All About Tequan

   When most college students head for Florida or Hawaii – or anywhere warm with sun and bikinis – during Spring Break, I was hanging out with a weird bunch who wanted to head out camping. In the middle of March. In upstate New York. Yeah. Crazy, right? Well, those are the D’Youville College Spartans for you.

   I’d decided on D’Youville because my cousin Jeremy had loved the place and, I have to admit, I had really appreciated having him around in my freshman year. I mean, it’s a cool place and all, but when you’ve never left home for any length of time worth mentioning, moving to Buffalo from Rutland, Vermont, can be a bit unnerving. Jeremy was a senior when I hit the campus so he made it really easy for me to fit in, and by the time he left, I was ready to fly on my own.

   Actually, Jeremy wasn’t really a relative. I mean, he wasn’t like a blood cousin or anything. He was the son of my aunt’s second husband from a previous marriage. And he’s the guy I developed my taste for cock with. When he was seventeen and I had barely just turned fourteen, he’d been my first. He’d taken me to see the first Fast & Furious movie and, in the middle of the testosterone-driven muscle and motor fest, he had noticed that I had grown a boner and leaned over to whisper in my ear: “Is Paul Walker making you hard, dude?” I had looked at him like a deer in the headlights thinking he was going to punch my lights out, but he had taken my hand and put it on his own hard-on saying, “Look, man! Me too!” And he had given me my first taste of head before giving me my first taste of cock. That had been the beginning of my first long-term sexual experience with a guy on the down-low.

   Things had kept going on a regular basis with Jeremy when I had made it to D’Youville so I could still keep the fact I was gay a secret from my classmates and teammates on the basketball team. Jeremy and I would get together in his dorm room under the pretense that he was tutoring me, and he would educate me in the fine art of penetrating his tight sphincter muscle with my hard, throbbing cock in the missionary position, in the candle position, in the sitting position with him bouncing on me as my pole slipped in and out of him, and doggie style.

   When I came back this fall for my sophomore year, Jeremy was gone. He’d graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health and had found in job in Washington, D.C. No more hot sex with somebody who wasn’t going to out me to my basketball buddies. Somebody that kind of allowed me to look straight on campus and still get the sexual satisfaction I needed as a young, red-blooded, all-American gay man. So I had a really hard time being alone. Porn became a really important part of my sex life… and so did the cold showers I had to take with all those hot bodies soaping up next to me in the gym showers after practices and games.

   That same month, when school started, there was this transfer kid who came in from Detroit. Tequan Aldridge. He was 6’9, 245 lbs, all black, rippling muscle that looked like it had been chiseled in the most beautiful dark granite. He joined the basketball team and quickly hooked up with Kimberly Daly, the shortest cheerleader on the squad. Tequan also recruited me as his new best friend and I was fine with that because he was a really cool, genuine, all-around nice guy.

   But damn did I fantasize about him! He was all over my wet dreams. I even had those crazy Straight Guy for Gay Eyes fantasies where I would jack off while imagining Tequan’s huge piston of a cock pumping petite Kimberly’s shaved, glistening pussy while he stood up, holding her in his arms like she was a weightless, moaning and groaning rag doll. Since he was dating a girl, I never allowed myself fantasies in which Kimberly didn’t play a part. When I jacked off imagining myself sucking on Tequan’s hard pole, Kimberly would be straddling his face getting a satisfying pussy licking at the same time. When I imagined myself fucking Tequan’s amazing bubble ass – which was a long shot, total fantasy, even in my dreams --, I’d imagine Kimberly going down on her boyfriend’s throbbing cock while my hard pole tickled the inside of his love hole, with me holding his muscular calves up in the air.

   So for months, this went on. Me fantasizing about Tequan and – yeah, I’ll admit it – a few other guys on the basketball team, two guys in the tennis program (shit, man, those loose, short shorts and everything inside them? Damn!), a guy on the soccer team (this really hot Indian guy that just oozed testosterone) and even two guys in the golf program. But I felt like a fraud with Tequan because we were always hanging out together and had really become the best of friends, yet I was keeping one of the most important parts of myself secret from him. He was having sex with Kimberly and confiding in me about it because I was his best friend, and I would just stand there, listen and make sure I sounded all into it for him. Without ever sharing any of my fantasies or past experiences… or rehashing the only real experiences I had had with girls or making up variations on them.

