The Three Of Us

Info Keith_Richardson
20 Mar. '17


by Keith Richardson

We have just gone out for a few drinks and a quiet dinner. Our plans have not yet been made, but the evening is young. The sky is dark and the weather getting cooler. I mention that my friend has a cabin in the mountains, nothing but an hour and a half away. I can use it anytime, and my friend is on a New York business trip at the time. So, we look at each other, and say "Why not?"

There is no's the end of the week and neither of us have any commitments for the next two days. With open windows, we make our way to the cabin, stopping only for some quick groceries, toiletries and a couple of gay DVD's.

The young man waiting on us was very helpful. He suggested a couple of videos for us and gave us a price break on some of the grocery items. It was enjoyable talking with him and difficult for me to imagine what was behind that white apron and inside those tight jeans. Smooth facial features with thick, medium length golden brown hair accented his already well-proportioned body. He couldn't have been more than 20 or 21, my favorite. But, this was OUR trip, personal time for you and me to get to know each other better, top to bottom and inside out. A time for us to share our concerns and interest in each other without outside interference. A time away from it all. Special and unique.

Figuring we have all we need, we pay the young man and head off to put our supplies in the trunk. We get back in the car and get ready to take off on the final thirty minutes of the trip. Before we are able to get out of the parking lot, the grocery kid comes running out to our car. We stop, roll down the window and ask what he needs. A bit out of breath, he hands us another video for our use...on the house. More than you, I was anxious to see what his selection was. With a big smile, I read "The Three of Us." Showing you the title, you then catch the glimpse in my eyes and the wide, warm smile on my face. We pause, each of us thinking the same thoughts. "Sure, why not?"

Kevin says he has another hour to work before he could leave. It was his job tonight to close up the store, but advises us to go ahead and he'd meet us there shortly. He's bring some more beer and firewood for the evening. He too, would be off from work till Monday, but he had to lock up tonight. Hey, no problem!

After giving Kevin a few simple directions, we head off to the cabin and the dreams of a very exciting week-end. We leave our jobs, our concerns, and our worries behind. The week-end will be what we make it, and, believe me, we will make it.

It doesn't take too long to get to the cabin from the store. The evening is quiet, the sky is dark with bright stars stretching from one end of the horizon to the other. The temperature has dropped with the threat of rain, hopefully before morning.

Being the good organizer that you are, you have everything unpacked and put away when I return with a load of wood for the fire. A small fire at this point would be nice to take off the cabin chill and set a relaxing and restful atmosphere. We'll have it all ready when Kevin arrives...if he doesn't change his mind.

As you get the ice out for our first drinks, I use my boy scout experience and get the fire going. After a few minutes, the glow from the fire provides a comfortable warmth to the room as we watch the jumping flames from the couch with drinks in hand. Ah...the peace...the quiet and the absolute stillness. Could this last forever?

For me, a fire is hypnotic. I can stare into it for hours. Getting more comfortable, I lean closer to you, finding support from your body and comfort from your arms around my shoulders. Your warmth, your friendship and your love mean a lot to me. Tonight I am reassured. Tonight I feel good. As we relax in comfort, few words are spoken. Few words are needed. Your hand is gently massaging my shoulder and arms. You pull me closer... tighter...and I respond with no hesitation. We hug. We kiss. At this point, the world can go to hell. Slowly I turn around and lay on your lap as you lower one hand across my chest while using the other to go through my hair. I lift up to pull you closer to me as we passionately kiss and tongue each other's mouth. The world can go to hell------twice.

As I lay there quietly with eyes closed, I can feel the heat of the fire and the warmth of you. Your hand continues through my hair and across my chest, gently, with affection and love. Your hand travels down each thigh and back again for more chest massaging. I'm in heaven. I'm at total peace. Slowly, you move your hand under my sweater and feel the smoothness and warmth of my skin. God, that feels good. Keep it up, PLEASE. Very slow, very warm, very relaxing. Your hand reaches all parts of my chest, stopping ever so often to pinch my nipples. I tingle with pleasure and happiness as you squeeze my skin and explore my whole chest area.

