What I Would Like To Do To You

Info AJ_Adams
22 Jan. '16

We haven’t met in a long time and I miss your touch. You arrive at the doorstep, exhausted by the long trip. But I can see the fire burning brightly in your eyes. I hug you, kiss you gently and drag you into the house.

It’s cold outside and you’re bundled up in your winter coat. I help you out of it, take your hand to lead you to the kitchen but you stop me. You hold my face tenderly between your hands, your eyes looking deep into mine.

We kiss, your lips feeding on the sweetness of my mouth, as your arms encircle me. I lean against you, my breath quickening as your tongue gently strokes my lips to ecstasy.

Your scent, a warm musk, envelopes me. It’s been too long. We are locked in a silent embrace, the gentle passion heating into burning desire. You’re now capturing my mouth with hungry urgency. My lips, swollen with want, brush against yours.

I can feel my nipples harden as delight washes through me. My breath is unsteady, catching in my throat with excited gasps. I can feel your sudden hardness; see the flame of desire in your eyes.

We stumble into the bedroom, as you open my blouse, cupping my breasts with warm hands. I dressed for this, wearing the lacy, frothy cups that delight you. I hear your chuckle as you open the clasp.

Stroking the burgeoning swell, you dip your head and suck gently at the pale tipped nipples, your tongue flickering against the tortured peaks.

My breath emerging in gasps, I feel myself begin to bubble. Your breaths are now shallow and fast. Your skin is heating rapidly, burning through your shirt.

We’re laughing as we rip off each other’s clothes. Blouse, skirt and knickers fall in a soft pile, swiftly followed by shirt, belt, trousers and boxers. We fall into bed, driven by urgency, panting in short, harsh gasps of anticipation.

You run your hands over my back, sweeping strokes of firm gentleness that sets my breasts jiggling as I moan with pleasure. My hands are brushing your chest, sensuous against the hard muscles that move smoothly under the soft skin.

The strength of you against my softness is tenderness mixed with passion. Overwhelmed, with sensation, my silky nakedness floats against your searing chest. Our lips interlock again, as our bodies dance against each other.

As my nails run lightly over your arms, you gasp and your eyes half close with sensuous delight. You’re inhaling my perfume, revelling in its sweetness.

You rain kisses down my rounded breasts and over the soft swell of my curves, finally burying your lips between my soft thighs. As you swirl your tongue against my creaming centre, teasing the hot tight nub, waves of pleasure consume me.

I tremble and clutch at your shoulders, my body quivering uncontrollably, as you play me. Little whimpers escaped from my lips as my hips roll slowly from side to side.

You pause, and tease by leaning over me, your iron hard shaft rigid against my melting flesh. You look into my eyes, laughing at my whimpering and yearning.

Flexing slowly, you thrust slowly, piercing me inch by incredible inch. My legs are shaking uncontrollably now, as I arch against you, revelling in the hot tumescence that invades me.

Finally, balls deep inside me, you pause and wriggle your hips, your laugh turning into a gasp of desire as my legs scissor over your back, my ankles crossing there as my hands clasp your shoulders.

I writhe against you, delighting in the feel of your rock solid body as your hardness moves inside me.

We move against each other, our bodies arching and colliding in that perfect rhythm that enflames our passion. Gasping now, we move together in total harmony, savouring the waves of pleasure that bank and burn within.

Your hips are shuddering now, as is your breath, as you try to control the excitement that invades your core. I am lost in a sea of sensation, floating on the cusp of bliss, consumed by silver darts of delight that wash through me.

I arch into you as my pleasure peaks into intolerable pleasure. For a moment I am motionless, teetering on the brink of release. I feel your body gather and clench. Your eyes close, and then your breath is coming out in shattered gasps as you explode inside me.

As you pour yourself into me, the pulsating waves of pleasure push me over the crest, plunging me into a sea of shattering ecstasy. I can hear myself scream as my body shudders uncontrollably, casting my soul into an infinity of rapture.

I feel you moving against me, emptying yourself in slamming thrusts of climax, hips juddering against mine in slowing staccato plunges sealed finally with a long, drugging kiss.

We lie in each other’s arms, our bodies entwined our hearts as one.

“That was bliss,” I somehow get the words out, clutching at you in glorious abandon, broken with delicious delight, shaking with the blissful release. “Can we do that again?”