   When it was decided that twelve of us would head up to Wilderness Campground at Heart Lake in Lake Placid, that was it for me. I decided that that four-day camping trip would be the perfect opportunity to come out to Tequan, to tell my best buddy that I was gay and that I hoped that this revelation would not put an end to our friendship. I had also decided I wouldn’t tell him I was attracted to him because there was no point in that, but at least, I would never feel weird around him again… and I could eventually think of coming out to the whole campus… well, by that I mean, just not lie about who I was anymore if the question came up. And maybe start looking for some action, right?

   Since a few of the guys were from really wealthy families – including some that were born into families of illustrious D’Youville alumni --, I wasn’t asked to pitch in for the rental of the minibus that was going to take us on the six-hour trek to the Adirondack mountains. I volunteered to drive the whole way but Chad Mitchell, our captain, who had gotten his dad to sign off on the rental, said that if I could drive halfway there and halfway back, that would be more than enough. I thought that was more than fair. And a big relief because I couldn’t afford the log cabins most of the guys would be renting with their girlfriends so I had told the guys I would be roughing it, pitching a tent next to one of the cabins and that that was fine with me.

   About half way to the campground, I pulled off the highway to stop off at one of those truck stops so some of the guys and girls could hit the restrooms and buy a few snacks. At that point, Victor Mendoza took over the driving. Victor was the only other guy on the trip who wasn’t bringing his girlfriend because he’d just broken up with Vanessa and he looked like he wanted to hook up with either Emma or Stephanie, the two cheerleaders who were on their own, but I was still wondering if they were into guys at all since I’d heard that they might have gone the “kissed-a-girl-and-I-liked-it” route.

– Man, this part of the ride is bumpy as shit, said Tequan after a little while back on the road.

   Somebody made a joke about Victor’s driving, but I didn’t really hear it, because my brain was going crazy. I was sitting next to Tequan in the back seat of the minibus, and these bumps and my mind wandering had given me a massive hard-on that was pressing against the front of my Spartans tracksuit pants. I could feel Tequan’s thick, muscular thigh pushing against mine and I kept looking between his legs which were lightly spread. I kept wondering if he had a bulge in his own pants and it just made mine throb even more. My eyes would graze Kimberly’s little manicured left hand on the inside of Tequan’s right thigh and I kept thinking: “Ugh! I wish I could put my hand on the inside of his left thigh… and have it caress his leg with the fabric of his sweatpants.” Tequan was the only guy I knew who could rock a pair of sweatpants. He looked sexy in anything!

   Then, I started imagining Kimberly’s little hand sensually stroking Tequan’s inner thigh and my best friend’s meat growing in those sweatpants as though Kimberly’s rubbing was making the snake come out of the basket.

   I swallowed hard.

   – You okay, man?

   – What? Yeah. Sure. Just swallowed weird, that’s all.

   I couldn’t take it anymore. It was as though my "horniness" had completely taken over. I felt like I had an itch I could not scratch. I needed to jack-off bad but there was no place to do it. I turned to the side window and closed my eyes as though I was trying to fight the fantasies that had created this tent in my pants. But the more I tried to think of boring stuff, the more my imagination got the best of me.

   Suddenly, I imagined that all the girls had left the minibus. Kimberly, Emma, Stephanie, Meghan, Hannah and Kerry. All gone. It was just us guys. Victor was driving and started making comments about the fact that he hadn’t been laid in over two weeks since Vanessa had left.

   – Somebody’s gonna have to take care of this sooner or later, he said grabbing his hard cock through the material of his tracksuit with his free hand and holding it in a way that made it really well defined under the fabric.

   – Holy fuck, man! said Matt looking over from the passenger side. I never saw that thing that big in the showers.

   – It’s never been that hard in the showers, Victor shot back.

   – It looks like it’s about to pop out of your pants, dude!

   – Yeah.

   Then, Victor reached into his pants and hauled out his hard meat, slapping it a few times against the bottom of the steering wheel.

   – Oh man! said Matt, his eyes popping out of his head. You’re making me hard, too.

