Six Shooter

Info thegayman
17 Mar. '17

Well, I joined this fraternity when I went to college, and it was the regular old know the type. Most of the guys were kind of sexist and such (although, don't get me wrong, I liked them all, and none of the guys were 'bad guys'). The problem was that, as a closeted homosexual, I did not fit in to their crowd. I had a FEW friends who were kind of unique, and who accepted my off-beat brand of humor, which was tainted heavily by that closeted homosexuality, and therefore, most of my humor missed it's point with the other people...poor me. So really, I did not fit in.

Well, it was QUITE the luck of me one day to stumble across something I should probably not stumbled across. I was in the room of a guy named Andy. He had borrowed a book a couple of weeks earlier and failed to return it, as many a Fraternity brother so OFTEN does. So I went in to retrieve it. I looked on top of the bookshelf, and on top of his roommates bookshelf, and could not find them. Then I took a dare to myself (about being nosy) and looked in his top drawer. In there I found nothing but his underwear, socks, and an envelope on the bottom that was not sealed. Now, my little conscience said "This is NOT right!" but I said what the hell, and looked anyway.

Inside the envelope were several names, handwritten, and on top of the list were the letters of my house, and the word "homosexuals". Now I was quite surprised to find names on that list that I had always found to be COMPLETELY straight. In addition I was surprised that Andy would leave this lying around! Needless to say I was shocked and very excited.

Later that night, I cornered Andy in the end of the hall, and told him I had been in his room looking for my book. I said "Oh, I looked on the bookshelf and such", then casually, "and in your top drawer...but nothing TOO interesting." Well he kind of JUMPED on that last statement.

"What did you see?"

"You mean the list?"

"Uh, YEAH."

Well, we finally got through the BS and went into his room to talk about it. I told him that I would be HAPPY to have my name grace that list, so long as he like kept it rolled up in his ass or something, so that nobody would ever find it. Well, he said that I could be on the list as soon as he told the others about me, and as soon as I was initiated. We also made arrangements to make sure that nobody on that list knew I "stumbled onto" the list that Andy was supposed to keep secret, we just made up a story about him finding me jerking off to an "Exercise for Men Only!". Didn't want Andy to loose his job as list keeper!

It was midnight on a Saturday, and Andy told me that we were going to the secret meeting place of their group. It was at the house of one of the brothers that did not live in the Fraternity house. We went over there, and went into his basement.

Andy told me that before I was "officially" allowed to see all the people on the list, I would have to perform oral sex on him. This was to insure that I was not telling him I was gay, in order to find out who all the guys were that really were gay. Of course, Andy and I knew that I already KNEW who everybody was and that I could just blow the whistle, but I also knew I wanted in, because I was as gay as the next guy! I got down on my knees and put my lips around his cock and started to suck him off. I heard a camera snap, and then he told me to get up. "That is enough, you're in!" And so I was led into the room where all the other guys were standing. There were all the guys that were on the list, and then there was another guy… one of my pledge brothers named Pete. He was, in my opinion, a heavenly, gorgeous hunk. Nice to look at while he played volleyball shirtless up on the campus lot, in other words!

They said that tonight they would "initiate" two new people, me and Pete. They said that they were going to play a game called "Six Shooter". I had never heard of this before (like I was supposed to have!?!). They pulled out two carpet covered boxes with slanted sides that looked like saddle horses or something.

Anyway, it was apparent they were going to tie us down to these things. I was strapped to one of them. My ankles were secured at the base of one side, and I was bent over at the waist, and then my body lay flat across the top of it, and straps were put across my back. Essentially, I was just bent over this thing, and could move nothing but my arms, my head, and my crotch..

Now my head was cock level, and my ass was too. So I could see what was coming. (although not the FULL potential!). Pete was done up in the same way. Then a guy named Mark explained the rules.

"You are both going to suck off three guys. You will swallow their come as SOON as they shoot off. You will not spill a DROP. That of course is the first three 'shots' in our game. The speed at which these three men come to orgasm will depend SOLELY on your skill in orally stimulating them. At the SAME TIME as you are giving these guys head, three different guys will fuck you up the ass. Your crotch is free to pump, and your ass is free to tighten down on their cock as hard as possible...and free to open up wide in order to QUICKLY accommodate each new guy. The speed at which these three guys come will depend on your ability to, essentially, 'BE A GOOD FUCK!' Of course, with all this talk of speed, you must realize that this is a CONTEST between the two of you. The WINNER of the contest will be unstrapped TEMPORALLY in order to allow the LOSER to suck him off. Then the winner of the contest will be re-strapped to the bench, and the loser will fetch all the come out of his ass. Of course both of you will be given enemas before we start. After the contest, you will both be considered members. Let the game begin!"

So there I was. Spread wide eagle and a guy shoved a thin hose up my ass and pumped me full of warm water to clean me out. I watched as they did this to Pete, as they had us arranged now so that we could see each others asses, but not faces. I actually liked watching them clean his ass made me rock hard, and I liked looking at his tight ass pump as the water flowed into and out of his hole. He, like me, was obviously enjoying it. I heard him moaning, and then I just put my head down and enjoyed it myself. I was kind of wondering whether or not being forced to fetch him out was so bad. In fact, I wasn't sure if it was very bad at all! Then I assumed he was thinking the same thing. I guess that was the catch, there WASN'T a loser in this game!

