When Morgan Came Home

My phone buzzed at 10:50pm on a Sunday night. It was the text I had been waiting for since the previous Wednesday when my wife Morgan left for a conference with some of her co-workers. It was the text telling me she was almost home. Now, don’t get me wrong, the five days of having the entire bed to myself and being able to leave dishes on the counter was certainly nice. But there was more than one long night where I laid it bed, wishing Morgan was there to lie with me… in all ways imaginable.

I helped her bring her suitcase and blanket inside, dropping things anywhere they would hit the floor. Morgan’s arms wrapped around me and we embraced in a hug that felt like it was years in the making. Her fingers pressed into my back. I felt her loneliness disappearing. It was a feeling of longing, finally being fulfilled. I pulled away, just enough to embrace Morgan’s lips with mine and only when we touched did a soft moan escaped from deep inside her. The first spark of passion appeared in the back of my mind as her mouth opened and her tongue passed over my lower lip. It felt like the first time we had kissed all over again.

Our greeting finally ended. I had prepared a few surprises for Morgan; a scavenger hunt leading her to her favorite junk food snack and one of her favorite games. She was beyond ecstatic and brought energy into the room. I was worried she would be too tired for the games, but suddenly there was life and energy. It stayed with us as we talked, catching up on her conference and the things I had spent my time doing. Morgan ate a quick late night dinner, before announcing she was going to hop in the shower. It was a daily ritual for us, sharing a shower together before bed, and one I wasn’t about to miss out on.

I was mostly done washing by the time she stepped into the water. Her naked body was impossibly inviting. The way the water fell from her short hair, down her neck and over her large breasts and all the rest of her curves to the floor was entrancing. I stood in the corner, watching her soap herself, telling her some stupid story about what I had done the night before. Morgan had finished rinsing her hair and was standing on the other end of the shower when she suddenly stepped forward. The force of her kiss pushed me back against the shower wall as I caught her. I folded her into myself, absorbing as much of her against myself as I possibly could. The way she cut me off mid-sentence, the way she pulled away and apologized, saying she just had to kiss me all of a sudden… it broke a gate that held back a flood of emotion.

I pulled Morgan back to me and leaning against the wall. My hands explored her body as our mouths opened for one another, again and again. My cock began to react to the lust that suddenly filled the air, even thicker than the ever present steam. I found her breast, gripping it tightly and playing with her nipple. Morgan ground her body against me and pulled me to her. I pushed her back, forcing my body against her as I slipped my hand between her legs. Morgan opened them, just enough for me to find her clit to press against it. I rubbed her, kissing heavily, unable to stop myself; I needed more and more of her and I could tell she felt the same. I wanted to be inside her, thrusting my hard cock in and out of her, again and again. I silently begged her to lift herself onto the bar she leaned against, just enough to let me in. But I steeled myself against the moment and whispered into her ear a suggestion that we get out and head to the bedroom.

We stepped out of the shower and dried quickly. Water still covered Morgan’s body as she spread back on the bed. She was inviting me to her, reaching down and spreading her lips to show me the pinkest part of her pussy. A force, stronger than almost any I had felt before, came over me. I launched myself onto the bed and kissed her deeply, laying half on her and half next to her as I again reached between her legs and felt the warmth of passion radiating out of her. I found the hard nub that made her jump and then groan. In quick circles, I began to pleasure her while kissing her as deep and long as I could. My fingers slipped down as I asked her if I could find out how wet she was… her answer of course, was yes.

The middle finger if my left hand entered her without trouble. I pulled upward, sliding in and out slowly as I rubbed. Morgan gripped me tighter as we kissed, as my finger began to speed up, to pleasure her inside and out all at once. She begged me not to stop as I built into a steady rhythm and I listened without question. She was gasping for breath as the pleasure built stronger and at a peak moment, I stopped, and pulled my finger from her opening. Morgan showed displeasure as I did, but moaned as I straddled her leg, entering my finger once again. I placed my thumb from my other hand on her clit and began to rub fast, hard, just how she wanted it. Her body jerked uncontrollably as I quickly brought her to orgasm, only stopping when she twisted away from me and begged me to stop.

I held her as she orgasmed. She shook violently and her fingernails entered the skin of my back, but I held fast as she rode out the powerful feeling. At the moment she came down, she looked up to me. I expected her to say that she loved me or something similar, but her words drove me from the bed and to the night stand. She wanted me to fuck her and I wasn’t about to wait for her to ask a second time. I reached into our stash of condoms, grabbing one out and ripped it open, before turning back to her.

Morgan had turned so she was facing me, her legs bent up and her pussy on fully display. As I slipped the condom on, I watched as she rubbed her clit, pulled her lips apart, and did the one thing that can drive me more wild than anything else; she slipped her middle finger inside her, once, twice, and kept going. I watched her slide a second finger inside, curling the fingertips to the sensitive top. Morgan moaned as she fingered herself, the condom finally on. The smile she gave me was devilish and craving as I crawled across the sheets to kneel between her.

I slid into her easily, her body swallowing me into her completely. I sighed a breath of pleasure as I pressed deeper, deeper, until I was all the way in. Pulling out was just as pleasurable. In and out I went, making love to her slowly and deep. I could tell she wanted more however, by how her legs wrapped around my torso, pulling me into her harder each time. I stopped making love and began to fuck her, our bodies slapping together as quickly as I could manage. A wave of wetness came over me. Her body responded to my entry by making it easier for me to slide in and out and it urged me to continue. I could feel the pleasure building in my groin, and Morgan’s urgings only made it build more and more, faster, faster. I pumped into her again and again, hunched over as I moaned into her shoulder, biting and sucking to keep from being too loud. I came in the middle of a thrust; I pushed deeply into her, filling her with my pulsating cock as I came again and again and again.

We collapsed onto the bed as beads of sweat dripped down my face and her eyes showed a true feeling of tiredness. I kissed Morgan lightly and stood to clean up and get dressed. I could feel her longing eyes watching me, closely waiting for me to come back and cuddle alongside her. I laid back with her, holding her until sleep took her in.