Slowly your hand moves down to my waist, across my stomach...back and forth... back and forth...up and down my chest as your fingers cautiously move under my belt and into my jockey shorts. Cleverly you slide your fingers further down into my jeans as your other hand continues through my hair and around my face. You pause for a few hugs and long kisses with our tongues meeting, touching and twisting around in our mouths. Your hand continues into my pants after opening the belt buckle. Further you go down past the beltline, but now it is easier and I have more room to breathe. Punching its way through my white briefs, my cock and balls are about to explode. Your other hand removes my sweater completely, revealing tanned, smooth skin as the light and warmth of the fire continue to enrich the atmosphere of the evening. You lower your mouth to kiss and tongue all parts of my chest as your hand keeps busy rubbing and caressing my balls and cock. Again our mouths meet...again we share our kisses...again we share our love.

Lifting myself off your lap, I stand to remove my jeans, shoes and socks. I pull you up with me and embrace you with the tightest hold I can muster. My hands are exploring your back as yours' explore my ass. I remove your sweater and slowly unbutton your shirt as my hand continues up and down your back. After removing the shirt, I unbuckle your belt and open your jeans to reveal your good sized cock patiently waiting for release from its confines. Your hands are now sliding my briefs off as I drop your jeans to the floor. Reaching down, I remove your shoes and socks and kneel before you in complete admiration.

Cupping your balls with one hand while massaging your hard cock with the other brings a big smile to your face as your head looks up with eyes closed. I like to be slow. I like to respond in the best way possible for you. I am careful. I am gentle. I am good.

After several minutes of gentle massaging, groping and stroking, I put my mouth over your sweet cock, using gentle up and down motions all over it while my tongue explores it very carefully. In the meantime, my hands are reaching behind you and exploring all of your ass. I pull you closer to me as my mouth and tongue work harder and a bit faster. Your hands are rubbing through my hair, across my shoulders and down my back with loving care and affection. The warmth and light of the fire provide an encouraging and very peaceful atmosphere.

Your hands are moving from my hair to my back to my arms to my hair to my back in a faster sequence. Your signs and moans are getting louder as you encourage me to keep going. I respond and go as fast and as hard as I can, but...

Suddenly you pull me up on my feet and draw me to you in a tight squeeze as our lips and mouths press together. Together we are one. Together we are making it. Our bodies rub against each other till we can't squeeze any harder. Locked together in pleasure we lower ourselves to the warm, soft carpet, closer to the fireplace. Side by side our embraces, kisses and body squeezes continue as we roll around in front of the spirited flames. We think of nothing else. We are one.

I turn around so that I can continue sucking your huge, hard and beautiful cock. In return, you taste mine as we find a mutual rhythm. I lick your cock and your balls while my hands feel all of your body. You respond as well. Our paces pick up as the sexual electricity in the air heightens and our passions intensify. Within seconds of each other, cum flies out in majestic spurts on each of milky...tasteful. More! More! More!

As the final cum drops emerge, you turn around and grab my body as we meet again face to face, body to body in a tight and loving embrace. My lips kiss all over your face, neck and chest as you engulf your arms around me. In turn, you do the same.

As we separate, we lie there in the warmth of the fire's glow, side by side with one arm wrapped on the other's body. No words are spoken. No words are needed. Within a few minutes, we are in each other's arms again to relax and rest. The fire is dying out a bit more, but we have the warmth of each other for the time being.

As we lay in quiet, we begin to hear the soft sounds of a gentle rain on the cabin roof. For a second you leave me to put a couple more logs on the fire. The fire sputters and crackles. It becomes brighter and warmer. Coupled together on the floor, we face the fire and watch the flames take their unpredictable direction. Yes, the world can go to hell.

In the distance, we hear the sound of a car driving up the road to our cabin. We almost forgot------Kevin. It's been a few hours since we left the store and, sure enough, Kevin is here to meet us. Quickly we get up and put on our briefs, jeans and shirts before the car reaches the top of the hill and the driveway to the cabin. We run to the windows to watch. We see headlights getting brighter and brighter until the car pulls up alongside yours and stops. The rain continues to gently beat against the roof, the driveway, the cars, and now Kevin. Not wasting anytime, you add another log to the fire and make way to fix a couple more drinks while I open the door for Kevin.

I help him to remove his jacket and discover that his jeans are tighter than I thought. Without an apron, he looks magnificent. Without clothes, he will look glorious. Having gotten our drink order, you prepare them as Kevin and I get seated and comfortable with each other. In a few minutes you return with the drinks and some snacks and join me on the long couch. The fire burns brightly as the rain continues its delightful descent. We talk much about ourselves with you and I asking questions of Kevin as he asks about each of us. We talk and we laugh.

