The Last Bid

Info TheMastersWorld
12 Mar. '17

     There I sat, watching as the auction went on.  This was my farewell to my old world, filled with domination and ruling over the submissives who came to me.  My dreams, and at times my nightmares.  I sipped at my drink, half-depressed and half-elated.  It had been a difficult decision for me to make.

     It all started about a year ago when I truly fell in love.  I don't mean lust, or puppy love, but rather the real romance found in the fairy-tales of old. Her name was Sharon, and she was beautiful.  She had a gorgeous smile and was the kindest, most loving soul that ever existed.  Well, as time went on, our relationship bloomed and we were quite in love.

     After we had been going out for several months, when I really felt comfortable talking with her, I told her about my fetishes and fantasies.  My need to master my women, and know that they were mine.  She had known that I wasn't innocent, though she was before meeting me.  I was distraught when she laughed at me and said that I was crazy.

     When she saw my saddened and depressed look rather than my laughter, she realized that I wasn't joking with her.  She saw that I truly wanted to master her lush body.  I think that shocked her more than anything.  Things began to get awkward after that.  We would occasionally discuss the subject, but she could never understand why I wanted it so much.  And I couldn't explain it myself.  Why did I want to master her?  Simply because.  It wasn't a conscious decision, it was simply something I desired.

     After several months she began telling me how uncomfortable the thought of bondage, domination and submission made her.  It wasn't the ways things should be she said.  She then told me that she began to become afraid of me. Her fantasies becamed tinged with the thought of me suddenly tying her up and ravishing her against her will.  Thoughts of me became nightmares.  And it was becoming too much for her to bear.

     This gave me pause for thought.  How could I stay in a relationship where my partner was perpetually scared of me?  In some relationships this was okay, or even desireable, but not this one.  I began to fear that I'd lose her.  So I resolved myself.  I would give up my past lifestyle to keep the woman I loved.

     This wasn't as easy as it sounds.  I did not consciously choose what would turn me on.  And I was fairly engrossed in what I did.  Though I hadn't actually bought myself a slave or dominated a woman since I met Sharon.  But that didn't turn off my drive.  I didn't simply become "normal" as they call themselves.  At heart I still wanted to dominate.

     I told Sharon my thoughts and feelings and she seemed relieved. Relieved that I would try to stop doing that "awful bondage thing".  It felt awkward, but I was resolved.  But I wasn't so foolish as to think that I could just walk away.  I'd have to make a slow transition, slowly withdrawing from the bars and clubs that had become essential to my lifestyle.  I also had a lot of friends to explain this too, as awkward as it would be.

     Sharon wasn't thrilled about it, but understood.  She realized what a great sacrifice I was making for her and appreciated it.  She was truly a wonderful creature.  It was too bad that she couldn't make herself the meek submissive that I often times needed.

     So I talked to my friends and set my target date.  The date when I would leave the clubs, the auctions and all of the things that used to play such an important role in my life.  Some of my friends seemed dubious, but for the most part they were supportive.  I promised to keep seeing them outside of the scene...  an occasional dinner or night out.

     I don't know what I expected tonight, my last night here.  Maybe too much.  I at least thought they'd give me a little going away party or something.  Or at least seem sad knowing that tonight was my last night to sit amongst them and watch as the slaves were sold.  But there was no such emotion.  In fact they all seemed unusually happy and jovial.  I guess noone had given me a second thought.

     I paid for the drink and left a tip on the table.  I looked around to see if anyone wanted to say a last good-bye to me.  But they were all engrossed in the auction.  I headed for the door.  As my hand reached the handle I heard the auctioneer.

     "And this is a pretty one, a virgin to the block.  Notice her long brown tresses, and well endowed figures.  Do I hear any bids?"


     I turned in astonishment.  It wasn't that it had been an unusual bid, but the voice that called it.  That was the voice of Master James, one of the harshest and cruelest masters in the area.  He was into heavy scenes, and hardly ever bid.  He had his own slaves who were all very much in love with him and devoted to him.  He rarely needed outside pleasures.  If he were bidding, this girl must be a rare treat.

