Union – Reunion

Info Crystal Knight
19 Mar. '17

1. Virginia…

“But that’s not fair,” I protested with a sulky pout. “We have an agreement. It’s turn and turn about, and this is my turn.”

He (Brendan, my partner) resisted: “But this isn’t the same,” he protested. “It wouldn’t be just us acting out your fantasy. What you’re asking is different, and I don’t like it.”

“But it’s my turn, and this is what I want to do,” I replied. “Isn’t that the point? You got your chauffeur fantasy when I came back from that London trip, then I got my ‘Butler’ fantasy when we were in the Maldives, and then you got to dress me for dinner just a few weeks ago. Come on… it is my turn.”

“No,” he responded with a vehemence that surprised me. “I just don’t want to do it.”

We were arguing about my suggestion for our next fantasy outing. I’ll admit I’d been nervous about suggesting a threesome. I hadn’t really thought it through, I had no idea how we might go about it, and we’d never discussed it. But now I was angry at his definitive and somewhat surly reaction. He wasn’t even prepared to talk it through, to explore why he felt so strongly about it. Hey, I might even have given the idea away if we’d talked it through, but now I was more determined!

I’d sometimes fantasized about a threesome. I knew that the scenario of a guy with two women was a turn-on for many men, but we’d never experimented like this, but my recurring fantasy made me increasingly fascinated by the thought of how I’d react to having another person in our lovemaking.

Why couldn’t he see that this was just a normal part of our fantasy game, and no threat to our relationship, or our sex life as a couple.

I let it go for a while, planning to bring it up again later. I spent the next few days being nice; being especially adventurous in our lovemaking and taking the initiative, which I knew he liked.


2. Brendan…

I had always thought that Gini and I have a particularly good and satisfying love-life. Our sex is good, and our sex is frequent, varied, creative and imaginative. We know each other’s bodies and our sexual responses very well indeed. And we’d not-so-long-ago added a new dimension – describing, planning and acting out our fantasies. This has added a shared thrill of anticipation, exploration and surprises… and the outcome is usually really hot, for both of us.

But now she wants a threesome? I didn’t see that coming and I had a knee-jerk, negative reaction. A strong one. It clearly surprised and angered her, and it surprised even me.

‘Why am I so resistant?’ I asked myself. After all, I’d admitted to her once that I can find an image of a guy having sex with two women quite stimulating, and could see why it features so often in porn movies. I’d never personalized it, though: me with her and another woman. It wasn’t the top of my bucket list! Didn’t even feature in the top 10. Now why did this seem so different, the thought of me and Gini with another man? That is instinctively at the bottom of the bucket! But why? Was it threatening? Was it a deep-seated revulsion at getting intimate with another man, or a subconscious worry that she might find another man more fulfilling or exciting?

Despite my strong reaction when she’d brought it up, I couldn’t stop thinking about these questions, and many more, over the next few days. What would it be like, watching someone else fuck her? What would it feel like to take part myself; having another man touch me, take my cock in his mouth, squeeze my balls, play with my nipples… even kiss me? Surely one can overcome one’s early programming, I reasoned, and focus only on sensations. If I closed my eyes or was blindfolded, surely it could be anyone’s touch stimulating me, man or woman. Indeed, maybe another man would instinctively know where and how to stimulate for the greatest pleasure.

I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn’t about me, it was her turn to choose a fantasy for us to act out. Maybe her fantasy was watching two men with each other; maybe it was to fuck me with another man watching; maybe it was to be stroked and stimulated by four hands. Surely, at the very least, it would be reasonable for me to explore the idea.

Day by day my subconscious worked on me, and I started to come round to the idea. I wished I’d not been so impulsive when she first suggested it.


3. Virginia…

A couple of weeks later, one day after we’d had a great afternoon of sex, I brought up the topic of the threesome again. It was our favourite intimate time, in the post-coital languor following daytime sex. We could talk about nearly anything in this state. I was still sitting in my favourite position, on top of him with his cock still inside me. I could feel his erection softening up so I tensed my lovemaking muscles to keep him in a bit longer.

Over the previous few days, I’d decided not to pursue my threesome fantasy. He was so against it, and it would lose its excitement if he wasn’t a willing participant.

“About my threesome idea…” I started.

He broke in before I could finish. “I’ve been thinking about it,” he interrupted. “In fact, I’ve hardly been able to think of anything else. Look, I’m nervous, but willing to try, but lets talk more about your fantasy. What will I have to do?”

