Neighborhood Voyeurism

     Our house is set on a large, two acre secluded lot in a very affluent Atlanta suburb.  For a couple of years, the house next to us was vacant, so even though our bedroom windows face the master bedroom windows of that home since it was empty we never bothered closing our drapes.  When a family finally moved into the house a while ago, basically out of laziness we simply continued to ignore closing the drapes.  If our new neighbors wanted to see us, we'd let them.  They are a much younger couple than Jan and I, although no better looking.  Suzy, the new wife next door, is in her late twenties, or perhaps early thirties, and Jason, her husband, is around the same age.  Jason is rather thin, while Suzy is just the opposite.  She's 5' 5" tall, perhaps, and somewhat Rubenesque, with exceedingly large breasts, something I've always admired.  While her features are not particularly noteworthy, her eyes are quite sensual.

     Suzy also seems to be extremely bashful.  The few times we've been together at neighborhood parties, she seems to blush every time I speak with her, always trying to avoid looking directly at me, preferring to stare at her feet or somewhere other than at me.  Her behavior, quite frankly, doesn't match her attire, since she seems to dress rather seductively, often wearing blouses that highlight her large breasts.  Jason seems rather subdued socially, but seems quite proud of the way Suzy seems to flaunt herself, as though he likes showing her off.  On one occasion I saw him whisper something to her.  Suzy blushed, then slowly responded by casually unbuttoning two buttons on her blouse, revealing even more flesh than had already been on display.  Jason smiled at her, and they exchanged a quick kiss.  I found their behavior quite intriguing, and suspected something quite exciting might be lurking beneath their bashful demeanor. When Suzy stares at me she always seems slightly seductive in an odd sort of way, as though she wants to share a secret with me but is too shy to discuss it.  Very fascinating.

     Jan and I have a rather robust sex life, and we also have no objection to either of us masturbating when the need arises.  Masturbation is something both of us have always enjoyed immensely, especially when watching porn or reading a sex story on Noveltrove.  In fact, most evenings after dinner I usually retire to our upstairs bedroom by myself, while Jan generally likes to remain downstairs, reading, listening to music, or watching the kind of programs she prefers.  On these evenings I usually watch sports, or masturbate while watching porn.  I don't bother to close the drapes, since the only light in the room comes from the PC, and it's quite dim.  I sometimes wondered if our neighbors could see me, but based on where our bed is located and the poor lighting I assumed they couldn't.  It seems I was wrong, as Suzy finally managed to tell me recently.

     We were at a neighborhood Super Bowl party, and after several drinks and the excitement of the game, none of us were feeling any pain.  We all live close enough to walk home, so I suppose we had all consumed slightly more than we would have if we were driving.

     After a visit to the upstairs bathroom I encountered Suzy in the hallway.  We were alone, and again she looked at me with that mischievous smile.  After working hard to gather up her courage, she finally took a deep breath and revealed the reason for her coy behavior.

     "I can see you at night.  Did you know that?" she said, her face flushed, seemingly excited.

     "See me?" I repeated, not quite sure what she meant.

     "Yes.  In your bedroom," she said, her large breasts rising and falling more than normal.

     "I'm not sure what you mean," I said, knowing full well what she meant.  "Want to tell me more?" I teased.

     She paused a moment, finally looking directly into my eyes, and said, "I watch you playing with yourself."

     For an instant I felt mildly embarrassed, but I also experienced a feeling of excitement.  My cock seemed to tingle with a very pleasant sensation, and wondering where this conversation was going, I decided to find out.

     "Is it too dark, or can you see my cock too?" I asked. 

     "I can see it perfectly," Suzy replied, then sheepishly revealed she used binoculars to spy on me.  "You're so much bigger than Jason," she whispered, moving close to me in the darkened hallway.

     I felt an erection growing, and with my senses somewhat dulled by the four or so Scotches I'd consumed, without thinking I kissed her, running my hands down over her full breasts, squeezing them, fondling her.  She made a little mewing sound, and pressed her body into mine, rubbing her crotch against my now very erect cock.

     "Hmm," she sighed, reaching down to touch me.  "I've wanted to do this for so long."

     Timing is everything, and unfortunately we heard someone coming, so we parted and pretended to make small talk as we went downstairs together.  I asked if she'd like me to call her, and she said she would.

     After we returned home from the party, in bed that night I told Jan about my conversation with Suzy, revealing how Suzy liked spying on me while I masturbated..  Jan said it sounded like Suzy was hot for me, and I told her I suspected Suzy was hot for anybody who would pay her some attention.

     "Would you like to fuck her, baby?" Jan asked.  We'd often discussed the possibilities of having sex with other people, and I told her if I was going to screw around with another woman it probably wouldn't be with Suzy.

     "She might surprise you, darling," Jan said, smiling "Women like that are often more proficient than the snooty starlet types who expect men to worship them solely on their looks alone.  An appreciative woman can be very exciting."

     I asked Jan if she would mind if I fucked Suzy, and she told me that on the contrary, she felt it would be very exciting to have me do just that, and then come home and tell her all about it.  Or better yet, let her watch us, adding that that was something she'd really enjoy, especially if she could also participate.

     "Would you want Jason?" I asked, and she said it might be fun.

