Up & Adam V: My Hot Encounter across the Courtyard

Info Tristan LeMay
17 Jan. '16

   I knew I had done the right thing. I had kept the encounter in the park with Nathan purely sexual. No kissing. No emotional stuff. I had driven him crazy, given him a powerful orgasm and had left him wanting more… because I knew Nathan. I knew him well. I knew that, even though he’d shot a powerful load, he’d be wanting more.

   What I hadn’t planned was that he would want more right away. I had left him there in the bush, in the park, but he was calling out to me, following me like a crazy person. I tried to walk faster and faster without running – because that would have looked terribly conspicuous – but he was catching up to me.

   – Adam, wait! Stop!

   I was walking like one of those weird track athletes in the Olympics. You know the ones I mean. Those walkers that look like they wish they could run? Yeah, those guys. I didn’t want to deal with Nathan. I felt like a guy often feels after having an orgasm he regrets. Except I hadn’t cum myself. I’d just made Nathan cum. But it felt the same. That weird guilt that you get when you know you let your cock make the decision and, once you’ve blown a nut, you think: “Why the fuck did I just do that?” And you feel stupid and ridiculous. That’s how I felt because I knew it would have been better if my encounter in the park had been with an anonymous penis.

   – Adam, damn it! Wait!

   He was really close now, but I was almost home. Then, I realized Nathan didn’t know where I lived. When he had left me, I had kept our apartment, but I hadn’t renewed the lease and had moved out the following September. I’d bought this place using the bonus I’d gotten for the Rodriguez account as a down payment and, as far as I knew, Nathan had no idea I had moved. Now, I was about to get to the front door of my building with him hot on my tail. He’d know where I lived. Damn!

   I quickly pulled my keys out of my pocket and got the front door key ready. I was going to slip in quick and close the door right behind me. Very mature. “Yeah, Adam, put your head in the sand, why don’t you? Don’t face your fears. Don’t face what might happen if you let Nathan in again.” I told that holier-than-thou, annoying little fucker in my head to shut up, I opened the door quicker than you can say “eat my dust”, closing it just as fast. I ignored Nathan’s banging in the window pane next to the door and I pretended I didn’t hear:

   – Really, Adam? Really? After everything we’ve been through?

   I was already in the staircase walking up the four flights of stairs because I hadn’t wanted him shouting at me and looking at the back of my head while I waited in the lobby for the elevator.

   When I got to my apartment, I did that stupid thing they do in movies. I shut the door and I pressed my back against it, my head turned toward the ceiling as though that would help me hear what was going on in the hallway better. That’s when I realized how winded I was. And that even if I had wanted to hear what was going on in the hallway – which was nothing! –, there was no way I could hear because my breathing was muffling anything else I could have heard!

   – I really have to get back to the gym.

   Mmmm… yeah, the gym. Blonde California surfer-type Todd, gorgeous Russell Crowe-type redhead Ben, sexy-as-hell swimmer-build/bodybuilder ebony god Ellison, wavy-haired Indian hunk with the unusually overflowing jockstrap Aziz… Yup. I really did need to get back to the gym.

   The front door buzzer startled me. “Shit!” He guessed my apartment number. “Did you really think he would have forgotten your favorite alias? Mark Etter. Idiot!” The buzzer rang again. “Yes, but he wasn’t supposed to come by! Mark Etter was just for my friends when they would come over. `Just ring Mark Etter, Sarah`. `Mark Etter? Marketer! Oh my God, that is so cheesy, Adam!` `I know, right?` and we’d have a good laugh!  Nathan was NOT supposed to know where I lived. He was supposed to be out of my life for good. Ugh!” Third time’s the charm? Damn buzzer!

   “Just pretend you’re not here,” I thought to myself. “Yeah, like that is going to work!”

   The buzzer rang a fourth time. God that noise is annoying. That bzzzz sound that is just as bad as a jackhammer or nails on a chalkboard. Nathan was nothing if he wasn’t persistent. I pressed the button.

– Go away, Nathan! You got what you wanted, didn’t you?

   I sounded like a frigid, frustrated wife. Ugh!

   – Don’t be like this, Adam. We need to talk.

   – No, we don’t. Go home, Nathan!

   Silence. Had he gone away? Were we done? Yeah, maybe for that day, but now he knew where I lived. And I’d popped back into his life with this impromptu romp in the park. Why hadn’t I just walked away?