   Matt started grabbing at his growing cock through his pants and, without any further talk, he reached over, grabbed Victor’s hard pole with his other hand and gave it a few strokes. Victor moaned and tried to focus on driving.

   – This is the first time I wrap my fingers around another dude’s dick, man.

   I could see Victor’s shoulders heaving from behind like he was gasping for breath. Matt was jerking Victor’s tool furiously.

   – Yeah, man! Make me cum!

   Tequan, Chad, Glenn and I just sat there, transfixed by what was going on in the driver’s seat, playing with our own cocks through our clothes.

   Then, Matt’s head disappeared behind Victor and the bus swerved a bit. Victor brought the wheel back.

   – ¡Putamadre! exclaimed Victor. Yeah, bro, suck my dick! Mmmmm…

   Glenn was the first to pull his hard cock out and start openly jerking off. He kept pulling the foreskin down off his cock head and using his left index finger to swab the precum off his cock head to lick it. I thought that was so hot that I pulled my cock out, too. I was so happy to have an excuse to finally do it. Then, when Chad saw that both Glenn and I had our dicks out, he took his eyes off what was going on in the front seat to take his own hard rod out.

   Tequan was the last to pull out his cock. That beautiful piece of ebony meat was awesome. He didn’t look at any of us. He just stared forward, like he was hypnotized by Matt giving Victor a blowjob. Not that I could blame him. It wasn’t like it was something we saw every day.

   – Oh! Oh! ¡Si, hombre, si! I’m gonna shoot, man. Take my load, dude. Yeah!

   And Victor started screaming in ecstasy as he emptied his balls deep into Matt’s throat, panting and ranting like crazy.

   That was so crazy hot, that Glenn started accelerating his jacking. His huge balls were flying up and down under his shaking hand until they squeezed up against his shaft and he whispered:

   – Oh shit, yeah! I’m gonna cum! Oooooo….mmmmm…

   Strands of hot, white cum shot up from his quivering dick and landed on his red Spartans sweatshirt.

   Seeing Glenn’s spunk explode like that made Matt even more excited. When he started accelerating his jacking, he caught Victor’s eyes in the rear view mirror and Matt’s eyes looking back at him and licking his lips. That drove him over the edge, knowing he had his mates staring at him, and Matt’s cock erupted in an incredible volcano of cum that sprayed all over while Matt whimpered strangely like a small animal that was being slowly tortured.

   I don’t know why, but that sound seemed to trigger Tequan. He frantically started fucking his fist, his butt bucking off the seat of the minibus until his whole body became as stiff as a board and his gorgeous cock shot four perfect arcs of cum onto the Spartans logo of his hoodie.

   I jumped up in shock, woken up by a small pellet that had hit the window next to my face.

   – You okay, man?

   – What?

Déjà vu.

   – Yeah. Sure. I… I’m fine. I just… dosed off, I guess.

   Tequan was still sitting between Kimberly and I. Everybody was in their place. Nobody was sucking Victor’s cock while he drove the minibus. And my underwear was full of cooling cum that I would be stuck with for at least another hour, till we got to Wilderness Campground. Well, at least I wasn’t horny anymore, right?

 *   *   *   *

    When we got to the camp site, the guys and girls quickly set up in the two log cabins they had rented and I set up my tent on the side of one of the cabins. It was actually pretty cool because the land was dry and, even though there was still snow all around, the clearing where we were almost looked like summer had come early.

   I didn’t really mind roughing it because I was used to wilderness camping with my family and I’d always loved it. As long as the guys didn’t mind me using the bathroom in one of the cabins, I’d be fine. I’d brought plenty of gear and warm clothes, and my sleeping bag was ideal for this type of weather.

   Tequan was really nice and helped me set up my tent. I kept thinking about my promise to come clean and tell him I was gay. But first, I wanted to take a shower and change, to get rid of the dried, caked spunk in my underwear.

   – Hey, man! Thanks for your help.

   – Pffff… was all he answered, because to him, it was the most natural thing in the world.

   I followed him up to the porch of the cabin he was sharing with Kimberly, Chad and Meghan, Matt and Kerry.

   – Can we, like… talk, after my shower?

