Sexy Game Tonight

A dark adventure  
This is an experiment
This pair are lovers
One is a bit hesitant

A blindfold is worn
Hearing is her only sense
So much to be learned
Her body is tense

He kisses her skin
Uses his tongue softly
She wears a grin
This game is naughty

He ties her wrists
She's all his tonight
He puts a toy into her slit
What he does feels right

Her pussy responds so well
The toy is deep inside
Her nipples are pert and swell
She lets out soft cries

He calls her his slut
While he sucks on her clit
He whispers all kinds of smut
While he caresses her tits

She's very excited
Her pussy now dripping
She's quite delighted
She wants her drilling

He teases her very slowly
His tongue making her nuts
Her pleasure is the key
She's moaning and starts to fuss

Her orgasm makes her come
She wants to feel his cock
Now starts the fun
He slides into her warm box

Her vagina is very tight
Soft kisses on her lips
Giving her love bites
She moves and bucks her hips

She still cannot see
Hands bound to the headboard
Wishes her hands were free
He fucks her with his sword

Deeper thrusts into her hole
Fluids mix together
Cum seeps from his pole
They're enjoying this adventure

Their sexy game is done
Takes blindfold off her eyes
Says he loves his little one
She says she loves her guy

He releases her from the bed
They stand and share a kiss
He tells her he wants head
To him this is bliss

She gets on her knees
Opens her mouth wide
He loves her expertise
She looks up into his eyes

Sucking his big dick
Holding his warm balls
She's loving his prick
She's giving it her all

Deep throating his rod
He fucks her mouth fast
He gives an approving nod
He comes at last

She swallows his treat
He plays with her curls
She loves his cock-meat
He says he loves his girl