Eventually, Kevin removes his shoes and socks to better feel the warmth of the fire. I ask him if he would feel more comfortable taking his shirt off as we had already discarded our sweaters. With a smile, he accepts the invitation and I, only too eagerly, go over and lend him a hand in removing it. As he sits there stretched out a bit, my dick begins it's second stir of the evening. I'm sure yours does too. You should see the look on your face. I thought you were going to jump off the couch right onto him. He asks if we had seen any of the videos and we truthfully have to say "no." I think you said something like, "We forgot all about them?"

Kevin gets up to look for the DVD. Without saying anything, he selects one, turns on the TV. Quickly he inserts the one he gave us when he ran up to our car at the grocery store: "The Three of Us." We all settle back, shirts off and drinks in hand. The room is filled with the glow of the fire, the warmth of the flames, and the electrical charge of our thoughts, passions, and friendships..

Within seconds, the video begins showing credits and introducing us to several of the young men who would be appearing. A few of them we have seen and lusted for before, but most were new names, faces and bodies. Our anticipation heightens as you and I glance at each other and smile.

It always amazes me how film producers like this can sometimes find such beautiful and remote locations for private filming. As we pan over the lake and woods during the evening twilight, the camera settles in on a good-sized cabin set in the tranquility of a mountain side. Parked along side of the cabin we notice six cars. Interesting!

After setting the atmosphere for our viewing pleasure, the camera brings us inside where we find six hot looking men sitting around, enjoying some beer and chips while conversing about their college and work experiences.

As the conversation continues, the boys are in discussion about "The Club." Bill, who doesn't seem to be the oldest, apparently has invited the other five to join him in forming an exclusive and very private "social" club. Bill explains the details and guidelines to the group as the others listen with sincere interest and excitement. In offering the invitation, Bill had done some preliminary explaining, but the time was right now to explain more fully.

Bill further explains that each meeting begins with a strip poker game whereby the winner becomes the leader for the evening's session. Moreover, the one who loses all his clothes first becomes the "slave." As we get more comfortable in our own chairs, the boys move to a round table to begin play, restocking their drinks and snacks beforehand.

As play begins and the boys periodically remove an article of clothing, Kevin gets up to stir the fire and add some more wood in preparation for one eventful evening. Watching him do so with his bare chest and back, tight jeans and thick flowing hair, I reach over to feel your cock pressing hard against your jeans. You squirm and smile as your hand crosses over my shoulders and down my back. When Kevin returns, he brings his drink and snack bowl to the couch, taking his seat right between the two of us. Ah-----eeeeee!

As the card game continues to unfold, it seems that Bill was in the lead wearing more clothes than the others. One by one, losers are quickly identified as more and more clothing articles are removed and tossed. Steve, who loses first, gets up and heads for the john. After a few minutes, he returns and continues watching the game from behind the group. Standing stark naked with a slender, but powerful looking sun-tanned body, the six foot nineteen year old moves around the group, gently placing his hands on each shoulder. When he gets to John, he rubs John's shoulders with particular attention. His hands then slowly slide down his back and all over his chest. At this point, I put my arm around Kevin as he moves closer to me and as you palm his right thigh. I draw Kevin to me more tightly as your hand continues to rub and squeeze his thigh before making its way to his firm crotch and zipper. Kevin nestles closer and tighter to me as you continue your exploratory hand operations, realizing that Kevin is getting hotter with every move.

As we predicted, the game ends with Bill retaining his black trimmed white jockey briefs. The other five are completely nude as six piles of clothes await in the corner for use later on....possibly tomorrow. Bill instructs Steve to remove the table and chairs and set up a mattress in the middle of the room. John, Keith, Tony and Jeff are requested to put their briefs back on while Steve is directed to lay flat on his back on the mattress. The others circle around, sitting on the floor near each other within a couple of feet from Steve. Following the step-by-step instructions of Bill, Steve places both hands on his open chest and gently rubs it, pinching his erect nipples as he passes over them. He does his whole chest, neck and as far down as he can reach across his masculine thighs before moving to the crotch.

The boys watch in heightened anticipation as you, Kevin and I begin to rub our own stiff dicks through our jeans. By now you have Kevin's zipper down and your hand is searching inside his white briefs. Kevin and I tighten our embrace as he leans over to kiss my neck, cheeks and, finally my lips. Our soft touches and kisses are preliminary to tongue searching and some long passionate kissing.