   – I need a shower…

   I’d said it aloud as though I had been talking in the intercom, but I was only talking to myself. I went to my bedroom and got out of my work clothes, my suit that I definitely had to run over to the dry cleaner ASAP. What a day it had seen! I put my underwear in the clothes hamper and did the same for the underwear I had taken off after my subway encounter with Nick.

   I kept expecting the buzzer to ring again, and I was getting very upset with the fact that I seemed to be hoping it would. I stayed in my bedroom way too long staring at my naked self in the long mirror. What a day this body had had! How many guys get lucky that many times in a day? The more I had flashbacks of Nick in the subway, Gabriel in the men’s room, Enlai in the parking garage, Jonathan in my fantasy, Nathan in the park… -- damn him! --, the more my cock started getting hard again. There I was fiddling with it in front of the mirror. What the heck was going on with me? That’s not me. I don’t stare at myself in a mirror. I don’t admire my body and get off on playing with myself as though I was my own perfect lover. Guys who walk around hand in hand with their perfect twin in the gay village have always made me want to puke. Isn’t it the pinnacle of narcissism when your lover looks exactly like you?

   When I finally hit the shower, the buzzer had still not been rung again. That was it. He was really gone. But he’d be in my head till the next time he’d show up at my doorstep waiting for me to come home from work or sitting across the street in the park when I’d come home from the market on Sunday.

   I spent much too much time lathering up my cock and balls, pulling away my foreskin and washing my cockhead. My dick was getting so hard, so gorged with blood, I was actually having trouble working my foreskin back off my cockhead. I was in a sort of daze, thinking about everything that had happened that day, but my mind kept circling back to Nathan. Damn him!

   When I stepped out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and walked out of the bathroom because I always like to dry myself in the cold air of the rest of the apartment. It used to drive my parents crazy -- because I’d traipse water through the whole house --, but now that I was on my own, I didn’t have anybody to complain about it. I was drying my hair butt naked when I was startled by a voice:

   – Man, that’s hot!

   – Holy shit, Nathan! How the fuck did you get in here?

   I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist.

   – Mrs. Zimmer on the third floor? Charming old lady. She needed help with that little cart she pulls around when she runs errands. Well, when I told her I was your boyfriend…

   – You can be such a pigheaded asshole sometimes!

   – But other times…

I turned my back to him and pulled the towel off showing him my butt and shouting in my most nonchalant, aloof tone:

   – Go home, Nathan.

   – You shouldn’t leave the door to your apartment unlocked.

Walking to my bedroom, I finished drying myself.

   – You know the way out. Make sure you’re not here when I come back out, okay?

   I was standing at my dresser drawer, about to pull a pair of clean boxer shorts out when I felt Nathan’s arms come around my waist from the back and go straight for my crotch, his pinky fingers snaking down my groin as his eight fingers created a basket for my ball sac and his thumbs pressed against my pubes, just above my cock. I got hard as all hell. He started kissing me on the neck and shoulders and I was just about to succumb to his blatant advances when I turned around abruptly and pushed him away violently. He lost his balance and fell on my bed.

   There was a long silence. I felt bad for the level of force I had used on him. He seemed in shock of how strong I was and of the fact that I had rejected him in the first place. My cock was probably the most shocked of all of us. It was standing at attention, pointing to Nathan as though he had been magnetic north or a strategic war target.

   – I don’t think your cock wants me to leave, he said with a smirk.

   I didn’t feel like laughing.

   – Yeah, Nathan, my cock reacts when it gets fondled, big deal.

   I turned around again to open my underwear drawer and, again, without any warning, Nathan was bear-hugging me from behind, as though he was trying to merge our two bodies together. This time, his fingers were pinching my nipples and I could feel his stubble rubbing against my naked back.

   – Please stop, Nathan.

   Ugh! I was so unconvincing and I knew it. He was going to have his way with me.

   – It can’t just only be about sex, I said.

   His touch was driving me crazy with passion. Nathan wasn’t always the best lover but we had been together for a long time so he knew my body well. And he could be attentive and focused on giving pleasure when he put his mind to it.

   – Can’t it?

   Damn him! He was right. Where was it written that two consenting adult males who were used to having great sex together and who weren’t attached to anybody else – at least I thought Nathan didn’t have a boyfriend, and honestly, I didn’t even want to think about any of that in that moment – just couldn’t have a great time for a few hours, no strings attached?

