensation of a wet pussy against a cock is one of the most pleasant and most unbearable I know of.  Every motion is pleasure, and yet there is an overriding primal urge, a deep seated knowledge in the pituitary or the testicles or somewhere that if only my cock were in her pussy it would be 10 times better.  "Oh God, please fuck me" I hissed through the near-darkness.

I don't think she could stand it any longer either.  She lifted herself up, grabbed my cock, put the tip in herself, and very, very slowly sat down.  I closed my eyes tightly in pleasure and turned my head to one side -- it felt too good too watch.  When I opened my eyes again, I was staring straight at Yoshiko, still in bed, still watching us.  But now, I thought I could make out through the darkness the hardness of her brown nipples poking at the soft white cotton of her nightgown.  I realized she was enjoying this.  I looked at her and smiled, and she smiled back at me.

Margaret started to fuck me then, going up and down on my shaft, squeezing my cock with her pussy.  I watched her go up and down – she would lift her self up slowly, higher and higher, until my cock almost slipped out of her cunt, and then she would slide back down again. Her beautiful breasts jiggled every time she switched direction, and I again reached out one hand to play with them.  With the other hand, I gently rubbed various parts of her body -- her arms, her thighs, her feet, her back, her buttocks.

I turned again to look at Yoshiko.  I noticed that she was looking at my cock.  As Margaret would lift up, most of my cock and balls would become visible, and Yoshiko would watch closely.  I also noticed a slight movement through her night gown: she was gently rubbing her legs against each other.  I doubt she herself knew she was masturbating -- she seemed more interested in looking at my cock.

Margaret and I continued fucking.  I wasn't sure I could hold out much longer, and I was definitely glad Margaret was on top.  If I had been on top, I would have given up at holding out, driven in a dozen hard fast thrusts, and come.  But Margaret was pacing herself, speeding up slightly, but not so much that I could come.

I heard a rustling from the other bed.  Yoshiko had gotten under her cover, but was still watching us.  I wondered if she had realized that I could see her nipples poking out.  And then, as I noticed what looked like a hand moving underneath the sheet, I realized that sex was contagious: Yoshiko was probably as turned on as we were by now.

The thought of Yoshi playing with herself, rubbing a delicate finger through her soft pubic hair, over her clitoris, maybe even inside herself, was too much for me.  I put both arms around Margaret, held on tight, and flipped her over.  I grabbed both her breasts hard, kissed her deeply, and began to fuck her at full speed.  I think she had been waiting for this, because her breathing got much harder, coming in gasps now.  

I lay on top of her, with my tongue in her mouth, my fingers on her nipples, and her legs wrapped around my ass.  She reached down with her sharp finger nails, and pushed and pulled me deep inside her.  On the in strokes, her nails would dig into my ass, pain driving me as deep as I would go.  On the out strokes, she would grab my buttocks, pulling me out of her pussy, trying to quicken the pace.  In and out, in and out we went, getting faster, breathing harder, pushing deeper.

At last, I don't think she could take it any more.  She pushed me in again, one last time, harder and deeper, her legs pressing, her nails digging hard into my ass, her pussy squeezing my cock in orgasm.  She yelled "Oh God, Oh God" as she came, and I collapsed on top of her, almost blacking out from the relief of my own orgasm.

As we lay in the darkness, holding and rubbing, I thought I heard a soft stifled sigh from the other bed.