I almost fell off him in surprise. “O… K…” I said slowly. “I don’t know what you… we have to do! I haven’t thought that far ahead. In fact, I was ready to drop the idea.”

“Well, to have suggested it at all,” he responded logically, “you must have explored some inner desires in your fantasy. How does your fantasy go?”

“There’s nothing specific,” I replied thoughtfully. “No detail. Just that you and I are in a bar, sitting separately. I choose a guy to hit on, check him out, have a couple of drinks, and he’s keen. You’re watching all the time and I get horny at the thought of that. I slide my hand up his thigh, and ask him if he’d like to come home with me. I whisper that I want to race him off; a one-night stand with no strings attached. The bulge in his pants gives him away; he’s hooked. I lean forward and whisper right in his ear: “There’s a catch… my husband will be watching. You still want to come?” This turns him on even more, so we go home with him. I start stripping in front of him, with you watching. When I’m down to my bra and panties – my sexiest – I start undressing him. He’s nervous and reluctant, but he’s hard – really turned on. And so are you; your cock starts swelling… Oh! It is growing! And so soon after you just came too.”

I could feel his cock stirring at the entrance to my pussy as I straddled him, sliding around in the mixture of semen and my juices as it started to swell again, giving away his reaction to the story. He couldn’t usually get hard again so soon after an orgasm. ‘This is worth pursuing,’ I thought.

“Oh, so you like the sound my little fantasy?” I teased, lifting my hips a little to position him between my lips and wriggling to try to slip his still bendy cock into the entrance of my pussy.

He moaned a little as he pressed his hips upward and slid inside me. “Come on, don’t stop there. Tell me what happens next?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “Well, I do, sort of. It varies each time I have this fantasy. Sometimes I go down on him and try to time his ejaculation with the culmination of your masturbation. Other times, I sit on his lap and ride him, pressing his face into my breasts and imagining what you’re doing as you watch us. Usually I come at about this point, so I rarely explore what my subconscious has in store next.”

I thought about it for a few seconds before deciding to tell him about this one time when I did get to a next part. It was when he was away for a couple of weeks, and I was getting withdrawal symptoms, which I treated with a full-on masturbation session with my rotating cock vibrator. I was deep into a threesome fantasy while I played with myself.

“After we were both naked,” I related, “I pushed him back on the bed, climbed on to him and slid slowly down onto his erection, right to the hilt. Then I leaned forward to give you a view of his balls and cock – and my pussy as it slid down to devour every last inch of him. This position exposed my ass to you and, in my fantasy, you came up behind me with the biggest hard-on, intending to fuck my ass at the same time. I slid my other dildo into my ass, to explore the sensations of one cock deep inside me and another pushing into my ass. It wasn’t easy, I can tell you, but I had an incredible fucking orgasm when I came!”


4. Brendan…

Now that I’d started to get used to the idea of her threesome fantasy, it was easier to consider discussing it. I brought up my change of heart one day when we’d been making love in the afternoon. I spilled out my concerns and questions, and found out more about her fantasy. It really turned me on, hearing her describing it, and we got sidetracked into another session of lovemaking.

Eventually we sorted out a plan. Not too much detail, as our fantasy act-outs had to have room to meander as they went along. We’d head off for a bar, a high-class one on the other side of town, where we didn’t know anyone. She’d dress to kill… or at least to pick-up. I’d sit at another table and watch. If she found a suitable guy, she’d be seductive and suggestive, talk him into it and, if all went well, we’d come home with him. After that, her fantasy would unfold how she wanted!

When we got there, she sat at the bar with a cocktail and I sat in a booth with a clear view. She certainly generated a bit of interest, dismissing a few after brief conversations. Then she started talking in a more animated way with one who looked quite a bit younger than us. They were both laughing, with her flirting, and touching him – apparently absentmindedly – as part of her conversation. ‘This is it, I thought. She’s going in for the kill!’

She was resting her hand on his thigh and leaning forward to whisper to him, when she was interrupted by a good looking woman, about our age. Oh my God, maybe he’s married or she’s his girlfriend. Was the guy about to get an earful for hitting on another woman at the bar? Or were they discussing a foursome! We’d not even contemplated a foursome. My heart started racing.