   His hands were back on my junk again, his right stroking my hard shaft and his left cupping my ball sac, kneading it expertly.

   – Damn you, Nathan…

   That time, I said it aloud. He was nibbling at my neck like he knew I loved, and I was enjoying every moment of it, partly because he was behind me and I could pretend he was some anonymous lover with whom I didn’t have a heavy history. When he twisted me around, that illusion was all gone. He kissed me deep on the mouth and I pulled back.

   – What’s wrong?

   He just didn’t want to acknowledge it. But he knew. He knew, even though he stroked my cock exactly the right way, massaged my balls like they were his own and nibbled my neck and nipples till I neared nirvana, I couldn’t forget the really rotten route he’d hiked to give me the old heave-ho, nor could I forget all the havoc that his desertion had wreaked on my life.

   – I am just getting over you, Nathan. I don’t want you in my life anymore.

   He smiled a sad smile. I hadn’t seen much of his vulnerable side while we’d been together, but I had liked the little bit I had seen. It had given me some insight into his humanity.

   – I’m sorry, Adam.

   Sincerity. Weirdness also because we were talking about really serious stuff and there he was, still cupping my ball sac in his hand, my cock throbbing like the seconds hand of a clock whose battery needs changing.

   I couldn’t stand the inactivity, the immobility a second more. I grabbed the zipper of his hoodie and zipped it down, pulling the garment open. He was wearing his faded, black Animal from The Muppets t-shirt. I froze for a second. Then, I burst out laughing.

   – What? he asked, bewildered.

   – Really?

   – What?

   – Really, Nathan? Your Animal t-shirt to go trolling in the park?

   – I didn’t have anything else that was clean. I’m not as good as you are at laundry!

   I slapped him like a girl.

   – Ow! What was that for?

   – If I was a girl – or even a “bottom” – that would be the most sexist thing I have ever heard!

   He started laughing, too, and then – I don’t know what came over me –, I pulled the t-shirt over his head in one fell swoop and threw it in the corner of the room so that that crazy Muppet face was nowhere in sight. The hoodie came off, too, obviously, and there was Nathan, standing bare chested in front of me. He’d been working out. He now had these guns, his abs were better defined and his chest was just well, like a fucking Ken doll with nipples and a few hairs. My hands were exploring these new muscles I’d never seen. He lunged at me, his mouth aiming for mine, but I stopped him.

   – No kissing.

   – What the f…?

   – No kissing.

   And I made him walk backward to the bed, pushing him onto my duck-feather duvet quilt. I pulled his sneakers off without undoing the laces. Shit! He was wearing brown socks in them. He really wasn’t as good at laundry as I was… nor was he ever good at matching stuff. What a mess! I struggled with those fly buttons again but it just made him more excited. When I managed to pull everything off, his cock snapped against his lower belly and he brought his feet back to the mattress, setting his heels on the edge of the bed like he was putting his feet in stirrups.

   I got down on my knees and got a look at his butt hole like I’d never had before, oddly enough. I couldn’t remember him having ever put himself in such a vulnerable position. His anus was winking at me and his cock was clapping against his belly. I opened my mouth and engulfed his whole ball sac. He moaned. I started sucking air as though I was giving his balls a hickey. I made each of his testicles dance on my hot tongue like I was juggling with them. He sucked air in, too, grabbing fists full of my comforter. When I started French kissing his balls, I grabbed a fistful of his cock and jacked it, rubbing the slippery precum into his cockhead with my thumb. He started grinding his pelvis like a girl trying to rub her clit against her lover’s pubis during intercourse. He was even moaning like a girl. Since Nathan was usually more the macho, alpha male type, this was weird for him, but oddly exciting to me, as though this sort of strange vulnerability he was showing me was somewhat touching.

   After a few minutes of this, I felt his balls tense up in my mouth and his cock became even harder to the touch.

   – Oh, I’m gonna spurt, baby. I’m gonna spurt!

   I bit down at the top of his ball sac, not hard, just firmly enough to pull his testicles down away from his shaft to postpone the inevitable.

   – Oh man! Pfffff….

   His whole body was twitching on the bed. And without any warning, in a very passive-aggressive, I-am-the-boss-of-you way, I pushed my free index finger into his spit-covered butt hole. I heard him wince, and his voice came down two octaves (yeah, didn’t go up!).

   – Holy fuck, dude!

