Letter to the Master

Dear Master,

It seems odd to call you that but you are. I knew it when you first talked to me but I could not admit it until today when you showed me what and who I am. Oops, perhaps i should not use a capital i when referring to me.

i am sitting at the computer, still nude and handcuffed, you're right (of course) the handcuffs do not interfere with my activities very much.

When i heard the door close after you i was still reeling from the orgasm you forced me to give myself. i have never felt so much so strongly before. Thank you. i lay there for a long time, catching my breath and thinking of what you did. i realized that i hardly spoke a word while you were here, i just answered your questions and did not speak anything extra. That is strange and unusual behavior for me. Perhaps my life will became strange and unusual now. Perhaps my life will be more natural now. i want to explore with you. Please have me.

Once i got up i went exploring, retracing a lot of the steps you took me through. Wandering about imagining being chained and tied to all sorts of things. Handcuffs make me horny. No matter what i did or what position i took or imagined it all seemed natural except sitting at the kitchen table. It didn't seem right to be sitting there, i think it was the effect of the table partially covering me and a feeling that sitting is not proper for a slave. i'm very confused. Do i sound it? Please teach me.

The handcuff key was easy to use but i was reluctant, i was enjoying myself. i unlocked one hand and locked my hands behind me. i walked around and felt exquisitely helpless but also challenged as if i should be able to do most things anyway. i poured a glass of water, drank through a straw, made a sandwich, watched television, started the dishwasher, made a phone call. The phone call was a challenge as i was kneeling on the floor with my head down on the chair seat holding down the receiver. i called my mother and had a nice chat, wondering all the while what she would think if she saw my position. i gave her no clue and gloried in my mischief.

i stayed with my hands behind my back until 8 pm when i decided i had to get a few work things done, reading and comments for a meeting tomorrow morning. The handcuffs didn't get in the way then either. i love you.

When i was done, i played. i cuffed my ankles together, they fit but it is uncomfortable to stand and hurts to walk; i locked a wrist to an opposite ankle and found it difficult to move from the bedroom to the kitchen; i locked a wrist to the same side ankle, wished i could do the other side and imagined you making love to me; i cuffed an ankle to a desk leg and typed up the notes i had written earlier; i locked the closet door and cuffed a wrist to the doorknob and thought of you leaving me there for hours; then i did the same thing lying on the floor with an ankle held high and cuffed. Please bring me chains, cuffs, collars, harnesses, gags, helmets, locks, leather, steel, anything, anything but keys. Please, i'm realizing this is my last chance to freely play and secure myself at my option for as long as i want, however i want.

The choices are too much, i no longer want to decide these things, i have enjoyed this playing but i am frustrated. Not frustrated in being chained, frustrated in not being helpless. My imagination can take me to many situations but having access to the key having to make sure i can get to it takes something away. i should not have freedom, i don't want it. Please do not let me have it. Please deny me freedom.

Sir, this slave girl would be most appreciative if you should accept her as your very own, to do with as you like, to do your bidding, to follow your every command and accept any guidance, training, or punishment you choose to give her.

Yes, you have said there is a weekend test to go through before i can decide. i cannot imagine changing my mind. You have helped to find me. Please show me more.

i have heard of some of the classics and "near classics" you mentioned earlier. i have not read many. Those that i have read vary in quality and effect. The dominance i ask of you is a loving, caring lifestyle. i trust you and you will not betray my trust. i don't think you will reduce me to the status of a piece of meat or a prize head of cattle as had been done to the women in some of the books i've read. i have pictured myself in some of the situations described, the bondage scenes and those that have some subtle exhibitionism or humiliation possible because of the otherwise innocent or unsuspecting surroundings. Please help me learn.

i will close for now and i'll go to a dream filled sleep, hands cuffed behind me. i'll leave the key in the kitchen.

Good night