   – Sure, bro. Sounds serious.

   – Nah… just… you know. Stuff I need to get off my chest.

*   *   *   *

   While I showered, I went through about ten versions of the script I was hoping would go down with Tequan. 1) He’d be cool with me being gay. 2) He’d be freaked out, but he’d say, “Hey, we’re friends. It doesn’t change anything.” 3) He’d be freaked out, and become all weird saying stuff like, “Shit, man, you’ve known this all along and you’ve been showering with us???” 4) He’d freak out and punch me in the face. No. That wouldn’t happen. Would it?

*   *   *   *

   – So what’s this big talk we need to have?

   The conditions were ideal. The whole gang had decided to go hiking and Tequan, with the ankle injury he’d suffered in the game the week before, thought it would be better to sit it out. I said I had some reading to do for a psych assignment and that was that.

   – You know, Teq… there’s been something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now, and…

   He started laughing, interrupting me.

   – You gonna tell me you were born a girl and that dick was surgically attached?

   – Come on, man. Be serious…

He had a weird smile.

   – You’re making me nervous, bro…

I looked down at my hands.

   – I’m gay, man.

   I couldn’t look up. There was dead silence and all the different scenarios, all the different lines I was expecting him to say from my scripts were all playing in a weird echoing way in my head.

   – You’re gay?

   – Yeah.

   Another weird silence.

   – Okay. That’s cool. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s all good.

   – What? Really?

   – Sure. What did you expect me to say?

   – I dunno.

   – Well, there you go, man. Your best friend is cool with you being gay.

   – Holy shit!

   I started laughing.

   – That not having a girl when you could have any one you want on campus? That kinda gave it away.

We both laughed.

   – It’s all good, he repeated.

   And he got up and bear hugged me. His body felt really good against mine, but there was no way I was going to ruin a perfectly good friendship by doing anything weird. I couldn’t believe how cool he’d been… and I thought, “Tomorrow, I’m telling the whole gang.”

*   *   *   *

   That night, it took me a while to get to sleep because I hadn’t slept in a tent in ages and I had to get used to all the forest noises. Then, just as I started to fall asleep, I heard the zipper of the tent open slowly, ever so slowly.

   After that, I heard Tequan whisper:

   – Hey man, you asleep?

   I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to pretend I was sleeping. I made a little breathing sound that I’d heard a guy make in the dorm when he slept. Then, I heard my friend crawl up next to my sleeping bag. I was sleeping on my side, my back turned to him and it was as dark as hell. I could hear him fumble around until, suddenly, I heard another zipper. My sleeping bag’s zipper. Silence. He was waiting to see if I would wake up. Then, I felt his hand on the small of my back and a jolt of electricity shot through my whole body. When his hand slowly went down and he started caressing my butt, my cock shot up like a released catapult. Neither I nor my body could believe our good fortune.

   – Are you asleep? he whispered again.

   I don’t know why I didn’t answer. Probably because I could never have imagined this situation in a million years and didn’t know what to do. I slowly rolled over on my back, squeezing Tequan’s hand between the sleeping bag and my butt. He just left it there for a few seconds, like he was wondering what to do, like he was afraid to wake me if he took his hand out. I raised my back up a bit, as though I was stretching in my sleep and he quickly slipped his hand out. Then, I felt his hand crawl up on my hip and go straight for my cock. I faked a sleeping moan. Again, he fumbled around trying to understand what kind of clothes I was wearing to sleep. This fondling was not at all unpleasant.

   Tequan was playing with my cock.

   I was in Heaven.

   When he finally realized I was wearing Fila sweatpants over boxer shorts, he slipped his hand inside by the front of the waistband. His fingers were freezer cold but my cock and balls were so hot, I had this image in my head that, had it not been so dark, I would have seen some sort of steam rise from my crotch.

   Tequan started stroking my cock under my clothes. Oh man, he was fumbling. He’d never done this to another guy before, but nothing had ever felt better in my life and I thought I’d shoot a load within the first ten strokes. Thankfully, I didn’t.