   How very masculine of him. I half-expected him to get all mad and insulted, his male pride kicking in, but instead, he quickly got back to enjoying everything that was going on with his cock and balls.

   I made my finger dance inside of him and remembered that I had never been inside him like that. Ever. Since we are pretty much both tops, we’d never really do much anal stuff, but I was feeling kinky and aggressive that night and my mind-set was, “You’re the one who came running, you’re the one who insisted, well, now you’re going to take it like a man… and you’re going to like it!”

   I found his prostate and started teasing it, procuring him sensations I think he had never felt before.

   – Oh shit, man, yeah! Fuck my hole with your finger!

   This play-by-play commentary was kind of weird, but I took it like he was giving me permission to stay there. I kept jacking his pulsating cock and pulling his balls down away from his shaft with my sucking mouth while I poked the hell out of his male g-spot.

   Then, he surprised the heck out of me.

   – Fuck me, Adam…

   He’d barely whispered it and since my mouth was full, I decided not to answer and just kept doing my thing. A few seconds later, I pulled my index finger almost completely out of him and pushed it back in to the hilt, this time with his middle brother joining him, twisting my wrist so that my digits would create a hook inside Nathan.

   – Oh yeah! I wanna feel your cock inside me, baby! Give me your hard cock!

   That time, there was no mistake. He had been crystal clear. Without missing a beat, I let go of his cock and reached for the box of condoms I kept under my bed. I pulled my fingers out of his ass which made him squeal in pain, sheathed my granite hard cock, stood up grabbing his legs under his knees and lifting his butt up so my pole would be at a perfect angle to slide into his lightly dilated hole. My cock disappeared inside Nathan and a throaty grunt grew out of him as if it was coming from miles away. He drew the duvet over his face with both his hands and then pushed it back, dropping the fists full of linen to reach between his legs and pull me even tighter inside him.

   His eyes met mine and his glance was so intense, so full of lust, I’d never seen him look at me like that.

   – You’re inside me, Adam, he whispered. I can feel you inside me. Oh my God! Do you feel it? Do you feel my ass swallowing your cock? Do you? Mmmmmm…

   He’d never spoken to me with such intensity. I pumped my cock a few times inside him and, before we knew it, without even touching his own pole, he shot three long strings of hot cum clear to his chest and face. His orgasm made his insides churn and spasm, making my own cock explode inside the condom, sending unbelievable charges of electricity to every nerve in my body.

   When I’d given his butt hole a few more thrusts, I pulled out and carefully removed the condom, collapsing on Nathan, my chest squishing the spunk on his.

   Our breathing was slowly getting back to normal as we lay there in a heap of man flesh.

   That’s when my brain started working overtime again. Where would we go from here? Were we going to get back together? Would we just be friends with benefits? Fuck friends? How could that be after having been a full-fledged, live-in couple? I started getting really uncomfortable and feeling really vulnerable. Could I really let my emotions get the best of me? Could I allow myself to fall back in love with Nathan? That last question was the last straw.

   I quickly unglued myself from Nathan – his spunk had started to dry between us – and headed to the bathroom without a word. I hopped in the shower again, washed myself like I was on a mission and when I came back, Nathan’s head was popping out from under the covers… on my side of the bed!

   I sighed and went to the living room where I sat on my couch, naked, staring out the window, at the city skyline.

*   *   *

   I woke up at 2:30 am, freezing cold, my nipples and cock standing at attention, disoriented. “I’m on my couch because Nathan is in my bed.” I sighed. “What am I going to do about that?”

   Rubbing my eyes, I stood up and stretched, my cock bobbing up and down. As I turned away from the window to head to my bedroom, I caught a flash of light in the corner of my eye. An apartment in the neighboring building had lit up. I walked over to the window and squinted, turning into a curious weirdo. At this hour, the lit apartment looked like an illuminated square in the middle of the night. I could see what looked like a very testosterone-charged décor. Very masculine. Black, white and silver, leather and steel. In the middle of the room, a bench-press apparatus with very heavy-looking barbells. But no lifeform in sight. I was intrigued.

