Letter to the Slave

I received your mail. You seemed to have fun last night. You were probably sore when you woke up this morning. You over did it but you know that by now.

I will take you for a weekend. You will not be allowed to make a real choice about your slavery until the Saturday following the weekend. You are and will be immersed in new feelings; you need to be able to sort them out.

You are not to indulge in any more playing/exploration as you did last night. You are moving too quickly and letting the inertia and excitement control you. You need to think. I've seen women allow themselves to drop into a constant reverie of sexually exciting bondage and give up everything and more. Within months they were finished. True, most of them overwhelmed their masters who could not keep up with their demands and fantasies and allowed them to sink deeper and deeper without controls or purpose. No one could have kept up with them in their Never-Never Land. Reality seldom reared its head for them. They gave up all responsibilities, all possessions, all control, all decisions and, especially tragic, all sense of self. They did not give up their demands, the demands grew until their Masters bound them into boredom or left them desolately alone. Dropping out was easy for them, rising back out was difficult, for some impossible.

I will not let you follow them. You spent about six hours last night playing, feeling new things and enjoying it all. If you decide to become a slave to me, you will do so with an understanding of the reality of what you are doing and how the reality of your slavery will blend with the reality of the "outside" world. You will not be carried off to some ivory tower or sprawling manor to live a storybook life. Yes, I will train you and force you to do things you have and have not dreamed, you will visit your Never-Never Land for short times, you will be able to ignore the outside world for a weekend or a week. But you will always be brought back.

It's too easy to drop out. You have a life. It is filled with variety, society, knowledge, ability and you. The feelings you are going through reflect the strength you have and the pressures you feel through being aware how good you are and how much more you could do if the assholes stayed out of your way. It's those pressures that were eliminated last night when you were acting as a slave.

As my slave you will be required to think and participate in our lifestyle. There is nothing appealing to me (or most other Masters) in having a slave that does only what she's told and only what she's told. That slave is a drudge. She has resigned from life and is not suitable for much. You are proud of who you are and will continue to be proud as a slave. You will be challenged to act as a slave and to contrive slave behaviors and protocols. We will work together, always being aware of the difference between "Oh wow! I wonder what's next." and "Oh yeah? Now what?" Neither of us will be bored.

Meanwhile, slow down. Think about what you are doing and what has happened so far.

I will arrive at the house at 7:00 PM on Friday. You are to be naked and facing the full length mirror in the bedroom, in Position One with your hands cuffed in front. Do not put on the cuffs until you hear me come in. Keep your eyes open and look at yourself. Do not talk to me or acknowledge my presence until I speak to you.

You are not to wear the handcuffs until Friday night but you are required to move them around the house with you, they are always to be lying in plain sight in the same room as you. Send me the handcuff key and a key to your house as soon as you finish reading this.

Remember, you can cancel the weekend up until 7:00 PM Friday. Once we start you are mine until 11:00 PM Sunday.