I'm lying in bed, thinking about you

I miss you. I always do. My heart starts breaking the second you step out of the door. I want to cry out, to beg you to stay. But I’m a grown woman, so I smile and wave as you drive off, pretending I am still complete.

I wander through the house, lost without you. I feel like a fool, but it’s no good. Without you, I am lost. I want you, need you, yearn for you.

In despair I go back to our bed, hoping to find your lingering warmth there. I snuggle into the pillow, your pillow, soaking up your scent. I shut my eyes, bringing you back to me.

Your body, hard against my softness. The muscles that flex smoothly as your arms curl around me hugging me to your chest. I remember the fine curling hair that tickles my nose. My doormat, I giggle. What I mean is: you are my home.

You laugh and stroke my hair. The tenderness in you stirs me to tears. With you, I am safe, secure. Your love gives me wings, I am alive - and I am yours.

Now you are gone, I struggle, trapped in loneliness. Isolated in despair. I want you back. I shut my eyes again, and put my face on the pillow, your pillow.

A thread of your scent, lemon balm mixed with musk, rushes you back into my presence. I have you now; magicked in my mind. Your strength will keep you there. I am safe again. And loved.

Lying here, thinking about you, I dream of our last time together. Once again you are wrapped around me, those warm hands sweeping up rhythmically up my spine. I am warm, comfortable, resting on your chest, sprawled in loose-limbed languor. If I were a cat, I’d purr.

Your body is warm beneath mine, solid, the muscles of your thighs powerful against my yielding form.

Your hands continue their sweep, exploring the hard little knobs along my spine, spreading wide, across the unyielding shoulder blades, then back down the dip of my waist, fingers curling smoothly, tracing the curves of hips and thigh before cupping the rounded softness of my swelling buttocks.

Remembering the casual possessiveness of your touch, I feel my body tighten again. My nipples grazed your skin, quivering, tingling hard dagger points of desire. They’re pulsing now, in memory of how you dipped your head and captured them in your lips, sucking gently at the tortured tips.

My hands are cupping my breasts, their fullness warming now at the memory of your tongue, teasing the sweetly curved mounds with flickering skill. My hand now lingers there, evoking soft darts of piercing pleasure while the other slips down, as yours did.

My breath catches in my throat, remembering how your hand moved down my waist, fingers fanning over my warming belly. My hand now follows that path, mimicking the firm touch that commanded my desire, my nails now trailing against there, sending a wash of pleasure darting through me.

It is my fingers now that glide smoothly between the heated velvet thighs, seeking the slick dampness of my secret centre. Your scent hovers around me, tart and male, blended, together, as we were.

I hear my breath quicken as my fingers trigger a sea of excited silver ripples that dart through my body. Soon, my skin is electrified, my every touch triggering a current of delight. My hands sweep over my skin now, soft fingertips raising an ocean of bliss, and sharp fingernails triggering excited gasps of rapture.

As one hand cups a breast, the other works as yours did, gently slipping between soft folds, seeking out the hard little nub in the bubbling swirl. The memory of your touch there is echoed by the flickering fingers.

The breath catches in my throat as my body banks and throbs, enraptured by the heat of memory. My hips rise and fall at the command of my hands now; my body enthralled by my touch that echoes yours.

I arch towards exploring fingers, a slave to the fine, subtle movements that elicit a continuous wash of pleasure. I clench and shudder, bucking now in perfect rhythm as my fingers stroke my pleasure into deep, pulsating need.

My breath now bursts out of me, my body rocking in frenzied fervour to the now invading digits. I arch in unspeakable ecstasy, tipping my hips as I am consumed with pulsating pleasure.

I am riding a wave of frenzied delight, cresting on the cusp of release, shuddering with want as I remember how you reared over me, pausing to look down at me before piercing me in one smooth piercing thrust.

At the memory, my body gathers and soars, my pleasure peaking in voluptuous abandon as I shatter into pieces, screaming your name. I lie in damp abandon, whimpering as sweet spasms consume me in delicious aftershocks.

I finish, clasping the pillow, snuffling for your scent. I miss you, my love. Please, come home to me.