   It took me a few minutes to realize I had started stroking my cock. Suddenly, a gorgeous black man, wearing a Los Angeles Lakers tank top and a pair of purple short-cut shorts came into the light as though he had just walked on stage. He put his hands together, crisscrossing his fingers, and stretched his arms over his head. I caught an eyeful of his amazing biceps and beautiful shoulders. He brought his arms down and tilted his head on both sides, stretching his neck. When he lifted his stunningly-defined left leg to straddle the exercise bench, I caught my breath. Wow! He sat down, took a deep breath – his muscular chest swelling up – and that’s when I caught a really good look of his face.

   – No. No way. It can’t be.

   I said it aloud without even realizing. I went to the drawer in my kitchen where I kept a pair of binoculars. Yeah, I know. It’s weird. I wish I could say I have them because I’m an opera fan or a bird watcher, but no. I just like to partake in voyeurism once in a while. Sue me.

   – Oh my God! It really is him, I said behind the binoculars.

   It was Ellison, the gorgeous swimmer/bodybuilder from the gym.

   – Holy crap! When did he move in next door?

   He leaned back on the bench and placed his hands on the bar getting ready to bench press. I got an amazing look at the bulge between his legs, those mesh underwear that are sewn into those flimsy shorts popping out through the loose pant legs. Oh my God! Ellison started pumping the bar, his muscles tensing up and billowing under his shiny ebony skin.

   When he finished the set of bench presses, he got up, turned his back to me and set a knee on the bench, reaching down to the floor and grabbing a barbell with weights that looked too heavy for the small bar they were on. He started doing curls, giving me an incredible view of his gorgeous ass. Then, he switched knee and worked the other arm.

   I felt really dirty, standing there jerking off with my binoculars, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

   After his curls, he turned and sat on the edge of the bench, his legs nicely spread, grabbing two of those barbells to do curls with both arms. He was breathing in and out, working those guns with so much determination I thought I’d lose it. Then, he kept the same position and the same barbells but did some side curls, lifting his arms straight out to shoulder height. Even with his tank top and him facing me, I could see his amazing back muscles expanding and tense up. Man, everything about him was incredibly hot and not overly developed. He was just perfect.

   When he finished that set, he put down the barbells and looked toward his window. He seemed to freeze for a moment. “Uh-oh! Does he see me?” I asked myself. My little table lamp was turned on, but I was pretty sure he couldn’t see me with all the light in his apartment. He got up and walked to the window, adjusting the mesh underwear in his shorts and looking straight toward my apartment. I brought the binoculars down to my thigh but didn’t move from where I was standing, holding my hard cock in my other hand, stroking it slowly. Then, he walked away from the window. “Shit! I spooked him!”

   The apartment went dark. “Damn!” A few seconds later, I saw his silhouette close to the window again. He was looking at me. I couldn’t see much but I knew he was looking at me. I kept masturbating, knowing I was probably not giving him much of a show because of the bad lighting, but I guessed that – if he was anything like me – his imagination would certainly do most of the work anyway.

   Just knowing he was looking at me made me even more excited.

   After a few minutes, he walked away from the window. I quickly stepped over to my table lamp and twisted the knob so that it would glow with more intensity. I also turned on another lamp, turning my own apartment into a stage, just like Ellison’s had been a few minutes earlier.

   That’s when his light turned back on. I was startled because I really wasn’t expecting that. I felt as though he had turned a floodlight in my direction. Of course, that was all in my head because the light from his apartment certainly wasn’t shining on me, but it certainly lit a fire under my curiosity!

   A few seconds later, I saw Ellison enter the light the same way he had come into the room the first time. He headed to the exercise bench, straddled it but crossed his arms in front of his belly and pulled the tank top over his head, dropping it on the floor. “Holy shit! What a body!” I whispered. The binoculars came back up. He was looking straight at me. A coy little smile crossed his face. I smiled, too. “That sexy bastard!”

   He took two steps forward, un-straddling the bench, and reached inside his shorts through the right pant leg. He rubbed his crotch and rocked his hips very slowly as though he was fucking. I almost came right there on the window! I had to let go of my cock and grab my ball sac to pull my testicles away from my rod.

   After a few more seconds of this, Ellison turned around and bent over, placing his hands on the bench. He gave a few more hip rocks, showing me his amazing ass inside those purple shorts and his great thighs coming out of those pant legs. Then, he reached over and stuck his thumbs in the waistband of the shorts and pulled them down slowly, offering me an incredible view of his open, muscular buttocks and of his low-hanging balls between his open legs. Again, I almost lost it. His ball sac was swinging so I guessed he was probably stroking his cock. I couldn’t touch my own cock because I was afraid it would explode. It was bobbing up and down uncontrollably and I was breathing deeply to try to control myself.