Gini stood up and hugged the woman, laughing. She turned to say something to the guy, who was looking disappointed, and then she came over towards me, the other woman in tow. She introduced her as Joanne, an old school friend, whom she’d not seen or had contact with ever since. “Jo’s in town for only a couple of days and only free this evening. Is it OK if we head home now? We’ve half a lifetime to catch up on.”

I was partly disappointed that our best-laid plan had been subverted but I’ll admit to being a little relieved that we were abandoning the threesome, at least for now.


5. Virginia…

It was pretty nerve-wracking, ‘interviewing’ prospective threesome partners with a quick conversation at the bar. Speed dating with a difference! I could detect and dismiss a sleaze pretty quickly, but how to find out quickly if a man I found attractive would be up for a one-night-stand, with Brendan watching – that was the challenge.

There was one good prospect, good looking, intelligent, witty and flirtatious; at least he was responding well to my flirtation. ‘This could be the one,’ I thought to myself, glancing over at Brendan to see if I could read anything into his expression. He smiled encouragingly.

Just as I was sliding my hand up his thigh, ready to pop the question, I was interrupted by a voice behind me. “Excuse me, are you Gini? Virginia? I think we were at school together. Maidenhead Ladies College, in Berkshire.”

“Yes, that’s me,” I responded, looking closely at her. She was certainly familiar, pretty, trim, well dressed and well made-up. “Oh… Joanne? Can it really be you? What a long time it’s been. You look fantastic.”

She laughed and gave me a warm hug and laughed. “It’s so good to see you, Gini, and you are looking well,” she enthused.

“Yes, I am well,” I responded, and then suddenly remembered my pick-up. Darren. Was that his name? Yes, Darren.

“I’m sorry Darren, Meet Joanne. She I were very close friends at school and I’ve not seen her ever since. Look, can you and I get together another time – to pick up where we left off? Will you be here next week? Same time, same place!”

Darren seemed disappointed but enthusiastic with the prospect of a reunion, so we said goodbye and I turned back to Jo. It’s true we’d been close friends at school; a time when I’d had very few friends. I had not had a happy school experience, being teased about my name among other things. Teenage girls can be so cruel to each other. ‘The only Virgin in 6th Form’ and ‘Virginia by name, virgin by nature’ were two of the taunts I’d endured.

Joanne was teased mercilessly too. ‘Joe… what sort of a name is that for a girl? Are you sure you’re not a boy, Joe? Pull down your knickers and show us your willy, Joe.’ Maybe because of her nickname, everyone thought she was gay. I was close to her, and I too thought she might well be gay but either didn’t understand her sexuality or was unable to overcome the expectations of strict and conservative parents. Nevertheless we bonded through our shared hardship.

“Are you here alone?” Jo asked. “Can we go somewhere and have a long-overdue catch-up? What’s happened in your life? What are you doing now? Didn’t you go to uni to study science or something? What about dinner? I’m here for a conference, but I’m free tonight; are you?”

Questions tumbled out of her, one after the other, and I too was curious to find out how her life had unfolded. “Yes, lets go to my place,” I responded. “We can grab some Indian on the way there.”

She nodded enthusiastically.

“You must come and meet my husband first.”

“Oh?” she said questioningly. “What’s he doing sitting over there on his lonesome with you flirting with Darren at the bar? Is everything OK?”

“Oh yes, but it’s a long story. I’ll tell you later.”

I dragged her over towards the table where Brendan was sitting with a confused, or perhaps bemused, expression on his face. He looked relieved when I introduced them, and agreed to head home at once, picking up a Chicken Tikka Masala (England’s national dish!) and a bottle of wine on the way.

Pretty well as soon as we’d finished dinner, Brendan escaped from the girl talk and reminiscences and took himself off to our bedroom with his computer and the newspaper. I poured another wine for Jo and me. We immediately felt the same bond we’d had at school, and were soon sharing our secrets, including a deep and meaningful discussions about her sexuality at school. She was indeed gay and had come out while she was at university, far from her domineering parents.

Our conversation eventually turned to our meeting in the bar earlier in the evening. “What was that about earlier tonight – you and Brendan sitting separately and you flirting with that other guy?” Jo asked.

I told her about our alternating fantasies and explained that it was my turn and exploring a threesome was my fantasy. Brendan had been resistant but had come round to the idea. Darren had been my target as a potentially suitable guy for our fantasy evening.

She laughed. “That sounds like great fun. What a good way to keep the spice in a relationship – and the mystery! I’m sorry to have rained on your parade.”