Periodically we glance at the video to see Steve slowly jacking off in the center of five hungry boys. The boys are held in restraint by their briefs and Bill's orders not to touch a dick until advised to do so. They are allowed, however, to take hold of each other for anything else. For now, briefs remain on. Working within these guidelines, the boys begin exploring each other with their hands while keeping an eye on Steve. Hands roam all over the place: faces, necks, shoulders, chest, nipples, back, thighs and legs. Even Bill gets in on the action, careful not to break his own rules.

Not to be outdone, you get off the couch leaving us in our romantic tongue and mouth explorations. On your knees, you slowly pull Kevin's jeans off entirely, adding them to our own little pile. Your hands gently rub up and down his legs and thighs, inching each time under his briefs. At this point, Kevin rolls over more on top of me as he exposes his smooth back, snug ass and manly legs to you.

Both of your hands are moving more vigorously now as our excitement and anticipation continue. With my hands, I hug Kevin tightly while moving my hands up and down his back as our tongues entangle and our mouths seal us in long, successive kisses. Kevin reaches down to open my jeans and finds my firm dick that is already past due in exposure. I squirm as I feel his warm hand grab my throbbing cock and moan as he gently rubs it up and down. Taking the cue, you slowly remove my jeans and toss them on top of Kevin's. My extended dick is harder than ever as it protrudes at the top of my briefs. With my own body, I can feel every part of Kevin's as we continue to roll and satisfy each other.

In the background, we catch glimpses of our DVD action. Bill allows the briefs to come off of each boy, but only by means of another's biting teeth and lips. As the boys work on each other, sometimes in pairs, Steve continues his center-stage jack off session enjoying every minute of it, but also desiring to have his hands on the young male spectators. When all briefs are removed, Bill orders Steve to stop and stand up. With a nine inch cock about to release the juices of life, Steve stands in the midst of his new friends and watches as the boys become more involved with each with NO restrictions. We take a short pause in our own action to watch and predict what might be next.

After several minutes of standing alone naked, Bill invites the boys to reach out for Steve as their desires direct. In seconds, Steve is covered all over with five hot ones reaching, touching, feeling and grabbing. Sort of like a K-Mart blue light special. Taking our cue, you remove Kevin's briefs with your own moist lips and sharp teeth while Kevin's hands remove mine, struggling to keep our bodies in contact. Already half off the couch, you slide us to the floor within the warmth and pleasure of the fireplace.

Video action continues as Bill offers Steve to the boys, one at a time or in pairs to "have" in any way they choose. The only condition is that Steve is not allowed to cum. That special treat will be Bill's... "of course."

Our own activity prevents any detailed description of the film, but the background music and action continue to add charge to our own scene. In turn, the boys have their wishes answered by Steve, frustrated as he might be for the moment. In time, Steve makes the rounds leaving Bill for last. Our screen is filled with live, hot action as the college guys fully get involved with Steve and each other.

Without a doubt, you, Kevin and I are really enjoying this. Few words are spoken and NONE from me as I suck Kevin's long hard dick as you tongue his ass, holding tight to the young handsome body. I suck that pulsating rod like there's no tomorrow. It is long, thick, firm and very hot. As I swirl my tongue around the shaft, Kevin moans in distinct pleasure. Gently, I tug on those hard, young balls that are tight against the base of his prick. My hands join yours on his ass as I pull him closer to me. Kevin is twisting my hair, as he vigorously grinds his cock into my a speed that increases each second.

You place your hot lips on his burning asshole and your tongue penetrates into the depths of his love channel. Your tongue is followed by one huge finger and then another, stretching his tender hole. Kevin's dick seems to get harder when your finger finds his prostate and gently brushes up against it. Within minutes, you feel that the moment is right and you begin to lubricate your excited dick and Kevin's ass. You arch his back for a better view and a more comfortable entrance for your own patient dick. Kevin lowers me to the floor as the action intensifies. Finding the proper rhythm, you proceed to fuck the young man as forcefully as you can.

"Fuck me--fuck me!", cries Kevin. You need no further encouragement. His ass-muscles close around your dickhead as you motion your cock in and out, back and forth at an increasing pace. Kevin reaches down and grabs my dick and balls, finding them very receptive to his touch. His hands are all over my body, but special attention is given to my hard dick that is about ready to explode.

"Oh,...I've wanted forever...don't rush...let me feel that pole...fill me up...I've long", cries Kevin. He feels every inch of your eager dick in his hot ass. As his ass loosens up, you pound harder and harder, faster and faster. The room echoes with Kevin's moans of delight.