   My mouth was actually watering at the idea of tasting his butt cheeks or those great balls of fire. But this was just fantasy, right? I’d never get to actually have sex with Ellison, would I? I didn’t care about that in that moment and didn’t want to ruin said moment by thinking about killjoy stuff like reality.

   Then, Ellison turned around and gave me a perfect view of his beautiful cock. Thanks to the binoculars, I could see that precum was oozing from the piss slit and I swallowed hard. I lifted the binoculars to see his face. He smiled and winked at me. I took a step back because I felt like I had gotten caught doing something wrong. “Idiot!” I said to myself. “He is looking straight at you, smiling and winking… he is putting on this show for you.” And then I answered myself, “Yeah, but you started it by watching him innocently exercising.” Whatever…

   He sat down on the bench and started masturbating for me. That beautiful hand going up and down on that hard piece of ebony meat, pulling the foreskin on and off that bulging cockhead. With his legs spread, he started doing sit-ups on the bench, stroking his cock and showing me how amazing his abs looked when he flexed them. It was as though he had been reading my mind and was doing exactly what was necessary to drive me crazy with lust and passion. Up and down he went on the bench. Up and down his hand went on his hard cock. Up and down my hand started back on my own pole. I decided to match him stroke for stroke. I had become more than a spectator. I was a participant in his workout. We were working out together.

   I had to stop a few times because I wanted this to last and the sight of Ellison doing this for me really was surreal and dreamlike.

   Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me:

   – What are you doing?

   I got startled but didn’t turn around.

   – What are you doing standing naked in the window?

   I didn’t know if Nathan’s tone was curiosity, judgment or lust.

   – I’m having sex with my neighbor, I replied.

   He laughed.

   – Yeah, right!

   That was at least the third time that day – well, technically, this was the next day, but are we really being that technical? – that I had told the truth and had not been believed.

   Nathan came closer and saw that I was masturbating with binoculars!

   – What the hell are you doing?

   – I told you: I’m having sex with my neighbor!

   I think that is when he saw Ellison.

   – Holy shit! That guy is…

“Yeah, Nathan. Very perceptive of you!” But I didn’t say it aloud.

   – Man! That is so fuckin’ hot!

“Ya think?” I didn’t say that aloud either.

   I felt Nathan’s hands come around my waist and land on my nipples. He put his mouth on my neck, no doubt checking Ellison over my shoulder, and I felt his cock growing between my butt cheeks. At that moment, both Ellison and I erupted in unison. He kept his upper body at a 45 degree angle with the bench and shot copious loads of white jizz on his beautiful chocolate skin. My cock shot three spurts – as Nathan liked to call them – of cum, the first two splashing against the window and the last one falling short.

   – Holy fuck, man! You guys…

   He could have just shut up, but Nathan’s presence not only made the whole situation hotter, but I was happy he was there to hold me up because I probably would have lost my balance.

   – Looks like I came in too late in the game…

   He sounded a bit disappointed, but it made me laugh. I lifted the binoculars to Ellison’s face. He smiled, winked again and mouthed: “That was really hot. Thanks!” My heart leaped. Man, this guy was soooooo charming!

   Then, Ellison got up from his bench, walked “off stage” and the apartment went dark.

   I turned around to face Nathan.

   – Guess I’ll have to shower again.

   And I walked away, leaving him there, thinking I’d need to wash the window in the morning.

*   *   *

   That was the end of the craziest day of my adult life. I showered and regained proprietary rights to my bed. I let Nathan sleep next to me… we even spooned for a while but I was beginning to think he was getting clingy whereas, when we were a couple, he had often held that against me. I haven’t seen him again since that day although he did call and text me a few times… probably got my info by playing with my phone before he left my place, but I haven’t answered. I’m done with his nonsense.

   I did start going to the gym again though. And I have run into Ellison a few times. And Todd. And Ben. And Aziz. But I’m really hoping to have a real mano a mano with Ellison. We’ve only just exchanged hot glances. I’m not even sure he really knows I’m “that guy”.

   But I catch myself looking over at the front door of his building when I get to my own. Always hoping for an impromptu run-in. I haven’t seen him in his apartment since that night either. Yet. Who knows what the future holds? One thing’s for sure: That was definitely my most memorable voyeuristic encounter. Ever.