I protested and said that I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend the evening than catching up with her as a long-lost friend.

Then she took me aback by asking had I ever been tempted… by another woman.

“No, never,” I responded. “I don’t even fantasise about it, though I know some women who do.”

She leaned forward and brushed a stray hair from my face, looking into my eyes, and whispered: “Well maybe you should…”

I could feel her breath on my cheek and her hand resting lightly on my shoulder. Mesmerised, I repeated “Maybe I should?” in a questioning tone.

Then she leaned forward and tilted her head, angling to kiss me gently on the lips. I held my breath, but for some reason didn’t pull away. Instead, I returned the kiss with a little pressure. I could feel my pulse quickening and a tingling in the pit of my stomach. No, lower than that… deeper inside me. I was getting aroused!

I broke the kiss and sat back, looking at Jo. I was confused by a mixture of desire and reluctance. My expression must have given this away, as she laughed. “Oh Gini, your face is a picture! I’m not hitting on you. I’ve just wanted to do that since we were in 6th form together. Now I’ve done it, we can stop there. For what it is worth, it was better than I’d imagined over all these years!”

“N no… it’s OK… I think.” I stammered in response. “In fact, it was arousing. I never thought…” My voice trailed off, not sure what it was I’d never thought.

Jo leaned forward again, and this time our kiss lasted longer, and became more passionate, her tongue flicking out to explore my lips and teeth and tongue. I was getting light-headed from holding my breath, and I could feel the heat and moisture between my legs as my arousal grew. I explored her face with my fingertips, trailing them over her eyebrows, nose, cheeks, and down her neck. At the same time, I could feel her hands round my back, hugging me, then trailing under my arms, and down to my waist, and up towards my breasts.

I think I wanted her hands all over me at that moment, exploring and sensitising my naked body. And I wanted her mouth and tongue exploring my pussy. I moaned into our kiss.

She broke away, flushed and breathing heavily. “Wait! I’ve got an idea,” she said. Let’s do your threesome fantasy now, with Brendan.”

I paused uncertainly. “Well, this wasn’t exactly how my fantasy went,” I responded slowly, then paused before adding: “But I think I’m quickly replacing it with a new one!”

She leaned in to kiss me again, her tongue creating electric currents throughout my body.

“OK, now you’ve convinced me!” I said, laughing.

“Just wait for 15 minutes, I’ve some preparation to do – pour yourself another glass of wine and turn on the telly. I’ll be back.”


6. Brendan...

I was secretly relieved at the change of plan but perhaps a little disappointed too, having psyched myself up for my first male-on-male sexual experience. After we’d finished dinner, I listened for a while to the talk of school, all those years ago, then politely excused myself and retired to the bedroom with my laptop, leaving them to it.

I’d finished my emails, read the newspaper and done the crossword on-line and was just debating whether to goo off to sleep or to play with myself for a while when the door opened. Gini looked in. “How are you doing?” she asked.

“Fine,” I responded. “Has Joanne gone?”

“No,” she said. “She’s just got some emails to do urgently, for her work. I said I’d give her 20 minutes to herself.”

She came over to the bed, with a mischievous look on her face, grabbed my lap-top and put it to one side. Then she jumped on to the bed and crawled up to plant a huge kiss on my lips. Still kissing, with her tongue flicking inside my mouth

“Fancy a quickie?”

“With her here? Let’s wait.”

“I can’t wait,” she said, grabbing my hand and directing it in under her dress. She had no panties on, and she was wet and hot. I wondered what she’d been up to… or thinking about, but it didn’t stop me exploring her pussy with my fingers.

She wriggled on my hand, closing her eyes and moaning a little. She was certainly turned on. She sat up and took off the cloth belt of her dress and looped it around my free wrist.

“I’m going to ride you,” she warned lustfully, as she extracted my other hand from between her legs and tied it to the other hand and then to the bed-head. “Are you ready to be fucked senseless?” she asked.

Without waiting for a reply, she unbuckled my belt and pulled down my jeans and jocks. My erection flipped up as she did so… I was ready! There’s nothing like seeing her horny and in control to turn me on too.

With my hands secured above my head and my jeans around my ankles, she hitched up her dress and knelt astride me. I watched breathless as the purple head of my cock slipped between her lips and then disappeared and she lowered herself down on my rod, inch by mind-blowing inch. I nearly came as she was sliding down. Thank goodness I was able to hang on, but she then started rocking her hips with a rhythmic pelvic tilt, which created incredible stimulation right on my most sensitive spot on my frenulum.