Not wanting you to explode so early, I pull Kevin all the way down on the floor in front of the fire's warmth. Turning him over and arching his back a bit, I move around behind him to continue our shared fucking experience. You take the hint and move in front of Kevin for him to work on your monstrous prick. It's so big that Kevin isn't sure he can get it all in his mouth. He licks the precum off your velvety smooth top knob and works all the edges with his tongue before actually taking it in. It was obvious that Kevin had done this before and I knew for sure that we weren't the first ones to fuck his beautiful asshole. He certainly had no trouble taking your big cock all the way down to the root. The sensation is fantastic, hot and moist with an agile tongue that seems to know all the most sensitive places. At the same time, his hands are fondling your balls and caressing your butt and thighs.

I carefully place my dick at his hole and push inside. You have already prepared the way. It is incredible! Every muscle in his body seems to squeeze my thick rod as I slowly work it in and out of his hole. Begging for more, he pushes his ass back toward me. I plow his young hot butt like a bull in heat, my hands reaching under his chest and waist as he continues his rhythmic sucking action on you. I grab his balls and dick as best as I can, stoking his warm, smooth and hot cock.

After he gets used to the size of my dick in his ass, he relaxes and my body pumps harder and faster as I near my climax. As he speaks, I begin to jack harder and faster on his prick while trying to maintain a constant fucking motion. It didn't take long and soon I felt my muscles go rigid ready for the first cum splash of the evening. Withdrawing my prick, I soon erupted with my hot juices spurting all over his back and ass.

My pleasures were intense as I screamed at the top of my voice, squeezing and pushing against my prick to get it all out. Spurt after spurt, I covered his back with hot liquid cum, collapsing along side the both of you in gleeful joy. The country was never like this.

Knowing how close you are to your own climax, you turn Kevin over on his back and pull his slender legs over your shoulders. Again, your thumping dick enters his soft warm ass. After stirring the fire a bit, I return to lay beside Kevin. My lips travel all the way from his lips to his hot and ready dick. More difficult this time, Kevin's body wretches in glorious pleasure. My mouth covers his prick and my tongue finds its own way up and down his thick shaft.

With closed eyes at the pleasure he was receiving, we suddenly feel his body stiffen. "I'm going to cum", he growls, as you continue to slap your huge balls against his butt with each heavy stroke of your dick. My hands were like wildfire all over his chest, face and legs. Within seconds, he shouts and pulls my head down tighter as his throbbing cock explodes down my throat, the spasms of my swallowing bringing more hot cum shooting out. I feel a tremor pass through his rod as he pushes me partially away before bringing me back and ramming it in again, allowing me to get every last drop of cream he has to offer.

Your banging back and forth now is more one wild animal getting fucked by another mad animal. I love it! As your fingers dig deeper into Kevin's waist, you signal your impending blast of jism. For a split second, you hold your pulsing horsecock all the way inside of Kevin's twitching ass, breaking your steady pounding tempo. Kevin feels your buried cock stretch and strain deep inside of his hot guts. He can also feel it lengthen with one final, pulsing throb.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, Kevin!" and I know you are ready to shoot now. "I'm cumming...I'm going to up your asshole!

With a swift jerk, you pull your prick back to just inside his twitching sphincter. The bulbous head fills the outer muscles of Kevin's asshole, stretching it as far as they could go.

"Shooting...shooting my hot cum in your guts..." you bellow out, as you lunge in for one final, pulsing, shooting, filling moment. Blasting away inside of him, Kevin feels your hard steel-hard dick filling his tender, aching asshole. I grab my own prick in tense excitement to feel it harder than ever and ready to cum again. I grab tight and fiercely pump as hard as I can to shoot all the remaining sperm I have unto Kevin's tanned chest.

In exhaustion, we collapse on each other in restful tranquility. We've lost track of time and space, but we haven't lost track of our senses. After we catch our breath, we adjust our bodies to glance at the long-forgotten video. I suppose that a lot has happened with the charter members of the special social club since we last noticed. Presently, we see Bill, Steve, and Jeff lying side by side in each others' arms comfortably asleep in bed as the film draws to a close. Perhaps tomorrow we can check back and discover how each of our college friends fared during their first club meeting. Probably, very well, with "votes" cast more than once.

For Kevin, you and me, the bed can come later. Right now we remain comfortably relaxed at peace in front of our fire. I feel your loving hands on my chest as I lay my head on Kevin's chest. At this time and in this cabin, tonight it IS.