     "Without sounding conceited, darling, Jason and Suzy would probably both feel they'd gotten the best of the deal, and would therefore be the most willing to please us.  It might be fun to make them do outrageously nasty things for us, don't you think?"

     I said I'd call Suzy sometime and see where the conversation went.  The next night, when I knew Jason was on an out-of-town business trip, I told Jan I was going to go upstairs and call Suzy.  I asked Jan to come join me in a while, and we'd see what transpired.

     Upstairs, I drew the front drapes, and turned on the overhead lights in the headboard of our bed.  I undressed, got in bed, and began masturbating.  When I was fully excited, I called Suzy.  She answered on the second ring, sounding out-of-breath.


     "Hi.  Are you watching me?" I asked.

     "Yes!" she hissed, sounding excited.

     I asked her if she could see me and Suzy said she was watching me as we spoke.  I asked her if she could see my cock, and she said she could.  I told her to close the drapes to the street, and to turn on her bedroom lights, then come back and I'd tell what to do next.  She paused before responding, and I could hear her breathing heavily.  Then she  asked me to wait a moment while she did as I requested.  I pushed the speakerphone button on my mobile, and took out a pair of small binoculars of our own, focusing them on Suzy's bedroom.  Her lights came on, and she returned to the window, phone in hand.

     "Now what?" she asked, breathless.  I told her to stand under the light where I could see her and she did.  "Undress for me," I commanded, my cock twitching, fully erect and very excited.

     "Oh no," she sighed.  "You don't want to see me naked."

     "But I do, Suzy.  I want to see those beautiful breasts of yours, and I want to see you play with yourself so we can come together."

     I heard her gasp, then watched as she put her mobile down and began disrobing.  When she was completely naked, she picked up the phone again.

     "Are you still there?" she asked.

     "Turn toward me," I said.  She had been facing away from me, and now slowly turned to face me.  I saw her naked body, her large breasts, and her dark thatch of pubic hair.  I told her to touch breasts, and she did, slowly rubbing her nipples.  Then I told her to finger her pussy.  She gasped, but obeyed, inserting two fingers inside her dark opening.  Her legs seemed to buckle, and she made a little mewing sound. As I watched, I continued sliding my fingers back and forth over my hard cock.

     "Now isn't this fun?" I asked, grinning proudly.

     "Yes," she hissed.  I asked her to tell me what she'd want me to do if we were in the same room.  She hesitated for a few seconds, then began describing in the most vivid terms exactly what she'd like.

     Suddenly I heard her gasp, and she ran from sight.  I turned as Jan came up behind me, hugging me, holding my cock. 

     "Having fun, darling?" she asked, as I heard a dial tone coming from the speaker.

     "Damn.  She hung up."

     "Call her back.  Tell her I don't mind," Jan said, starting to disrobe.  "She might like to watch both of us."

     I hit the redial button, and we heard Suzy's timid voice answer.

     "You hung up," I said, and she explained how mortified she was when she saw Jan walking into the room behind me, knowing my wife could see what we were doing. 

     "But Suzy, I don't mind.  Really," Jan explained.

     I told Suzy to look over into our room again and we'd prove it to her.

     She returned to the window wearing a robe.  "My God!" we heard her exclaim.  Jan and I were lying on the bed, both of us naked, with Jan between my legs, sucking me.

     "Wouldn't you like to join us?" I asked.

     "I'd love to watch Luke fucking you, Suzy," Jan said. We heard her sharp intake of breath.  "You'd like that, wouldn't you?  You can see he has a really big cock."

     She stammered for a few moments, as we continued to try to sell her on the idea.  Then Jan said, "I won't do anything to you myself... unless you'd like me to.  But if you want me to, I will.  For now though, Suzy, could you at least take that fucking robe off?  It isn't fair for you to be able to see us without our seeing you," Jan continued.  Slowly Suzy dropped the robe, revealing her naked body again. 

     "Now touch yourself while you watch us, Suzy.  Luke has a beautiful cock, don't you think?  And it feels soooo good when he puts it in, right here, like this," Jan said, straddling me, facing Suzy, then lowering herself down onto my cock, gasping with pleasure as I filled her warm, wet pussy.

     Over the speakerphone we could heard Suzy's labored breathing as she began masturbating again.  Jan was moaning, squeezing her breasts, and I told her I was going to come.

     "Suzy.  Come!  Come with us.  Right... fucking… NOW!" Jan screamed as I began to erupt inside her.  We heard Suzy gasping, followed by, "Yes.  Fuck her.  FUCK HER, LUKE.  FUCK HER, FUCK HER, FUCKKKKKK HERRRRRRRR!" Clearly Suzy was coming with us.  Her body was jerking, and she was bent over, trembling, as her fingers plowed into her own pussy while I continued spurting my hot, juicy cum inside my wife's pulsating pussy.  It was a wild scene, and as Suzy's eery, animalistic growls began to fade, I smiled, satisfied, relaxed, and eager to move our relationship with our strange neighbors to yet a higher level of sexual involvement. 

     After Suzy hung up we discussed where we go next with Suzy, and perhaps Jason as well.  I'm confident whatever we do will be even more exciting and outrageous than this.  When it happens, whatever it is, I'll tell you all about it....