Victoria's Secrets - 2

      I woke up, and initially felt somehow warmed, like I had been dreaming something very nice, and good.  As I turned on my side, my satin night shift rubbed against my nipples and I realized that they were already erect.  Mmmm, I must have been dreaming something sexy!

      I got slowly out of bed, feeling the coolness of the room on my hot skin.  I changed slowly, fantasizing just what my dream could have been.

      Could it have been about Bob or Art?  Both of my lovers could make me moist.  I certainly have enjoyed their cocks immensely (or was it their immense cocks?).  Both knew that I had another lover, but they didn't know who.

      After dressing and having a cup of tea, the doorbell rang and it was Bob.

      He apologized for stopping by without calling first, but I felt so sexy and wet, I was just glad that he was here.  We kissed and his hand found my still erect nipples.  He immediately pulled up my blouse and gazed lovingly at them before beginning to suck on them.  I moaned with pleasure at his eagerness and reached for his cock.  It was already hard.  He slipped his hand down into my pants and made murmuring noises when he felt how wet I was.

      We started up the stairs to the bedroom, eager for each other's bodies just as the doorbell rang again.

      Bob continued up the stairs, disrobing while I went to the door. Of course, it was Art!  Shivers went up and down my spine!  My dream flashed before my eyes!  Now I knew why I had awakened so hot!  My dream had been being made love to by both my lovers!

      What an opportunity!  But I didn't know how either of them would react to such a desire.  They knew me as someone who was enthusiastic and loving, but I'd never said a word about this fantasy of having a menage a trois.

      As I closed the door behind Art, he was already reaching for my breasts.  He kissed me while his other hand went into my pants and he, too, found that I was very wet.  "Mmm, I guess I got here just in time!"

      I smiled and told him that I had company.  His eyes quickly scanned the living room, and finding no one, he looked at me and asked, "Upstairs?"  Not knowing what to say, I nodded.  Then he surprised me and asked "Could I watch?

      My box reacted before my brain.  My whole being trembled with desire.  I mumbled, "I don't know" as Bob came back down the stairs wearing just his slacks.

      My two lovers stood quietly, looking at each other.  The silence was finally broken when Art repeated his question to Bob.  Bob looked questioningly at me, and I said "I would love it, Bob."  Bob nodded okay and we all went upstairs.

      Art undressed me as Bob watched from the bed.  He had dropped his slacks and was now nude, his cock at the ready.  I moved over to the bed and laid down next to Bob,  conflicting emotions raging through my body - anxiety, shyness, strong desire, and uncertainty in not knowing how this would end.

      Art undressed and his big cock stood upright, too.  He sat on the edge of the bed and as if sensing our shyness, began quietly telling us that this had always been his desire - to see me being made love to by another man, watching my face as I came, seeing my orgasms from a different perspective, watching me pleasure another man as I had pleasured him.

      I began relaxing and turned toward Bob, who responded immediately by fingering my box and giving me a long, slow tongue kiss.

      My anxiety now diminished, I moved down to his cock, taking it fully into my mouth, to both Bob's and Art's moans of pleasure.

      Art began moving his hand over my skin, gently teasing me with his light touch, and moved down my back to my bum, putting his fingers into my box and feeling the wetness oozing from my pussy.  He took his fingers out and tasted them, and a look of rapture crossed his face. While my mouth moved slowly up and down Bob's shaft, Art's big fingers played with my bum, and Bob's fingers teased my clit.  I could feel my pearl hardening under their hands as my whole pelvis moved in response.

      I came quickly and could feel Bob's cock harden even more in my mouth.

      Bob pulled me up to him and gently eased my wet pussy down onto his rod while I was still coming. My orgasm intensified as Art inserted a finger gently into my bum.

      Waves of orgasm enveloped me.  It was as if I'd never stop coming!  I moved up and down the cock until Bob came.  His orgasm was stronger than I had ever felt from him.  My pussy pulled all his semen up into it.  All of us moaned with the orgasm.

      We began to relax, but my box was throbbing still.  My fantasy had yet to be completed.

      While Bob's cock softened within me, I looked toward Art's still erect member.  I moved off of Bob and began licking the ooze from Art's cock.  Bob rolled me over onto my back and began lapping our juices as they flowed from my box.

      Art kneeled over me, facing so that he could see my cunt being eaten.  The sight of these two men would have been enough to make me come, but Bob was expertly flicking my clit and I came, arching my back and exploding my juices into his eager mouth.

      As I relaxed, Art placed his cock into my mouth.  I eagerly took it, sucking with pleasure, feeling the bulging veins, while Bob went down on my pearl of desire.

      I exploded again - quickly, intensely, holding tightly to Art's cock in my mouth.

      As I again relaxed, Art took his cock from my mouth and moved to mount me.  My hot pussy accepted his cock and I began moving in response to his pumping.

      Art murmured to me that this was the most exciting thing he'd ever done, that watching Bob and I had given him more joy than he'd ever had before and then he groaned loudly as our orgasms ravished our entire bodies, and as Bob played with my nipples, Art filled my box with his juices.

      We all relaxed from this intense lovemaking, each of us touching the other.

      Bob's fingers were lightly playing with my box and clit and I was close to coming again, when he said to Art, "I don't think she's done yet, do you?"  Art laughed and responded "No, not at all!"

      They moved me up to the head of the bed, taking positions with their heads resting on my inner thighs and my men began gently lapping at my pussy and clit and fingering my bum as they brought me to orgasm again and again.  So many fingers and tongues - I couldn't tell who was doing what to me.  I only knew that I had been loved beautifully by my lovers!

      And as I lay exhausted by their pleasures, my alarm clock went off and I awoke to find myself very much alone, and I wondered if any of it had been real.