I struggled to keep control, so I could enjoy this just a bit longer, but she was having none of that. Watching my face as she moved, which I’ve no doubt gave away my level of excitement, she speeded up, sliding up and down quicker and quicker until she was almost bouncing. That was almost immediately accompanied by the moan I let out as I came.

It was the most intense ‘quickie’ I think I’ve ever had. Still tethered, I watched as she slowly and deliberately raised her body, releasing my now slightly less-than-turgid cock from her pussy, a mixture of my cum and her juices dripping down her thighs and onto my pubes as she kneeled up.

“Don’t go away,” she said somewhat superfluously, dropping her dress and smoothing it down, then quickly arranging her hair. “I’ll be back. I just have to see how Jo’s going.”


7. Virginia…

I left Brendan recovering but still tied to the bed-head, and went back to the living room. “Right,” I said to Joanne. “I’m ready. So is he! Let’s go to the bedroom. You first.”

I smiled to myself when she stopped, arrested by the sight of Brendan restrained, naked, on the bed. She collected herself quickly, though, and said lustfully: “Don’t move… I’m your fantasy.”

She moved over towards Brendan on the bed. “You smell of sex,” she accused. “Oh, you must have a wicked wife!”

Standing at the side of the bed, she started stroking his body from head to toe, trailing her fingers through his chest hair, over his nipples, around his twitching cock, and down his inner thighs to his toes.

Brendan’s eyes were like saucers and he was speechless. He looked over at me. I smiled – outwardly in reassurance and inwardly at his discomfort. I was so turned on – watching Jo toying with my bloke, with him in such a vulnerable position. I hoped that my putting him in this position would give him some sort of subconscious licence to enjoy himself, and not feel conflicted. Now I was wondering what might happen next.

She leaned over and put her mouth around his growing cock, that’s what happened next. He closed his eyes and groaned. Then she licked her lips and exclaimed, “Mmmm; you taste of sex too!”

After a brief pause, she added. “You just lie there… because now you are going to watch sex. I just love an audience.”

She turned to me and gestured to come over to her, and we stood together at the end of the bed. Holding my head in her hands, she kissed me passionately, taking up where we’d left off in the living room. I was instantly aroused – again; this time it was intensified by the awareness that Brendan was watching. The thought crossed my mind that he was maybe not enjoying seeing this, but a glance over Joanne’s shoulder revealed his reassuringly large erection!

I started to take the initiative, letting my hands stray over Joanne’s body; her neck, back, breasts. She closed her eyes and moaned as I slipped my hands up under her sweater and around her back, deftly unhooking her bra and pulling both up over her head. She reciprocated by unhooking my dress and letting it drop to the ground, revealing my naked body – which was as horny as hell. I could feel the hot moisture spreading between my legs, and my nipples were erect and sensitive as Jo licked and nuzzled them.

“Wait,” I said to her breathlessly. “I need to get something.” I ran over to the wardrobe to get my strap-on from my ‘sex drawer’. “You wanted him to watch sex… I’ll give him something worth watching!”


8. Brendan…

Gini was gone for what seemed like ages. I strained my ears trying to hear what they were saying to each other, but it was only faint murmurs, interrupted by laughs and giggles. Then I heard footsteps, and the door opened as I turned towards it, expecting to see Gini.

Oh my God, it wasn’t. It was Joanne! This was embarrassing. I turned my hips away from the door in a futile attempt at modesty. I haltingly started an attempted explanation of my predicament.

“Shhh,” she said. “ Don’t talk and don’t move, I’m your fantasy.”

“My fantasy?” I repeated, confused. “Tonight wasn’t meant to be my fantasy, it was mean to be…”

My sentence tailed off when she whispered shhhh, and walked over to the bed beside me, looking my naked body up and down. “You smell of sex,” she said in an accusing tone. “You must have a wicked wife.”

My cock started to enlarge and twitch; I couldn’t help it. She started stroking my body from head to toe, accelerating my erection. With Gini watching! What must she be thinking? I looked over at her, to see her watching intently and smiling at me. I got the feeling that she was finding this scene stimulating and this was strangely reassuring somehow. I don’t really recall exactly what happened next, but I do remember my horror when Joanne leaned over me to lick the tip of my cock, still sticky from my quickie.