     I looked at the block and gasped.  It was Sharon!  I couldn't let her fall into James's hands.  He was much too harsh for her.  And then I thought and realized why she was there.  She wanted to give herself to me.

     Now I was in a tough spot, because I didn't have much cash on me.  And I knew that once James had his mind set on a woman he got her.  And he was rich.  We were friends of course, but he had no qualms about outbidding his friends.  If only James knew who Sharon was.  I was certain that if people knew that Sharon was my girlfriend that they wouldn't compete with my bids. Damn it Sharon,I thought to myself, you have no idea what you got yourself into.

     Obviously I had to try to top the bid.  "Eighty" I shouted.  I knew this was going to be a long struggle, and that the bidding had just begun.  If I did it right though, maybe James would give in to me.  I was wrong.

     Everyone came into the bidding.  Things were really out of hand.  And once I started bidding in over my head, I knew that I had to stop.  I wanted to just shout and explain that she didn't really want to be on the block. But it was of no use.  Someone else would own my true love for the night...

     I hoped for Sharon's sake that it wasn't James.  He was a great guy, but his scenes were scary.  Mary, one of his regular slaves used to tell me about the horrors he would put her through.  Delicious punishments and tortures. But much much to harsh for someone like Sharon.  Why did that little flower put herself here, at the mercy of strangers.

     It was all my fault.  I must have seemed too depressed, too down at the thought of leaving the clubs.  She wanted to fix that, so decided to give herself in.  She probably thought that I'd bid on her and win and that would be the end of it.  She hadn't accounted on catching other peoples fancy.  I looked at her kneeling upon the block.

     Her eyes were down as was to be expected, but she seemed sad.  Perhaps she knew that I couldn't possibly compete with the others bids.  She seemed on the verge of tears.  I went to find the manager of the club, to explain the situation and see what she could do.  But she was nowhere to be found. It seems that there was some V.I.P. having a party and she was doing all the last minute preparations.

     The bidding stopped.  My worst fears were realized: Master James won her with the last bid.  I went to talk to him, but he was in too much of a rush to speak with me.  He walked off, Sharon leashed and following him.  She was sobbing so hard that her words weren't intelligible.  There was nothing left that I could do.  I turned to leave.  Just as I was leaving, Mary(James' regular slave) approached me.  She told me that they were having a party for an important guy and asked if I would stay a few minutes to meet him.  I shrugged and said I had nothing else to do.  I was on the verge of tears thinking about the horrors Sharon was going through.  I was certain that James wouldn't hurt her, but any scene would be too much for her.  She shouldn't have come. Mary led me to the back room.  It was a private party room that people rented out for birthdays, bachelor/bacholerette parties and the like.  It was dark. I followed Mary into the room.

     Suddenly the lights flashed on and dozens of people yelled "Surprise!!!". It seemed like everyone was there.  It was strangely jovial for a farewell party. That's when I saw her, kneeling perfectly submissively beside the cake and assorted presents.  Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.  It was James.

     "I hope you appreciated the theatrics."  He smiled.  I just stared, dumbfounded.  "When you started talking about leaving all of us because of some woman, we were a little distraught.  When we heard more of the details, we decided to meet her and try to explain how things really were for us 'SM freaks'.  You have a very special lady there.  She was willing to listen, and after we were done she suggested that we do this.  So this isn't a farewell party for you.  It's a welcome party for Sharon."

     He smiled, patted me on the shoulder and headed for the bar.  He commanded Mary to follow behind him and fetch him a drink.

     I went to Sharon to thank her for what she had done.  However, when I approached her, she quickly kissed my feet.  She then said in a happy voice, one almost of elation "I love you master."  I picked her up and hugged her and told her I loved her too.  Tears welled from my eyes as I saw how much she was willing to give in for me.  Even masters cry at times.