After that the guys lined up at my ass and my head. Somebody shot off a starter pistol and the first guy put his cock in my mouth, and somebody at my ass rubbed lubricant on my asshole, and then crammed inside of me. I decided the best course of action was to just pump and squeeze my ass the whole time and not think about it unless somebody forced me to stop so that a new guy could fuck me.

I just decided that all my attention would focus on the large cock in my mouth. The first guy was a cross country runner. He was thin and lean, and he always walked around with his shirt off. I liked looking at his hairless chest. I like a smooth chest on 90% of all guys ( I like a clean shaven face on 98% percent of guys as well. God I hate a fucking beard, even a goatee is gross! Although there is a rare case when the unshaven look, i.e. five o'clock shadow taken to about two days old, that makes me RAGING with lust! But if I can actually PULL on it at all I am grossed out. Why am I telling you about beards?) There is rarely a case where a hairy chest turns me on (but there was, in fact, one of these rare cases in my little line!). Any way, this guy just kept telling me "Yeah, suck you bitch come on, make me fucking JIZZ!" I seldom looked at his face, and when I did he was not really looking at me, he was just pumping with his eyes closed.

After a couple of minutes, this guy shot his load, he screamed "Swallow you fucker SWALLOW! YEAH! You get every fucking drop of my come! You'd rather eat my come than eat ANYTHING else you bitch!" And of course at the moment he was correct!

The second guy was a very mild mannered young guy. A VERY gentle and genuinely funny guy (I don't mean gentle as in effeminate, just safe to be around, he made me feel good) and he was the hairy chested guy I spoke of. He reminded me of the young Christian Slater. When he put himself in my mouth he didn't yell at me or nothing. He talked to me like he was talking to a scared animal...reassuring and all. And I liked this guy so much that I honestly wanted to suck him off for nothing more than to give him pleasure. I wanted to make this guy feel so GOOD. The first guy I just loved sucking him because he was so ungodly good looking, and who doesn't want to suck the cock of a good looking guy? But this second guy "Jason" had always been so nice to me, and he was being so nice now, that I wanted to give him nothing but pure pleasure. He coaxed me "Come on now! You're doing good! Keep it up!" That type of stuff, and rubbed my head the whole time. I tongued the head and put my tongue in the slit as well. I heard that sucking the shaft is completely unnecessary unless you are a porn star queen, and that sucking the head is the right way to go. So I just did the head, and he MOANED! I stroked the shaft of his cock with my one hand and I ran my fingers through his chest hair with the other (pinching and rubbing his nipples as well).

After a couple minutes of that, he shot his load, and said "Good job man!" and ran his fingers through my hair. Before the next guy came up. I took a brief moment to look and see that the other guys were kinda paired up...but Jason went off by himself...I had hoped he was not hitched!

The third guy was pumping my ass now and then the third guy put his dick in my mouth as well. He wasn't too nice either way though. This was Andy, and he shoved himself all the way into me, deep throating himself. "Yeah man, you WILL give me head!" And proceeded to satisfy himself without much of my help other than me keeping a vacuum on his prick. I decided to try putting a finger in his butt hole. I have found that doing this to myself while jerking off is GREAT. And he must have as well. He shot off quicker than the others. Of course I was glad, I did not like having his dick in my mouth as much as I did Jason's. So Andy pulled out and went away. But there was still some guy pumping my ass. I was praying he would hurry up and come so I wouldn't have to lose (although losing was not so bad!). But before he came somebody yelled "Six Shooter!" and I realized that Pete had won. pride in losing.

So they untied Pete and he came over and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed his blowjob (as much as I enjoyed giving it to him!) and then, after he came, they put him back on his rack (not tying him up though). They untied me and I went over to take care of cleaning out his ass. I put my lips to his ass hole and started to suck. They told him to force it out (it was practically dripping out) and I tongued all around hiss ass and inside as I did it. I was of course not opposed to this at all. I actually enjoyed it a lot.

I did not realize it at first, but as I was sucking the sweet hot come out of his quivering ass, two warm arms wrapped around me and massaged my chest, nipples, and then gently guided my head into Pete's ass. They also helped me keep Pete''s ass cheeks open. After they were all satisfied I had swallowed the last drop of come out of his ass, I was told to stand up. The same arms that had guided my head, helped me stand up, and then wrapped around me. I was told to stand the direction I was. Of course me and Pete were BOTH facing the same direction. The same guy that told us the rules of the game told us we were now initiated into the group, and that they would tell us everything about themselves pretty soon (like which guy in our Fraternity house had decided to start this little group!). Then he told us we were dismissed.

After that, I turned around to see who was holding me, who had helped me stand up and such. It was Jason, of course. I pressed myself into his warm chest, and he put his arms around me even tighter and whispered into my ear "You know just about everybody in this room has come...except you. Lets go upstairs and I take care of that." And then he kissed me full on the lips and we walked hand in hand up stairs to a room in the back of the house.