“Mmmm… and you taste of sex too.” Then she whispered in my ear: “Gin just fucked you, didn’t she? When she left me alone in the living room. Naughty girl! You’re a lucky man. Was it good?”

I nodded, speechless.

“Would that I could be so lucky,” she said, “but she’s not into women, is she?”

I swallowed and replied: “I didn’t think so.”

“Well, we’ll see shall we? You just lie back and relax. You smell of sex, you taste of sex, and now you’re going to watch sex. And I just love an audience!”

With that, she beckoned to Gini, and the two of them started kissing, embracing and stripping each other right at the end of my bed, seemingly oblivious to me, the audience. I couldn’t take my eyes off them pashing each other. My erection, in the foreground, was starting to ooze droplets of honey.

They broke off after a while, and Gini rushed off to the wardrobe, returning with her strap-on swinging from her finger. She was saying something like “I’ll give him something worth watching” when Joanne snatched it from her with a laugh.

“Oh no you won’t,” she said. “I’m the male in this relationship. And you have your bloke to attend to. It looks like his cock is going to burst! Get up on the bed and give it some attention!”

It was true. The head of my cock had turned a shiny purple and it was dripping more honey down the shaft, and not just droplets! Gini was crawling up the bed towards me, like a panther on the prowl. Behind her, I could see Joanne stepping into the straps and wriggling the strap-on up into position, lubing the dildo as she adjusted it.

Gini lowered her chest down onto my thighs and started sliding up my body, her bum in the air, like the puppy dog yoga pose I’d seen her do. She liked to call it the ‘melting heart pose’ but as she slid further up my body and her breasts straddled my balls, it was my cock that was about to melt… or burst!

She slid back down again, looking lustfully at me as she did. “Are you enjoying this?” she asked, rhetorically. Oh yes I was!

Then she froze suddenly, her eyes widening. She couldn’t see what was happening behind her, but I could. Joanne was kneeling up behind her and her hands were sliding round from behind Gini’s bum to take a firm hold of her hips, pulling them gently back into her.

Gini closed her eyes and bit her lip, obviously concentrating on the sensations of Joanne’s dildo slowly entering her from behind. Then she smiled and exhaled a long shuddering sigh. She’d been holding her breath, motionless, but now she started slowly gyrating and tilting her hips, exploring the feelings.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, her face flushing deeply, and moved up my body again as if she was being pushed gently but firmly from behind. She exhaled again and moaned. God that was a turn-on. I loved watching her face whenever I entered her, such an intimate experience, but I found her moans, cries and expressions particularly arousing. This was intimate too, but in a different way… someone else fucking her while she was so engaged with me. She licked her lips and encircled the head of my cock with her mouth, flicking her tongue around it.

It was an indescribable sensation, her mouth sliding up and down my cock as her body was moving back and forth, propelled by Joanne’s thrusting. It took me over the edge and I lost control completely, immersing myself in my ejaculation, the warmth of her mouth and tongue mingling with my cum, and her moans accompanying each thrust.

She released my cock from her mouth to tilt her head back, her lips still moist with my cum, and let out a long, wailing ‘aaaahhhh’ as Joanne continued her rhythmic fucking, a little faster now. Joanne bent forward, curving over Gini’s back, and her hands came around to cup her breasts, fingers playing with her nipples. She wailed again, more loudly this time. Her eyes were tightly shut and he face and chest were flushing a deep red. She was pushing back hard into each thrust, completely immersed in her orgasm as it built and flooded through her. God she was hot.

She collapsed on top of me, spent.

Joanne came round to the head of the bed, smiling, and untied the tether from my hands. Not before time too, as I realised that my arms were aching and had pins-and-needles. Now released, they were free to hug Gini.

“Well, that wasn’t what I’d expected!” I said. “You are full of surprises. When you said ‘a threesome’, I automatically assumed you meant us having sex with another guy. What an elaborate plan. How long have you and Joanne been hatching that?”

“No, no, no,” she protested. “That wasn’t it. That just happened. I’ve never fantasised about sex with another woman. Maybe I will now!” she added.

“Well I certainly will,” I said. “In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever fantasise about anything else! You were soooooo hot.”

“I’m pleased you enjoyed it,” she replied. And then she added, with a playful, ominous tone: “Darren’s been put off till next week.”