   After a minute or two, he wiggled his hand out of my pants and I thought, “Oh no! Don’t stop! Don’t go! Not yet!” But he didn’t. He discreetly pulled my pants and boxers down and made sure he pulled them clear over my hard cock. Then, again, I felt that great hand. Mmmm… He gave me a few more strokes, and then, he hit his nose on the tip of my cock. I was startled, but pretended to toss a bit in my sleep.

   The next thing I knew, Tequan was stroking my cock head with his tongue like it had been the top of an ice cream cone. I sensually lifted my butt from the ground a few times, fucking his hand and pushing my cock head into his mouth a bit, but trying to look inconspicuous. I didn’t know if I was succeeding, but the more this was going on, the less I cared.

   Tequan started going down on my cock with his hot mouth. A few times, he squeezed my cock head with his luscious lips. I thought I’d lose it. I moaned a few times… in my “sleep”, telling him my body was liking what he was doing. He was holding my cock with his right thumb and cupping my balls with his four fingers. I was squeezing my butt muscles and my asshole, making my cock spasm on his tongue. He was being very careful, not going too fast and really easing into his first cock sucking. I didn’t mind. He could make this last as long as he wanted.

   When I was just about ready to cum, my breath became more and more shallow and I thought, “Shit, I can’t cum in his mouth! I’m supposed to be sleeping! How do I tell him I’m about to…” And the first shot of cum hit the back of his mouth and he jolted up off my cock as though I had shot fire into his throat. But he was so attentive. He jacked me off and I fucked his hand, not caring where the rest of the cum would land.

   Then, when he was done, there was a long silence. I think he was wondering what to do with the jizz, with my nakedness, with the fact that he’d opened my sleeping bag. He probably hadn’t thought out that far ahead.

   So he crawled out of the tent and I heard the zipper again. He left, leaving me with my spunk… and an amazing smile of contentment on my face.

*   *   *   *

   The next morning, when I came into the cabin to ask if I could use the toilet, Kimberly told me Tequan was taking a shower in there.

   – Oh, he won’t mind. You know… basketball team locker room…

   And I sneaked into the bathroom.

   I saw Tequan’s silhouette through the fogged-up shower curtain and proceeded to pee without him even noticing I was there. Or so I thought.

   I had a problem finishing because my cock was getting harder and harder as I peed.

   When I did finish, I stripped off my clothes and discreetly pushed the shower curtain, getting in behind Tequan. He was covered in soap so I used my hands all over his taut, muscular, athletic body to rinse him off. I spent a lot of time rinsing his crotch from behind, my hard cock nestled between his bubble butt ass cheeks. I jacked his rock hard cock like he’d played with mine before sucking on it.

   Since he’d kept it kind of anonymous by sneaking into the tent and fumbling in the dark, I decided I’d give him (almost) the same courtesy. While he still had his back to me, I squatted down and turned him around after, so our eyes wouldn’t meet. I had never seen his magnificent cock so close up before. I wanted to make the most of this moment because I didn’t know if it would ever happen again. I stroked it a few times as the water trickled down from his chest and belly. I fondled his low-hanging ball sac and played with the curly pubes on it. I pulled back the huge overhanging foreskin and sucked his cockhead in my mouth with great suction. I felt his legs buckle under him but I helped him stay on his feet. I sucked his cock with fervor for a few minutes, keeping complete control of what was going on. Then, when I felt he was going to cum very soon, I took my hands off his cock and balls and started lightly caressing the back of his thighs and butt. He started face-fucking me in such a sensuous and sexy way that when he shot his load at the back of my throat, holding in the tremendous moans and groans he wanted to shout, I shot my own load on the shower floor.

   Then, Tequan did something I never expected. He reached down and grabbed me under my arms to lift me up. He looked at me straight in the eyes with a vulnerability and passion that I had never seen before, ever. And without closing his eyes, he kissed me tenderly, tasting his own cum in my mouth.

   That kiss – even though there have been many since – is a moment in my life I will never forget. The hug and caressing after either.

*   *   *   *

   Tequan continued dating Kimberly but he also started dating me on the down-low. It’s funny how I thought I would be coming out to the whole campus after coming out to Tequan, but I only ended up becoming my best friend’s secret lover. And you know what? He is such an amazing guy, that I am only too happy to oblige. There will be plenty of time for coming out later.